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  1. if you select topics or posts when looking at your activity, you should see more than the 40 pages
  2. You can find Member Reviews for your favorite cruise lines here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/cruise-reviews/ I am aware that there are issues finding those segregated cabin reviews on ships and we are looking into that
  3. Okay - I will chat with the developer. Thanks for the info
  4. It should show up but could be depending on how old the operating software is. I’m noticing some older versions of iOS aren’t showing some images. I’m running the current iOS and can see them
  5. You're always nice right 🙂 You can also now see on my avatar that I am considered a moderator. Perhaps the badge will encourage people to put forth a welcoming message to newbies
  6. I'm laughing so hard - I swear someone always "catches" me. Was tinkering around with some settings, and before restoring them went into a meeting ---- whoops 🙂 You can have your likes back
  7. Thanks for the update, it should be working for all now 🙂 Let me know if not
  8. Hi There! Try this link instead: https://secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk/ccEntry.do I will check that the links you mention are function properly as well. Could be they are US based links that the RCCL is transferring over to the UK main page instead of the UK registration page
  9. Happy Monday 🙂 How is everyone feeling with the font being enlarged? Good size?
  10. We do bring location info below a member's post count. Location is a voluntary field - that way a member can control if their location is shown 🙂 Gives privacy to those who wish
  11. We weren’t aware until we received complaints and asked the developers. I do apologize that we didn’t anticipate the issue.
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