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    Costa Maya

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    Log In Issues - UPDATED February 13

    Is this for a specific thread?
  3. CC Help Jenn


    if you would like your birth date corrected, send us an email and we can update it for you 🙂 help@cruisecritic.com
  4. I think we have this all sorted out 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience. We were testing some system settings and this was effected in the process. I will close this thread now.
  5. CC Help Jenn

    Log In Issues - UPDATED February 13

    The app does not work with our forums software at this time. We are working on getting that up and running In the meantime, if you would prefer to access the forums via an app, the tapatalk forums app is supporting our forums Hope this helps
  6. Hi There! Anytime you see a post in the wrong forum, you can report the posts if you choose 🙂 A host will see and take care of I will check out the posts you linked above Thank you
  7. I’d like this if I could 😂 haha hopefully we’ll get the reactions back up for you soon
  8. Definitely more work than clicking the button too 🙂
  9. I have an idea on what happened .... Looking into this 🙂 Thanks
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    Cruise Ship Photos.jpg

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    Ports of Call Photos.jpg

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    Loch Ness Monster?

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