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  1. Is anybody familiar with an Asian family in quarantine on the Diamond? They were mum and dad with two adult children all in an inside cabin. The son had coloured hair which may sound familiar. They featured on our nightly news here in Melbourne and were always in high spirits when interviewed and looking very forward to coming home. Well, they were all packed ready to leave the ship and it was announced the daughter had tested positive. Such bad luck and heart breaking for them. Don’t know if they all ended up staying behind to be with the daughter or not. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. WOW....looks like an adapted shipping container! Didn't see that shot on our news tonight! Just realised there were two planes to the USA. Here's the shot I saw tonight.
  3. On our news tonight, they had some passengers separated from the rest, but it looked a sheet hanging from the ceiling of the plane. Perhaps the box like cabin was behind the sheet?
  4. Heard this afternoon some Aussies on board are considering not taking up the offer of the Aust Gov't rescue flight tomorrow, instead getting their own way home. Apparently, there is a big risk of catching the disease on board the flight. A dozen or so people fell ill on the USA rescue flight back to the US. Makes you wonder.
  5. If anybody saw Jan Swartz message earlier today, sounds like the Japanese Government has changed the goal posts and passengers and crew will remain on board the Diamond Princess for a bit longer than the February 19 date. Everyone will be tested before they are allowed to get off and this will take days. And Princess has just announced all Diamond Princess cruises up to April 20 have been cancelled.
  6. I wish you well and hope your cruise eventuates, but I would not get my hopes up yet.
  7. That is one looong video, but interesting to get a feel of what is happening there dock side.
  8. I thought the same, but here is the link to the article..... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7981025/Gold-Coast-couple-quarantined-Diamond-Princess-Cruise-Ship-wine-delivered-drone.html?fbclid=IwAR1YwTjmyhhX-cuQU0-mKb0tbYGAYsO4u2wDrq1CWITCrbVGTlo9MmAHS1s
  9. I read today an Australian couple who are in quarantine on the Diamond Princess had two dozens bottles of wine delivered to them at the pier by drone yesterday! Don't know how ship security allowed it on, but it got there! They posted photos of them enjoying a Kim Crawford Pinot Noir I think it was in their cabin!!! Ingenious!
  10. I have previously purchased sim cards from Simcorner, but only for Europe, not for USA/Canada. They have been perfect for our needs, and worked fine. But to contact Aust, you will have to use Skype of facetime or similar. Have a look and see if it suits....... https://www.simcorner.com/shop/usa.html
  11. Hi Pat, Thanks for your reply. We do a return trip to Passau, so we go both ways! The cruise is 16 days, so a great itinerary which was the main reason we booked it.
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