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  1. I'm booked for New Zealand/Australia on Azamara in Feb 2022. No news yet and the website still has the cruise listed for new reservations. It is a given that it is unlikely to occur.
  2. Prime minister says no visitors. 90 second video. Hope they change their mind but expect cruise lines l need to make decisions soon and deploy their ships where they are welcome. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australia-sticks-by-plan-re-open-border-mid-2022-2021-05-16/
  3. Why was the couple allowed to board the bus in the first place? It is not the cruise company responsibility to read the requirements of an excursion to the passenger. When did taking personal responsibility for our poor decisions become irrelevant?
  4. My belief is as long as I maintain my physical activity I hope to be going strong for many more years. My mother is 93 and teaches line dancing at a senior center. I’m fine with going with off ship excursions so that I can bike, hike, swim and fully enjoy my future cruises. As my cruise since the pandemic shut down is not till feb 2022 I’ll wait and see what the policy is before making further decisions.
  5. My experience is the same so the problem seems to be how to access what an individual is capable of without discriminating based upon chronological age recognizing that some individuals are not realistic on their conditioning and capabilities. . On the river cruises I have been on they have done a very good job of providing different levels so that the fast group moves very well. Is seems there when multiple options are offered people are more likely to enjoy their excursion at their personal capability.
  6. I’m 71 now and didn’t know I went from a very active healthy adult to a wheel chair on my 70th. I was booked on a Italy cruise which was cancelled that I had planned to celebrate my 70th so it appears o didn’t know I became old in a 24 hour period. Happy to provide a doctors note, sign waiver, drop and do push-ups, have them check my blood pressure, etc to prove I’m not at risk. No issue taking non-ship excursions if they are allowed which appears questionable. Most people who know me think I’m 10 years younger then I am and in good condition. I also agree that a clear description of the
  7. I'm cycling , playing competitive single tennis, core work outs , high altitude hiking, etc. What does age have to do with my physical condition.
  8. I purchased for my wife who is not seaworthy a wrist band that gives an electronic impulse that is supposed to prevent seasickness. She does pretty well but we have major waves on a trip to Alaska that many passengers and crew had issues. This was done before one of the cruises that didn't occur due to covid. The evening show changed as a dancer who jumps expects the floor to be where it was moments ago. Cost was just over $100 on the web and I figure it was a small investment if it works.
  9. One of the negatives of patches is my wife had vertigo for several days after the cruise. Withdrawal from the med.
  10. I just checked the azamara website. My status carried over from Celebrity and I have yet to do my 1st azamara cruise
  11. If the cruise was booked prior to March 2021 will they apply the recip privilege? Doing my first with Azamara in Feb 2022 that was originally to have happened Jan 2021 when everything shut down.
  12. I saw that. You have heard the saying a happy wife is a happy life? 😂
  13. If I understand Choice Air will allow us to book air and if the cruise cancels we get full refunds? I thought that was only if we bought tickets that were "cancellable". The difference for business class for my next rip might be an additional $2,000/ ticket for cancelable tickets hence I haven't been anxious to book when ships aren't cruising.
  14. I have done 3 lift and shifts with one still on the books for February 2022. While wanting to be positive I am not booking air and ground till cruises actually begin again and not committing further deposits. I can’t wait to be on the seas again. I wouldn’t count on this year. Hoping for 2022
  15. Went on Choice Air and Azamara is still listed. At this time they don't offer non-stops from LAX to down under and back however playing with GoogleFlightsI see that a few weeks before the trip American Air and Quantas both fly non-stops. Waiting till the air lines list there flights thru late Feb 2022 to accommodate our trip schedule. Thanks for the feedback
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