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  1. cruisemom42

    New TV commercial

    We need to get away from this age-ism. HAL is for anyone who wants to travel for the adventure of travel itself, no matter what age. If someone said on these boards that HAL was only for older people, there would be a ruckus... Not all children are into rock climbing walls, ice rinks, wave riders and video arcades.
  2. cruisemom42


    I was having problems earlier and switched from using Chrome to Safari -- seems better. Still slow but it's not failing to load now.
  3. cruisemom42

    Buying Pompeii tickets on-line

    Coopculture is a reliable site so I'm sure there'd not be a problem using them. I just happen to haunt the official site for Pompeii for news and updates, so I was aware of it.
  4. cruisemom42

    Civitavecchia pre-cruise hotel recommendations?

    I would not book Hotel San Giorgio based on recent experiences and reviews: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2607707-warning-hotel-san-giorgio/
  5. cruisemom42

    Buying Pompeii tickets on-line

    This is the official website of the Pompeii archaeological site (and other archaeological sites in Campania). There is a link to purchase tickets from this site, which I'd trust. On the site is wording that says: The official ticket offices are only those inside the Park and online, on the TicketOne website (which is the link given). The cost is also 15 euro person. http://pompeiisites.org/en/
  6. cruisemom42

    Rome to Naples

    If their first post is accurate, I think the OP plans to stay in Rome a few days first, so will be heading to Naples from Rome, not Civitavecchia. Thus, they can board at Termini and will not need to change trains....
  7. It's not so much about being a "naysayer". The OP is looking for an experience similar to what they have found on HAL. I think to recommend either of the two ships listed would be to set them up for disappointment IF that is what they want and are looking for.
  8. cruisemom42

    Rome to Naples

    Your posts are confusing -- are you going to Naples or to Venice? At any rate, when you previously asked the same question re: train travel from Rome to Venice, I and several other posters gave you good, detailed information on how to book and use the train, that thread is here: If you have decided to go to Naples instead, it is equally easy to use the train and the trip is shorter. Same directions apply regarding booking your tickets. The station in Naples is Napoli Centrale.
  9. Croatia is outstanding. Split and Dubrovnik are both scenic and historic. (Also relatively easy to do on your own, if that interests you.) . The sail in to Kotor is also visually stunning. And you still get Catania, a good port in Sicily and a stop in Naples. Spend a few days before or after in Rome and if Italy is a big draw for you, you can easily get by train from Rome to Florence for either a long daytrip or another couple of days' stay.
  10. I feel like both of the ships you list are going to be 'zoos' if only due to their size. Much more focus on lively entertainment than on HAL. I would not be keen to sail on either one. Also, due to their size, aren't they rather limited in the ports they can visit?
  11. cruisemom42

    Which HAL Ship and Itinerary would you pick?

    I have much less interest in nature and landscapes than I do in ancient cultures and cities. I have little interest in cruising Australia and NZ although I'm sure I'll get there someday. I've done a somewhat similar SE Asia cruise, but on a smaller ship (350 pax) so we could actually port much closer to Bangkok and to Ho Chi Minh city than the larger ships, which have to port in industrial ports and bus you a LONG way.... That said, I enjoyed the places visited with the exception of Singapore, which is very modern and sort of soulless. We had a pre-cruise trip to Angkor Wat, which was high on my bucket list and one of the main reasons for taking this particular trip. If something like that is offered or can be arranged I highly recommend it -- much better to do it before or after than during the cruise, where you get shorted on time. (You need several days; it is the largest religious complex in the world.)
  12. cruisemom42

    Livorno port to Pisa and Lucca

    A strategy discussed often here is the best way to get to the train station. Most lines don't offer a shuttle to the station* but rather to downtown Livorno. (And generally at a small cost, not free, if on a mass market line.) Some have had success getting a taxi from the line up that will inevitably be waiting there, hoping for a full-day booking to Florence or other destinations. If you can find a driver to take you, it will cost about 20 euro for the (not very long) trip to the station, but if you can find another party to share it's probably worthwhile time-wise. (Warning -- some have said they were NOT able to convince a taxi to take them....) If you take a shuttle to downtown Livorno you will be dropped in a square (Piazza del Municipio) and from there you can get a local bus to the train station. Here are some fairly precise instructions on the whole process from port to train station (just disregard the onward journey to Florence): *NCL is the exception to this, they generally offer a shuttle to the train station -- but I don't think it's free.
  13. cruisemom42

    Embarkation question - Civitavecchia and Rome.

    Just wanted to respond to this -- I'm not sure where roothy123 got this information but it is simply not true. Trains make all scheduled stops; after all, what if there are passengers onboard the train that need to get off? I think this must be some ridiculous urban myth that got its start when a clueless traveler saw a train go past without stopping (probably because it was not scheduled to stop there) and made an assumption.... Over the years I've read a lot of nonsense about Italian trains but this has to be near the top of the list of things NOT to worry about.
  14. cruisemom42


    Yes, I'm not quite sure how temporary those two broken elevators are -- the ones that have been reported on these boards numerous times over at least the last 2 months if not longer. But I'm sure their non-operational status is somehow due to passenger error. Perhaps too many passengers hitting the buttons with their elbows rather than their finger, causing a circuitboard malfunction.
  15. cruisemom42


    The reason that the poster you quoted mentioned three lines is because these three lines all honor each other's loyalty programs and cruise days on one counts toward loyalty on all. (They are all owned by same company.) Unfortunately, cruise lines under the Carnival umbrella do NOT offer this. Of the lines (RCCL/Celebrity/Azamara), Celebrity has some large but very nicely designed ships. Azamara is a step up from Celebrity in terms of pricing but also quality (at least in my opinion) but the ships are smaller. They are more 'destination' oriented and less 'entertainment onboard' oriented. It all depends on what you value most.