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  1. I feel like going down the mountain again to TJs again. I really liked that udon salad! And, they had a turkey quesadilla that I had last night - it was tasty. It was in the refrigerated section. I saw the recipe for the turkey pumpkin chili on their recipe section. I may have to try that one, too! Nothing going on today, so it would be an excuse to get out of the house! I guess there's something big on TV tonight 😉 I'm all set with my 19 Crimes wine. Can't wait to watch Jane Chastain and her real-time comments on Below Deck Mediterranean!!! Probably the best thing on TV tonight that won't set off my blood pressure!!!
  2. Regarding the vaccinations: Most pharmacies, especially the big ones, will do pneumonia vaccinations. I had mine done at my NP's office because I was already there for my blood tests and such. Lois - I think at this point we need to be wrapped in bubble wrap until January 1!!!!!!
  3. OMG Lois! I am soooo sorry you had that happen. I can't imagine how scary that was. I'm glad that you thought to call 911 and get to the hospital. Do you have to modify your diet again? Thank goodness the bleeding has stopped. I'll keep thinking good thoughts of you. We are a sad sack of old women, aren't we??? And, I agree that one good thing about 911 are the men that show up to attend to you!!!
  4. Yep, things were starting to fall in place with all the crap I've dealt with. My NP still isn't on the bus with it, but she put in an order for an antibody test - negative. But so far out from the initial illness that I didn't expect a positive. There's no "static" level of antibodies and how long they last - another frustration for everyone. Enough of that, I'm too much Debbie Downer. Sharon - did you find the Apple Cider fruit spread? I tried some of it last night - really good!!! I'm thinking it may make a good glaze on some pork. But, it's good on a whole wheat bagel, too!!! I did a half/half bagel - one side the fruit spread, the other side pumpkin cream cheese. If you are into their prepared salads for a quick fix, the new one that was an udon salad with peanut dressing (in the little round containers, not the rectangle one) was darn tasty. If it wasn't such a pain to get down there, I'd live on all their prepared salads. I am going to have to look up the turkey chili recipe. Do you ever look at all their recipes online? Some goodies in there. We still have smoke around. California has to get rid of it somewhere so it comes here. Some days it's tolerable, some days it's nasty. Sigh. Still waiting for my sign to come in the mail so I can finish up my seasonal luge display. I decided it will be a combo of Fall (pumpkins) and Election time (the sign and flags). The pink flamingos will be there just for fun - maybe I'll try to fashion tiny little masks for them. OOTD: since I didn't go out yesterday, my Notorious RBG shirt is still waiting. I do have to hit the store for some breakfast things for the week, so I'll wear the shirt with a pair of my Sweaty Betty leggings. Now, I have to also decide which mask to accessorize with for the outfit!!!
  5. I have a coat like that one - bought it 4 years ago. Turned out to be not all that practical for me - too hard to shovel in, to big to stuff in my cubbie at work. The only time I use it now is when I have to take the bus to work in a snowstorm. I bought a new red Patagonia light down jacket last Spring. I'm delegating my old one (9 years old) to the work/camping/keep in car work. If I had a Sugar Daddy, there's a nice Canada Goose parka that I'd love to have. 😉
  6. Yes, please get that shingles vaccination!!!! this was the 2nd bout of shingles I've had. First was back sometime in the 90s pre-vaccine. Lower center back, right where your pants would hit. Awful pain, basically wore just a Tshirt for weeks. When vaccinations were created, no one said to get it if you already had shingles. Lucky me. Now, I have to wait until December to get mine. The shingles in the eye wasn't really painful like the back, but it screwed big time with my vision. I couldn't even walk to the mail boxes because everything was fuzzy and it just made me nauseous. Couldn't drive a mile to the store for the same reason. Anyway... Between shingles and norovirus, noro was far worse in the short term, but shingles was bad for longer. I don't think I'd wish either on my worse enemy.
  7. I apologize for getting so militant. Now that I was actually given a diagnosis that I was "presumptive" COVID positive back in the winter, all the crap that I've dealt with are making sense. People concentrate on deaths and hospitalizations. I wish there was some magic treatment that made sure no one was left with the "after effects" - heart issues, blood clots, total fatigue, blood sugar issues, shingles (turns out many got shingles on face or in eyes), dizziness, permanent vision changes, and it goes on. Have fun with the woodworking!!! My one grandfather had a woodshop in the top of his barn. He let me "help" him and I loved it! Nothing again today. It's windy out. I've got some inside things I can do if I work up the energy. OOTD: my gray Athleta crop sweatpants and my brand new Queen RBG Tshirt. If I end up going to the market or something, I'll switch the sweats for a pair of leggings.
  8. Survival rate isn't much anymore. Thousands of us didn't get hospitalized, didn't get vented. thousands didn't have the lung issue - it's now showing that blood and nerves are more at risk with COVID. Some had only a low grade fever and 7 month latert are suffering post-COVID issues. So while this may be some good news, allow me to say it will have zero bearing on opening up the US and keeping COVID at bay. What person in their right mind would want to go out and party like it's 2018, knowing that if they contract COVID, there is a small chance that a drug may not keep you from being sick, but maybe not die. Sorry, but MHO as someone dealing daily with issues.
  9. I can only say Good Luck and hope the positivity rate doesn't go into double digits...
  10. My stylist is a fierce beast! She's been through a shipload (nod to CC) of illnesses, diseases, accidents, and always comes out of them. She just had one umblical hernia to get done - her scar is about an inch long. It's just about right where you would bend to sit down/get up. She said she was totally miserable the first week - she tried to go camping with friends, but she wasn't comfortable at all. But, no special diet, no nothing other than watch your incision for infection. Lucky her! I am sooo sorry about your stylist! That was a horrible accident. Yes, a lawyer is unfortunately needed nowadays as insurance copmanies will do whatver they can to give the smallest amount they can. To the CCers in FL: I just saw this morning that you all are 100% open now with no local public health ordinances overriding the state proclamation. PLEASE be careful!! As much as I have been wary to venture out where I live, with the mask mandate and all, I cannot imagine wanting to go out anywhere at all in FL. I'll keep good thoughts for you all!! I had some of my TJ's Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal for breakfast. Yummy. I should go back and buy a case of it, since it's just a seasonal thing and my favorite oatmeal. And, I had a pumpkin mini-biscotti to dip in my coffee. No pumpkin for dinner - It'll be the arugula salad with lemon dressing and the rest of the chicken breast I used last night for that salad. I will say that yesterday was the first time in a LONG time that my final tab at TJ's was not a "holy crap" moment, but just a "woah" moment. Nothing on the agenda today. Have fun all y'all!
  11. good afternoon! I had my appointment with my stylist today. It had been 2 months - she was the one who had the hernia done. We caught up on everything while processing my colors (natural brown on roots, a little touchup on the red, and added some chocolate stripes). She said fire at the bottom of the canyon was burning away and up, so I decided since I showered and had my hair done, I'd truck on down to Trader Joe's. Yes, pumpkin time has arrived! Picked up the cream cheese and pumpkin pretzels. They also have a heavenly Vanilla Pumpkin candle as well as my all time fave, the Honeycrisp Apple candle. I was a very good girl and stayed away from the pumpkin kringle and the pumpkin ice cream and other goodies. BUT, they had jars of Apple Cider Fruit Spread that called to me. Also picked up some dried apple rings - a favorite of mine forever. I could see the fire up in the next canyon over at the bottom - no containment yet. OOTD: my Athleta cammo Tshirt, Athleta gray running skirt. No hat 'cause my stylist did an awesome job! Later!
  12. Ah, Fall at Trader Joe's. My second favorite time of year! Pumpkin cream cheese (the bomb!), pumpkin kringle (off my dining list unfortunately), Pumpkin candles, pumpkin body lotion, pumpkin yogurt... I was thinking of going today, but, we have a wildfire at the base of canyon (15 miles away, fortunately), but the smoke is horrendous and, if the Red Flag wind shifts, it would push toward the interstate and close it again. Maybe in a few days. Cruise mom is back among the living!!! I had to laugh about the car. I think I've only filled my tank 3 times since March. I think you need to do a daytrip to just drive and get out - put the windows down and enjoy!! Still getting dizzy. I did the epley thing again last night and, I whirled big time doing it. I may have to go to the PT after all and see if getting it done by pro helps. I also convinced my NP to refer me to an endocrinologist to see what is going on with my diabetes post-COVID and what I can do. It's a known issue among long haulers. I haven't changed anything so there is no rational reason why my numbers have gone back up. If I get that worked out, then maybe I can take care of the constant fatigue and the other nagging issues. Enough Debbie Downer. I got my Early Winter copy of the Gorsouch Catalog. It's an über upscale and expensive ski clothes and aprés clothes company in Aspen and Park City. Why I get it, I don't know as I sure can't shop there! Anyway, they have a ski onsie in the catalog that would give anyone Vertigo!! If I bought it and wore it, I could blend right in with the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!!!
  13. When I worked from my house AND I had a nice, big kitchen with lots of little appliances, I religiously watched Food Network. But when I moved to my "little house" with no counter room for anything other than my coffeemaker and a toaster, I stopped, Yes, HGTV makes me want to rip things out of my house, and fix up the patio and redo the front (within HOA guidelines, of course). I did go Home Depot. I did not realize how HEAVY a single bag of dirt or sand weighed - I couldn't even lift off he shelf! So, I cheated and got some rubber mulch that should work. I bought 2 blue pots and a red pot to try to make it a little more "patriotic". It started raining now, so I'll have to wait to do this tomorrow. I'm late to the party for National Cheeseburger Day. While I was out, I stopped at Five Guys and got a Cheeseburger Bowl. And, I found out they will do the fries Well Done if you ask. Fries were the lunch, the Bowl will be dinner (just reheat the burgers).
  14. Well, I did some research on the Epley manuver yesterday since the PT office had no walk ins available. I tried it on myself last night. Man, I got some major whirlies when I did it!!! But, I did like it said and just held on tight until they stopped then wait 60 seconds before going on to the next phase. I haven't had the vertigo since, just a little quick dizziness!! One article said to do this for 3 straight days, so I'll keep on. Thanks for the info to allow me to look into it further and see that I could do it myself. I always have the option of the PT if it doesn't totally get rid of it. I also would love to go to DC to pay my respects to RBG in person. Basically, everything I've been able to do as a woman is due to her. But, yes, COVID fears keep me home. The best I can do is remember her and hope that her memory is a blessing to all. I am going to do my own little "honor" of her on Halloween - black robe, crocheted white collar, pulled back hair with a black ribbon, and my vintage red Swarovski crystal dangle earrings (that I made), based on that beautiful photo of her. I may still go for the fishnet gloves, but that's so far another $30 for a one-time thing. We're having a little neighborhood Halloween, so I'll do it for that. did I say that I am so depressed that I can't watch news right now? I made the switch to HGTV. I actually do like it! But, now I wish I had $200,000 so I could rennovate my house! Well, maybe $300,00, given the prices to get things done up here. $300,000 doesn't even buy a house around here - it didn't even back in 2009 when I bought my little 1500sq tract house. But, it makes me want to do a Home Depot and an IKEA run - I am the queen of putting together furniture and chairs and cabinets! But, I am absoutely horrible at painting. I went by the drug store yesterday to see the status of the high dose flu shots. They didn't come in yet. He has a "wait list" going of people, so I said to put me on it. He said I was already on it at the top!! THIS is why I go to this little pharmacy instead of Walgreens - they know and take care of their customers. Nothing on the schedule today, maybe a Home Depot run to pick up some dirt to put in the Luge pots so I can plant my pink flamingoes, little American Flags and my political sign. Maybe some paint to paint the pots red, white, blue. This would be a major project for me! Have a good day all!
  15. I was only a football person when I was in college - you couldn't go to UCLA and not be excited by football. It's fun in person, but I can't stand it on TV - too much talking and overanalyzing every little thing. But, "Go Jags"!!!! For those who have "go bags", "hurricane bags" or "earthquake bags": I highly recommend you buy some of the lights from MPOWERD. They are solar or USB powered, so they will keep going. I've got 2 of them. One is the EMRG, which functions as a regular lantern and has red lights also for emergency flashing. It flattens down to nothing (it's actually an inflatable)so easy to put in your bag or somewhre in the car. I just got the Core; it's a hard plastic one that has a silicone flexi-tube attached so you can hang it, wrap on you bike, attach to your belt, bend it to sit on a table, It's solar or USB powered. Really good price point. I'm impressed enough to recommend them. Nice to have some inexpensive solar items! I did finally have the tacos last night. Got one pork and one chicken, each one dressed differently. What was unique was that instead of a tortilla, they used mini naans. Really good!! Had Vietnamese Summer Slaw as my side. Fresh, with a little kick. Yummy. OOTD: Had to go do some post office and drug store activity today, so it was cammo leggings and my gray "parts of the pig" long sleeve Tshirt. I love the shirt! It's from a local boutique italian deli here. It has a picture of a pig all red colored and then has a red and a gray block, the red saying "parts which are delicious", the gray saying "parts which are not delicious". It's a fun shirt. I wore my Balloon Safari Africa baseball hat - hadn't worn that for awhile. Have a good day!
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