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  1. I used to wear the heels and did almost slip a few times but now I just go for dressy flats and comfort.
  2. We traveled on MSC with children and all I can say is the kids clubs and activities as well as the staff were fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Our grandchildren loved going to each session available to them and even wanted to sign up for the kids club dinner most evenings. The club was not flashy with gadgets and toys it was more activities and games in the traditional style with lots of staff involvement. We also took part in the pizza making session which was fun if a little messy by the end of the session and the family team games event with the kids club.
  3. I love the thermal suites....does Aurora have one?
  4. We have done over 30 ocean cruises but never a river cruise. For 2020 we have booked a river cruise on Viking. I have the following questions: 1. When are the shore excursions posted on the web site for us to view? 2. I see you can book a drink package on viking, we like to have a few pre dinner cocktails and a nice wine with our meals. I know wine is included with lunch and dinner but can you choose your wine or is it house wine and with the drinks package can you upgrade your wine at meals? Do you think the drink package is worth getting or not? 3. Is there a muster drill? 4. Are the excursions that are included good or is it better to pick the ones for additional price? Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and responds
  5. If you usually carry one around I would take it with you better safe than sorry.
  6. We self disembark also. Leave straight after we have eaten breakfast no hanging around and usually its very quick. With the cases on wheels its simple to do. Only time we don't is when we take our grandchildren can't cope with children and suitcases so we usually use a porter then.
  7. We had just arrived and were getting out of the taxi outside our hotel, a man on a peddle bike rode by on the pavement and pushed me and snatched my purse. Luckily my husband (who was a young and fit rugby player at that time) took off running after him and rugby tackled him off his bike about 800 yards away. The thief was wearing a trench coat with deep inside pockets. My husband sat on him and pulled my purse as well as a number of others out of the pockets. (Just thankful the robber didn't have a knife or a gun). At that point my husband realized he had left me on the street and got off the man who rode off on his bike. We reported it to the police we were shaken but not hurt and relieved we had my purse back as it had most of our money, tickets, credit cards and most importantly our passports in it. At breakfast the next morning we found out that three other people staying at our hotel had been robbed. The hotel was in a good area of the city it was about 7pm and there were lots of people walking around. I guess we were just unlucky.
  8. Probably wise, the only place I have ever been robbed was Amsterdam, it happened on a busy street in the early evening, there were lots of people around.
  9. I have been on many cruises to the Caribbean and there are certainly some islands that feel less safe than others. Nassau is a port that most ships stop at and over the last 20 years there is a definite decline in the feeling of safety. At one time I wandered this port area without hesitation but in the last few years the atmosphere has changed and you have to be more careful and streetwise. Dominica Jamaica and Belize are three other ports that I also have concerns over. As others have said it could happen anywhere. We take the following precautions, only carry a small amount of money and one credit card, I and my husband wear no jewelry, wedding/engagement rings or watches, my husband carries a dummy wallet and I never carry a purse or handbag. The camera we carry is kept in our pockets not around our necks. We also try and avoid areas such as alleys and if we start to feel unsure of an area we leave.
  10. I do have some understanding of what the Samm11uk is trying to say. On a recent cruise my son sent gifts a cheese platter with wine, platter of small snacks and chocolate dipped strawberries as well as a cake. When we came back from muster drill they were all in the cabin. My husbands birthday was not for another 5 days and there was no way we as a couple could eat all those items. We called room service and had them taken away and arranged that we would call when we wanted them. This was supposed to be a birthday suprise (at least the cruise line worked with us to get us the gifts one at a time later). The cards stated " Happy Birthday dad" and of course the cruise line has your birth date so it would have been nice if they had delivered on the birth date. Some cruise lines ask on booking is it to celebrate something special and then do something, we have had cards and sparkling wine left on birthdays. On another cruise NCL we celebrated our 25th wedding and the cabin was decorated with rose petal heart on the bed with two large towel swans. It was on the actual day and was a complete surprise.
  11. If its your first cruise I would book through the ship. Once you have a cruise under your belt you will feel much more confident to book independently. I usually mix it up, if overnighting in a port I always book independent tours as you have the cushion if something should hold you up. If it is a short stay in port 5 hours or less I book through the ship. If booking independently I always leave at least an hour cushion for example, if the ship is leaving the port at 5pm and all aboard is 4.30pm I would make sure that any tour I book independently is due to be back at the port by at least 3.30pm. That also gives me some last minute shopping in the port area. The roll calls are a great way of meeting (online) other people that are looking to do independent small group tours these work out to be less expensive and are usually much more fun than being herded around in a big group. We were on a independent shore excursion in Brazil and were on the top of Christ the Redeemer mount when the train down broke down. We could not get down and the crowds were huge. Our tour guide told us she would get us down one way or another. The ship also had a lot of passengers on their tour (we knew because they were all wearing stickers) while they were up there we felt confident that the ship would wait but when we started to see them get in small buses we realized we may have a problem. Our tour guide called for a taxi and we had to walk a short way down till we could meet it. We went straight back to the ship. It was a very worrying time as we new we did not have the ships guarantee to get us back to the ship.
  12. We had one on a cruise (cannot remember which cruise line) and it was ok if you were standing up on the balcony but when you sat down you could not see the sea as you were too low. You still get the breeze and sounds of the sea and you do have a little more privacy. If you like to stand up and watch the sea view it will be fine, but if you like to sit watching the sea you may be disappointed.
  13. Another way is to use a proxy server then you can change the location to where you need to be.
  14. Well obviously I am aware that the drink is not free hence the " ". However if I bought another one or one in port it would cost me the price of the drink.
  15. I received an E mail from P&O detailing the new drinks package. We considered it as we have purchased on other cruise lines but have decided not to buy it. Our reasons are that when we have the package we do drink more than we usually would. We have also found that when we go into the ports we are less inclined to buy a drink in port as the drinks on board are "free". We waste drinks for example we order a drink in a venue but decide to move on to somewhere else, drinks not finished, we just leave it as we can get another one for "free". What we like about the package's are we can try different drinks that perhaps we may not, we always drink plenty of water as its included and we enjoy the specialty coffees. Also you know exactly what your bar bill will be. Since the implementation of these packages the biggest change for me has been the lack of care by the bar staff of the cocktails and the quality of the drinks. A lot of lines have the cocktails pre mixed and they are pored into glasses without the little touches such as twisted orange peel, salted/sugared rim etc.. The staff have no incentive to make the drink any better as the tip has already been included. For a mini cruise I would perhaps buy a package as would be likely to drink more for a mini break but for anything longer would not drink enough overall to make it cost effective.
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