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  1. You did indeed 🙂 Thanks for those and the great pics of the Crow’s Nest. Much appreciated 😄
  2. Your welcome. Yes, Club Orange gets an extra entree choice but not the “for a fee” items.
  3. No, I don’t. I would bet $$ on it, in fact. Usually there is lobster on the a la carte and a huge steak for a fee. They are not free to anyone.
  4. Anyone else with a future cruise booked who would like to receive a Bon Voyage before they sail? Just post and I am happy to add you 🙂
  5. Thanks for letting us know where all the dam ships are today, Rich - especially while you are cruising!!! 😄
  6. Internet is by satellite so as long as nothing is in the way of the satellite, it works ok. When I say ok, it will not have the high speed you have at home. I’ve certainly used it on board and on that cruise. If your DH is sending emails, he will need the Surf package at least (the medium one). That lets you do internet and emails but there is a supposed mb limit to it. The Premier package (the most expensive) allows for more MB’s, certain videos, etc. I haven’t seen the mb limit imposed but I have noticed that the service slows when I exceed it. The Premier package is available to purchase pre-cruise and is discounted so it may be well worth you while to pre-purchase it. I can’t speak to your package but in my case, it’s only $10 more than the surf package if I pre-purchase it. It will slow when everyone is trying to use it. Tips: check the TV for a network show (it uses satellite too) and, if the picture is good, it’s working well. If your DH uses it early in the morning or later at night when most people are not, it’s much faster (usually) as well. hope this helps!
  7. Thanks for the info on the changes and lack thereof on the Noordam Rich 🙂 Delighted to hear that the Crow’s Nest has remained. That is really good news for our cruise next year 😄 Maybe someone “heard” us? 😉
  8. Thanks kindly. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day and all of our American friends enjoy their Columbus Day 😄
  9. No, as stated there is no reserved seating. Which ship are you on though? If it is a Pinnacle ship, there is no breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill. It will be in Club Orange.
  10. All Canadians - check your pricing on ALL your cruises. I just discovered it applied to another sailing NOT on the embarkation ports listed. It depends on your cabin category of course and your bennies you have, but, if this comes to fruition, I will have to do two happy dances 😄 💚
  11. Your experience can really vary depending on the ship. When we had it on King’s Day, there was much ado on the Prinsendam and it was a blast. The second time was the ‘regular’ Orange Party and it was nice in the Crow’s Nest, munchies, etc. ( but you get those anyways at happy hour) and a few staff in orange. It was nice but nowhere near as fabulous as the previous one. IME only, if you are sailing on the real “orange” day (King’s day), it’s quite special. On the scheduled Orange parties, it’s been nice but nowhere near what the other celebrations were. It’ll be interesting to see what it is next year since we will be on board for King’s Day again 😉
  12. I’m just going by memory and checking my confirmations from HAL, Ruth. A lot of my sailings got caught in this in the past. On one cruise, I could book around Oct. 20th and I think the others were pretty much early November. I didn’t wait until December for any of them - but that’s only my experience and who knows what holds this year? 😉 I’m watching as I do want to book a couple of nights that I know I want so, if mine come up, the odds are the others do too and I will certainly post.
  13. Interesting on the a la carte offering, Rich. I hadn’t seen that one before. thanks for posting it 🙂
  14. I hope things calm down but I fear there won’t be time by Tuesday. 😞. With luck, it won’t last long. I hope things are not as bad as predicted @msmayor And hope you have a decent sailing and a very enjoyable cruise. That typhoon is the worst in 50-60 years, sadly. Now, I am crossing my fingers for next year 🤞as we will be in Japan around this time. DH swears by green apples now and crackers along with his gravel ginger and, if necessary, the ship’s seasick meds available at the front desk. They do make you sleepy though.
  15. Thanks. Hopefully all is up and running shortly. Those look different from what I’ve seen before. To make it easier to read them.. Here you go: Thanks for posting them 🙂
  16. Thanks for the report, Rich 🙂 Have a wonderful cruise 😄
  17. That would be nice, wouldn’t it 😉
  18. Thanks Rich 🙂 Looking forward to more of your reports. And hearing about the changes on the Noordam, too. When you say that you haven’t found wifi, do you mean it’s not working? Yikes!
  19. Club HAL and the teen club are some of the best kept secrets on HAL, it seems but on the sailings I have been on, I haven’t seen that. I’ve known several parents who sailed with their children and they LOVED it there. They literally had to be dragged out. My DS sailed with her children on several cruise lines that were noted for children’s entertainment and they preferred HAL. They were on the Eurodam IIRC. While P’dam didn’t have an “official” children’s club, (too small to have a full Club HAL) they did have 2 trained counsellors who took over that duty when there were children on board. I witnessed 2 little ones being cared for. The counsellors were doing all kinds of great things with them - taking them out and about all over the ship. Those two little ones were so well behaved they and their parents were invited to every VIP function and the captain encouraged them to try the chocolate fountain 😉 😄 Those 2 had a blast on their sailing and were fussed over by guests and crew alike.
  20. Thank you for the kind words. ❤️ I hope the seas have calmed down by the time you set sail and you have a marvellous time on the islands 😄 🤞
  21. HAL seems to delay bringing out the specialty dining for the New Year for some reason. I’ve been in the same boat (so to speak) and usually they show up around October - early November. I’m not sure why they are delayed but it seems to happen on a regular basis each year. The only thing we can do is keep checking and once they come out hopefully someone will post 🙂
  22. Thanks Kathi! Nice to see the ships in warm water again 🙂
  23. Our CC friends have two lovely itineraries for this sailing. Both of them offer lots of great sights and experiences. Whichever one they have chosen and are sailing on, we hope they enjoy their time on land and sea and, of course we wish them safe travels, fair winds and very smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Oosterdam - 17 day Circle Hawaii: cat shepard Bon Voyage to Zuiderdam - 10 day Panama Canal Sunfarer: RetiredNow cruzn single - B2B following October 9th Bon Voyage everyone!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time!!!!!!
  24. Awww - that is really nice and such a cute pic 🙂
  25. Yea, it know you are not in Canada, if you are not. don’t see any benefit unless you want to pay in Canadian dollar. If you do, you need to go to ani internet site that will let you pretend you are in Canada.
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