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  1. Has anyone stayed in one of these new solo cabins on Silhouette? They are small -- which doesn't bother me. But I'm looking at the ones on Deck 9 (not sure if others were added), and they back up to the elevators. Between the elevators is a space. Is that still open space all the way up from the atrium? Just wondering if it would be louder in the two outer rooms (elevator noise, people getting on/off) or the two inner rooms, if noise travels up from the atrium.
  2. I hunted up this description of O'Sheehans and it sounds very much like what the OP was hunting for: "Lunch, dinner and late-night menu items consist of slightly varying pub food favorites: wings, spinach and artichoke dip, nachos, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, fish and chips and chicken potpie. Dinner specials, such as pot roast or prime rib, are occasionally served on select evenings throughout the cruise." More info here (including which NCL ships have one: O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill on Norwegian Cruise Line (cruisecritic.com) I don't think the OP was looking for a solution where they'd have to review menus and talk to chefs every day but rather one where there were various options that would suit his dad's tastes and were readily available.
  3. How fun! I probably wouldn't have booked another cruise so soon after the Alaska one -- but it was so great to be onboard AND to have a lower number of passengers that I wanted to get one more in before they start deciding to raise the passenger count per cruise. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! 😉
  4. At Walgreens ask for the NAAT test. At CVS ask for the rapid antigen test. Avoid the PCR test unless it is required (some countries do but most cruises do not) as it takes longer.
  5. I'm fortunate to have grown up in a family that always put travel high on the list of priorities. As well as having two different jobs that took me to a variety of cities and also major college campuses. So for me, it's not a matter of not visiting US sites -- I've seen a lot of them. National Parks -- not so much as I'm not a big one for natural beauty. But I've been to most major US cities and a heckuva lot of museums. IMO -- and mainly due to my interests -- there are few I want to revisit. As opposed to being able to go back many times to Europe and see new things, even in the same places. I just pulled up a list of the 100 largest US cities -- have visited about 80 of them either through work or leisure travel. And of the 50 top sightseeing destinations in the US, I think I've seen all but two (if you take out the national parks -- and yes I have been to a few places of "outstanding natural beauty" as they call them in the UK, such as the Grand Canyon and the Redwood National Park. And of course Alaska and Hawaii.
  6. I read it as euro cruiser does. Basically the Italian ministry inserted a statement in their policy that says "we consider the CDC vaccination card as the equivalent of the Green Pass for US citizens." By saying that, they are signaling that they intend for you to read every subsequent mention of "Green Pass" as including any or all of the equivalencies they may have listed elsewhere.
  7. I wasn't trying to change anyone's mind with my earlier post who already has a firm conviction. But there may be people reading these threads who would like to try doing things on their own and are just looking for positive examples and/or feedback.
  8. @PomPoot Apologies if my response earlier seemed snarky. I meant to include an emoji as it was really intended to be lighthearted. 😖 If you are still worried about the Green Pass, I can also refer you to the Rome forum on TripAdvisor where there are several threads on this where US travelers have posted that they had NO problems anywhere using their CDC card in lieu of the pass. Here are a couple of them: See Response 5: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g187791-i22-k13692085-US_vaccine_certificate_not_good_enough-Rome_Lazio.html See Response 1: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g187791-i22-k13704305-EU_Digital_COVID_certificate_Green_Pass_for_Americans-Rome_Lazio.html Perhaps in the early days there may have been some confusion, perhaps in less touristed areas, regarding the vaccination card but I would think that's all sorted by now.
  9. Too many years and trips since then but it was a packed two-day tour that included many of the Christian sites, I am sure a similar one is still being offered. They wanted to charge me double or nearly double because of the hotel stay. In vain did I point out that the hotel stay was only one piece of the entire excursion.... At any rate it all ended VERY well as I was able to locate a private guide whose interests matched mine exactly and had a much more fulfilling time. For less than the price of the big-bus tour HAL offered I had two full days of private touring -- one day with just myself and the guide and the second day with one other couple. Edited to add: Those on that overnight tour -- and there were quite a few buses -- were very late getting back to the ship; we had to hold departure for at least 90 minutes if not longer. And I heard after that they were very short on time in Jerusalem, which must've been the last stop.
  10. Apologies. I have to say I had not looked at Carnival. But several other lines I have looked at for various upcoming travel plans all had fairly comprehensive info.
  11. Truthfully there is little difficulty with either getting transportation or booking a hotel just about anywhere that a cruise ship is likely to have a turnaround. English has become the lingua franca (irony intended) throughout much of the world and cruise ships tend to embark passengers in ports with a large, well-supplied city nearby. I am a woman who travels solo and have not booked a cruise line transfer or hotel in any of my cruises whether departing US or somewhere more exotic (Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Barcelona, Singapore, Bangkok, etc.). There is so much good information online that it's fairly easy to research to the degree where I feel comfortable with whatever option I've chosen. The only place I can think of where I may have considered it would be for the cruise I took that departed from Alexandria -- but that was already included by the cruise line anyway.
  12. I'm a frequent flyer at the USPS and UPS near me since COVID. I like Nordstrom as they have free return shipping on things and I'm also a (charter) Amazon Prime person. Right now I'm kicking myself -- I've been needing a new Kindle (had mine for ages) and they had a super low price a few days ago on the current model which is about to be superseded by a new model. I was fine with the current one but missed my window of opportunity and now the price is $20 higher..... 😱
  13. For those who know more about world cruises than I do, I was thinking of booking one segment of the 2024 WC just to see how I like longer cruises (and because it covers an area I'd like to do anyway). I didn't realize you could already book segments of the 2024 WC -- Is there an advantage to booking it sooner rather than later? Do prices tend to go up and/or popular categories disappear?
  14. Some folks seem overly sensitive. I read your initial comment and I was concerned. Concerned because I like a "green salad" almost every night as an appetizer. Concerned enough to go back and review the menus, because I had been toying with the idea of doing Aqua class, but a lack of salads on offer would not make me happy. I was just trying to ward off similar concerns of others. (And by your Wiki definition, most of those listed would still be green salads -- the "green" being arugula, or spinach, or endive or a couple of other lettuces. I'd be very surprised if those "greens" don't comprise most of the salad....)
  15. But saying that there is no green salad available is clearly not the same thing as saying that you didn't like what was offered. Just trying not to mislead others into thinking that there were not any "green salads" on offer.
  16. I just browsed the posted menus again to confirm my memory from yesterday's perusal -- there is at least one and occasionally two green salads listed every night except one. 🤷‍♀️
  17. Breakfast? Breakfast isn't really a meal in Italy so you're not likely to find a restaurant serving it. At most you should look for a bar (in Italy bars are more like dual purpose coffee shops, bars, and light snacks) where you can get a cappuccino and a cornetto (the Italian equivalent of a croissant). Otherwise you might stop at a grocery and pick up items for breakfast as you'll have an apartment.
  18. Those menus look absolutely delicious. I could make multiple choices most nights.
  19. The port is somewhat between two tram spots so it rather depends on whether you are docked nearer or farther from the bridge. Either one is easily walkable. The last time I was in Istanbul they had indeed updated the machines and you can use your credit card to purchase the jetons (although in truth I can't remember whether they are still using jetons or have moved to using a paper ticket).
  20. My son says I should have been a food critic. I love eating out and hardly ever tire of it. If I do, I'll just grab some cheese, bread, salami and wine and "dine in". As for the Galapagos, yes some expenses are best looked at as "experiences" -- they don't come cheap but certainly memories for a lifetime. Good luck. I'm starting to repopulate my travel schedule for next year. My Algeria trip got pushed back as their vaccination rates are terribly low. However I am hoping to make it to Iceland and Greenland in summer 2022.
  21. I don't consider either of those areas to be in a prime location, however. Ideally visitors should look for something in the middle of the Centro Storico, the historic center, to really enjoy exploring Rome on foot. It would take one about 40 minutes to walk to the Colosseum from a hotel located about midway up the via Veneto. While it had its moment in the 1960s, it's kind of a backwater for most tourists, although close to the Borghese Gallery. The Vatican is well known to be an outlier in terms of location. If that's the main or only thing on your list, I concede. Although I don't find most of the surrounding areas to be as lively in the evenings with dozens of restaurants, bars, people taking their passeggiato, etc. I'd rather stay near the Pantheon or Piazza Navona and just grab a taxi to the Vatican if needed.
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