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  1. I would consider taking a taxi about 55 euros each way , if you had been able to take the train it is 32 euros each = 64 euros + you will have ro get to the bus station
  2. I would say no the steps up to the train are quite steep and narrow and there is no ramp .
  3. I have sent a map of the port the Est Maritima is the nearest to the bus stops, Dique Del Oeste is the furthest away If you are on one of the big ships this is where you would dock . This quay is quite a long walk to the bus stop and you would be off getting a taxi ,there is no way of knowing which quay you will be docking at. http://www.portsdebalears.com/en/buques-en-puerto
  4. Many thanks ! I did read there are road works on the trip and could add 20 mins to the journey ? And it is only 2/3hrs in Grenada
  5. Hi Campolady, Please could you give me your opinion we dock in Malaga at 9.00 am and the ship leaves at 6.00 pm I was hoping to go to Granada and have read your past posts regarding the timings , the tour co say we will only be able to have a rushed lunch and about 2/5 hours at the Alhambra . I do not want go on this tour if I am going to be on tenterhooks on the return . Your thoughts would be appreciated !! Roger
  6. Two parts to this beach although they are both together,there are the normal sunbeds at 7 Euros a day that are uncomfy and the back flies up when you sit up or Balneario Beach Club beds at 20 Euros a day including a bottle of water and fruit salad. The staff at Balneario are lovely and can't do enough for you, don't go to Illetas without camping out here for the afternoon, it knocks spots of Puro.
  7. Hi, If you look at the web page that I have posted before there is an option in English, anyway no worries here it is in English. https://balnearioilletas.com/en/
  8. No, October is my best month here in Majorca .The crowds have left the weather is settled and sea temperature warm enough to swim ( 22 degrees) I shall be on the beach everyday ,you might get one bad day lets hope its not the one when you are there.
  9. A wise choice Same sea, same beach and you won't be ripped off and be all the wan a be's that inhabit Puro !!!
  10. Palma Nova is much further than Illetas and the buses are very crowded on this route , you might find it difficult to get back to the port !!! without taking a taxi.
  11. If you look back to page 17 post 421 I have posted pictures of my recommendation ,there are 3 beaches in Illetas which Is about 12/14 euros in a taxi and 15 mins from the port and has a good beach bar. https://www.abc-mallorca.com/illetes/
  12. I would book the cheaper option as I am sure you will be able to up grade on the day .
  13. I live within 200 yards of illetas beach and this the nearest exclusive beach club to the port .it is expensive and you will not find the average tourist there, not sure if this is what you are looking for ,but remember you are constricted by time. If you want to go where all the action is go to Nikki Beach. https://mallorca.nikkibeach.com/
  14. I would not worry as they are damaging cars at night and in the center of Palma,since you are on the road then back in Palma to be sure park in one of the town's underground car parks they are protected .
  15. Yes , No problem a taxi is around 35/40 euros and you will get one from the port. https://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php?city=Palma-de-Majorca&from=C.C.+Porto+Pi%2C+Av.+de+Gabriel+Roca%2C+54%2C+Palma+de+Mallorca%2C+Illes+Balears+07015%2C+Spain&to=Tram+Port+Soller-Soller%2C+Sóller%2C+Illes+Balears+07108%2C+Spain&fromCoord=39.551502,2.621197&toCoord=39.78222,2.700024
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