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  1. Cruise lines have gotten potentially the most negative publicity from Covid than any other industry so they have to go above and beyond with their protocols to allow passengers again so requiring vaccinations to board seems like a no-brainer.
  2. Even if the government has no federal mask mandate that does not preclude a private business like a cruise line from requiring masks. Cruising not starting again in the next several months so not really relevant at this point anyway.
  3. Seems likely since the earliest cruising will probably start again at this point is the fall of this year.
  4. The concept of a bubble is no one gets in or out. If anyone on board has interaction with anyone off ship then the bubble is...burst. To truly have a bubble onboard a cruise ship it needs to be a cruise to nowhere with no ports or only to cruise line private islands where all staff on the island are vaccinated. Again that’s why I don’t see cruising returning until countries have reached herd immunity and cruise lines require all onboard to be vaccinated. As I said before (either in this thread or another) I see certain areas that have the virus managed already like Australia or New Z
  5. Only if the bubble is absolutely strict meaning that passengers have zero interaction with locals when taking ship-sponsored excursions and that crew/officers also have zero interaction with locals which is difficult with local pilots coming aboard, potential contact with dock workers and sometimes local port authorities coming aboard. So again, there really has to be a state of herd immunity wherever the ship goes to start easing up on the mask/distancing protocols even on a fully vaccinated ship.
  6. We don't know this for sure yet. They have not yet determined if you can spread the virus after being vaccinated. The 95% effectiveness we hear about means there is a 95% chance you won't get ill from the virus but there is the possibility that you could still catch it, be asymptomatic and spread it. Until we reach a level of herd immunity I imagine that even with a vaccine requirement that testing will also still be required.
  7. Vaccination should be a mandatory requirement. That doesn't change any of the other precautions like mask wearing, at least until numbers are minimal worldwide since the vaccine is not 100%, but vaccination would be the most important.
  8. They’ll do what they’ve been doing with the ship since last March.
  9. What about the rest of the fleet in Europe? Maybe they are doing the cancels in batches so they are not overwhelmed by the number of people calling to change to a new sailing?
  10. Thank you! This was helpful. We are doing our first back to back next year and was curious how it functioned. Our mid-point will be in Amsterdam so it will be interesting to see how that works. We stop at Belfast during the cruise which is outside the European Union so I’m wondering if that will impact whether we have to get off or stay on the ship. We’ve been to Amsterdam a couple times before and will do an overnight pre-cruise so likely will not get off ship to do touring that day. Hoping that if it’s a nice day that we can go and hang out at the pool since that will be one of the quietest
  11. Good for them. I have frequently wished in recent times that we here in New England could be annexed by Canada...
  12. I’m wondering if cruises might start up in Australia/New Zealand this year for citizens of those countries only since they have the virus under control?
  13. Do you know how it works exactly? Room service typically is not a breakfast option for departing guests but is it for b2b guests? I know you have to leave the ship by the latest departure time of all departing guests. Then I assume you have to check-in for the second cruise. But I have heard that it is a relatively quick process. Do you know how long (typically) you have to wait before being allowed to reboard? Just wondering if it will be before the new arriving guests have checked in and get to board? And if it is do you have full run of the ship or do you have to go to your cabin for a cert
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