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  1. Can you please post this notice Cheers !!
  2. Most of the cases since the end of the lock down are being caused by the under 30's who have no concerns about spreading the virus , they are not distancing or wearing masks . Unfortunately there is no way to control the population and so long as people continue to break the rules of keeping at least 6 ft from another person and not wearing a mask this virus will continue these two rules are essential . A second wave is coming in Europe and there maybe another shutdown read below as to the state of things here in Spain.. I fear there will be no cruising the whole of next year unless a vaccine is found !!! https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-08-03/coronavirus-cases-in-spain-jump-eightfold-since-end-of-state-of-alarm.html
  3. Since I live in Spain I might know something about the numbers there are well over 2000 a day and rising !!!! https://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2020/08/03/spain-adds-more-than-8500-covid-19-cases-over-weekend-but-data-missing-on-madrid-and-catalunya-due-to-technical-issues/
  4. Not sure where your information comes from ? https://english.elpais.com/spanish_news/2020-08-03/spain-reports-nearly-1000-new-daily-covid-19-cases.html https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/france-reports-3-376-new-covid-19-cases-over-three-day-period-12987670
  5. Anyone taking a chance on cruising before a vaccine might be better off playing Russian Roulette, after these two outbreaks on the first couple of cruise companies to start up again , What chances of Oceania cruising again in February next year ???
  6. Hi Paul, Money back on 118 days Happy to get it after all this time ,if there comes a time in the future that I am able to book a cruise again I will try to wait until the last minute to book and pay .
  7. I finally receive the last of my deposit back from the same agent you are using it took from 6th July when O released the deposit back to T.A . So You will have to be Patient it will come
  8. What are the chances of Oceania sailing in Asia in February 2021, I have cruise booked that final payment might be due ??
  9. FIND a new T.A. And a it is a lesson to be learnt to pay the small % or get your T.A to accept the cost , it is pittance in the Scheme of things .
  10. I am in the same position had email from T.A on promising that my deposit refund would paid within 10 days to my CC on the 28th of June, 10 days past and then told they had not received the money from Oceania. On contacting Oceania I find that the money was not sent to T.A until 6th July , the outcome of all this is that I will have wait 14 days for the money to reach T.A from that date then another 10 days for the T.A to release the deposit to me. Has nobody heard of Bank transfers ???
  11. Yes They challenged my dispute with Amex saying that they had not received the money from Oceania and Amex up held this I immediately opened another dispute. I have since heard from them and this their response : Hi Mr rogerb I have checked the status of this booking . I can see we have processed the refund of £1200 on the 28th June – please allow 10 working days for this to appear back into your AMEX Account. Does this information help? Sent 28th June This was their response today ! I know it is just over the 90 days !! We have still not received the funds from Oceania for this amount back so we have today sent another chaser to Oceania to understand if they can provide us with a clear date when we will receive this money back to be able to return it to you. I am sorry about the delay but hopefully this explains why the reasons why you have not received it. I will let you know as soon as we have a response from Oceania to give you a better idea. They did originally advise it will take up to 90 days which I can see we have just passed so I will come back to you with more information as soon as I can. Sent Today 15 days later
  12. I am with the same company and was promised my Deposit refund on the 28th June now they are not answering my emails noway to get hold of them by phone .I still have a dispute on going with Amex . What I don't understand is when the cruise was cancelled you were issued with a cancellation contract which stated you would get your money back in 90 days . Did the T.A take the credit card or the cruise company. Mine was taken Deposit to TA and the bulk if the Money to Oceania I received the money back from O on the 28th June
  13. Still no Joy , 10 days has past I received the Bulk of the money from Oceania for my cancelled cruise in May and was assured in writing that the £1200 deposit was passed on the 28th June ,I started another dispute as soon as Amex said that the first one had been disputed by the T.A, I don't know how others have got on with getting their deposits back ??
  14. This Get around no longer works, if you file a complaint on the web site you will get your refund !!
  15. Sorry Sdancer II don't know what went wrong THIS IS A RE-POST : I can't understand why there are all these complaints and people waiting ,there is one answer file a credit card dispute then you will know you will get your money unless Crystal go broke !!
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