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  1. You mean FaceTime and not Apple Talk, right? Apple Talk was Apple's proprietary network protocols. I designed tests for it and ran the tests back in the 90s for cisco Systems. FaceTime is Apple's proprietary product to compete with Skype.
  2. Well, that was fast! My new DL came in the mail yesterday. Exactly like my current one, but they stuck that gold star next to the UT/USA thing toward the center, so it's not right in the corner. Kind of like another dig at the Feds - "OK, we added the damn star, are you happy now?"
  3. We have one charity store in town. Everyone goes there to find parkas and ski pants so they don't have to pony up full price for the season! "Dress clothes" just aren't in the mix because the town is all casual. The "ladies who lunch" will take their goods to the one consignment store in town - and we still can't afford them! (I got my wedding dress on sale for $98 - used a Savings Bond to buy it!)
  4. I agree it's subjective. I don't think they are too athletic at all. The webbing isn't big, thick webbing like Chacos or Tevas, but more like ribbon. To me, they are a nicer version of the "strappy sandal" that women seem to like to wear on ships. I mentioned the Mystic and did say if she could do a closed heel - they are actually a good walking everywhere including the beach shoe. With all the mesh on it, it would be just as cool as a sandal. Full disclosure: I have some toe issues, so I do not want to go full naked toe. The Jambus work for my toes and my bad ankle/foot.
  5. I sure don't have "outfits"!! Let's say I used to a "tailored" person, up until this past November. I had to wear business clothes for work. None were straight suits - I put together jackets, shirts, pants, skirts that I could mix & match. But, once I was home, it was jeans or leggings and T-shirts/sweaters. Now that my new workplace is casual (as long as the pants & sweaters are black - hello Athleta stuff!), I'm more leggings than jeans. I'm free to wear what I want, when I want!! In summer, I'll add shorts or capri leggings (NOT capri pants - ugh) to the mix. I have non-jean pants that I use for travel and camping. I can pack pretty fast for a trip since I don't have to worry about outfits or gowns or specific items - my usual clothes and I add in my LBTD (little black travel dress which I only wear on vacations).
  6. What the OP said she was looking for: "-is supportive/has good arch support -has an adjustable ankle strap (my feet run on the more narrow side, and I get foot pain without an ankle strap) -can be worn casually for sightseeing, also works well with dresses, and can be worn to the beach without getting destroyed -is cute" I do see a few Jambu offerings which could fit: The Water Diva (the pink is really cute), the Trapper, the Mystic (on Zappos - if you can do a closed heel). I would also say to look on the Teva website - they have more than just those classic heavy rubber and webbing sandals!!! I went to Jambus after major surgery for a shattered fibula and dislocated (at the ankle) tibia 11 or so years ago. First shoes I wore when the surgeries were done and the casts came off. Haven't looked back.
  7. Yep, it's back. DHS is saying this time, it's real. Supposedly, for air travel, from the US, starting this Fall Oct. 1, we're going to have to present REAL ID-compliant drivers license of one of a few other forms of DHS-approved ID. If you use your DL, you're going to have to have that little gold star in the corner of the DL. My state thought it was being cute and rebellious and refused to put the star on licenses - it put the word "US" inside an outline of our state for licenses that actually complied with REAL ID. Well, now they are spending tons of money to make new licenses with that star on them for those of us who still have a valid license but the "US" mark. My "new" license (I renewed in 2017 and not due for 2 more years) was just produced last week and should be in the mail within 60 days. The DMV set up this system to that we can see when we can expect our new license and if we need it sooner, they'll expedite. I'm not worried myself - I have 3 other pieces of DHS-approved ID already and carry one of them with me all the time...
  8. Remember to be sure that the long sleeve shirt has UPF protection, the usual long sleeve T will still get you burned...
  9. Sorry, but I'm one of those who wears what I wear at home. I rarely buy something that I'm only going to wear on a vacation. I did buy a long blue tank dress last summer to wear to the Andrea Bocelli concert at the Hollywood Bowl (went great with my jeans jacket and Jambu shoes). The was the only time I wore that dress that cost over $200 (for me a LOT for anything that isn't a parka or boots). I get to wear it again this summer for the same concert. Then, back in the closet it will go again. I haven't taken a cruise of vacation where I needed a special "cruise" or "resort" wardrobe. If you like and can afford spending on a special wardrobe, go for it!!! I'm just a Plain Jane multi-purpose person 😉
  10. In the meantime, see if Magellans has anything that floats your boat (so to speak).
  11. If I didn't take my trail runners with me on ANY vacation, I'd be like a fish out of water!! Those and a pair of my Jambu shoes and I can take on anything or situation I'd encounter on a typical vacation. If the trip warrants, I'll add in my mid hiking boots to the mix. I'm not a fashion person, I am a person who needs shoes that work for my foot needs.
  12. Take a look at the Jambu website. I have several pair of their sandals/shoes. I have some of the ones that are vegan. I've worn them all over the world. The one time I was in a "beach" situation, I wore them to the beach, walks on the beach, and when I was done, just slapped them together to get the sand off. The beach was about 8 years ago, with 3 trips to Europe since and those same Jambus are going strong. I have taken a different pair of the same type of Jambus on cruises as my "dress" shoes and no one batted an eye or put their nose up in the air in horror of seeing them on my feet 😉
  13. You were paying $56.35 for a bottle that costs around $11 in the liquor store???? We use that Chard at our wine & cheese socials at my hotel - the hotel board told us that we can't go above $15/bottle... For the high prices of hard liquor? Have you ever gone to a nightclub/concert where they have "bottle service?" To me, it's a little akin to what HAL is doing to let you have a "private place" to drink vs mingling with the masses at a bar. It's not as outrageous as bottle service ($200 for a bottle of low-end vodka like Grey Goose, Kettle One), 2 bottle minimum at the table), but is does track a little,
  14. When I was married, we were both last second packers. We knew that, if we missed something and truly needed it, we could buy it somewhere. It never failed. I bought most of his clothes. He was also one of those who had the metabolism of a hummingbird and weighed the same from the first day I met him until we divorced 35 years later. He was tall and long arms, so once we found a brand of shirt that fit him, we'd go with that one. He was a jeans and khakis guy. Easy to buy for. I knew what his friends wore, so I bought accordingly. After we divorced (he traded me in for someone I have a rather derogatory name for), he still had to come around for some things (we still owned a house). Once I got over the "murder/suicide" phase of the divorce, he would come for dinner when he was in town. 10 years later, he was still wearing the same stuff I bought him!!! Speaks to the quality of the clothes and the inability of the new wife to do anything but spend his money on herself...
  15. It sounds more like the "green light/red light" setup at airports I've seen in Europe. You self-select yourself for declarations. If you have nothing (or like to abuse the law), you go through the green light door, if you have something, you go through the red light door and visit Customs. I'll bet that somewhere, some bureaucrats decided people aren't honest on their forms and they were wasting money on checking...
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