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  1. It depends on the length of your cruise. shorter ones get $100 and longer ones get $250. We have $250 for our upcoming (hopefully) TA of 14 days 😉
  2. It really depends on how much of a percentage the investment is of your entire portfolio. Mine is minimal and I have basically told my Financial Planner it is not up for discussion. I might have bought it for the “wrong reason” but I knew why I was doing it and what the risks were. It has paid me back many times with non taxable OBC + dividends + price increase.
  3. The benefit has been the same for many years and is renewed each year at the Board -shareholders meeting. There is no reason to expect any change that I am aware of. It’s been a standard renewal for some time.
  4. Great to hear you are on this cruise and happy to add it for you 🙂 Enjoy that aft Neptune Suite 🙂
  5. Sorry, both both adults do need to purchase the package whether you book on line or on board. I have heard of exceptions being made for a valid medical reason supported by documentation.
  6. The ship co-ordination arranged it so that once I boarded, I could give the details on whom to bill and their cabin numbers to the Pinnacle Grill manager. We each had a table that sat 6 or 4 people. Each person who “hosted” the table was either a 4 or 5* Mariner and paid for their own table so everyone got the 50% discount. When you have a larger group, they do prefer to have a more limited menu. The PG manager kindly agreed to change one item as I knew it would be popular, checked at the meet and greet to make sure everyone was good with the choices and confirmed after with the PG manager. Lunch was very good and we all enjoyed it. This was on the Westerdam a few years ago.
  7. I did a booking on the Westerdam for 24 people for lunch in the Pinnacle Grill. I arranged it through the ship’s co-ordinator.
  8. Upsells (which are at a reduced price) which is what this really is (or appears to be) do not get the double days for a suite unless the booking was originally in a cabin with the name suite attached to it. IF someone pays the regular price to upgrade to a suite, then yes, they would get the double day credit.
  9. I’m not sure on that since the discount is only applied to the specialty coffee spot (Explorations?) and your mini bar in your room. I’ve only taken a drink once in the Neptune Lounge and I don’t recall any discount being given (nor did I expect it 😉 ) You could easily use your mini bar and receive the discount 😉
  10. There are other juices in the morning as well.
  11. National chocolate covered peanuts day? That’s an easy one to help celebrate 😄 Thanks for letting us know the dam ships are today, Rich 😄
  12. They are completely wrong. Call 3 times and you’ll get 3 different answers, sorry to say. You are definitely refunded on board within one day.
  13. @sevenseasnomad In case this helps here are the screenshots from the great site that provides them for your ship. Sorry a bit out of order but last pic is also upper dining.
  14. OBC will be applied to your HSC, no worries 🙂
  15. I feel for you. We’re in the same boat - paid and this virus had not been heard of at the time and we disembark from Civitavecchia and fly from Rome to Galicia. I’m waiting as you. If it’s risky, I’ll forfeit the money but if it’s localized, then we’re going It’s nerve wracking but what can we do?
  16. While I agree that we should avoid panic-demic (which seems very much what is happening) serious concern is warranted. IF the numbers can be trusted (and the suspicion is that there are more cases than reported which lowers the ratio) the death percentage from covid-19 is much higher than it is with the flu and definitely with Noro viruses which while not pleasant, are not usually life threatening. We are PAST final payment for our upcoming TA and the news of the virus was not a concern for the Med. Now, Italy has locked down, cancelled Carnaval, etc. Hopefully this works for them. We are just watching and waiting. We will go if we can. We’ve been planning this trip for ages with a lovely land visit after but, it does bear watching and it does bear some caution. JMO.
  17. No cruises are going to Asia for the rest of this spring/summer season that I am aware of. What happens to the sailings in the fall is another question. Now the worry is the Med for upcoming cruises for many people with issues in Italy already. 😞
  18. That’s how it shows on your on board account if you pre-book specialty dining. You pay full price when you book on line and then you are credited on board. From my billing on a a recent cruise : 2019-04-13 Loyalty - Food/Beverage $ (22.94) 2019-04-13 Loyalty - Food/Beverage $ (22.94) Those are the refunds which they call “loyalty” which represent the discount as a Mariner we are entitled to. They only do the 4* though. For 5* you need to take care of that on board.
  19. I only know of 2 HAL ships that hold that many passengers 😉 A number of them hold nearly half that many passengers still 😉 In any case, HAL does have it figured out as do the crew. It’s not really our concern - especially if we keep the HSC in place. 😉
  20. Well, believe it or not.... They do know who you are. If not, they can find out since the pics that go with your key card are readily available. And, they do know who removed HSC since there is a list. When I was on the Rotterdam, I enjoyed the service in the retreat. They knew who I was and when I tipped the great guy who took such superb care of us extra, he beamed and said thank you. The logistics aren’t that important IMO. The crew know if you removed HSC they can’t keep the money. They are not about to risk their jobs over $5.
  21. Just punch a hole in them before you go and take some ties and you’re all set. I also put one in each piece of checked in luggage “in case”.
  22. Some people have reported a deal/discount on the first night offered for the Pinnacle or the Canaletto. I haven’t seen it myself but it has definitely happened. It may depend on how many bookings they have? I’m not sure.
  23. I just laminate ours. If we have a phenomenal cruise, DH likes to save one. 😉 Sheets are available at the dollar store for $1 (3 sheets). 3 is plenty to do as many luggage tags as you need 😉
  24. Last minute bookings don’t disqualify you. You do need to have it submitted before 3 weeks before your cruise. Interline rates, the deals TA gets for themselves, etc. Most of us don’t get those 😉 No, the OBC does not depend on your cabin. Everyone, no matter what category that is entitled receives it. Absolutely. It’s one of the best investments I have made from the perspective of the OBC I have received which is in U.S. $ (exchange rate adds to the benefit) and tax free. I’ve probably gotten most of my original investment back in OBC by now and the stock has increased substantially in value since I bought 😉
  25. Incorrect. If you remove the HSC, any money you tip to the people has to be turned over to be shared amongst the pool. IF you truly want to reward someone who served you, then you need to leave the HSC in place and then, any tip you give to any crew member over and above the HSC is theirs to keep.
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