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  1. I am guessing that this is specific to either Edge or the specific restaurant. I would be curious to see if the other ships in the fleet are following suit or have changed over already to an extra charge
  2. Editing that!! I meant $20 for the extra entree 🙂 I’ll have to cruise Edge again for the sundae
  3. Daily Outfits A breezy tee and skirt for walking around GC. Tip: a good pair or running or bike shorts under your skirts and dresses makes for more comfortable walking around and also can alleviate any embarrassment if your skirt catches a swift breeze while walking on deck. I may have some past personal experience there that led to this revelation 😉 Dinner. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I scored this sleeveless cocktail dress as I was shopping in target for Easter supplies! It caught my eye because it had pockets. It’s also stretchy so I have room to eat more, as I tend to do so on cruises. It was I think $25 and also doesn’t seem to wrinkle easily. So there’s my great value dress! I ended up wearing these nude heels more often than my higher black heels. They were lower and more comfortable. They went with most of my dresses too. Next time I could probably pack less shoes. Most guests were cruise casual tonight, aside from Mr Shorts who was just casual 🙂
  4. We had dinner at in Fine Cut steakhouse. The charge is $55. I told you I was trying as many venues as I could! I do wish I had time to sample the MDRs as well to do a comparison Note that I did see a guest asked to change into pants when he arrived in shorts. From talking to others on the sailing the same happened in the MDRs as well. They were requesting adherence to the dress code all around (what little there was which I think is no shorts, swimsuits, and flip flops) I started with the tomato salad. It was really tasty but I swore these words would never leave my mouth. There was a touch too much cheese. I love cheese so I wanted to eat it all but there was just a lot of it 😉 It’s not really a complaint — just something to note. Our waiter encouraged us to try to try more than one appetizer but I didn’t have it in me. I’ve had so much food up to this point 😂 There are a handful of entrees you can order or you can choose your cut of steak and pick a sauce if you’d like. If you want more than one entree the additional charge was $20. I ordered the 6oz filet but the waiter suggested to go 9oz because it would be juicer. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Okay if he says so! I had that with black truffle butter. Like the other steaks, this was fantastic. Even better than the steak from Le Petit Chef We also were indecisive on sides so he brought all 7!! Being honest I was unimpressed by the truffle fries and giant tater tots. I felt they didn’t have a ton of flavor. On the other hand, the macaroni and cheese was amazing. There was no lack of flavor there! When it came time for dessert we were all just too full! After dinner I headed back to the room to pack since I was hitting the road in the morning 😢
  5. Grand Cayman. I started the day off waking up at 5:30 am thinking it was 6:30. My phone didn’t auto-switch with the time zone 😂. So there’s your reminder to check ship time to make sure your synced up. Grand Caymen and Cozumel are behind an hour. I decided to go for a run! That incline does take some effort. Add in the humidity and you’re getting quite the workout! After my run I stopped by the Spa cafe to sample a breakfast energy bar and coffee. Once I was cooled down enough I stopped into Oceanview for a made to order omelet (tomato, pepper,jalapeño, onion, cheese,bacon) and some potato It was delicious Plenty of options at the made to order stations! I noticed two of them and while there were lines it wasn’t terrible After some work and a shower I headed down to the Magic Carpet to tender to Grand Cayman. It was the simplest and most enjoyable tender. The seats were cushioned, the boat was air conditioned. Very nice! I’m sure there may have been a line when they first started rendering. When I went there was no line at all and our tender was mostly empty I do believe that not everyone in the morning used the Edge tenders. I think they were running those as well as the Grand Cayman tenders early when there were larger number of people getting off at once. I didn’t have a plan for GC. I thought about getting crepes but I wasn’t hungry. I settled for a tasty iced chai tea while I shopped for trinkets for the kids. Coming back there were cool towels and water waiting for everyone at the tender dock On the way way back I was on a GC tender. They were running both the Edge tender and the GC tender at that point (around 1:00pm) When I noticed the time (1:15) I immediately ran up to Eden Cafe to try lunch before they closed. I asked the server what was the most popular that day and went with that. A chicken pesto panini. Eden Cafe lunch is included in your fare but you can purchase coffee drinks. The regular coffee is complimentary It was really good!! A huge sandwich though and I had to ditch the bread on the second half. I spent the rest of the afternoon working and delivering raffle prizes that were won at the Connections Party. How great is the door decor?! So much fun.
  6. Sorry I was quiet! As I mentioned at the start I was leaving this cruise early so that I could be home with the kids for Easter 🙂 I was traveling pretty much all of the day yesterday. Last night my unwelcome Mal de debarquement has started. Does anyone else suffer from this? I remember after our very first cruise I came home wondering why I was now "land sick" when I had felt no seasickness during the cruise. Every single cruise I have ever taken I return with this syndrome. It usually lasts me a good week of just feeling dizzy, swaying, a bit fuzzy in the mind. It is not fun - but cruising is totally worth it to me! I will update later today on Grand Cayman, Eden Lunch, Fine Cut dinner - plus some insight on the early debark procedure, cruising solo-ish, and final thoughts!
  7. Yes I know 😞 I will nudge the developer. I did put in a request to have that removed
  8. See this is why I am trying to eat at as many pay-for restaurants that I can. You can use my experience to decide if any of the places I’ve eaten are worth your vacation dollars. Every bite of food I’ve had on this ship has been very good. This includes all of the included restaurants/cafes/lounges and the Oceanview. The pizza at the back of Oceanview is A ++++ and I come from an area of the country where we have the best pizza. I do find myself more persnickety about food quality than some (aka harder to impress, though food is subjective) so for me to have enjoyed every bite and not have one complaint is kind of a big deal 🙂 i think you can purchase a dining plan but not sure of the specifics When we travel as a family (or just a couple) we would probably not spend a lot of money on upcharge dining. Unless we booked a very low price cruise. We do generally chose one upcharge dinner as a date night each cruise, just me and the hubs. We try to choose the most “exotic” or different type of restaurant on a ship. I could see my hubs and I using either Le Petit Chef or Eden as our date night. While the kids would have loved the animation, the food would have been lost on them.
  9. I actually acquired it using Stitch Fix a year or so ago. I will look at the brand/designer though and maybe it’s in store or online somewhere 🙂. It was so comfortable
  10. During the day there was a general sense of more relaxed wear. Perhaps because it was a sea day and everyone was relaxing! I started the day in Connections Party wear. Most at the party were cruise casual. I wore a skirt because I don’t have a fondness for shorts on my own person. Just a preference. Since I was having brunch I thought best to look a little on the smart side. Everyone at our table was dressed equally as smart but most of us had meetings to attend. Everyone else in the restaurant was cruise casual. Shorts/Tops/Skirts/casual dresses. I had no idea what to wear to the Sea Thermal Suite. I mean I knew I would wear my swim suit but had no idea what I’d be doing on the way there or back 😂. I know I grossly over think this and it’s the main reason I overpack. I defaulted to my beach cover dress. I didn’t feel underdressed walking through the ship. And finally chic night. I went back and forth between a black jumpsuit and a black cocktail dress. The suit won! I never have occasion to wear it so why not! Many people followed with their nicer attire. There were plenty of fancier cocktail dresses and jumpsuits and pantsuits on the ladies. A skirt and nice top would work. Some men had jackets but not all. Some just wore a button shirt and pants. I did see a few polo shirts as well. What everyone wore seemed to run the gamut from business and cruise casual to a step below formal. I did not run into ball or floor length gowns or tuxes. There may have been some, just didn’t see any. If that’s what you want to wear I don’t think you’d stick out. Pretty much wear what you’re happy in unless it’s swimwear 😂 I swear I’ve never taken so many selfies in my life 🙂. I should have made my daughter give me selfie lessons. I do hope it helps though because I was searching and searching through photos on the boards to figure out what to pack and how to dress.
  11. For the finale of day 3 we decided to stay in Eden for the evening show. It was so different than anything I’ve seen at sea. Immersive even if you don’t participate because of the intimacy of the space. The show ran about 1 1/2 hours. ED17A47A-4A53-48E5-BA05-A8F53C597B5B.MP4 I only have the one short video and no pictures. I guess I was enthralled. I did get up when asked by an Edenist (you can say no!). I’m not usually a joiner but I figured why not, if only in the name of giving it a shot. It was a fun(ny) experience, running through Eden in your Chic wear and heels 😂 next up — what did I wear?
  12. More of day 3! After finishing up some more work after the bridge tour I decided it was time to RELAX. I didn’t have dinner until 8:15 so there was time. I went to the Sea Thermal Suite and spent 3 glorious hours reading on a heated tile lounger. I also went into a few of the many room experiences available. No pictures because I completely unplugged. Hopefully I find time to visit again today since I cut this cruise short and leave tomorrow (Seriously second guessing my choice to be a responsible wife and mother to be home for the Easter weekend 😂) After feeling the most rested I realized I had only 40 minutes to get ready for Chic night. This is in lieu of traditional formal night I assume. I saw everything from cocktail dresses to long cocktail type dresses. Suits with and without jackets. No gowns or tux that I saw but I don’t think you’d feel out of place wearing either. Dinner at Eden. This is a dinner experience. The cost is $65. The Edenists are performing around the restaurant and lounge during this time (not the show, just performing and engaging if you like) 5F4734FD-CC36-4E51-9DDF-827BE1D10FA2.MP4 You start your journey into Eden with a palate cleansing drink. I am not sure what it was exactly but fruity tasting but not overly sweet. The Eden menu is a 5 course meal where you choose one dish from the two offered for each course. If for a particular course nothing strikes your fancy you’re welcome to substitute with a dish from one of the other courses. They also work with allergies and dietary restrictions but it’s best to let them know in advance as everything in this restaurant is prepared as you order. After ordering you are given another palate cleanser. This strawberry was filled with a vermouth gelatin. First Course. I went with the lobster. I’m generally not a big seafood eater but I always say if I’m going to enjoy something I don’t enjoy eating at home that the best place to try is in an on board restaurant such as this. The lobster had a crispy coating, tomato and orange segments, and tomato water rain drops. It was good. The taste of the dish was lovely and light. Second course I chose cantaloupe with a red aji (red chili pepper) sauce. It was so different. I loved the fruit and spicy combo. It wasn’t overly spicy and the flavors really complimented each other well. I wasn't feeling having another seafood course when I'm only lukewarm on seafood so I chose my next two dishes from the fourth course portion of the menu. My third course was the striploin with Bearnaise. Like the steak from Le Petit Chef this steak was amazing!! Perfectly cooked and full of flavor. My fourth course was pork over polenta with mushroom. There were also pieces of crispy pork belly. Again another extremely well prepared dish. And dessert! I went with Looking Glass which is pistachio cake and chocolate. Lots of chocolate! It was decadent and very rich. We were also presented with this fun and tasty dessert. B5DB5240-7801-4175-A361-42E0027E8B6A.MP4
  13. It looks like Brunch is held on the two sea days! It mentions needing a reservation. Perhaps it’s only able to be booked on ship at the time since it’s new. I was given the same Eden lunch tip from someone on the ship as well. I hope to visit today. I want to go ashore if nothing else to tender using the magic carpet 🙂 Fingers crossed I’m back in time for lunch
  14. My coworker from our editorial team was having brunch with Mr Abel to go over the changes made to Edge since launch, plus any future changes made from guest / Cruise Critic member feedback. I was invited to join so I jumped at the chance. Most of this info was discussed at the Connections Party so it wasn’t secret 🙂 Ashley is writing a piece summarizing the changes I will share with you but you’ll also get most of the info when I post the Q&A videos and summary. We had brunch at Le Grande Bistro. Brunch was actually something new added on Edge post launch based on feedback. The cost is $39. The brunch is mostly buffet with breakfast and lunch choices. You can also get made to order crepes and omelets. Thank you for saying to get the crepes! Holy cow they were delicious! From the buffet I chose a salad (boring I know but I do try to eat my vegetables!) quiche Lorraine, filet mignon, and broccoli. We also had a basket of French fries to share, they’re made fresh in this restaurant. The only place on the ship with fresh made fries! We also shared a plain crepe and a sweet crepe with Nutella and strawberries. As with all of the food I have had this far, everything was delicious. The crepes are amazing and huge. You want to come hungry or share 😋 After brunch I headed back to my stateroom to get some work done. I bet that’s not what most of you do on sea days 🤪 but I’m on a working trip so that’s what I do. I don’t know if I mentioned, but I’m in an aqua class cabin. Daily these cabins are delivered canapés and today they included the best marinated olives and curried chicken salad! Nice afternoon pick me up. This is definitely a ship for food lovers Later in the afternoon I was invited to join the last portion of a behind the scenes ship tour so I was able to see the Bridge! All of my years cruising and this was a first. If you find the workings of a cruise ship interesting the entire tour sounded amazing. The group seemed to really enjoy themselves. The bridge portion of the tour was really interesting to me. We were given info on how the azipods, ballasts, and anchors work, how the bridge crew is scheduled, and what their duties are. The great views were an added bonus Tonight was Chic night! We had dinner in Eden and then stayed for the show It was fun. I’ll share more tomorrow. I have an early breakfast.
  15. Today was a sea day and our Cruise Critic Connections Party. It was a really busy day so I may post over tonight/tomorrow with the details. I ordered breakfast from room service today. I used the door hanger. I treated myself to blueberry pancakes and bacon 🙂 Someone called to let me know that it was on the way which is a very nice touch. Also about an hour after delivery I received another call asking if everything was as expected. Great service. Important to note, if you are used to signing a slip and adding a tip for room service, there was no slip to sign. If you’d like to tip for this service you’d need to have cash on hand. Next up Connections Party. I arrived 20 mins early thinking I’d have time to set up a raffle and mingle with members as they came in. I think at least 50 of our members beat me to it 🤪. I don’t know if it was the promise of a t-shirt raffle or if everyone was just excited to meet one another but everyone was EARLY (I’m guessing the latter) Remember those bios from my earlier post? Every single one of the senior officers attended, including the captain! I was lucky enough to be introduced to everyone. They were all so kind, open, and welcoming. Damian hosted a Q&A from questions submitted on this thread and the roll call thread. The captain, hotel director, and Brian Abel, Sr VP of Hotel Operations (shoreside for all of Celebrity’s ships) made themselves available to answer the submitted questions and also any live questions that our members had. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There was a fantastic roll call group on this sailing. One member made bookmarks for everyone and another planned a cabin crawl. Everyone had been chatting on Cruise Critic since 2017! So much anticipation for this cruise. As I mentioned, Ill post the videos from the Q&A at a later time. I’ll also try to summarize them when I post them
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