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  1. I do not think it is Oceania policy. Someone suggested that if O required passengers to submit Vacination proof when paying in full, would surcumvent the Florida law,by not asking for proof at the terminal.
  2. Thinking about future cruising, hoping not to carry luggage around the world anymore. What is the name Oceania uses to ship luggage
  3. We did this same overnight in Bagan on the Natica in 2018. One of the best overnights it was fantastic.We where due to dock at 8 am but tide was low had to dock at 5 pm. Could not tour Yangon which was unfortunate cause we had to be up at 2 am for the flight to Bagan.
  4. It was a 20 day cruise 2023 they wanted $1500.00 deposit and the invoice stated 180 payment. Decided to wait.
  5. It is now 180 days for full payment 2023 cruises.
  6. Ok for 56 yrs I sleep on my wife's left side. When we cruise the wife sleeps on the side of the bathroom so she want have to walk around the bed in the middle of the night. Makes it more comfortable for her
  7. I called O and had them look up the last time I was on the Marina. I had cabin 9130 which is a left sided cabin. That was 2019 and at that time it showed the diagram as the one you posted. Now it has been corrected to show it correctly. Havent been on cruise critic since 2019.Been on O for the last 11 years it's nice to see old mates again on the boards
  8. I agree with the diagram you included, but the diagram I downloaded from Os web site is the opposite, door opens from right side.Same as in the brochures. If anyone remember there cabin # and which side the bed was on in A4 A3 A2 deck 9 on Marina or Riviera then I can figure it out
  9. We always usr a TA , but I have called O directly when a specific cabin I wanted came up on my booked cruise and they changed it for me and sent a new invoice to me and TA
  10. When you open cabin 9133 on the O ships is the bed on the left or right side of the room?
  11. Miss understood. We had hair dryer in room, but used to be a blow dryer hanging on the bathroom wall.
  12. Never missed a day since I've been cruising with O
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