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  1. Congratulations on the home purchase!!! The first one is the hardest. I wish I could do pigtails like that again. I lost a lot of hair when I was sick, so the tails don't look all that good. I have to stick to ponytails. I sure wouldn't be going anywhere near that area on Wednesday or Sunday!!!! WAAAAY too many people showing up for the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch. Supposed to be Wednesday, but the weather may not cooperate. Next day after that is Sunday. Coco Beach is expecting 10s of thousands of people to show up. That should make for an interesting experiment in mask wearing and social distancing!!! Now, which little restaurant were you at in PC?????
  2. Paracruise84: (I couldn't get the quote/reply working) Our town relies on excellent Winter Seasons for our economy. If we get too many summer tourists coming this summer, and behaving as we have seen in Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, we will most likely going back to Square One. And that will devastate our town for the winter. Most of our traditional summer activities are not happening this summer. All that is going to be there is hiking, mt. biking, and going to bars. That's where our community spread started - a bar doorman/bouncer was infected by a tourist (think of the hundreds of IDs he handled every night!!!). In a perfect world, my town would stay "locals only" and have a good summer with finally shutting down Main St. to traffic, turning it into a pedestrian area where restaurants can set up temporary "patios" in front of their restaurants on the street and we can return to what we were in the 80s and part of the 90s when the town basically shut down. Then, once everyone has safety and cleanliness protocols down pat through working with locals, we could open to the world again. Like I said, perfect world.
  3. I think you're going to be getting more as the week goes on. Kind of blows for the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch on Wednesday, though. I think the one's sitting about 40% chance of going Wednesday right now. Whatever is going through FL is hitting quite a bit of the entire state. I saw there was some flooding in FL, also. Are you OK where you are at? How is the St. Johns River doing. Watch out for the thunder boomers & lightning! It'll be interesting to see what you end up, carb-wise. I've got 3 meals 30-40 carbs and 2 snacks 10 carbs. And, yes, more protein. Supposed to be no food after 9pm, which was impossible when I was working evenings and the occasional overnight shift.
  4. Did you get a meal carb "limit" yet? The shredded wheat would be at my limit, but I'd still have to add some milk. There are some things for breakfast that I'll have once in awhile just because I really want it, but don't go overboard with it. Part of the deal is to spread out the carbs smartly over the day, but sometimes you just can't. My nutritionist said that I don't have to feel guilty if I "mess up" once in awhile - we're human. My big example - I went to a dinner tasting at our of our restaurants in town as part of my thing as a concierge. No way could I pass up all those things because I had to be able to recommend to my owners and guests. I didn't gorge myself, but I knew my glucose was going to be high the next morning. I went back to "normal" after that. Nothing planned today. It's actually a sunny day, so I will probably sit outside and get some sun. No BBQ or thing like that. Last night I had burrata and Sugar Bomb grape tomatoes with a balsamic reduction drizzled on top. One of my favorites!
  5. Yay! It is one of those things that we all took for granted, cried when we couldn't them, and are lovin' it now that we can!!!
  6. Only if it's the luxury Virgin SpaceShip. SpaceX's Crew Dragon is a bit too bare bones to enjoy. 😉
  7. I was going to write that any place that is COVID-free sure isn't going to allow any ship from any line from any port to show up!!!
  8. Every once in awhile I buy the egg whites. I'll make omelettes or scrambles with them. I honestly can't really tell a difference without the yolk. I saw that there are places in the SouthWest from Southern CA to New Mexico the are going to be major HOT. Even up here in the mountains of UT, we're going to get in the mid-80s for like 2 days, which is very out of line with our usual temps. And, we always feel about 10 degrees hotter than what the actual temp is (higher altitude, I guess). Back in the 80s, I remember having maybe one week of 80s up here in August. Now, it seems to be anytime in the summer with a few 90s (unheard of before). I may have to cut off a pair of my lounge pants to wear as shorts - I REALLY don't want to try to get into my actual shorts yet!!
  9. Also look at the website and reviews for Rising Tide. Another nice place in the Port. Not so kitchy/touristy as Grills and Fishlips, but a proper brew pub kind of place. It does have a very nice beer menu for tap, bottle and can.
  10. One thing I want to throw in the hotel mix. Now, this is based on my years in hotel hospitality, including being responsible for doing room inspections post-cleaning to be sure they are done well. I had to "fail" many for simple little reasons and have HK come in and redo. With the new sanitary procedures that are supposed to be in place, I'm not all that willing to stay in a hotel until maybe December. It's going to take a lot of training for those housekeepers to be able to add the new procedures into their work. I just hope they all get extra time allocated to finish a room now, too. Two things to ask the Front Desk: when was the departure clean done, and how much time between the departure clean and your arrival. I think there is supposed to be a 24 hour time period between guests. You don't want a room that someone departed from that morning - that gives not much time to do a good clean. If the room was vacant for 24 hours but not cleaned until the morning of your arrival, that probably isn't going to be good, either. HK issues are the issues we get guest complaints about during a stay. If I was a "Do You Know Who I Am" kind of person, I'd ask to see the room chart (usually called a tape chart) to see if the room they are giving me was indeed vacant for one day before I got here. I have a feeling there are going to be some of these types of people in the high-end hotels when they start up. I've had a DYKWIA demand to see the chart to verify I wasn't lying about the lack of a suite for an upgrade or a slope side view room. So, asking to verify the vacant room isn't outside of my thought train. I didn't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, but it's a new day and we have to think differently until all this mess is worked out.
  11. When I go out now, I do wear a mask out of consideration of my community members. I do cough once in awhile, due to (take your choice) allergy, remaining cough from bronchitis (can last months) or vocal chord dysfunction. I feel like I need to add a little bill board around my neck that says "NOT CONTAGIOUS". My cough this winter from what we thought was bronchitis (now, we're thinking COVID in early February), was so violent that I went past just a fart when I coughed. A friend told me it was a "shart." Try to go to work when that is happening!!!
  12. I am a really odd duck - my LDL isn't good, but my sodium levels are very low. I was never a salter - the only thing I really salt is my pasta water. I used to joke that that box of Morton salt I bought when I got married lasted until I got divorced! I am a spice person. I had to laugh at my LDL, though - I asked if having 2 lbs of bacon as a birthday present would have had an affect on the results. I really did get 2 lbs as a present!! Today's snack/lunch was carrots and jicama sticks with some blue cheese dressing. Not yet sure about tonight's meal. I think I'm going to do some take out.
  13. No, I double-checked myself - no carbs, but a little fat for the egg itself. I KNEW there was a reason I had started buying a bunch of eggs in the last year!!!! Who knew that bacon & eggs could be good for you???
  14. Another thing you could do is to buy one of those whiz-bang "non-stick" pans. You know, the ones you see on tv where they melt the hard candy and it slides out or melts cheese and it slides out. I bet they have these at Walmart, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. I have an ancient Calphalon fry pan that still works for me, but I may go in and find another pan sometime soon. I may go to a store rather than ordering online - I'm becoming WAY too familiar with my UPS and FedEX guys!!!
  15. Eggs do have some carbs, but if you are on 30-40 grams of carbs for a primary meal, eggs are a good way to go. Plus they do have some protein to add to the mix.
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