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  1. Thanks, kindly. It does take time to remove them and get them dry, but it’s a habit & a part of my fall clean up now. I love planting them - hate removing them 😉
  2. Teddy is gone, Roy, thankfully. While a lot of people lost power, there was not as much infrastructure damage In Halifax and Nova Scotia as had been feared. I think a lot of work had been done on trees, etc. To help prevent some of the issues from Dorian. People also were well prepared which always helps. Newfoundland had bad storm surge but got through ok from what I heard so far.
  3. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Health and Fitness is something we all need in theses times every day 🙂 Nice that there is a day for singles! That quote on our consciences had me laughing. So true. I think I will pass on the pork, thanks. I took a roast out of the freezer yesterday but it’s not pork 😉 DH was a happy camper last night with a Mexican shrimp dish and some salsa Mexicana Fresca. I’m still picking peppers and had lots of tomatoes and decided to put them to use. I made the mistake of test tasting it 😱 HOT, HOT, HOT. He loved it. I suffered for 15 minutes 😉 I snapped a few pics of the dahlias before Teddy afraid there would be nothing left. Still moving them out and we should finish today but here are pre-Teddy pics: Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list and a toast to all of those on the Celebration list. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone. Stay safe and don’t forget your masks.
  4. that is really good to hear 🙂. Do let us know how she makes out please? We are all hoping for nothing but the best results and a very quick recovery 🙏🏻
  5. I’ll check our customs regulations. I know some seeds are permitted but the rules are pretty strict. I really appreciate the kind offer.
  6. Thanks. That is very kind of you, Sharon. ❤️ I’m not sure if we are allowed to ship seeds across the border. I know we are forbidden to bring in seeds from a lot of countries. I’ll need to check. I sure wouldn’t want to get you (or me) in trouble 😉 I looked too late this year. I wasn’t going to do seeds until I realized the writing was on the wall for my spring TA. Next year we are not going until Fall so I will definitely be seed city again 😉
  7. They look great.. 👍 DH likes poblano peppers even though they aren’t really hot. I had no luck finding seeds this year though.
  8. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning and afternoon smile 😄 Bravo on the Food Service Workers’ Day. We should be celebrating them every day for their much needed work during these times and who doesn’t love koalas. One of DH’s thrills was being up and close and personal with one when we were ‘Down Under’. Love the quote for today. Busy day today - taking the bundle of trouble aka Miko for grooming and a pile of errands that require too many stores. But it had to be done. Taking a little break before it’s time to pick up the bundle of trouble. He has a blast at the groomer’s as she has 3 dogs and he loves them all. After that it’s time to test the dahlias and try to move them back out and survey the damage. Have a great Friday everyone! Stay safe and don’t forget your masks.
  9. Deer repellant can work. It needs to be replenished on a regular basis. The problem is every time it rains/snows/heavy dew/frost it needs to be replenished as it washes off and wears off. I didn’t have much luck with it but our deer are super domesticated. Nothing seems to stop them for long. Not even dog hair. However in other areas, some gardeners have had reasonably good success with it.
  10. The Bon Voyage threads are derived from this listing. If you would like to receive a Bon Voyage, I need the following details posted please: Your EMBARKATION date The SHIP you are on  # of days (including if you are on a Collectors or B2B) & the NAME of your cruise     B2B? If you want Bon Voyages for them, please give the dates. Thank you 😄
  11. This thread is now CLOSED. Please post your future cruise plans on the updated listing for September 25th, 2020. Here is the link - Thank you 😄
  12. HOLLAND AMERICA BOARD'S FUTURE CRUISE LISTING Updated September 25th, 2020 We all love to hear what cruises you are booked on. I post the Bon Voyage threads 7 days before sailing so, to be included in this, you need to post your details here to allow sufficient time to be on the updated Future Cruise Listing. It’s better to post earlier than later but if it is later please post THREE weeks in advance to make sure it doesn’t get missed. We would also be interested to know if this is your first cruise, your first HAL cruise or if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Details needed are in the 2nd post of this thread. Please use REPLY and not QUOTE when posting to this thread. Using 'Quote' makes a very long thread and difficult for others to read. While this list is a lot of fun, please don't mistake it for a Roll Call thread. You can go to the Roll Call Section here on Cruise Critic and find your cruise to sign up there too. That's where your Meet & Greet planning, tour sharing, and other activities specific to your cruise will be happening. This week’s additions and changes are in BOLD and highlighted in aqua (sea colours). DECEMBER 2020 Westerdam - 19-Dec-20 - 22 day South America & Antarctica Holiday StartrainDD - pre-cruise trip Dec. 13th to Igazu Falls Noordam - 20-Dec-20 - 15-day Far East Discovery LTC Motes - party of 7 Volendam - 21-Dec-20 - 14 day Holiday & New Year’s Cruise richwmn Infi Koningsdam - 26-Dec-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera New Years Cruise ngaspar - celebrating their 53rd birthday & 2 grandsons’ graduations JANUARY 2021 Koningsdam - 02-Jan-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera mab4285 - first solo cruise & HAL cruise as an adult N Statendam - 06-Jan-21 - 21 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer crystalspin - with dr'spin, mom & DBr0 & SIL, celebrating 30th anniversary & DB's 60th birthday shipshapegirl N Amsterdam - 09-Jan-21 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean deliver42 NCTribeFan - B2B with Jan. 16th Westerdam - 10-Jan-21 - 20 day South America & Antarctica (Santiago - BA) I like vacation bluesplayer Brewgirl1 - 1 more cruise with parents Norwegian Bliss - 10-Jan-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera dobiemom N Amsterdam - 16-Jan-21 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean NCTribeFan - B2B following Jan. 9th N Amsterdam - 23-Jan-21 - 14 night Western & Tropical Caribbean columbusseminole2 N Statendam - 27-Jan-21 - 4 day Caribbean (HMC & Key West) Roz Westerdam - 30-Jan-21 - 20 day South America/Antarctica bizzeesheri - 1st solo cruise FEBRUARY 2021 Eurodam - 07-Feb-21 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean Cruise Suzy Volendam - 14-Feb-21 - 33 night final leg of Grand South America BJzink N Statendam - 17-Feb-21 - 21 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer Cailey53 MARCH 2021 Westerdam - 05-Mar-21 - 31 day South America, Inca & Panama Canal Discovery Foxtrot 40 Zuiderdam - 17-Mar-21 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer wdw1972 Eurodam - 21-Mar-21 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean summer slope - B2B with Mar. 28th N Statendam - 21-Mar-21 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer doone - Friends & Family cruise fatcat04 Koningsdam - 21-Mar-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera KroozNut - celebrating DW’s 71st birthday Koningsdam - 27-Mar-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera WhiteStar1983 - family cruise celebrating sister’s birthday on board Oosterdam - 28-Mar-21 - 43 day Collector cruise New Zealand & Australia Traveling Dot Eurodam - 28-Mar-21 - 14 day Eastern/Western Caribbean summer slope - B2B following Mar. 21st N Statendam - 31-Mar-21 - 18 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Eastern Caribbean Collectors Overhead Fred APRIL 2021 Koningsdam - 10-Apr-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera ernieb - B2B with Apr 17 VictOriann N Statendam - 04-Apr-21 - 14 day Azores & Normandy shipshapegirl Koningsdam - 17-Apr-21 - Classic California Coastal ernieb - B2B following Apr 10th Live4cruises - B2B with April 24th Zuiderdam - 18-Apr-21 - 14 day Passage to Spain saltshell Koningsdam - 24-Apr-21 - 7 day Wine & Country Pacific Northwest lazey1 Live4cruises - B2B following Apr. 21st MAY 2021 Westerdam - 14-May-21 - 24 day Collector Adriatic Antiquities, Holy Land & Ancient Kingdoms Mandalay1903 Zaandam - 22-May-21 - 7 day Canada & New England Discovery BRWolf Crazy For Cats - B2B with May 29th Zaandam - 29-May-21 - 7 day Canada & New England Discovery Crazy For Cats - B2B following May 22nd JUNE 2021 N Statendam - 06-Jun-21 - 19 day Norse Legends & Jewels of the Baltics Stefanni0522 Zaandam - 17-Jul-21 - 35 day Voyage of the Vikings BJzink Westerdam - 19-Jun-21 - 12 night Greece & Adriatic Antiquities madera1 - celebrating 50th anniversary on board JULY 2021 Oosterdam - 04-Jul-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer luvteaching Eurodam - 10-Jul-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Loreto - family cruise celebrating Loreto’s birthday N Statendam - 11-July-21 - 7 day Viking Sagas dobiemom Zaandam - 17-Jul-21 - 35 day Voyage of the Vikings BJzink VacationCharlene Oosterdam - 25-Jul-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Cruise Suzy - introducing DD, DS & their spouses to their first cruise AUGUST 2021 Rotterdam - 01-Aug-21 - 7 day Inaugural Sailing 1ANGELCAT Rotterdam - 01-Aug-21 - 21 day Inaugural Sailing richwmn - B2B with Aug. 22 Cailey53 - 1st inaugural voyage bigjohn42 - anniversary celebration cruise Vict0riann Rotterdam - 08-Aug-21 - 14 day European Splendor palmerett doncarlos & fishbabe Zaandam - 21-Aug-21 - 7 day Historic Coasts Crazy For Cats Rotterdam - 22-Aug-21 - 7 day Sailing richwmn - B2B following Aug. 1st Oosterdam - 22-Aug-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer crunchii & Zarmengar N Statendam - 22-Aug-21 - 24 day Jewels of the Baltic & Iberian Adventure taxmantoo Island Princess - 26-Aug-21 - 14 day Scandinavia & Russia Collection StLouisCruisers - B2B with Sept. 9th Emerald Princess - 28-Aug-21 - 7 day Inside Passage luvteaching - B2B with Eurodam Sept. 4th SEPTEMBER 2021 Eurodam - 04-Sep-21 - Alaska Explorer luvteaching - B2B following Emerald Princess Aug. 28th Island Princess - 09-Sep-21 - 16 day Icelandic & Norwegian Fjords StLouisCruisers - B2B following Aug. 26th Noordam - 12-Sep-21 - Triple Denali land Sept. 8th & cruise tour Bill S - land tour beginning Sept. 8th Volendam - 22-Sep-21 - 7 day Alaska BJzink — with DD & SIL on their 1st HAL cruise Avalon Waterway Artistry II -22-Sep-21 - 13 day Rhine & Moselle River cruise Loreto -1st river cruise OCTOBER 2021 Zaandam - 10-Oct-21 - 71 day Grand Africa StLouisCruisers Rotterdam - 10-Oct-21 - Inaugural TA from Amsterdam to FLL fatcat04 - with DD, first TA Zuiderdam - 17-Oct-21 -24 day Mediterranean Empires &Romance pictonite Zuiderdam - 29-Oct-21 - 29 day Trans-Atlantic thecatservant NOVEMBER 2021 Zuiderdam - 10-Nov-21 - 17 day Spanish Farewell NextOne ger_77 - 5th TA, overdue celebration of ger’s significant birthday Dunmore2 - 1st HAL cruise, celebrating 2 major birthdays & 40th anniversary Taters kazu - replacing last year’s lost celebration of DH’s retirement & 25 anniversary VMax1700 - celebrating belated 45th anniversary & Mrs. VMax’s recovery from chemo & surgery Oosterdam - 20-Nov-21 - 32 day Australia Circumnavigation Mandalay1903 DECEMBER 2021 Volendam - 05-Dec-21 - 18 day Circle Hawaii DeeniEncinitas JANUARY 2022 Westerdam - 05-Jan-22 - 22 day South America and Antarctica Mandalay1903 - B2B with Jan. 27th Zaandam - 03-Jan-22 - Grand World Voyage Scrapnana Westerdam - 27-Jan-22 - 22 day South America & Antarctica Mandalay1903 -B2B following Jan. 5th FEBRUARY 2022 Oceania Riviera - 19-Feb-22 - 17 day Caribbean DeeniEncinitas MARCH2022 Westerdam - 18-Mar-22 - 17 day Inca & Panama Canal Discovery (Santiago - San Diego) Live4cruises Noordam - 28-Mar-22 - 28 day Japan Explorer & Russia Collector Mandalay1903 APRIL 2022 N Amsterdam - 09-Apr-22 - 17 day Panama Canal gypsymama5996 - 60th birthday celebration on board Oosterdam - 14-Apr-22 - 25 day South Pacific Crossing Hows the Serenity Volendam - 16-Apr-22 - 14 day Mexico thecatservant Koningsdam - 22-Apr-22 - 18 day Circle Hawaii Dogstar & Mrs. Dogstar - celebrating 30th anniversary JULY 2022 Norwegian Star -14-July-22 - 11 day Iceland & Greenland out of Reykjavik Bramcruiser - belated retirement gift for other half HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE! Jacqui
  13. I’m very happy to add you to this one 😄 Never fear - you are not alone in the belated celebrations on board 😉
  14. That is very good news indeed, Father. Happy to hear it 🙂
  15. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 That’s an interesting combination of days and all worth celebrating 😄 LOL on that quote. That is ever so true. Never heard of a sunsicle as a drink before. I remember the frozen ones from when I was younger - much younger 😉 @Seasick Sailor we haven’t moved the dahlias out yet. They are too heavy with all the rain. I suspect some branches are broken. A lot of tree branches are down but that’s an easy clean up. I’m glad we had moved the car away from the trees 😉 All in all, from what I have seen so far, we did well here. Messy but no serious damage. Stay safe and have a great Thursday everyone! And, don’t forget your masks.
  16. It’s all good so far 😉 I really miscalculated the winds last night badly. They were much higher than what they were calling for. Had I known, I wouldn’t have done it. Famous last words right? LOL
  17. Stops in Tenerife and La Palma for the Canary Islands. It’s a unique TA with lots of ports. One of the most beautiful places IMO and happy it overnights there 😄
  18. I think you are wise to cancel the December cruise if doctors advise accordingly. I’ll remove that one for you and delighted to add you to the inaugural TA for the Rotterdam. That should be fun 😄
  19. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning (and in my case) afternoon smile. The dinner suggestion sounds excellent but I had bought a rotisserie chicken on Monday in case we lost power so I guess we better eat that tonight 😉 Love that quote and like many others, I resemble that remark. our winds have stopped here now, fortunately and so has the rain so now it’s time for a bit of clean up. The wind gusts were much higher than what they had called for (as I found out last night 😞 ). DH and I had a hard time sleeping with the sound of the wind last night. It persisted stronger and much longer than they had called for. But we were lucky compared to poor Nova Scotia. Teddy arrived in Nova Scotia much sooner than anticipated. The entire Eastern seaboard was ordered evacuated due to the storm. For those of you that have been - that includes Peggy’s Cove which was in much danger due to the tremendous storm and wave surge. My prayers to those in Nova Scotia and to Newfoundland where Teddy is hitting next 🙏🏻 Prayers to everyone on Roy’s Care list and a toast to everyone we are celebrating. Stay safe everyone and don’t forget your masks.
  20. Happy to add that one for you Lee 🙂 It sounds like a lovely itinerary. March is tricky for us to get out of here with snow storms. If it weren’t I’d be very tempted. Have a great time 😄
  21. HAL did that years ago - many years ago. Some were good, some not so, but it was a fun night. I’m not sure why it was curtailed. If it was a good night, it was great. If it was a bad one it was equally bad. It’s actually one of the things I don’t miss on HAL even though we had a blast with our quintuplet group performing way back in the 80’s 😉
  22. I guess you missed the weeds 😉 But thank you - I’m glad you have enjoyed it. I’m hoping there will be something left by tomorrow. It’s a mess out there. the winds are higher than they had forecast and stupid me took Marley out front to try to get him to do “business”. He hates rain and won’t go “outside” (out the back door). I had no luck and was bringing him back when the wind gusted and bang my umbrella went, I went and Marley stood there to help me get up. I won’t be going out there again tonight for sure. I feel for Nova Scotia as this is nothing compared to what they will be getting.
  23. Thanks Brenda for asking. I am doing much better now. Just some burning and itching (and no, I will not scratch 😉 ) Two more days of meds so hopefully it the symptoms will dissipate quickly 🤞
  24. Neither are we, apparently 😉. I checked and yes, we are both opted in.
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