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  1. If this is effecting you, can you please reply with your browser. So far I have received reports using Chrome and Ipads - I personally only have issues on Chrome and can log in on Edge
  2. equally as frustrated as I had to log in on my phone to reply! My chrome browser is giving me fits today. Unfortunately there is not a fix in place yet, however once there is I will reply here to let you know
  3. I noticed that today as well, have reported this new expression of our same old problem to the team
  4. If you click the magnifying glass in the search bar, it will take you to the most advanced options: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/ Now there are two ways you can search for posts by a member. If you remember a key word from the post follow this path:(if you don't have a keyword jump to next option) Use the CONTENT SEARCH tab enter that key word above the search options and click the plus sign next to search by author - start to type the member name and a list of members to choose from should start to form as you type - pick the correct member click the SEARCH CONTENT button at the bottom of the box. That should bring up a list of all posts by that member with your search term in it. If you do not have a keyword but just want to see a member's posts: Click over to the MEMBER SEARCH tab Enter the Member Name or partial in the search box Click SEARCH MEMBERS at the bottom You will be given a list of members who match your search Click FIND CONTENT below the member name to see their posts/threads/photos
  5. Hi All! Unfortunately I do not have an update since my last, though these issues are being investigated. I will post again when I have more information about relief. My last update still stands:
  6. Here is a link 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2539-seven-seas-grandeur-roll-calls/ Happy Cruising!
  7. Wallpaper for your tablet
  8. Wallpaper for 2560x1440 screens
  9. Wallpaper for your mobile phones
  10. Wallpaper for 1920x1080 screens
  11. Still being looked into Thanks for your patience
  12. You are correct - signatures are not displayed on mobile
  13. I put it back 🙂 If there is a photo you would like to use I can help - if you want to email it to help@cruisecritic.com
  14. Hi All 🙂 New forum is created: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2534-vista-roll-calls/ Happy Planning!
  15. There is no indication that this feature will be removed. I only mentioned as some members are experiencing issues that when they click into a post box, the editor is filling in ALL previous posts in the thread - not even just their own.
  16. Small update, though it will seem more like a non update. We may have found a few options to fix the logging in/out issues - though we do need to work out the details and then we have to get them on the queue for our tech team to tackle. That is where we are with that problem. I do apologize, but for the present time you may have to log back in when you visit. The other issues mentioned here and in some other threads: Not being able to post, the post editor bringing up old info or other posts already populated in, not being able to react etc Those have been reported to the forums software developer. Once I have more info on a fix I will let you know. Those issues do seem to tie into cookies/cached webpages and many have found that deleting the cruise critic cookies on your browser and/or deleting cached webpages may help those issues while we are waiting on a more permanent fix from the developer. If you need help with deleting those things for your specific browser, let us know what you are using and we can help 🙂
  17. Some settings were changed - if you are still having the issue please try logging out / clearing cookies. If that doesn't work please let me know
  18. The devs are investigating/working on log in issues today. That could likely explain
  19. Hey there! Please send us an email with as much info as you can about your old user name and if you would like to merge all info (posts etc) under just one of your names. Thank you help@cruisecritic.com
  20. Hi There! Ive reported to my techs and have them looking in to this
  21. wallpaper for tablets
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