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  1. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened on both of our river cruises. People got into their dining groups and had representatives race in early and grab the best table and reserve it for the rest of the group. Really got annoying towards the end of the cruise. Dining on the Aquavit Terrace for dinner would be nice.......wish it was around when we cruised with them. And I have no doubt you will enjoy it and I hope you do!
  2. My wife and I have actually been in Basel and seen a local (we presumed it was a local) swimming in the river. It was freezing and the river was flowing extremely fast. All he had on was bathers and goggles. We could not believe anybody would swim in the river and we don't know where he started from, but we watched him come and go under the bridge we were standing on and then swim over to the edge of the river downstream with the current. You would have to be a very confident swimmer to swim in the Rhine. I regard myself as a competent and confident swimmer, having swam competitively for 40+ years and there is no way I would swim in the river. It was very dangerous when we were there.
  3. We have cruised twice before with Viking.......Amsterdam to Basel and Budapest to Amsterdam. It was a couple of years ago now. Viking are a very good river cruise line and we would have no hesitation in cruising with them again. As far as I can recall, dinner was not available on the Aquavit Terrace. Lunch...yes, but I don't recall anybody dining out there for dinner. Dinner was in the main dining room only. This could have changed since we cruised with them last. At lunchtime, there were definitely tables for two on the Aquavit Terrace. In regards to coolness, it depends what time of the year you are sailing and, it is obviously weather dependent. It did get cool out there when we sailed. But it is lovely sitting out there, specially at sunset. There was only one menu in the main dining room for dinner. And to answer your last question, yes it does get busy! People were queing up waiting for the dining room doors to open as some people wanted to get the same table each night. As it is open sitting, you can sit anywhere. Hope some of this helps you some way.
  4. We have done something similar at Mystery Island a few years ago. It wasn't the glass bottom boat tour, bur a snorkeling tour. We had a father/son and their tinny. They took us out to the reef and the son jumped in the water with us and guided us through the coral garden, whilst the father stayed in the boat and then picked us up at the other end of the reef. It was fabulous and well worth doing. Cost...........AUD$5 each! There were 6 of us in the boat from memory and the tour was about 45 minutes. Well worth doing. It was a few years ago, so I would imagine the price would have gone up since then, but in answer to your query, I would have no hesitation in booking with the locals when you get off the tender.....there are plenty of them there just waiting for your business!!
  5. Majestic Princess deal.... 10 night out of Sydney to Queensland and back to Sydney (4 ports + Willis Island cruise by) Departs 27 November 2019. Balcony cabin from $1683 per person (Cat BE) Mini Suites from $1849 per person (Cat MF). Mini suite for well under $200 per day. OBC $150.00 per cabin. No inside cabins available. On that great OZ site.
  6. Well done...good value for money there.
  7. This is a place where there are more dragons there than humans. I have been there once and seen these creatures up close.....they can keep them!
  8. You are welcome. Hope it works out. Bordeaux is lovely.
  9. That is the company who TID referred me to to cover my pre existing condition, although I thought their name was Travel Clear. And they were VERY expensive. TID covered everything relating to travel insurance other than my pre existing condition, which Travel Clear covered.
  10. Our first cruise on the Sapphire was in 2004.....just hope she is still in good condition and not starting to show her age like some other ships do! Maybe the Sapphire might be heading our way permanently???.........
  11. We did our first Princess cruise on the Sapphire .....fabulous memories. She was a brand new ship and that really got us hooked on cruising.
  12. Yep, I agree with Mick. Port is wine and you can take it on as your "1 bottle of wine may be aboard at embarkation". And I too enjoy a nice glass of port before bed. Many a night sitting out on the balcony enjoying a glass of port and some nice chocolate under a starry starry night......just bliss!!!
  13. There will be the usual P&O Ship, and maybe another Carnival ship. Queen Elizabeth may return then as well.
  14. Should add that I also had knock backs from some companies. 1Cover were a lot cheaper than TID as TID refer you to another company to cover your pre existing conditions. And they were very expensive!
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