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  1. Well done...good value for money there.
  2. This is a place where there are more dragons there than humans. I have been there once and seen these creatures up close.....they can keep them!
  3. You are welcome. Hope it works out. Bordeaux is lovely.
  4. That is the company who TID referred me to to cover my pre existing condition, although I thought their name was Travel Clear. And they were VERY expensive. TID covered everything relating to travel insurance other than my pre existing condition, which Travel Clear covered.
  5. Our first cruise on the Sapphire was in 2004.....just hope she is still in good condition and not starting to show her age like some other ships do! Maybe the Sapphire might be heading our way permanently???.........
  6. We did our first Princess cruise on the Sapphire .....fabulous memories. She was a brand new ship and that really got us hooked on cruising.
  7. Yep, I agree with Mick. Port is wine and you can take it on as your "1 bottle of wine may be aboard at embarkation". And I too enjoy a nice glass of port before bed. Many a night sitting out on the balcony enjoying a glass of port and some nice chocolate under a starry starry night......just bliss!!!
  8. There will be the usual P&O Ship, and maybe another Carnival ship. Queen Elizabeth may return then as well.
  9. Should add that I also had knock backs from some companies. 1Cover were a lot cheaper than TID as TID refer you to another company to cover your pre existing conditions. And they were very expensive!
  10. I am just turned 60 and have AF....not the same as your husband's condition, but still a heart condition. My condition is ongoing and is still present and I have had it for about 10 years now. It is controlled by medication. 1Cover currently insure me no problems. I have previously used TID as well, but chose 1Cover as they have an annual policy which I take up and can go away for up to 90 days at a time. Everything is completed on line. I have had claims with them previously and been fully refunded, but these have not related to my AF. Would recommend them.
  11. Great news for Adelaide. With the Golden Princess going to P&O Australia, I guess that means no Princess ship will be based in Melbourne.....bummer!
  12. We have previously stayed at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre Gare Saint Jean Euratlantique, which is directly opposite the railway station. Clean, a little pokey, but perfect for our needs. Staff were excellent....courteous, polite and very helpful. Great position, you can walk everywhere from here and it is close to the river. Which is what we did. Restaurants and bakeries are very close by as well. Wifi was good as well.
  13. Hi, we haven't stayed here yet but are booked to stay here in May. But maybe worth a look. Great reviews. Not a hotel but an apartment. Oporto Old in New.
  14. We have stayed in both and definitely Lucerne. Fabulous city.
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