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  1. Here in UT, I've been pushed back by at least a month for a possibility of vaccine. Until a couple of days ago, I was in the 'FEB-MAR' group. But, it is now just March to get started. We have so little vaccine anyway that it's all gone and everyone has to wait until the State can beg and get more to finish the January group. Some covidiots at the condos this weekend. Brazenly ignoring our pleads to put on masks, it's frustrating to all ends. Fortunately, the worst offenders, a group of 4 couples, departed today. No new arrivals until Wednesday, so it should be mellow. Righ
  2. Well, if someone actually THOUGHT about it, the writer could have been wearing his mask and keeping a more-than-social distance from the covidiots.
  3. Haven't you heard? People are traveling from their home states/countries to places where it is easier to get the vaccine than their own. Florida is doing has people flying/driving in from all over to get their vaccine. Surely you've heard that, seeing you are in FL. If you can make it though the process in a good county, you can get one even if you are not a FL citizen. I would assume that perhaps the county in Colorado they drove to has more vaccine to give to senior citizens right now.
  4. I have a Violife Slim Sonic toothbrush. Battery powered. I've had it for a few years now (can replace brush part) and it's been just fine.
  5. Sherrie - what kind of pizza do you like? Join the "321 Flavor: Where Brevard Eats" FB page. You'll find plenty of good recommendations. Genna in Melbourne gets good reviews. NY style. I just saw one for a place in Suntree with outdoor seating: Manny's Cucina. Wood-fired. Have you tried Frigates yet for brunch/lunch/dinner? Right on the water in Melbourne. I have heard lots of good things about the Bearded Chef. I have a whole bunch of places that I want to try - just have to wait for travel to Florida to be safe (for me).
  6. Watch out for the National Seashore...
  7. I've got my masks ready for my travels into National Parks, Monuments, Forests and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas. Not a biggie.
  8. My body told me to wake up at 6am on Wednesday. Got to see a big plane fly off into oblivion (actually to Florida). My body hated waking up, but my heart loved it. Spent all day watching the New Show. A little too early for an adult beverage. I did shed a few tears, for VP and for the amazing young woman Amanda Gorman. And, kudos to Lady Gaga for a beautiful straight up version of the National Anthem. Garth Brooks vs Andrea Bocelli on an acapella "Amazing Grace" was an good comparison in showing how any type of music style goes well with that song. And, at the end of the night, Katy P
  9. Boss went to lunch and the Post Office, so I'm here all alone... Utah isn't that great, either. We got 800 doses. Still working on healthcare workers and teachers. I'm not on any list, just the email notification list to let me know when I can try to get on a list. That is, if any doses are left... I have tomorrow off, so I'll be spending the day watching the Old Circus get run out of town and New Circus come to town!!! OOTD for that: my "Chucks and Pearls" inauguration Tshirt, my Chucks, my Tahitian Pearl necklace and maybe my Sweaty Beatty jungle leopard legging
  10. Cynthia - I checked out Athleta's sale. The one thing I would have wanted was not in my size 😢 But, I did see that they got the Delancy Moto leggings back in my size. I have to consider if I want them in M - the L works for me to wear for work as they are a tad baggy. Do I need another pair in M to wear elsewhere???
  11. I'm sneaking in a little computer time at work!! Happy Birthday Melody! It looks like you had a wonderful surprise. Work - Luckily, the maintenance guy didn't have - he got a PCR test and it was negative, so his rapid test was a false-positive. Phew! I can't control what my co-workers do outside of work, but here, we definitely are 100% maskers, voracious washers & sanitizers and we definitely distance. We don't get yelled at for sitting one of us at the desk and 2 in the lobby now since it's the only way to distance. I think I'm just overly paranoid, mainly
  12. Some of us have formed a group bond and provided support to each other. I started a thread on something silly back in March. And, we still post on there, from the weather to health to COVID to travel to food to clothes appliances to politically correct politics 😁 It's been a welcome spot to check in and just have chats.
  13. Allow me to give my current land-based situation: I work in hospitality in a major ski resort town in Utah. We are at COVID condition "RED". BUT, the county/state does not want to shut us down again, so we are dealing with the situation thusly: ANY indoor setting except your house/condo/hotel room = mask required Any restaurant/bar/store/salon/gym/market = mask required Skiing at a ski resort = mask required (not just a Buff type thing, but an actual face mask) Restaurants and bars are restricted to occupancy. Our bus system = masks required I'm in a
  14. Ever wear that into Coconuts or the Hunkerdown??? Wouldn't look strange at all...
  15. Well, if she signed up to be an attorney for a certain person undergoing a certain Constitutional procedure, she could probably get classified as an "essential worker" as no on else will help 🤪 October 2022 - Hope that one works for you!
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