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  1. Yes, prices do increase, but the companies have held a considerable amount of their customer's money for several years for some people. Given the current stock market situation, you could have earned a nice return on that money. With a little negotiation, you may be able to persuade them to move your cruise to a future date at the same price that you originally paid.
  2. So excited. We get to start our ballroom dance classes tomorrow through our local Park and Rec. We have missed this great group for a year now.
  3. My husband, a family physician retired when he turned 65. Now he volunteers once a month at the local free medical clinic. He gets to work with great people, the patients are so grateful, and gets to practice medicine without the hassles.
  4. Well, not sure why there are 4 pictures there, but Coral you are correct. It is supposed to be good luck to rub his head. You're up.
  5. Name the town and the river. (hopefully this has not been posted before),
  6. Name the town and the river. (hopefully this has not been posted before),
  7. Name the city and the river. (Hopefully this has not been posted before).
  8. We live near in Kalama, WA, so it is about a 1 1/2 hour drive. It is our favorite coastal town.
  9. Cannon Beach, Oregon. Haystack Rock. We were just there last week.
  10. Funny about your oil change. We had a 2013 Subaru Outback that had 122,000 miles and needed new new tires. We wanted to drive from WA. to Texas (because we didn't feel safe flying) at Christmas to see our mom's that are in their 90"s. Perfect excuse to buy a new Subaru Outback!
  11. I think that would be a great marketing move on their part.
  12. I agree that this forum is essential for our "travel mental health". My husband asks what I am doing while I am reading, and I tell him, "I am traveling, via Cruise Critic."
  13. It is more than 15 months. We paid in full in Sept, 2019 for a cruise in June 2020 which was cancelled. They only give you FTC not a refund, so we rebooked for June 2021. The vouchers are good for two years. If you choose not to use the FTC, you must wait until the end of the voucher time, to request a refund. Luckily, they agreed to rebook the cruise for 2022 for the same price paid in 2019 (same cabin catagory), so we are now rebooked for June 2022. Hopefully, third time is a charm.
  14. It is official, Scenic has "suspended" the June cruises, at least in France. This is now the second one "suspended." They are giving FTC. If you want a refund, you must wait until June 2023 to get it. Glad to get the official word, so now I can start cancelling all the plans I had made for the pre-cruise.
  15. Sharkster 77, you are correct. You may post the next photo. Thanks to all that answered my photo position dilemma.
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