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  1. I'm curious -- in what way? From my perspective (aside from the too-high cost of many institutions) it works well as long as one is realistic about a good match between the student and the institution. My DS graduated from a state university a few years ago, which just happens to be one of the top 5 schools for his chosen profession (engineering). Due to in-state tuition (and actually state-paid tuition as long as a certain GPA is maintained), he received an excellent education with no debt.
  2. And don't forget: watching cute animal videos on YouTube Netflix Words with Friends standing in front of the refrigerator (also popular: standing in front of the microwave) Organizing your digital photos from cruises and vacations in the past
  3. I recall there was no clear reason but a lot of speculation on the Princess board at the time. Some thought it was because Princess didn't want to encourage people sitting around in their cabins when they could out and about (and spending) on the the ship. Others thought that Princess would save on cleaning and reupholstery/restocking if they got rid of the chair. Who knows? Maybe taking the chairs out means each room steward can clean two extra cabins in the same time frame, since they don't have to vacuum those chairs... Whatever -- I was not, and am not, a fan of their decision
  4. I agree with most of what's been said regarding differences. Princess and HAL both have a fair amount of music onboard but it's deployed differently on Princess, not necessarily in dedicated venues like on the newer HAL ships. On the last Princess cruise I was on (about 2.5 years ago), they still had a steel drum band by the pool for example, and various types of music in their atrium at different times of day. Princess has more activities and entertainment, but a lot of it is passenger-generated. So if you like watching take-offs of TV game shows and the like, they have quite a bi
  5. Coming from a line of educators, I would still have to say that while children learn facts and theories at school, they learn culture and attitudes at home. Too often parents abdicate responsibility and blame teachers for not instilling such innate things as drive, motivation, etc. But childrens' best examples, at least until their teen years, are their parents. (And after their teen years, it certainly isn't their teachers...)
  6. I am so with you on that! A lot of my earlier Med cruises focuses on the Eastern Med -- which is a good thing as that area is now a lot more "iffy" in terms of ports that are considered safe. I've also done several with a focus on the Southern Med that have included Tunisia, Morocco and of course Egypt. And then there are the Greek isles itineraries, and the "Italy and the Adriatic" itineraries... One area of focus for my next couple of Med cruises will be the Western Med -- more of France, Spain, and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, Palma de
  7. This one is tough and I warn you in advance that only one is a HAL itinerary (though they offer some similar ones): 14-day Alaska, R/T San Francisco on Sitmar Fairsea (1977) -- an itinerary that can never be duplicated today because the ports were so much less commercial and less crowded. 14-day Ancient Southern Med Empires on Voyages to Antiquity (2010) -- another that cannot be duplicated today, with pre-cruise days in Cairo, embarkation at Safaga (after a day in Luxor), Sharm el-Sheikh, Suez canal transit, Beirut, Syria (Tartus and Aleppo, with a land-stay overnight in P
  8. Thank you for these -- you've made my day! Something about the Tuscan light, the local stone and the greenery just combine to make the vistas magical -- your photos do a great job of capturing that. Is the room photo from an agroturismo?
  9. Agreed. I think I'm going to change my signature line to: "Wear the mask -- show you are capable of caring about someone other than yourself."
  10. I will probably come back later, but for now just wanted to say that I have a good batting average today so far -- I had hot sauce with my eggs and am planning to have a creamy chicken soup for lunch. And it's a logical progression to have a quote from Oscar Wilde today, following yesterday's "one-liners" day. He has some of my favorite wicked one-liners, sharing the honor with Dorothy Parker, she who said "Brevity is the soul of lingerie," along with many others. However, I cannot begin to answer cat questions. 😺 The mushroom-y wine doesn't appeal much, nor
  11. Same is true for cruises departing other popular locations, such as the Mediterranean, etc. Yet they have instituted quarantines quite a while back. And by and large, although the virus flares and fades, they have done better overall than we have in the US. Perhaps it is time we started taking this virus more seriously. The sooner we combat it, in every way we can, the sooner we can get back to normal life. Not this "death by a thousand cuts."
  12. Unless your bags are all huge, I think you shouldn't worry about this unnecessarily. Two good sized bags will fit in the trunk, plus possibly a carry on or two. If you have a third large bag there is always the front passenger seat (assuming there are two of you and not three). And, as I said, small minivans are not that uncommon. Taxis at the airport generally expect you to have luggage. Private services charge a premium and you have farther to walk to them at the airport usually. I don't see any real advantage -- however if it makes you feel more secure, I'm sure they can accom
  13. It was only a matter of time for this remaining R-class ship in Princess's fleet. I don't think it signals any merger of Princess and HAL. Both ships still have MANY larger ships on the books in each line. Edited to add: I also doubt whether Sycamore is the purchaser. If they are, why wouldn't they announce it in the same way as for the Azamara acquisition? Seems likely to me that it is another (different) purchaser.
  14. For now I'm not going anywhere anyway. 😢 Summer seems like forever away. As I said before, I do believe in wearing masks and I of course wear them when I go out. I'd be crazy not to -- the death rate in Georgia is up 142% of what it was at the end of last year right now. But I wouldn't be anxious to go on a cruise and wear one -- to me it's an indicator that things really aren't that safe.
  15. I gather the rationale is this (as quoted from the link posted above): "Although airlines, Amtrak and other transport providers now require masks, Biden’s order makes it a federal mandate, leaving little wiggle room for passengers tempted to argue about their rights."
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