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  1. That’s what I thought I had read. I have two Med cruises coming up later this year. Why is the all aboard 1 hour prior in the Med and 30 min in the Caribbean? Other major cruise lines like Celebrity do 30 min prior in Europe.
  2. I thought I read somewhere that MSC has all aboard times at one hour prior to ship sail time? Is this true or is it 30 minutes prior to sail time like most other cruise lines? Is there any difference if it's a tender port?
  3. I had an entire “live from” thread from the inaugural. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2612500-live-from-edge-12918-7-night-western-caribbean-maiden-voyage/
  4. You can have high seas any time of year. That being said, I’ve done 9 cruises in the Caribbean in the January/February period over the past 6 years and could count on one hand the number of days that were spoiled by high wind or all day rain; never any storms or violent seas though. Meanwhile the two cruises that I’ve ever opted to sail during Hurricane season (one in July and one in October) we actually were outrunning a hurricane on one and cruised through a violent thunderstorm (only time that’s ever happened to me) on the other. There is a reason most cruise ships are diverted out of the Caribbean during hurricane season and return en masse for the winter season...
  5. Can you explain what you mean by "different"? I see your other comments regarding small portions and longer dining times but I find that on American cruise lines too like Celebrity (when contrasting against the larger portions and faster pace of land-based American restaurants) so that wouldn't be different to me.
  6. I am very prone to seasickness and have stayed in cabins at the very front of ships (Deluxe Owners Suite in NCL Haven) and at the very back of ships (aft corner Sky Suites on Celebrity) and never had any issues. I take a Bonine every day and am good to go. Only time I've ever had problems was when I forgot to take my pill on time so then I was a little queasy for a few hours until the pill kicked in and then on one cruise when we were sailing away from an approaching hurricane and experienced some very large swells which forced me to rest for a few hours.
  7. I was interested in doing a similar itinerary with Emerald. Can you advise how late the ship stayed in port? Just wondering if you had any time in the evening visiting these ports? Some of these Christmas markets like Vienna really need to be seen at night. Also, were shuttles offered from the ship into the city centers where the Christmas markets are in places like Nuremburg or Vienna?
  8. Someone posted a link a few months back to a place where Celebrity had registered some names. I know that OPUS was one and I think BEYOND was in there but I can’t recall the other one.
  9. If you upgrade your cabin category then you will have to pay the full amount due when you reserve (I upgraded to Yacht Club). And since you are not paying a deposit but paying in full instead you do not get the onboard credit.
  10. Okay. That offer makes more sense. Odd that they didn’t they tell you it was $100 per day when you called the first time. Also, I find it interesting that they are giving you a rate per day. That’s how they were doing it last year when you got certificates from casino hosts at the end of the cruise before they changed things in July. When I called in December after my Edge cruise they just quoted me a flat discount that I had earned, not per day. It seems like every person gets a different answer when they call Blue Chip which it makes it confusing dealing with them. I’ve been cruising with Celebrity since 2013. They have changed their casino program two times since I started cruising with them so the criteria for offers when I started cruising is no longer the same. Offers are always going to be based on a combination of your tier level and your most recent cruise play.
  11. As I explained to you in another post, I earned 30,000 points on a 7 night cruise and only got an incentive of around $600. My play was purely slots while you had said yours was a mix of slots, VP and table games, with the latter getting the majority of your play. Since table games have a much lower edge for the casino they may not offer as many rewards, on the other hand since it takes so much more play to earn tier points on tables versus slots then you and I both earning 30,000 points should be on an even playing field even though you played through a lot more money than me. That being said, my theoretical loss would’ve been higher than yours and since I know that impacts what they give you for your tier level free play then it probably factors in to what they give you for your future cruise incentive. Celebrity has been getting very tight with their casino offers lately though so you shouldn’t expect much. You should make sure you are on the mailing list to receive offers though. Maybe one of them will work for you since you seem to be fine with an inside cabin. I have gotten several offers ranging from inside to veranda for a variety of cruises in the coming months (none that work for me though). Just today I got an offer for a free 7 night Alaska cruise in a veranda on Solstice for multiple dates this summer. I’m actually starting to look at other cruise lines as Celebrity’s prices are getting too high and the casino offers are decreasing. I’m doing two 7 night cruises on MSC in September in Europe in the Yacht Club through an offer from my local casino. If I like the experience then I might start cruising MSC more and Celebrity less.
  12. Yes, booking through Blue Chip.
  13. You don’t have to wait for that inside 6 month period for the 20% off. If you are eligible for it as Amethyst then they can apply it at any time. There are some cruises that may be blacked out though; likely all Apex cruises and possibly Edge.
  14. There are additional charges are for gratuities which will be charged daily to your onboard account.
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