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  1. It is actually not something we have on our to do list. I hadn't really thought about it since the actual signature is condensed unless you choose to expand it.
  2. Let me discuss with my manager Cruise lines are not a competitor but not sure if that would be considered advertising. I will find out
  3. I am sure that there is a lot more technical info than what I am sharing as I have/understand the "cliff's notes" version. The short of it is this is an issue that we will not be fixing. This doesn't have to do with the new forums software. This occurred when we switched to new servers. We knew that the clocks would need work after switching but originally thought we would rewrite the programming on the new servers. In a perfect world we would like to create brand new - updated - and functioning vacation countdowns. I know we have a lot of work to do on our back log of tweeks and fixes to make this current system work so I do not know if/when that will be on our docket. I have been looking for countdown clocks to suggest in the meanwhile - tickerfactory is one that you can use. If you have any other suggestions please share. Once I compile a few choices I can make a helper document on where to find these tickers and how to use them. One caveat - the tickers can't be from a site that is making money or that is a competitor of sorts. That would go against our written guidelines. If you know of any - suggest away and I can let you know if it will be allowed 🙂 Thanks for your understanding - WE ALL love countdown clocks and while this isn't news you wanted to hear I wanted to be upfront and honest with you
  4. @twangster Thank you so very much for testing 🙂 Have a great weekend
  5. Thanks for your patience all. We have unblocked imgur - that should work for you to use it to display photos as far as I know. If not, then perhaps their format is not compatible with our forums. I do not have an imgur account to test this unfortunately. If someone does use imgur and would like to post a test photo I would be eternally grateful 🙂
  6. My FCC is actually from a cruise that I was on, they had to shorten my cruise due to a medical emergency. Not a cancellation 🙂 RCCL gave me a refund of the days shortened PLUS an FCC of 25% of my fare to use on a future sailing Though in a cancellation it seems it has to just be booked within the year not necessarily sailed within the expire date. I will definitely have to call to find out 🙂 I don't want to only look at sailings from now until next May if I can look a little further out
  7. Did you ever find an answer to your question? I have an FCC that expires May 31 of next year but unsure if that means it must be applied to another cruise by the date OR do I have to sail by that date
  8. I did but I will make sure that post is highlighted for the tech team when they do work on this
  9. CC Help Jenn


  10. Anything since about 4 hours ago? (fingers crossed!!)
  11. Thanks all for the info. Have let the team know the specifics
  12. Nothing of much substance, though I did mention earlier that the team is alerted and it is on the queue to be worked on. Aside from that I don't know when this will be added on the schedule. Thanks for your patience
  13. Those with errors. Please remind me. Are you using Tapatalk.mobile? Browser?
  14. Checking in. Tech applied a fix and I wanted to see if the errors are still on going or if we’ve been clear for a few hours? thanks for letting us know
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