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  1. From what I read here on Cruise Critic some people still haven't been able to wrap their minds around the CDC updating their advice on mask wearing -- which happened a scant two months after COVID first spread to the US. I hold out little hope that they will dedicate the bandwidth to understand why the spread of new variants is something to be greatly concerned about....
  2. From previous discussions I know you are intelligent enough to not fall into these "if it's not black it must be white" fallacies. Of course the government is concerned. And they are working to stem the tide.
  3. Interesting how many times you've been provided with correct information in response to your meaningless rhetoric and yet never seem to take it onboard.
  4. Or, let us not forget, were part of the more than 20,000 people who participated in the US clinical trials run by two pharma companies...
  5. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but I would suggest that this is a world-wide disaster to which governments around the entire globe (with a few exceptions) have responded in a similar way -- when infections go up, lockdowns/closures prevent spread of disease. Whether communist (China), Democratic socialist (France, Germany), or absolute (Saudi Arabia) or nominal (Britain) monarchies -- this is the path to reducing numbers of infections until we either drastically tamp down infection rates OR are able to show enough vaccination + natural infection recoveries to limit spread. Do all
  6. Very true. I think many on Cruise Critic who are so eager to return to cruising cannot entirely visualize what cruising will be like when it first starts up again -- at least, if the proposals that have been made come to fruition. Keep in mind though that most lines so far at start-up have been sailing at 40-50% capacity. That does take care of some of the crowding problem....
  7. But this is the nature of the world. How many businesses have come and gone in the last hundred years due to changing demographics, competition, recession, or even disasters? I imagine a fair number of businesses in London went under during the blitz -- and how many family farms and construction firms did not survive the Great Depression? When disasters strike, even with a collective will we cannot protect everyone.
  8. On at least one of the cruise lines that started up last year in Europe (limited to specific countries' passengers) they did something similar to this. They did have paper menus for those who needed them. I like the idea personally -- eliminates paper waste and minimizes chances of infection (not just from COVID; I'm also thinking norovirus...)
  9. HAL's wording may be vague, but I suspect it will be further clarified once they actually are preparing to start sailing. So far, with the exception of a few of the cruises starting up in the Caribbean, it has been a REQUIREMENT that people can only leave the ship via a ship shore excursion. No walking off the ship independently and no private tours. It has been the case with, e.g., Costa, MSC and TUI. That is what I would expect if HAL begins cruising in Europe first, as I believe it is an agreement that the cruise lines reached with the specific countries where they a
  10. Every poll and survey I have seen on the topic of vaccinations has been overwhelmingly in favor of cruise lines requiring them. And many have been quite clear that they will NOT sail, at least for the immediate future, without such precautions. I think CCL will shoot itself in the foot if they do not go the vaccination route. There may be a loss of some families with children but I suspect many more would cancel should vaccinations NOT be required than the opposite.
  11. Wow, sounds great! I've not been to Syros or Paros but have visited the others if you have any questions. You know I love talking travel. 😊
  12. It's not always as easy as that right now, with COVID. For example the cruises looking to start up out of Athens this summer are not currently accepted into Croatia, so Split is off the table. I think Albania is the same. Not sure what the situation in Turkey is -- someone in Greece posted that they are not accepted cruise ships through end of 2021 but I have not found any confirmation on that online via official tourism or embassy sites. The mass market lines that are trying to operate out of Athens this summer seem to be limited to Greece, Cyprus and Israel. At least for now.
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