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  1. Thanks! Sometimes brew pubs have a food selection that can satisfy everyone, so I like to have one in my pocket when we start discussing where to eat. My next dilemma is what to pack for the girls' trip part of my trip! Camping attire is easy - I can even wear the same thing multiple times. But, I guess I need to do some "city" clothes, too. I'm going to pack 2 little bags - one for camping stuff and 1 for city stuff. I pulled out my one pair of jeans and they do fit, so maybe I can get away with a couple of shirts to go with them for nights in the city. I have my overalls too. The
  2. Hmmmm, coming from practical me who received new wheels for my car once for Christmas and expensive tennis shoes for Valentine's day: Sunglasses from Blender. Inexpensive, but polorized and really cute. 3 kinds of sunscreen - for face, body, lips Aloe Vera gel for times when the sunscreen doesn't work Headlamp - for those times when she gets up in the middle of the night... A plastic collapsible vase (look at The Grommet). She can buy fresh flowers on shore every day. A nice water bottle (I like Hydroflask) If she drinks beer - a Brümate Hopsulator T
  3. I'm a well-known bag addict. So what bag I take is dependent on how much junk I'm going to take and what I"m doing. that said, my two backpack-type bags that I use most frequently now for non-hiking purposes are my Sherpani Tempest and my Cotopaxi Bogata.
  4. It's not just other countries that could use the J&J. There are rural areas here where folks just don't have an easy accessible place. Native Americans on tribal lands have issues with access also. Alaska where there are places accessible only by float plane... All could benefit from the one-dose J&J. We have a restaurant here in Salt Lake City that has decided to require proof of vaccination before entering the place. At least the governor here hasn't signed an EO (yet) prohibiting this, unlike the Gov. in Florida.
  5. Melody - nice flowers! I'm surprised my tulips are still standing; the snows weren't enough this year to mash them down. Hey - could you give me some ideas for non-Italian restaurant for dinner? Any of the brewpubs good? One of my friends has celiac so most Italian places don't have enough options. I really want to push the girls to the East Coast Deli for breakfast! I took a look at the menu and fell in love. Lox, eggs & onions is one of my all-time favorites. No one has it up here - I used to wait until I got to our place down in Arizona and went to Chompies for breakfast
  6. Hank - part of the problem is that the delivery systems for the mRNA vaccines are just not feasible for a large part of the world. The refrigeration, the amount of time the vaccine is viable, distance from health facilities for that second dose, etc. A single-dose vaccine that only needs normal refrigeration is extremely helpful. A health group can take a batch of doses out to a tribal village in a 3rd world country and vaccinate. The last I heard from CDC et al was that the chance of a vaccinated person spreading COVID was relatively low; that was part of the reason for recommending
  7. I'm looking forward to not fumbling around for my mask in my tent when I have to make the walk to the toilets in the middle of the night at a National Park or National Forest/Recreation area campsite!! I never thought the bears, moose and cougars would mind... My next camping road trip is in 15 days. I'm patiently waiting for my friends above the Northern Border to drop the travel restrictions to throaose of us trying to cross the border. I want to do a LONG campng road trip and I want to include the Canadian Rockies. And, I'm missing the BBQ from Big Daddy's in Calgary!!
  8. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday afternoon, after the declaration was made. All the mask signs were down, but all of us were wearing masks. Went to my local coffee place they still require masks and no one was bit**ig about it, I'm in Utah. Now, before I go totally maskless, I'll look at the immunization stats for where I'm at/going. If a place has a low vac%, I'll wear my mask even though I've got the microchip imbedded. As someone else said, I'd hate to be thought of as a "red" person 😼
  9. Thanks! This gives me some options to tell the girls. I wish I had an Ulta nearby, but sadly no. So, it's Sephora for me. I drove down to SLC today to look at a pair of paddle board shorts to use as my swim bottoms. I pulled out my bottoms that I've had for 3 years and well, they'd never stay up if I fell in or went bodysurfing!!! This store has never been closed, but of course, they were when I got there. COVID cleaning, I think. Well, after driving all the way down, I didn't want to go back home empty-handed. Went to TJ's. Surprisingly, I didn't go hog wil
  10. I know, I know. And I did reply. My antibodies didn't last very long at all. And, it's not an easy thing to get a T/B cell test. My PCP said it's not worth it, just get the vaccine.
  11. Went to my favorite coffee joint this morning for my humungo latte and their amazing blueberry scones. Everyone, from employees to patrons, were wearing their masks. This place gets a wide mix of people, from the town locals to some of the rural folks on their way into the city. It's pretty easy to tell who is which group, as the county is very split, politics-wise, between our town and the rural folks. Vaccinations follow that dynamic. I'm going down to the city today - I'll see what happens. My mantra: have mask, will travel.
  12. As having had COVID and now a Long Covid "victim", there is no guarantee of how long the "natural immunity" will last. Mine was gone inside of 3 months. In my support group, Survivor Corps, we talk about this all the time and have found there is no for sure timetable. A demonstrable number of the group has had COVID a second time and it was not pleasant. Not one of our medical advisors or PCPs have advised to not get the vaccine. Just get the da*n vaccine.
  13. Also, private business may still require employees and customers to wear masks. So, don't be obnoxious and do the "I'm vaccinated, I don't need no stinkin' mask" deal. Observe the business rule.
  14. I'll vouch for that as a Long Covid person. I mean, look, I'm in this discussion...
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