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  1. One reason a cruise appeals to us is we don’t want to drive on the left side of the road , which we’d have to do if it was a DIY trip!
  2. I find I tend to prefer small quaint cities over the big cities, at least so far in Europe, so is that what you are referring to when you talk about inland?
  3. We are starting to research New Zealand (and possibly Australia) cruises. Does one cruise company stand out, especially as far as excursions and precruise tours ? Will we miss a lot by seeing only coastal cities? Don't know about New Zealand but from what I understand about Australia, that's pretty much where everything is , but then there is the Outback.
  4. We are planning our first world cruise or partial cruise and are wondering when is the best time of year to go to Asia, for weather. I think most only go in the beginning of the year though?What about New Zealand?
  5. If you do a search, there is a bit of information on them.
  6. So the ocean ships are actually smaller?
  7. I thought all the river cruise ships held about 140-150 passengers.
  8. Notamermaid-That is a great deal on Arosa, especially for summer! I hadn't known of them. That may beat GCT for that time of year , plus I don't think GCT has many (any?) 7 nt itineraries besides the Christmas Market sailing. JerseyGem-I just checked out OAT small ship cruises and they are considerably more expensive than GCT's river cruises-maybe because the ships only carry 50-100 passengers. Since I am one who tends to get sick in stormy seas, I wonder if being so small and in the ocean, it might not be a good fit for me. gnome12--I haven't registered for email notifications but I get SO much (snail) mail every day-brochures from so many companies, even ones we've never sailed with.
  9. Teeming has Budapest to Amsterdam (Danube-Main-Rhine) and vice versa, where you can choose the entire length or either half, in or out at Nuremburg.
  10. Karinad- We have gotten fantastic deals on Grand Circle -$1000 per person without air for the 7 night Danube Christmas markets cruise and $1200 or $1300 per person (without air ) for the Rhine 10 night Christmas markets cruise. These were not last minute deals either. I’m thinking to get a lower rate like that in the summer you might have to do a last-minute deal.Gate 1 might be similarly priced but we haven’t done one of those . We did one Teeming river cruise last year. It was OK but I prefer Grand Circle because for roughly the same price , the food was better , the drinks are included, the excursions were included. I think the ships might’ve been a little nicer too and the service better. But as I mentioned in a previous post, our 2 Grand Circle ships had twin beds only.
  11. TravelerThom- Don’t they usually include air when they are last minute deals? Otherwise people might have a tough time getting air or getting reasonable air.
  12. That's very interesting. Were they all the same # of days? I'm sold on GCT. I'd like to see how Gate 1 , Croisie Europe and Teeming compare.
  13. I agree with you on that. We’ve also been on Teeming and for roughly the same cost as Grand Circle , they don’t include excursions or alcohol. And the food wasn’t as good. However you do have a bed choice- on Grand Circle there were only twin beds.
  14. We have really enjoyed Grand Circle as well-haven't done Gate 1 but I have been on AMA.
  15. We really enjoyed Stryker in the bar doing Broadway tunes on a Canada cruise maybe 4? years ago. Is he still around? TIA.
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