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  1. CC Help Jenn

    New Program called "The Key"

    Thanks - realize it was a smidge off topic but I guess not if priority seating would effect those who were waiting in line for a show.
  2. CC Help Jenn

    New Program called "The Key"

    Oh boy! So we've only been on Royal once and really didn't do shows. If I make reservations do I still need to wait in line? Or is the line people that are jockeying for good seats even though they have reservations?
  3. CC Help Jenn

    New Program called "The Key"

    That is actually very comforting ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess I didn't read up enough before worrying
  4. CC Help Jenn

    New Program called "The Key"

    This is what I am worried about. We are introducing the rest our family to RCCL after being avid Disney cruisers. For anyone who has sailed both, you know that Disney doesn't really have many extras, restaurants, or perks for a fee. Most everything is included in your fare. I know many like the for fee dining and having so many options but that isn't us, especially when we feel like the mdr food is not up to par on royal (subjective!) It has been a worry of mine that these differences would already be a bit hard to swallow for everyone coming on our trip with us considering Royal base prices are just as high as Disney if not more on the newer ships and service/food is definitely not equal in my or my husband's mind. Now I sound like a whiner who should just go back to Disney ๐Ÿ™‚ But I liked Anthem when I went on a tour, and we want Bermuda without flying to port so ... I guess if they only earmark a small period of time each day on these activities it may not really effect us in the general population. But depending on how many people buy the Key, will they have 3 different hour long "private" blocks on the rock wall for example thus causing us to have larger crowds and waits? Or only half of the theater is available to make reservations for because so many purchased Key so some won't be able to make reservations? I'm all for people paying for debarkation, embarkation etc but it is the other activities that concern me. Hopefully it will not cheapen our experience any because this sailing sure was not inexpensive at all. I would hate to feel like I am being treated like I purchased the cheap seats if you know what I mean.
  5. CC Help Jenn

    Error message 2F173/H

    If you click the roll call from the tool and wait about 10 seconds does it then all of a sudden find you logged in? If so this is an issue that is on the queue to be worked on If not, well that this is a separate issue we would have to look at
  6. That would seem to be best (TT) since that is who we worked with in the past ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I will also say if the app development works out and is released soon this could be a non-issue ? Fingers Crossed - App Under my Christmas Tree please ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. It might not be ideal. But after you click the search icon, click to search topics instead of all content. The forums menu appears (sideways or not, doesnโ€™t matter) and you can choose what forum to search. I donโ€™t see the ability to search this topic only but Iโ€™ll keep looking around to see if I missed something. I agree though that a search this topic button or search this forum button even if itโ€™s the way it appears on desktop would be a better user experience for mobile
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  10. CC Help Jenn

    January 05, 2019 NCL Sun cruise

    That is the roll call that is now linked in the find your roll call tool. I think at one time there may have been a second, newer roll call but it was merged in as far as I know
  11. CC Help Jenn

    Email Notifications

    I apologize I misspoke, that was not worked on yesterday with the other similar issue. I had just assumed it was. It is to be worked on still. I do not have an ETA at this time
  12. CC Help Jenn

    January 05, 2019 NCL Sun cruise

    Can you send me a link to the older one? I don't see it
  13. CC Help Jenn

    January 05, 2019 NCL Sun cruise

    There is a link to a roll call, I clicked it and it takes you here: It shows 0 members since I just added it to the roll call tool properly. However if you click view roll call or view discussion the link is there If there is a roll call older than this one I am not aware of it.
  14. CC Help Jenn

    January 05, 2019 NCL Sun cruise

    This should be corrected
  15. CC Help Jenn

    Email Notifications

    Is this still happening today? This was part of the log in/out features we were working on fixing yesterday