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  1. Have photos been released of the finished ship interiors and exteriors?
  2. I lost track of what was happening with this ship awhile ago. Did it actually get finished even on the inside? Or was there some final work that didn't get completed because of COVID?
  3. Honestly if you are traveling right now and interacting with people it doesn't matter if you are on a cruise or on land, you have a high risk of encountering this virus. Cruises just turn up a higher rate of cases because you have the same group of people together for a week or 10 days or more, so it gives that time for a case to incubate and symptoms to show, or, as in the Alaska case, more testing is being done to passengers before or during the cruise so that turns up cases. If you are traveling around on a road trip going from hotel to hotel and attraction to attraction you are exposing yourself to hundreds of different people who you never see again as you move on and no testing is being done during your trip so you have no idea who may or may not have it. Unless you are constructing a travel itinerary that keeps you pretty much away from people like camping in the woods or booking a private home or apartment where you do the cooking and then do isolated activities like going to a quiet part of a beach, then you are at just as much risk as being on a cruise ship.
  4. Not sure why that's a surprise. Princess cancelled their cruises (except Australia I think) through mid-December. I'm sure Celebrity will be soon to follow.
  5. Thanks. Found the combination of flights I want but I can't get the Celebrity website to confirm them. I get all the way to the end to confirm everything and it kicks me back to the beginning and gives me an error message. I might have to call to inquire.
  6. Oops, didn't see that there was a thread on the first page which basically answered all my questions.
  7. So I have never looked into Celebrity Air before but decided to play around a bit on the Celebrity website today in conjunction with a cruise to Europe I have for next May. Reading over the information from Celebrity it appears that I can reserve flights without having to pay for them until my final payment is due. Is this really true? It also says no penalties are incurred with the flights until after the final payment deadline. So does that mean I could go in and change the flights to another airline or itinerary at no penalty prior to final payment? This all seems too good to be true. I am unsure if we are going to go on our May cruise as I don't know what is going to happen with COVID. I will make my final decision (unless Celebrity cancels my cruise first) by the final payment deadline but I typically like to book flights more than 90 days prior to departure. This appears to be a way for me to reserve flights without having to commit any money unlike booking with the airline directly. One big question I have though is if you book Celebrity Air and make your final payment are they able to make changes to your flights that you have no say over? Meaning could they suddenly switch you to another carrier or routing and you are stuck with whatever they give you with no option to cancel? If anyone can provide insight on the positives and negatives of booking Celebrity Air I would be interested in hearing. Right now the fares I'm seeing are comparable to what I'm seeing on Kayak so I feel inclined to reserve something just to have it as long as I have the ability to cancel without penalty (prior to final payment) in case I find something cheaper elsewhere (watching for that Jet Blue-American Airlines partnership to see if I will be able to use Jet Blue points on AA flights).
  8. So as of July 22nd Discover has closed out my dispute in my favor as they have gotten no response from MSC. This is weeks earlier than I expected which is great. Now I just have to request a check from Discover since the refund created a massive credit on my account which had a zero balance prior to that. So glad to be done with this!
  9. The Bahamas is also cancelling nearly all international flights so this is more than just a ban on US residents. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1234319
  10. My booking for May 2nd on Seaside was also a casino certificate. I chose to get a refund as I have no idea when we’ll be able to cruise again and I don’t want to take the risk of the cruise line filing bankruptcy.
  11. No. But you do get varying benefits based on your MLife tier level. Chart is at link below. https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/mlife-rewards-program/preferred-partners/royal-caribbean-and-celebrity-cruises.html And before you ask, the benefits on Celebrity from your MLife tier are only based on your actual earned tier from MLife play. So for example say you match to Platinum with MLife based on your Elite Plus status with Celebrity. You will earn all the MLife benefits that go with Platinum but you cannot then turn around and go back to Celebrity and get the free cruise that comes to MLife Platinum players. Those Celebrity benefits have to come from a tier status you actually earned through your play with MLife not from a tier match.
  12. Elite would match to Gold with Mlife as per the chart I posted further up this thread.
  13. If it has your Captain’s Club number on it or whatever your Royal number is then that should be enough.
  14. Well, if they can determine that exposure gives you immunity and that immunity lasts long enough then that will mean fewer doses needed, initially anyway, seeing as the way it's going now, probably half the country will have been exposed by the time a vaccine is ready.
  15. I have heard about people getting offers between the two companies who had not tier matched, I assume to get them to try the other brand. I have never gotten a Celebrity offer from MLife before or after tier matching and I've been with MLife (or its predecessor casino club) since 2004. Vice versa I've never gotten any MLife offer from Celebrity but I was always already an Mlife member by the time I started cruising with Celebrity.
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