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  1. Wow. we're all a mess, aren't we??? kidneys, protein, heart, shoulder, eyes, flu... What did we do to deserve all this? We need some major healing vibes sent down from above! I desperately want to get rid of the hideous cough that the flu brought back. I'm drinking water like a camel to try to dissolve all the mucus. I mean, it too me years to get rid of the long covid cough and now the cough is back... Last day of work!!!! All I have to do today is put on a little wine & cheese time for our newest owner. He just closed on the condo a week ago. Waiting patiently to fly out to Las Vegas tomorrow! I'll be sure to post some food porn. OOTD: my black onsie.
  2. Melody - sounds good to be finished with the replacement. That was a long day, indeed. I wish I could offer a recommendation on what to wear - I can't remember what I wore. The only thing I can think of is to put on one of Les' button-down shirts and just forget it. I've seen "shoulder surgery" shirts online but I don't know if they'd be any better than the button-down. Good luck with the PT! Lois - hoping these are the last stones you have! A friend showed me hers - I can't just fathom how something so small causes so much pain. No more issues!!! I think I'm going town the mountain today. I need to go to Sephora and get another brow pencil and more bronzer powder. But, I could just wait until I get to Las Vegas and pick it up there, too. I'm just being a lazy bum. Two more days of work left!! Did all my laundry yesterday and now just have to decide what I want to take to wear in LV. It's going to be sunny & hot (low 90s). Shorts, Tshirts, sunshirt and one nice outfit for my bucket list birthday dinner. OOTD: jeans and a long-sleeve Tshirt. Upper 40s here in town, mid-50s down the mountain.
  3. Welcome home! What did you do in Bordeaux? I found it was a nice city to just wander around. We must cruise the same way - I lose weight, too!!
  4. Melody - my heart goes out to Les. He's had a rough go of it lately. Give him a birthday kiss. Cynthia and Lois - both of you sound like you've found some nice little cruises. My hamster wheel of vacation thoughts is temporarily stopped. After my couple of days in Las Vegas, I'm going to try to just hang at home or do a little camping. Save up for next year. Maybe play a little craps to see if I can win a trip or at least put a quarter in a slot machine 😉 OOTD: jeans and a Tshirt and my cammo fleece jacket. I might wear my new white & gold & silver Merrell trail runners. A little flashy but I couldn't resist at my 50% off birthday card from Sweaty Betty! Back to warm (low 50s) and sunny today. Only 3 more days of work left. Yay!
  5. Bordeaux - I really liked that town! Is this a late booking? I can't remember you mentioning this cruise. Eat a canale for me!!! It's raining right now. Ugh. My worst memories of working at the ski area was the days at this time of year when it was raining. Our parkas were not waterproof, so we'd put on garbage bags under them... OOTD: camel color tunic sweater and a pair of leggings. I want a little something to just snuggle in tonight while I'm bored at work.
  6. I went into work an hour early so I could sit on the Lodge patio in the very comfy chairs and get some sunshine. It was soooo nice and warm - hard to believe it was only 52 degrees. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Oh well. Melody - can Les get cryopexy for his eye? I have 1 guest (a family of 3) and 2 owners at the Lodge today. So very very quiet. I’ve got some music playing, using my iPad and eating Twizzlers. It was the last day for the chairlift to run outside the Lodge. Kind of sad to watch the lefties put everything away for the last time this year. OOTD: my jeans and my red/black plaid Smokey Bear flannel shirt. Just felt like wearing it today since I can’t wear it here at work 99% of the time.
  7. Yay that Les is feeling better! I have to see what my 2025 vacation plans end up to be before I can think about 2026. That B2B does sound fun. Mardi Gras and then a lot of relaxation would be right up my alley! BORING at work. Boss boy stayed until 1:30 and then left (he’s “going to watch emails” from home). I’m going to leave at 5 today and then come in around 3 tomorrow. Depending how sunny it is tomorrow, I may come early and just sit in the sun on the Lodge patio. It was a warm today. BUT, we have snow coming Monday. My last guest of the season came early but everything was ready so I let them check in at 1pm instead of waiting until 4pm. I got some end-of-the-season thank you gratuity from some owners yesterday - add it to the vacation fund. Using my iPad at work today. I haven’t used it in a few months. Have to get used to it again. It is nice having the keyboard for it, even though it makes it a little on the heavy side. I might watch a little TV on it for my last few hours. OOTD: blue jeans, my black flowered hoodie and white leather high tops.
  8. How do know you need something before you leave? 😉 I love to go into stores and "window shop." I love to see allow the different things. I always have time built in for just wandering. I don't program every minutes of a trip.
  9. I went to work today. Soooo boring. Boss said I could leave early if I wanted. I took advantage and left after 5 hours. My big boss was there today doing some meetings. I took advantage of her presence and asked if I could just do 4 hrs/day next week if we were indeed working the extra week. So, I'm just going to do 3pm-7pm my 5 days next week. It was freakin' warm today: up to 69 degrees on the way home! More of the same over the next few days. OOTD: jeans and the Sweaty Betty hoodie that I got when I got my birthday trail runners at 50% off last week.
  10. I'm finally starting to feel human again. This flu really kicked my butt. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with a long coughing spasm last night so that's a big improvement. I'm going back to work tomorrow. There's nothing to do, only a couple of owners around, so I can just hang and be lazy. Lois & Melody - good to hear all the surgeries went well. If I had a Natuzzi recliner, I'd be hanging in it all day long like Les! OOTD: my pink joggers (only seen indoors at home!) and my Zion Nat'l Park Tshirt.
  11. My travel mantra has always been "I can buy it when I get there IF I need it." 😸
  12. Lois - good luck with the stones! I still feel awful but decent enough to drive over to urgent care ( only a mile away). Got some tests and a chest xray done. I popped positive for influenza A. Ugh. 🤒 I haven't had flu in years. My BP was 94/68 and my pulse O2 was good at 96%. At least now I know why I feel like I've hit by a truck. Melody - I'm supposed to get up to a foot of snow over the weekend. Be prepared for the beginning of the week in CO! I got my 50% off birthday cert from Sweaty Betty. I decided on another pair of Merrell Moab Speed shoes. Can't beat that price. I can always make to with another pair of shoes 😉 OOTD: I really didn't care what I looked like going to urgent care, so joggers (I'd never go out in joggers usually) and my Zion National Park long sleeve T.
  13. When I hear "lookbook" I think of Erika Jayne and her enterage coming up with a notebook full of looks for her to take on the Real Housewives trips 😂 Since I usually just think of what want to take and maybe pick up a few pieces that I think might be fun, I'm honestly a last-second packer. I give myself a "you gotta stop and get to the airport" time, I don't think a lookbook would be of use.
  14. Pick up an inexpensive oversized linen button down shirt. Lightweight and easy to carry if need be. I ran around with 2 of them 2 years ago in Italy and France when the temps were over 100F. I got my first one in France in a little store in Aigues-Mortes (I LOVED that barge cruise) and then picked up another in the San Lorenzo Market in Florence.
  15. Closest thing to "heels" are my Doc Maartens and my cowboy boots 😸 Never owned a pair of shoes with a heel higher than my cowboy boots (and I'm 70 in 5 days). It all depends on where you live and your lifestyle. I have zero need or desire for a pair of pumps, wedges, metallic sandals, etc. My surgically enhanced left ankle prohibits me from even looking at them, anyway. I'm perfectly happy with my quiver of about 10 different trail runners, hiking shoes & boots,and the aforementioned Docs & cowboy boots.
  16. My gosh Lois! I am so sorry that you have yet another health issue, Good that you listened to your instincts and went it to get it checked. I can't image having 2 stones - seeing friends with just one stone was scary enough. Hoping all works out again for you. I was smacked in my face with something this week. Started with the cough coming back more than it has been on Monday morning. By Monday night, I was coughing hard to where I'd gag up mucus, I totally lost my voice and a massive headache. I did call off sick yesterday - no way I was going in. It's not a cold - my nose is OK. Took 2 tests between Monday and today - not COVID. Last night my headache was terrible. I'm kind of doing the "sundown" coughing -it's worse when evening comes. Hard to get any sleep. I'm thinking it's either a mild pneumonia or RSV. Can't really do much for them other than rest and lots of fluids. If nothing else, at least it came at the end of the season where it isn't a big deal to miss work. Yes Lois-it sucks to get old. One fun thing: The herd of kids under 12 who ran around the lodge causing chaos left on Easter Monday. The 2 dads did give me an $80 tip for my troubles wrangling the "heathen children." The kids left me a pair of Easter Bunny ears. I thought they'd look good on our front desk deer:
  17. Welcome MissMisto130! I started this thread during Covid as just fun. It's grown and we're a pretty fun group of women. We laugh, cry, support each other. We try to keep a little cruise-related 😉 Melody - I think there is more snow in your future. Been snowing all day here and supposed to keep snowing off and on through the weekend. I am sooo over it all. Funny thing with my Italian villa owners again. They flew back from Italy to the States Tuesday. At home, I get a text around 8pm: "Are you still at the condo?" Unfortunately, I wasn't. Turns out the Mr. was flying all the way to SLC to the condo and Mrs was staying to help her ailing mom. Mr. forgot to grab the keys to the condo!!! We did get someone up to let him in. She leaves her glasses on the way to Italy and he leaves his keys on the way back!! OOTD: Today, jeans and my blue deer long sleeve T. It was a day to visit the hair stylist. We started some light highlighting to get into summer time hair. She combined merlot and cinnamon into one bowl. Fun.
  18. To be honest, I won't touch a daytime moisturizer or cream if it doesn't have sunscreen. Just me, but I had a dear friend die a nasty death from melanoma, one have lots of facial scars now from squamous cell carcinoma. I try my best to take no chances. I'm of that age where in my youth there was no sunscreen, just tanning lotion.
  19. I did HAL last early May. The most dressed it seemed in the dining rooms was "Business Friday casual." Otherwise, the Alaska cruises are pretty casual. I wore jeans most of the time, but when I went to the one specialty restaurant I wore my trusty black Tshirt dress that I always travel with.
  20. Yes, I'm still at work. Just me and some guests. Lois - Happy, Happy Birthday!! Condolences of the loss of your BIL. My owners want me back. They've been telling me that. Unfortunately, the BK is the one responsible for rehiring or not. I may try to work a side deal with the HOA Board to hire me on as the "Social Coordinator" and just work the Friday, Saturday and Sunday activities. That would be my ideal situation. I think the BK, if he stays, wants someone like my current co-worker - will do more moving things around and schmoozing to him, than doing what the job description says. Yesterday, he texted her to tell her to wear clothes to get dirty. Didn't text me. He had her getting in the storage closet and getting rid of stuff and moving things around our storage cages. Me? I just sat and looked pretty and then made cookies at 3pm. Easy, but boring way to earn my money. I don't think the HOA would mind if another Operations Manager came around next year. OOTD: my new jeans and a white & blue wide stripe long sleeve heavy Tshirt. And my white high-tops. Too warm for my booties...
  21. Busy again over the weekend. Being the only one on at work from 3-7 is getting wearing on me. And, on Friday and Saturday nights I am the "host" for our wine & cheese hour from 4:30-5:30. Friday and Sunday I bake cookies for après ski starting at 3pm. And Saturday I am the "host" for the beer and Saturday S'mores at the firepit from 3-4pm. AND, I have to keep an eye out for any guests coming to check in (our check in time is 4pm). I've whined about it for a couple of years but it's worse this year. But, I could have said I wanted the morning shift... The ski resort announced they are extending the season by a week, only the 2nd time in history. So, now it closes on the 21st. Boss kid doesn't bother to do any checking and schedules all of us for an extra week. Nope, sorry, I'm flying out on the 21st in the AM. Plus, he should have checked with upper management - last year they decided to not keep us for the extra week. I'm pretty sure they want to do the same thing this year. Sigh. Only a few more weeks... Melody - Mother Nature must have added extra moisture to the storm after it passed by us. My friends who live in Aurora posted pics, too. OOTD: I wore my new jeans (I had to get a smaller size again, I have to STOP this weight loss!! Same as my other ones, just a 28), a white tank and my cammo green jacket. Closest thing I'll do to St. Patrick's green.
  22. I stopped the hamster wheel, for now... I'm desperate to get out of town as soon as the season ends, Apr. 14. The stars aligned and I'm going to Las Vegas for 4 days. The airfare was $200+taxes - cheaper than if I drove with gas and wear on the car. Marriott had good rates at the Cosmopolitan. Had to have a place with good pools. And, I've splurged for a bucket-list dinner at "é", the private dining room by José Andrés. It's a 2-hour tasting menu, not told in advance. Only 9 people for dinner. I did one of his tasting menus back in 2018 at The Bazaar in Los Angeles and was thoroughly mesmorized. Chef is one of my heroes, so I've always wanted to go big and go to é. Combination birthday and probable retirement seemed like a good reason to do it. OOTD: day off, so joggers & sweatshirt. Didn't feel like slogging through the snow to do anything.
  23. Wow, Busy at work and haven't had a chance to check in. Melody - so, so sorry about Les. Detached retina - how did he catch it? All these issues are coming so fast and close together. I hope it stops and the two of you have a chance to get all repaired and just relax.
  24. One of the benefits of living near an Olympic Training Center. I'm lucky to live where I have access to orthos for the US Ski and Snowboard Team. And one of my owners is the ortho for all the Chicago pro sports teams. Nice for a consult... I made a $200 tip today. One of the kids of a family that departed left his backpack with his computer and schoolbooks behind. Their flight home was delayed 3 hours. So, I drove the pack to the airport right after work. Not supposed to do this, but I did it after I clocked out and out of my own want to get the kid his pack. It was a HEAVY pack and it would have cost quite a bit of money to get it FedEx'd to him. It was a nice night, no traffic and I had nothing going on. I call it my Good Deed for the week. OOTD: my new Free People baggy pants (The Mesmorize Me in olive & cherry blossoms) - I had to get casual pants that fit (my ones from last summer are way loose), a white button henley and my tan hoodie sweater. After a night from He!! last night at work (alone for 5 nights with 4 checkins and s'mores and then wine & cheese night!!!) I just wanted to be lazy and comfy. I did get a lot of compliments on the pants so I guess I chose wisely.
  25. Oh No!!! 🙀 That's what I thought I was going to end up getting, I'm really sorry 'bout the shoulder. You have the recliner ready to go, right?
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