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  1. Just opened up 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2519-norwegian-prima-roll-calls/ Happy Planning
  2. This is being looked into - it has been very intermittent for myself. After clearing cruise critic cookies I have been able to log out for maybe the past week most of the time. However I haven't received word that the fix was fully in place and that the work is done. Will update when I know more
  3. Hi 🙂 Was testing out some settings of our boards software, this one helps moderators easily see why something is reported. Wasn't quite finished testing out the settings when you must have seen the report choices. They were the choices that were default with the software and will likely be changed. But since you asked, in forum speak a PBP is a previously banned poster. Pretty sure there has not been one single time where I have tested settings on this forum software and a member hasn't caught me. Haha Have a great day Jenn
  4. Thanks for the update, I will look into our settings as I didn't think we had limitations set but perhaps there are.
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  10. No update unfortunately. It is in the queue for the team to work on, however no solutions yet.
  11. Hi There! No known date at the moment but the developer is working on it.
  12. No update unfortunately. This issue is logged, however it has not been picked up to be worked out just yet. Will share when I know more
  13. I’ll report back when it’s being worked on. Likely not prior to Jan. with the holiday schedules
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