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  1. My husband and I have been on two Azamara British Isles/Irish Seas/Open Championship cruises with Perry Golf (2016 and 2019) and yes, they are usually more expensive but the 2022 prices are ridiculous right now and we would never pay those kind of rates. Yes, St. Andrews is probably also a contributing factor but it’s a much better option to find a cruise where you can visit St. Andrews for a few days either pre or post cruise and when The Open is not occurring as it will be too crowded to really enjoy St. Andrews. However, the pandemic is a contributing factor to 2022 prices and there will be
  2. So as I previously mentioned Discovery was one of my suggestions and so of course I voted for that...but I have to say, like “Pursuit” the name “Onward” is already growing on me. First of all it fits well with the other three names. Also I like the sense of positive momentum, resilience and optimism it implies. I also think it is a very appropriate name for a ship that will be the first AZ launches post-pandemic. It gives me a sense of hope. I will be hoping to sail her as soon as she’s ready...my husband believes international travel will not truly be feasible (especially to multiple countri
  3. Proud to say I suggested Discovery in this thread on 1/28....so obviously that gets my vote! And my husband wants to know if I get a free cruise 😎
  4. Agree with all the previous suggestions — especially better wine, I’m not expecting bottles that retail for $35-50 to be included but it would be nice if AZ would at least upgrade to bottles in the $12-15 range as there are plenty of much better options at that price point. $6 Darjeeling Horse Chardonnay is ridiculous for the cost of the cruise. Also, I liked the previous upgrade system better where we paid $395 and had a chance and got to decide if we wanted to stateroom offered — we actually scored an upgrade once that way. Here’s one I don’t think has been suggested: can we ple
  5. I really liked the extra seating in that area on Pursuit as it was never difficult to get a table outside...and I didn’t notice that drink service was slow. But I can see that if you like to hang out at a bar it would seem different...will be interesting to see what they do with the new ship...
  6. We do need some REAL sales. The pricing is really out of whack. Right now British Open 2022 is $18,000 for a veranda cabin. We’ve done that cruise twice and it is usually fairly expensive compared to other AZ cruises but $1,500 a day for AZ in a basic veranda is crazy. There are better cabins to be had on completely AI luxury lines for less than that!
  7. I suggested Adventure last time around but they do seem to like one or two syllables — Azamara Adventure seems to be a bit of a mouthful. I wasn’t in love with Pursuit when it was announced but it has grown on me. They named Pursuit after the newsletter so I kind of like - Discovery. Continue the trend and name it after the main dining room. It is really hard to find a good name that isn‘t already in use!
  8. Jelayne — right there with you on the included beverages! Major sticking point with us that could keep us from sticking with AZ! At the current price point the quality needs to be much higher.
  9. Thanks for sharing — I think she looks pretty good...but after a year of no cruising, maybe I would think ANY ship looked pretty good! The Azamara upgrades will serve her well and give her new life! I was on Pursuit’s Maiden Voyage and had followed along avidly as they reimagined her...it was just glorious stepping on to the “brand-new” Pursuit. I was so amazed at what they accomplished in only 3 months and they have more time for this one and I am sure learned many lessons with Pursuit. Can’t wait...this is great news and reassurance for AZ fans.
  10. Both the interview and Captain Carl’s letter — very reassuring! As soon as I saw Pacific Princess sold yesterday I also thought “I hope that’s Azamara!” And glad my husband and I may have projected correctly that country intensive cruises would have an increased chance of sailing before others....we booked Ireland Intensive 8/28/21 with that in mind - we call it our “Gift of Hope!” Because we all need some Hope right now!
  11. Well, no matter what happens, our first cruise post-pandemic was most likely going to seem somewhat different anyway...and we will truly appreciate being back on the seas. We’ve been watching “Mighty Cruise Ships” to get our cruising fix...and the other night as we were watching I was promising my husband “I won’t even complain about the tendering process or having to put our luggage out the night before if I can just be back on a ship!” ☺️
  12. So disappointed because I just don’t see how this can work...a company with a very diverse retail portfolio and no hotel or cruise experience? I agree that AZ has been a “niche” cruise line that hasn’t seemed to find a larger base — most people we talked to about our AZ experiences and had never heard of it. We came to AZ because of Perry Golf and have one future Perry Golf cruise booked...wonder what will happen with the Perry Golf relationship...have to confess at this point I’d prefer they form a relationship with a luxury line such as SS or SB. We felt the cost-cutting on AZ was leading to
  13. Yes, the email tempted me into looking at a cruise for June 2021 that we were tracking pre-pandemic — Ireland Intensive. Unfortunately as others have mentioned the ridiculousness of the “double upgrade promotion” continues. There was a time (2016) when this was real and we saved money by rebooking when this promotion was offered. I haven’t found this promotion an actual sale since then. I recorded the price of this cruise in February just before the pandemic: an oceanview was 8,332 and a veranda was 9932 for two, now AZ would like to have me believe that an inside and oceanview are both over
  14. Crystal Bach 6/21/20 sailing, payment made in full February 21 (bad timing) Crystal cancelled cruise in April and our refund request made via travel agent 4/24 and told within 60-90 days. Travel agent has contacted them several times. Last message was “oh it will be more like 120 days...” Filed dispute with Bank of America on 8/14/20 thanks to suggestions from this board... However, I’ve since discovered I charged the deposit on Amex (will never put payments on two different cards again) So have to also file a dispute with them. will be interested to see if there are a
  15. Here in Texas it is just about 100 degrees day after day and we are truly missing our summer trips to the U.K. to enjoy the cooler weather and the gloriously green landscape! Hopefully we will be back next year!
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