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  1. CC Help Jenn

    Cruiser Rank

    I had this fixed 🙂 Except for you blue ribbon cruisers - we changed the name of that rank so it might take a few more minutes for that to update - but we are working on fixing that one now as well 🙂
  2. CC Help Jenn

    Strange posts?

    We're working on it 🙂 Thanks all
  3. CC Help Jenn

    Any idea why the boards were down yedterday?

    I shouldn't - but I laughed way too hard at this.
  4. We have put out a fix for what was happening to you and other members who also select not to receive notifications until they revisit the forum. After you log in today it should reset and emails sent the way they were intended Let us know if not
  5. CC Help Jenn

    inappropriate photo

    Well that was an exciting find before I even had coffee 😛 We will handle this of course. As an aside, that photo is from a member submitted review and not in our Forums Photo Gallery so it never would have shown up on the sidebar of new photos, thankfully - though I assume that could happen. Our Gallery does have the report a photo option just like posts. Not sure why our member review photos do not have a report button but will look into that as well Happy Thursday 🙂
  6. CC Help Jenn

    Is it possible to see post counts on a thread

    Oh that! Yes I have read the same on the complaint threads. I do wonder what they were using them for? I thought I was the only person who used the "Who's Posted" for my contest threads 😛 A work-around - at least for the roll calls - would be to look at the roll call hub page for that sailing. Example: https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/norwegian-sky-october-26-2018/ You won't see how many posts but you will see who's posted by looking at who's sailing. Caveat - since we just re-loaded the roll call finder tool with the updated forums - and this page is populated from the tool - the who's sailing section is a bit off right now and though it is course correcting as people post. Also --- still a bunch of fixes to make sure that the correct roll calls are showing for each sailing in our find your roll call tool. Any deviation from a normal date format such as December 6, 2018 or 12/6/2018 will confuse the tool and throw it into a queue for us to manually verify the date. I do have the Who's Posted jotted down however, since many members do seem to use that feature
  7. CC Help Jenn

    Cruiser Rank

    This is weird! But I can try to fix it for you if you want me to look into it
  8. CC Help Jenn

    Is it possible to see post counts on a thread

    I see your post count below your avatar when you post - is that what you mean? or something else. Posts per day - I need to refresh my memory where that was, on your profile in the old system?
  9. To clarify - because I too think it was a little confusing. The first place you mention: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/notifications/options/ controls how you receive notifications for new things you follow -- it changes your default method so the next topic you reply to or post you make will follow these new defaults. HOWEVER changing that will not change any settings that were already applied to what you followed in the past. You would have to go to the manage your followed content area to change how you receive notifications for items you already follow. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/followed/ I personally think having a "change all current followed content to this default" on the notification options would be a fabulous feature and help it become less confusing -- I have jotted this idea down to discuss
  10. CC Help Jenn

    Turn off avatars

    You would need to find a gif on the web - they are usually animated and upload that as your profile picture 🙂
  11. CC Help Jenn

    delete album

  12. CC Help Jenn

    delete album

    Done 🙂
  13. CC Help Jenn

    delete album

    I don't believe that option is available to members but I can do it for you.