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  1. For Port Elizabeth, we went to Addo Elephant Park ...used ALAN TOURS....we were very pleased
  2. I cannot remember... usually one of three ways. Either we all sent Anthony the organizer, a check, or we paid individually to the company, or we paid on day of tour. Ask the company. Often they have a link where everyone can pay them individually
  3. We booked the AC Barcelona for our November cruise. Will only be there 1cday. Hopefully will find someplace for supper. Need to buy a few bottles of wine for cruise. Looks like a large mall across the street.
  4. We were only in port for 6 hours. I'm sure we paid considerably less than the ship's tour.....oh and looking at my photos of the boat that took us to/from island, we were all wearing life jackets.
  5. They took us to the lemurs. We were offered the chance to hold a lemur. Some people.we walkedcaling a path and there were other animals. We walked around the area. Saw the school. Saw homes as we walked. Very interesting. Don't remember the cost...will try to check. We were a group of 10 that was put together by a rollcall member.
  6. For Rio we found a wonderful private guide....picked us up at port, took us all over. That's really the best way to go. We used Augusto "Gus" Guimares. Also known as Tour Guide Gus
  7. Our cruise is in November 2024. We booked first week in January. I immediately started researching and booking excursions. For Spain Day Tours they wanted at least 12 for our tour. I posted on rollcall and got people
  8. We also bought changeable tickets but....our terminal changed and you cannot change terminals and so we had to make our way to the original terminal.
  9. I see you are doing oceania Singapore to capetown....we did their Capetown to Singapore....was wonderful
  10. I went back into my notes...the excursion was booked with Madagascar Travel and Tours. Anthony booked with Sasha O'Neal. Group of 12....from them... You will have a private boat and transfer for the group so no need to wait for a public one and waste time. It will also have lifejackets. Itinerary most likely will be...we will probably pick yo all up around 1 pm in private vehicles and take you straight to the port where the private boat will await you for the transfer to Nosy Komba. The transfer by boat is around 20-30 mins. You will have about 2 hours to see the island and will spend your time there. It is hard to avoid those locals selling handicrafts but if anyone wants to buy in your group, you are welcome, although that would not be a stopping point and will come at the end only. Then about 3:30-4pm the boat will take you back to the island of Nosy Be and on to the ship. " Hope this helps.
  11. We were in Nosy Be just before Covid. One member of our cruise critic rollcall booked a private excursion to see the lemurs. We had a great day. As we were walking to see the lemus, the ship excursion group was right next to us. They gave us time to wander about also.
  12. Gardens By The Bay...and stay for the dancing musical trees. Amazing
  13. Hi Rosalyn....hope you are well. I wound up taking the Oceania Luderitz tour to the deserted town because that made my 5 excursions which brought down all my other excursions by 25%. The 2 days in Walvis Bay we have private Sandwich island and Spitzkopff tours I really dislike O excursions but am not willing to throw out $1200. excursion credits. Simply More has changed everything. Really looking forward to Namibia. I did forward this information to one of the people still looking. Thanks
  14. We will be on that cruise.
  15. We took the National Express bus from Heathrow to Southampton. Very easy but you must find out the final stop on the bus.....it doesn't say Southampton on the front ofthebus. Also, we booked going from Terminal X. Along the way our arrival Terminal changed to Terminal y. We had to take our luggage to the original Terminal booked and get on there. Not difficult, you just have to be aware. I would definitely do it again.
  16. We walked (about 10 min.) over to the train station from our hotel (Moxie). Took the train into Bath...about 1 hr. Took a wonderful 2.5 hour free walking tour offered by the Mayor of bath.
  17. We did the Dublin HOHO bus. Booked entrance to the Guinness Storehouse Tour separately. Took the HOHO bus to right in front of Guinness. Did the Storehouse guness Tour. Got right back on HOHO bus and continued on the route
  18. We'll be in Capetown post cruise in December. Our former wonderful guide is no longer guiding but based on what I've seen here have 3 guides to contact...Godfrey, Ian, Clive. Contacted one but he didn't seem too eager to commit at this time...will try the other 2. We've been to South Africa several times before...we love touring wine farms.
  19. We had a very late flight home ..11ish. we paid Gus for extra time and asked him to take us to a typical Brazilian restaurant before going to airport. Also the walk from check in to our gate was extremely long. The check in lady convinced me to use a wheelchair to get to gate. Really glad I did.
  20. I emailed O and got a reply back from one of their cruise specialists. There are definitely 4 excursions listed and was told to call one of the O cruise specialists to help set it up.
  21. Arrange with Gus exactly where you will meeet him. Rio port was crazy full of people. Several ships were docked. For us..we walked out of the cruise port building and walked across the street.
  22. Right now thats exactly what has happened. Port stop is there but zero O excursions
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