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  1. Hi There! Please continue your bid discussions here. The last few winning bids: lastminutemama: Day of bid Weston beach resort $100. Cheapest online was 215+ fees so I'm happy with it Rocketlady bids I think the best advice for priceline or any other source is to go for the 4 or 5 star hotels and bid. We got the Westin for $100. I should of bid lower but didn't. We got a beautiful room and we felt safe. We had to pay for a taxi to the ship but it beats waiting on shuttles. You end up stopping at every hotel on the way. And when we got off the ship one year it took over 2 hours to get the shuttle to go for a five min. trip to the airport. Important to me was the safety and close to things to see and do the day before we left for the ship. Weston was on the ocean side and walking distance to go shopping and find other places to eat at. Jayfo Again! Thought I would try my luck for my other upcoming cruise and hit the Sheraton Beach Ft. Lauderdale again on PL. 4*, Beach Zone Wed, Dec 4th, 2013 one night Bid $70 accepted on the first try. Jayfo 4* Sheraton Ft Lauderdale 8/23/13, Friday, one night Started at 4 * $70 beach zone, rejected. Rebid $72, kept my bidding at 4* but added other 3* areas. Rejected again, jumped up my rebid to $80. Won the Sheraton. I had a backup reservation at Bahia Mar for $138 a night I'll be canceling now so I'm pretty pleased. I was hoping for Hyatt Pier 66 again but I'll try this & see what happens.
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