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  1. Me too. On the Nautica they had something to stand on.
  2. When i booked on the marina a few niggts ago the choices were 6:30, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30. For some reason 7pm did not show up as an option for any restaurant for any of our 14 nights.
  3. Clo- Just made our reservations for Marina specialty- times offered were 6:30, 7:30, 8.00, 8:30
  4. Clo....i shall let you know tomorrow. I think we book tonight after midnight. On Nautica last winter the times were 6:30, 7:30, 8:30.
  5. We have not yet been on marina....do you know the seating times?
  6. Btw....on our last cruise I got 3 extra Toscana and 3 extra Polo reservations. Superb.
  7. Clo...are you on the Marina? What are seating times? We make our reservations just after midnight tonight. We are on the Barcelona to Rio segment.
  8. I guess. Personally I love sharing with others.....except when we got stuck with a couple first night who spent the entire meal telling us how much they hate Oceania and are going back to Princess. First night! Got stuck with them again another night. Oy!
  9. We were on the Nautica this past winter. Second Oceania cruise. Concierge level. We asked for extra on non sea days. No problem getting extra reservations. Might not be the exact time slot you wanted. Sea days seem to fill up first. What I did notice and puzzled about was several times we were in Polo at a large table with empty seats at our table. Did nobody want them? 7:30 slot.
  10. Ken Beatty was one lecturer on our Marina cruise. Enjoyed him a lot.....his wife comes along and helps at the 9am needlework group.
  11. We went into the post office and sent a postcard to ourselves. Have it displayed in a clear frame so we can see both sides. Cute. We also walked around ushuaia town, ate at Tante Nina's which was recommended by Argentinean friends. we also walked over to the Ushuaia prison museum. Very interesting.
  12. I see Ken Beatty is guest lecturer. We really enjoyed him on the Nautica last winter
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