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  1. Loved Porto and Lisbon. Have to go back again for a longer stay. You should try to add On a few days in Lisbon after your cruise.
  2. We are scheduled for Darwin in Jan 2023....leaving Sydney on 35 cruise December 2022.....MAYBE
  3. We preordered a case of assorted wines from gourmet hunters in barcelona. Great owner. They have their inventory online. They delivered the case to our Barcelona hotel (Jazz) for a very nominal charge.Brought the wine onboard.
  4. You pay the $25 corkage...if you don't finish they will hold for you....no new corkage charge. We brought 18 bottles of assorted wines on board with us for our 30 day cruise....no problem at all.
  5. We were there pre pandemic...hope you went to both buildings. The second one is across the street. Amazing place. We also walked over to the maritime museum. I really enjoyed that. Picked up a great little Portuguese cookbook in the museum shop.
  6. Walking distance from aerobus to Jazz.... maybe1/2 to 3/4 mile....Bus is in front of big department store...so you have to walk through the plaza and then maybe 5-6 blocks.
  7. We stayed at Hotel JAZZ in November 2019. Pre cruise. I would definitely stay there again. Very quiet room. We took a cab from the airport. Outside there was a cab line. No problems. We had ordered a case of wine to be delivered to our hotel. It was scheduled to arrive while we were on a day tour....no problem..hotel signed for it and kept it for us in the room off reception. As someone with 2 knee replacements I found the bathroom to be problematic. No grab bar in tub/shower....tub is high so getting in and out was difficult . Excellent little Asian restaurant
  8. We stayed at the JAZZ HOTEL just before the Pandemic. Small place..very helpful staff. It's a short walk to many things. My only issue is that I had recent knee replacement and the very deep tub/shower had no grab bars. Would stay again and ask for handicapped room. We stayed for 3 days pre cruise.
  9. Just cleaning out some stuff and found my folder for 14 day Marina Barcelona to Rio November 2019.....8 sea days....checked each day of CURRENTS. No listings st all for Solo gathetings. I know on our 30 day South African cruise before that there wers a bunch of solo meetings. Maybe it depends on length of cruise.
  10. Our Oceania cruise in December 2019 ended in Rio. Same thing. Flight didn't leave till 11 pm. We used the most wonderful tour guide...Augusto Guimares.....he goes by TOUR GUIDE GUS if you look him up. gusguide@hotmail.com I had booked him for2 of us but then he mentioned there was room for another couple in his car. That was maybe $50 more. I went to our roll call and found 2 delightful ladies travelling together, who joined us. Gus picked us up with our luggage...stopped briefly to a badge where he knew they would hold our luggage (A friend probably) and we spe
  11. Ok. Thanks. Deposit was our FCC. So maybe later this week.
  12. We booked a cruise last week when they opened reservations. When I look at manage my cruise, it shows I have no bookings. I cannot remember if we are supposed to put in the info or if Oceania does it. My TA doesn't get in until afternoon so I thought I would ask here.
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