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  1. I have cruised out of Tauranga many times, but did not realise Mount Manganui was so close to the shipping lane. I know it is a tidal departure time and being on the beach watching a cruise ship sail by would be quite a buzz.
  2. My guess is they will be replaced with the Sapphire and Coral Princess.
  3. Yes....very interesting. Thanks from me for sharing as well.
  4. I couldn't agree more............we have seen the northern lights in Alta, Norway, but I read Yellowknife is one of the best and more likely places to see the lights. It is on my radar to get to one day to experience the lights again. I have communicated with a local guide there who talked me out of going there in December for a white Christmas, instead going in March. Much more to do he said including, on average, seeing the northern lights on 28.1 nights!!! I like those odds!
  5. What made you pick Yellowknife to visit? I have heard of it previously. Was it just for the Northern Lights?
  6. I agree. A lot relates to requirements placed on staff and crew, and some of those things are already in place. On the old health forms you had to fill in prior to boarding, if you ticked the boxes saying your had gastro type symptoms in the past 24 hours, they usually denied you boarding anyway. It all comes down to passenger and crew safety.....something I agree with. It is all in the aim of getting cruising going again.
  7. There's a lot to take in there, but I think everything is just about covered. Interesting on the Shore Excursion scenario......how long is "Initial return to sailing"?
  8. On our "To Visit" list as well.......one day....if ever they let us venture more than 5km from our front gate!
  9. Thanks Petra. A great "live" and a great final review. I think your complaints are well justified.....I would be very disappointed as well witnessing that in these Covid times. Stay safe, keep well and enjoy cruising.
  10. We may not hear from Petra now until she is off the ship. She is at sea today and then disembarks tomorrow. Hopefully we can get an overall run down when she gets home.
  11. I had just walked into work at 7.30am and it was on TV.....
  12. I just love walking tours. Whenever we travel and stay a few days in a major city, we always hunt our walking tours and try and do one early in our stay. It gives you a great feel for the city and the guide usually gives you some great hints and suggestions for what to do in the city (obviously not applicable in the case of cruise shore tours). Did you previously say these walking tours were 50 euro or 3 for 100 euro? For a 3 hour tour, I find 50 euro reasonable value for a group of 20 people.
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