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  1. All the time, you'll see. It's wonderful. Here's the current Picture-A-Week topic, Pics of ships in port topic, sunrise/sunsets, Galaxy vs iPhone, and this is where videos are posted. There are topics on gear as well, which can be helpful for planning on what to use when traveling to get the best shots (which you have!), or take them to an even higher level, protective gear etc etc. Not everyone is THAT into photography, but there are a few topics that are dedicated to certain types of photos which seemed worth sharing. 🙂
  2. Hurtigruten has cruises to Greenland, the CEO visited Cruise Critic last year for a Q&A and it was fascinating. If I could, I would go on a Greenland cruise tomorrow. We have two ports boards for Canada: Canada/Eastern New England Canada/Alaska/Pacific Coastal
  3. Airline pilot friend for major US carrier had T-Mobile specifically because he flew internationally and Barcelona was one of his favorite destinations. Phone worked well there and, I think, better internationally than domestically (at first) though I believe they've worked out a lot of their old service issues now. May sound utterly simple, but sometimes simply shutting down and restarting my phone (iPhone/Verizon) solves a myriad of problems. I don't know why, but it does. If you're android, I'm less adept at trouble shooting, so apologies. But I think your T-Mobile will serve you well in Spain. (Worked great in Madrid too!)
  4. Fixing the menu for the next night? Shots during the tagliatelle? Bring another bottle....
  5. I laughed out loud when I had my young niece in the backseat one day and she talked about visiting the bayou, and talked about hogs, like it was nothing (and not pigs either). I think water came out of my nose or something. That kid is growing up Texan.
  6. Thanks Hank, it's fine! All we need when linking to the story is attribution to the source material and the name of the writer 🙂 The New York Post story by Kathianne Boniello is something I'd have shared if I saw it. Especially now, as everyone isn't able to travel, seeking connections to places we love and long to return to, and not to mention we could certainly use the lighter moments! (Is it wrong that I thought of, um, the culinary section when I saw this? Probably 😱) It's hard for me to imagine a wild anything running around... I still can't believe it when I see a deer or chipmunk, but then the only "wildlife" I was accustomed to was usually squished in the street before anyone saw it, or a pet in someone's home. Or pigeons. So yes, do post the wild boars invade a major capitol city, I have walked in, I am here for it. As long as it says where it came from and who wrote it, we're good! 👏👏
  7. You can't go wrong to follow Cruisemom's advice, in addition to some of the solid, confirmed hotel recommendations from folks in the thread. Two days isn't much, but you can see a decent amount on foot if you study the map and grid it out by section, to cover some of the important sites of historic Rome. Of course what's important is different to all of us, but if you are thinking in terms of traditional landmarks and history, well, there's no shortage of them in centro historico, where you'll be, and so factoring in time for meals etc., you'd have enough time if you plan to walk in the right area for two days. As someone said, definitely walk through the forum as well as the colosseum, and that will take up some time. The forum may not seem appealing on the map, but it really is. So is the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps - Piazza di Spagna, some folks like to visit the Trevi Fountain, I liked Piazza del Popolo. Agree with Cruisemom about not going on foot to the Vatican on foot as that is further away and would require too much time. Also, mind the time and day, and if you want to go inside the Vatican/Sistine Chapel, you need tickets, otherwise you can just wander outside in St. Peter's Square, which itself is quite something, and then walk along to Castel Sant'Angelo, then cross over the Tiber to take in the views, to maybe pick up a ride back to your hotel or whatever your plans might be next depending on the time of day/night. (I personally love the view of the Castle at night, but that's just my photographic eye view). There are small city guides (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, etc., and yes, a favorite of community members, Rick Steves; don't bog yourself down with an entire country guide unless you're doing a land trip) with maps that are easy to follow and helpful in planning out the two day itinerary. The city is laid out in such a way that it will be convenient and easy to follow the plan once you familiarize yourself a little bit with the area around your hotel, if you've decided where you'd like to be. For a short visited, being in centro historico will maximize your available time. Download google maps to your phone not long before you depart, you won't need wifi to work the map. Trust me, the streets of historical Rome aren't changing, you can believe everything on the maps will be where the map says it is. When you need to check if whichever gelateria is open or closed, look for a wifi signal or check before you leave the hotel that day, or, we have a thread for that. 😛. Just ask! Add the gelaterie to your reminders app and you'll be prepared. (Why take the risk??) May is a prime travel month of course so if you are able to find a reliable place for $200 or a bit over, it's worth booking, especially if there are extras included like a breakfast or wifi or whatever it might be. At that price, in the heart of the old town, a decent room (so, 2 or 3 star, which isn't about a rating, but amenities) at that price is totally worth it in May. Good luck, let us know what you decide to do, and then once you're back, how it all went, with photos!
  8. It's not the same as shopping in the Piazza di Spagna but browsing is always nice: Sermoneta, before you know it, it's time to get on the plane, embark, and then you're in the shop deciding on styles and colors. What's even nicer is usually the items you find in the shop aren't the same as what's available online or even on this side of the ocean (depending on which side one is on) so that continues to make it a special purchase, aside from the sentimental value that instantly attaches with the purchase. It may be a food category but these gloves are smooth and wonderful as butter, so they qualify, in a metaphorical way 😉 🙂
  9. That looks like it's worth a trek. Maybe there are cooking classes in the vicinity, or an agriturismo type place where it's possible to do a late lunch where guests are involved in the preparation, because I mean, the setting? This works. Bennybear you always have these 🤩 persuasive images!
  10. Mexican Coca Cola has more sugar and comes in different size bottles (still glass) here in the metro area. Very popular! I didn't know there were cokes from other countries other than it's produced elsewhere and thus maybe tastes different due to maybe, different water? But if you start with purified water, it'll sort of level the playing field, but still palates will vary. Love the photos! They're beautiful, loving all the crafts and the blues 💙. What's happening with them when you post? I can try to look around for an answer, but these look amazing. Did you know we also have a digital photography forum too?
  11. The rolling is amazing, I wish I'd known about this from the first time I ever packed a bag. I do the plastic only for certain items though, since it would add too much bulk to the bag, but it's effective at keeping things smooth. 🤩
  12. Thank you, I'm grateful to be feeling much better 🙂 Yep cancel that restraint, it's go time! Lock the house, grab the bags, mask up, grab those test and travel documents and have a very wonderful, fun, safe journey. Stay hydrated on the plane, catch some zzz if you can, we'll be here looking forward to whatever you've got for us. We're going on a virtual trip everyone!! 🔭👓
  13. Right? It's Italy. This is how they do. This is everything. 😍🤩 I'd like to think the masters would approve, albeit at first maybe a bit taken aback but then like, si... si... si... si!!!! Thanks for sharing this, it made my eyeballs and my heart happy 🙂
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