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  1. Hi All I'd like to remind you that posting a solicitation or advertising of any kind is not permitted on Cruise Critic. This includes offers to sell/unload your Cruise Next certificates. Please refrain from posting to sell your certificates on Cruise Critic. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation with this guideline. If you have any questions please email help@cruisecritic.com Happy Holidays!
  2. Celebrity Millenium on Thanksgiving en-route from Japan to China. “…we witnessed this volcano erupt - it was a sudden surprise and amazing to see!”
  3. Hi There! I have updated the setting which controls the number of allowed links in signatures. This index post is a fine way to keep track and you can continue to do so that way if you prefer. If you would prefer to put them all in your signature you should be able to now. Hope this helps
  4. Wow! Thanks for this. I could not figure out even how to recreate the problem. Appreciate the help
  5. Thanks for tagging me! I will look into -- if anyone has any screenshots please send on :) Thank you
  6. Thanks for reporting Thought it was just me - gone for me now - will continue to monitor
  7. I apologize I didn't see this over the weekend. Are you still having this problem @Lois R
  8. I know it is definitely not ideal the way it behaves now. Hopefully the developers will agree and get onto their dev schedule :) Happy Halloween
  9. Unfortunately in this case the behavior is not a glitch. The software picks up an image from the thread and inserts it into the preview when linking. That is the intended behavior even if the image used isn't from the OP or relate to the thread in any way. Since the software is behaving as intended there is nothing for the developer to fix. One way around this, if you don't like the photo being shown when you paste a link is to not include the post preview. All of that said, I do have it on our list of changes we would like to see made to the platform in future upgrades and will continue suggesting to the developer.
  10. At this point for your sailing, the list was already sent to Carnival so removing your name wouldn't do anything. No worries though - if you are not on the sailing they would surely notice that you cancelled and would not deliver an invite. If you are still on the sailing but choose not to attend you can just ignore the invite. In the future if you wish to delete a party reservation you can view all of your registered parties and edit/delete at this link https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/partylist.cfm?setrd=s
  11. Thanks for trying to help. We would like all of our apps to be in working order. We have not decided to discard any apps. We have been in contact with tapatalk to get both apps working properly (they also power our branded app!). Once I have an update I will post
  12. That is helpful for new members mostly and stands true. However in this specific instance, since an email was already bounced, adding the email to a whitelist won't help. The forums email server will stop sending the emails completely after one bounce.
  13. Let me know if that helped Also, your next post will be #10,000 !! Congrats 🎈
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