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  1. No we are arriving in Santiago 3 days early
  2. We are three time sailings on the WInd, Whisper and Explorer and are supposed to be on the Whisper again this summer. We just evaluated the Antarctica Cruises from both SS and SB. All of the SS start in Ushuaia (at least most) so transportation to there is a necessity. We are on the Quest from Santiago Chile, Patagonia, Antarctica for 5 days and S Georgia for two. In evaluating, a lot may depend on timings. If you are still a working sot, then the SS may be a better option as they are usually shorter. The Quest cruise is 24 days., We have had friends that used to be SS dieh
  3. So pondering a question here, if one were to have an annual policy and use it for a single trip and was refunded say $10,000 (annual max) what would prohibit one from getting another policy from a different company with a new $10,000 limit? It is still cheaper than an individual per trip plan.
  4. I have scoured the SB site but cant find info or pricing on SB provided transfers. We are on the Quest Feb 24 from Santiago.
  5. Yes, that is publicized, but what about cancellation prior to 120 days? Is it a 100% refund inclusive of deposit?
  6. I know SB starts a graduated fee(penalty) for cancelling a cruise from 120 days inward,but I cannot find info for 120 days outward. Any experience wit this?
  7. My TA says 10% off expires June 30
  8. A major CruiseLine Travel Agent has your ships only rated 3-4.5 stars, including the new Ultramarine(4.5*) . Any comments versus other lines that are known for luxury cruising, such as Ponant and Seabourn and Silversea and Crystal that are introducing smaller Luxury expedition vessels?
  9. Some destinations are just difficult to get to. We live nearest to San Antonio airport. Have to stop somewhere as there are no international flights (except Mexico) out of SAT. That being said, I quizzed SS on upgrades to biz class. Was quoted $4000 over and above the cruise fare which also includes a $900 airfare. Yes Virginia, the free airfares quoted have a values (ai't no such thing as a free lunch) and if you want to save $4900 ea for a San Antonio-Tromso, Reykjavik -San Antonio flight then you need to book your self. We got the $900 cruise credit and found biz class for less than
  10. Cruise is scheduled to depart Tromso and finish in Reykjavik, but with two interim stops in eastern Iceland. Currently Norway does not allow non-residents to enter the country at all and even residents must quarantine. Of course this is a dynamic situation as everyone knows, but SS informed me that they would Yay/Nay the cruise 60 days out. I think chances are slim of sailing if they fulfill the 60 day timeline. On another note, assuming we are able to travel to Norway and board, Iceland currently requires a test upon arrival at the airport, but we arrive Iceland in a very small
  11. SO are they talking about Covid or are they talking a Russian Visa. A US citizen cannot enter Russia territory without a Visa or a local TA temp visa and then it is only for the tour, no walking around. And as someone said, that cruise is nothing without SP. We did it in 2015. One great thing about SS is they dock just about 500 meters from the Hermatage. If you had a Russian Tourist visa then you could have walked down.
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