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  1. I have my cruises scheduled for June 2022. I can wait. Going to start off with some road trips first and ease back into travel.
  2. The cruise industry has a major stain on itself right now following the Diamond and Grand Princess debacles which contributed largely to the beginning of Covid spread here in the U.S. and for the cruise lines throwing much caution to the wind by continuing to sail for a month or so even after those incidents. All eyes of the media will be on these cruises when they start to sail again. If they were to start up and have even a few cases show up onboard and God forbid have a mini-outbreak that could cause irreparable harm to the industry that they might never recover from. The CDC being overly c
  3. Why are people with cruises booked in 2022 freaking out and threatening to cancel when these CDC guidelines are only currently in effect through October? Why not wait and see what happens as it is quite likely based on current trends that the U.S. will be in much better shape as far as vaccinated persons and infection rates/deaths go by the fall and that would lead to reduced restrictions by the CDC for beyond October?
  4. Same. Also, I like the more casual vibe of Celebrity and the relaxing of the strict dress codes of the past. Some of these luxury lines seem too stuffy for me.
  5. If they do what some of the Europe cruises did that sailed during the pandemic as described on these boards they will take passengers to shops during the excursions that they designate as “safe” (translation - where the cruise line and/or tour guide gets a kick back).
  6. Yeah, so I could go Jan 2023 for 14 nights on Beyond to the Caribbean back-to-back in a CS for $30K vs. what I have booked on Apex next June for 19 nights to Iceland, Ireland and Norway back-to-back in a CS for just under $15K after all the casino discounts. Kind of a no-brainer.
  7. Haven't done this itinerary but used to work for a tour operator and we owned a small ship and chartered some to the Galapagos so a number of my co-workers went on trips there. Almost universally they talked about the rough seas and some people getting sick onboard. One co-worker described a night where the seas were so rough that dishes fell and broke in the kitchen, furniture toppled around in common areas and passengers fell out of bed with one of them hitting and gashing their head. That ruled out ever visiting that destination for me as I'm pretty sensitive to motion sickness and don't li
  8. Book now if you are picky about your cabin location/category.
  9. They just announced that Pfizer vaccine will be available for 12-15 year olds very soon so hopefully they will subsequently make vaccine a requirement then for 12 years and up.
  10. They might go on into the early fall too since there will be no Canada/New England cruises to alternate itineraries with.
  11. Maybe lining some things up to tie into possible US ports allowing cruise ships again by July or August? Maybe a Caribbean cruise out of FLL, a Bermuda out of Jersey, a Mexican Riviera out of L.A.?
  12. I think benefits may vary by sailing and depending on the offer you get as everyone seems to get different information when they call.
  13. You should see the credits on your invoice and if you go in to browse shore excursions on Celebrity's website it should give a pop up indicating you have credit you can use.
  14. That could work to the advantage of getting better pricing on Apex. Now that Beyond is booking I imagine that Apex bookings will start to lag.
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