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  1. Anita - I really like the first two fleeces. I could wear that first one for work. I love the cammo pattern of the second one and it would be a good everyday fleece. I'm pretty boring in my outerwear - it's all solid color. I had a friend get married a few years ago up on top of a local ski resort: I ended up buying a nice festive printed parka to wear - some buy dresses to wear to weddings, I bought a parka. I didn't wear it much after that as I felt it made me look like a tourist in my town. Calling neck gaitors "buffs" is now like calling all tissue paper "Kleenex" - it's turned into the generic name for all those gaitors. Do you have one that is half fleece/half buff? I have an entire bathroom drawer full of different gaitors - I wear them as headbands, head scarves, neck scarves... so versatile!!
  2. Debbie - nice flip! The housing market is off the hook right now. Doesn't surprise me that you sold and closed so fast. The house next to me and across the street both went on the market about 3 weeks ago; one is closed and moving in today. I get unsolicited inquires about selling my house. Wild. Cold and rainy/snowy day. Ugh. One of those gray days where you want to just curl up and drink a nice red wine. I'm travelling the 'Net to try to come up with things to do with my days between Provence and Andrea Bocelli. So many places, so much to do.
  3. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who finds nothing at TJMaxx. I think that my local TJMaxx is the store where all the unsold TJMaxx inventory is dumped.
  4. Welcome home to our intrepid traveler!!! So happy to hear that you had a good time. Connecting flights are a PIA. Not a nice way to end a trip. Rainy day again. Rain or snow for the next 5 days or so. Ugh.
  5. thanks Anita! I know it's a 2 part process and I'm supposed to be careful of what I eat inbetween the processes. Well, I had an email a little while ago - my Global Entry is approved. Kind of a waste of my time yesterday. At least I didn't have to fly somewhere to get it...
  6. Thanks Anita! I know Melody had dental work done this year and had done liquid. I didn't mean to shut out everyone else.
  7. Well, a 40 minute drive down to the airport for a less-than-5-minute Global Entry "interview". The officer couldn't figure out why I was down for an interview and not just automatically renewed. When I mentioned it was my 2nd renewal, his lightbulb came on. Apparently there some new additional criteria since I enrolled, the program flagged me. We didn't have anything except that 5 second chat, then new fingerprints and a photo. If nothing else, I got to see the new airport entry. It's nice and big and roomy. I heard that the walk to the gates is painful though until the tram is put in (like 2 years out). I did go to TJ's. It ended up being a "holy cr*p" moment since the goodies I always get for Thanksgiving are out. Some salads, some frozen stuff. Strangely, they were basically out off all things pumpkin - one clerk said they haven't received another shipment. Glad I stocked up in that case!
  8. Melody - have safe travels and a wonderful cruise! Yay! A blue sky day for once. And, temp will get up in the 50s. I have to drive down to the airport to have my Global Entry interview. I hope it's as easy as the first (and only) one I had. It's my second renewal. After this is done, all my necessary travel docs are ready to go for next Summer. Since I have to drive into the Valley, I might stop by Trader Joe's on the way back. I want to pick up some of the Argentinian shrimp that they have frozen - some sheet pan dinners are in the works. And, I want to get some of their soups. Melody - when you had your dental work done, did you use protein drinks as your liquid meals? I'm thinking I'm going to have to use something easy to "eat" when I get my inlay work done in 2 weeks. I have a Blend Jet so I can make lots of interesting smoothies, but I need some protein in the mix. OOTD: jeans on the bottom and a chambray/white stripe shirt. I may or may not add a "man vest" to finish off the look.
  9. It is a bit of a PIA with the boards. Sometimes I can post (like now), but last night I had to log off/get out of CC/exit browser/get back on CC/login twice before I could do anything. Another nasty wet, heavy snow overnight and still going. My poor tree saplings are taking a beating. It's amazing how flexible they are, but right now they look pretty sad. Lois - it sounds like you have thoroughly enjoyed yourself on this cruise. I've heard that Lisbon (and Portugal in general) is underrated as a travel destination. Later!
  10. Since I live up here in the hills, I've got my "Platinum status" with UPS and FedEx for years. I know my drivers... Keep an eye out for Prime Deals for that Kindle. You never know when they put out a random sale. It's a gloomy gray day here today. Maybe some off/on rain and temp in the mid 40s. Nothing going on for me, so I'm just hanging at home. OOTD: again, my tie dye hoodie dress - if nothing else, the bright colors keep me awake.
  11. Anita - very cool on the Fairbanks trip!!! Lots of fun to plan it all out. A long taste of Alaska instead of little bites from a cruse ship! You definitely have to put together a different wardrobe for this trip. For those winter pants - you are kind of in the weird spot to hunt for them. Everyplace is putting out this year's models and the sales are at the end of season in March/April. Look online at Sierra, Backcountry and REI for some good basic winter pants. On colors: I discovered I am definitely not a orange/rust person. I ordered one of the dresses from Natural Life that looked like the color was more towards reddish. But, when I got it, the color looked horrible on me. Sad beause I really liked the dress (the Rebecca). But it totally washed me out. Oh well...
  12. I think CC has not yet figured out it's problem with logging in/posting: I had the issue back all day yesterday. Disappointing day yesterday. 3 of the items I bought for Winter work clothes arrived and only 2 worked right for me. One was OK but the color just didn't go with me, the other one just totally didn't work as the waist was too low and a nasty "camel toe" effect - haven't seen that many on pants!! So, I've got to pack them up and return them. First time in a long time that I didn't have things work out.
  13. Purple - sounds and looks like you had a nice few days up there around Ashville. My hair stylist took great joy at stirring my vacation pot yesterday. She brought up that, since I don't have to be at my grand-niece's wedding until about Aug. 15, I could play more over in Europe and just fly straight to the wedding!! This coming from the person who got a tip of a couple of weeks in a client's unit on the ResidenSea. She and her bestie played around Croatia and Italy while cruising. I don't think I can do that!!! I thought it was Saturday today!!! A small shock to the system when I figured out it was Friday!
  14. Hi Lois! Good to know you're rolling with Mother Nature and enjoying yourself! Ugh. Blowing snow today. Saw that about 3ft. of one of my aspen tree saplings broke off. Most are really resiliant and rebound after being bent over. Was going down to the Valley but, with the snow, decided otherwise. Saw my hair stylist today - she lives down there and said the drive up the canyon wasn't pleasant. We played with my hair a little bit by adding another brown in with my usual brown and my merlot highlights. It's really subtle but makes the melt stand out a little more. OOTD: my Vuori black performance joggers, gray Woolx Tshirt. I wore my new Natural Life Sherpa hoodie as my outerwear. A really comfy alternative to a jacket. Plus it looks really cool 😎
  15. I saw that! I think you're going to get it worse than we did. Stay safe! I gotta say that I must NEVER buy changeable tickets again!! Freakin' hamster wheel. Last night, I was thinking why am I going back to Paris for a few days after Provence then going to Florence - why not do something else after Provence, get to Florence for a few days for the concert, then go back to Paris for maybe 2 days before I fly home. That started the ball rolling downhill. I could do a day in Monaco and visit my bobsled friends (although Albert may be too busy running the country 😉) then do a train down Italy, stopping maybe in Milan (only been at the airport and train station), maybe Bologna, maybe Naples, and ending in Florence. I've been looking at rail schedules and the possibilities are just endless. This is fun, though, with all my combinations I have go play with. P.S. Did anyone else notice that the weirdness with not being able to log in or post seems to be gone??
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