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  1. Wondering....do we actually get Gus or does he have others also taking people around?
  2. Has anybody been on a day wine tour from Barcelona that is NOT Montserrat or Cava? Already have those. Thanks.
  3. We booked from the memorial day sale and our TA threw in some extra onboard credit.
  4. We stayed at The Mundial. Great breakfast, location. Many land tour groups stay here.
  5. Booked Gus for 2 days. Thanks!
  6. Just curious... when was the changeover to free? Our cruise in Jan/Feb 2019 used laundry tokens. And they ran out pretty quickly. People were super pissed. Free would be great.
  7. We were just on Nautica....in the currents newsletter they had a 20 item for $25 deal. The usual free bag is 3 day turnaround. Not sure if the $25 deal is faster
  8. Mrs f.


    Kendon....my husband and I each have our own email and internet accounts. Yes...as soon as my husband logged off, I logged on....no problems. Of course, we had 24 hours where the entire ship had no internet
  9. Mrs f.


    Terry...i enjoy reading your blogs😁.
  10. Mrs f.


    Happy to have free internet. Ours worked fine. My husband logged off with his device and then I logged on with mine. Years ago I remember hunting for internet cafes to be able to check my messages.
  11. Champagne.....i hate auto correct
  12. Don't remember the exact name but it was a champagne from the Champaign region. Not the one pictured above. We were on Nautica concierge cabon this past January
  13. We were on Nautica. Corkscrew and 2 wine glasses on a tray on desk
  14. $hip$hape....we shall be doing a Barcelona to Rio, end of Nov into Dec. On Oceania Marina. Where else do you stop? Btw....see you are from Edinboro....my close friend taught criminology there for many years.
  15. So glad you liked the tour. Looks like the same one I have booked for November. Montserrat and Cava.
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