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  1. Thanks for the great video. We are not light sleepers. We should be fine with the trolley noise.
  2. Thanks.....I will stick with this and try to get deck 6 if something opens up. The price between the decks isn't very much.
  3. I saw that video which is why i posted this. Looking for other opinions
  4. 8087 - We are not light sleepers - having spent time sleeping right under the catapult on a aircraft carrier - so shouldn't' t be a problem for me
  5. We are considering a signature suite on deck 8 under the lido on a Vista class ship. A few people have mentioned that the trolleys rolling on the lido were very annoying. Appreciate any other opinions on how loud this noise is from these trolleys Thanks
  6. I would favor the cruise line over the ports. The ship and the other passengers are by far the biggest factor in your world cruise. Different lines attract different passengers and offer different activities. If you base you world cruise on a particular port - that will be the one that gets canceled at the last minute due to weather. If you must visit a particular port - fly there independently. Casino? No Casino? Like to dance? Big Production shows or no shows....etc etc etc...
  7. Here is a printout the the early booking perks for HAL on the 2022 cruise. They are typically the same every year. If you pay in full 3 months early you get a 3% discount. The is equal to a 12 % annualized return - tax free...good deal 2021-22 Grand Voyages Early Booking Benefits_7-31-20[1] (1).pdf
  8. My blog has a lot of information about Holland America World Cruises. www.theinsidecabin.com A lot of the information about packing etc is applicable to any world cruise. There is an extensive search feature as well. You will find copies of all the daily programs, menus and lists of all the entertainers, including photographs for the 2016, 2018 and 2020 WC. If you google The Inside Cabin (followed by your question) you will probably find it. For Example = Google The Inside Cabin How much does it cost to go on a world cruise . My post will be the first result. Google - The Inside cabin World Cruise FAQ You get the idea Enjoy!
  9. Here is a link to my blog with a lot of reference items for the HAL 2020 World Cruise. This included the complete shore excursion booklet which will give you a feel for the prices in various ports. I have attached a copy of the excursions that were offered on the 2022 world cruise (not canceled) HAL Shore Excursions Jul 2021.pdf
  10. My blog is focused on world cruises, particularly Holland America. I have a lot of FAQ's and other tips including a detailed section on costs and a total cost calculator HERE - again geared toward HAL but it can be adapted to other lines Pete www.theinsidecabin.com
  11. I've been in some cabins one half the walls supported magnets and the others didn't. Hard to say and hard to predict which ones will work. Doors have always been magnetic. That's why I always bring magnets and command strips.
  12. probably but i would bring some command strip clips as a backup. HERE these have clips. More HERE
  13. I thought it was only useful onboard. Neat. I was able to check in and my boarding passes are on my phone
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