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  1. I received a ‘Covid Death Quiz’ from an Alma Mater, Carnegie-Mellon, one from the Univ. of Minnesota and another. All came back very close in approximating ‘the Odds’ I would die if I contract Covid lacking a vaccine. GOOGLE it.. there are several. (Me?? Between 8/10ths and 9/10ths of 1 percent chance I will die if I contract Covid-19. ) If I change my behavior in a reckless way.. my odds go up. I can’t get much more isolated; deep rural Northwoods with nearly Zero human contacts per week. However...
  2. ‘Odds’ and statistics are how Cruiseships became poster children for Virus Mismanagement, or as the OP stated, ‘a bad place.’ Whether a person or a cruiseline does or doesn’t survive this is NOT the whole story. Cruiselines aren’t surviving unscathed. Same goes for the Human Race. People who are wise and careful will merely have ‘the Odds’ on their side... until he or she doesn’t. Nothing is guaranteed. Johns Hopkins and the CDC offer ways people can increase the Odds of a good outcome. Wall Street will handle the cruiselines’ Odds.
  3. I took a respected Covid-19 Death Quiz. I’m good. (Not so good, however, for an obese, smoking Diabetic over 80 that doesn’t wear a mask if they get Covid-19).
  4. LNG fuel and then Hydrogen power and whole new ship layouts on the horizon methinks. Lotsa really BIG vessels soon to be built as I have read it.
  5. Remindful of Wells-Fargo, GE, OXY etc now with their backs to the wall. Right when they need more top-line income they have to sell some premium assets to keep the lights on. But nowadays, who the heck wants a USED cruise ship that burns bunker fuel?? I just hope I get vaccinated and my HAL April cruise thru Panama Canal sails...
  6. It’s now Nov 1, 2020 and CDC sez Cruiselines can run ‘Mock Cruises’ out of the USA for the time being. Good. Now for the hard part. When will $Cash$ paying customers fill enough Cabins on NCL, RCL, CCL and Fred Olson et al to turn a $Profit$ ?? I will say 6/months AFTER an effective Vaccine is avail. to the entire Planet. 1stQuarter 2022.
  7. Re: Private Islands. So.. they ferry food and booze ashore In the 1st Lifeboat, or are their private beaches stocked 24/7 ??
  8. Yeah. Jones Act. I suppose a stop off Coco Cay, Bahamas would count.
  9. Let’s say the CDC lifts the No-sail order by Nov. of 2020. But what if Mexico, Barbados, Aruba, Japan and ??? say, ‘Not here..’. Round n Round in circles off Miami or Seattle?? Not with me aboard.
  10. I suspect longer Cruises, 15+ days, are toast for quite a while. I just booked an April 2021, but I am not optimistic. Older people usually do the long cruises and the possibility of adding Covid virus to a Nursing Home like setting seems nutty without a truly effective vaccine. Also, foriegn Ports-o-Call may not want us ashore until THEY are vaccinated. Lastly, the Cruiseline industry is financially frail right now. Who would load up 2500 PAX plus crew and set sail for a 50-day lawsuit waiting to happen?? Probably none of em. Nov.1st CDC announcement is dead ahead
  11. My spouse is a career Registered Nurse. Involved in literally THOUSANDS of surgeries. I’ve been around Surgical tables a tad myself. Ponder this: Why do Operating Rooms mandate Masks, gloves and gowns?? NOT because the patient is the threat, but rather because the Surgical Team’s possible and unknown germs/viruses are the threat to the patient. (So...Please ask your Doctor to wash his hands and ‘Gown Up’ before you get cut on, OK??) We Medical oriented cruisers once aboard often have a ‘Death Watch’ betting $Pool$. Should be interesting Post-Covid.
  12. November 1st CDC announcement Re: Cruiseships sailing from US Ports will be HUGE either way.
  13. ‘Cruising is in a bad place.’ For a reason. That Diamond Princess debacle and the Trans-Atlantic Costa cruise on ‘60 Minutes’ TV program pretty much laid out why. No politics there, just Micro-biology.
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