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  1. Our FCC E-mail from HAL states the 'Basic Cruise Value' I paid for will be what they will $Credit$ me. ( I was refunded EVERYTHING, $10/K, of course, from last months abandoned KONINGSDAM cruise), I did NOT have insurance and never will. So I will get about an $8000 Future Cruise Credit on whatever cruise I go on in early 2021. However, I will still pay taxes, Booze package, Port Fees, tours etc etc. on my cruise next year. Me?? I think July, 2020 at the earliest is when I would even think of cruising, which I am personally not going to do til next Feb 2021 at earliest. KONINGSDAM was to take us from Florida to Vancouver, Canada. It's headed there now. Empty. Waiting for Alaska. If I WAS thinking of a cruise this Summer... I would book mere days before Sailing Date. But I can do that, I'm retired, travel light and don't actually care if I go or not. If they go bankrupt? Meh.. I'm not out anything. Again, Each To Their Own.
  2. We were due to board KONINGSDAM March 15, 2020. HAL cancelled on us on the 14th. Other passengers cancelled days earlier on HAL. The difference? If you, the passenger, cancels on the cruiseline you will probably get all your money back ONLY if you do it well in advance of sailing date (Check with your Travel Agent for details?) In our case, at the last hour HAL cancelled our cruise, so we of course received all of our money back, PLUS we got a FCC (Future Cruise Credit) equal in value to the cancelled one; good for 12 months. As I understand it, sometimes cruiselines cancel a cruise perhaps YEARS in advance of sailing; in which case I do not know the legalities of what a booked passenger is then entitled to. In the end...it's your call.
  3. 26/hrs. before planned Sail-away.
  4. HAL's KONINGSDAM March 15, 2020 cruise was cancelled at the very last hour. Cancelled by THEM, not cancelled by us. So... what that means is HAL Refunded me 100% of ALL our cruise expense PLUS the extras like Airfare and Hotel in Florida, PLUS, we get a $FREE$ cruise next year equal to the value of the one that THEY cancelled on us. Comprende'?? If WE had taken their March 11th 'Full Refund' offer we wouldn't have had to pack our bags, etc.;we coulda simply gotten our money back and that would have been the end of it. Each to their own... but remember; if you wanna live on the edge.. and wait for THEM to cancel you just may come out better financially. But be prepared to board the ship if it DOES sail. If a cruise line cancels Years and YEARS before sailing account a sinking or bankruptcy etc I don't know what the law provides
  5. Our HAL Sunday departure from FLL is still 'A Go'. Any ships departing lately?
  6. Not as of this moment, 3:50/pm 3/13/2020. I burned off that NCL form from Internet and took it to my Dr., yesterday, who filled it out after a short physical. It appeared to be a 'Boiler Plate' form akin to what they ask pregnant gals etc to submit. I sail Sunday.
  7. This is reminiscent of the 9/11 transport shutdown.
  8. The UPSIDE is limitless. It can only go down to $ZERO.
  9. Yeah, maybe it was JFK, but I don't think so.. It was late March 21, 2010 when we finally arrived home. DELTA maybe?? KLM?? ps It was chaos.
  10. FCO to AMS to LGA to MSP. Luggage arrived at our doorstep BEFORE we did.
  11. You are 'Spot On'. Here is what happened. It was quite a week. Schipol Airport is a huge 'In-transit' Airport. We came in from ROME, Italy April 15, 2010 to change planes to LaGuardia. While re-fueling/change planes etc. many thousands of travelers are separated from their luggage of course. HOWEVER, when 'In-Transit' many people leave their overhead luggage on board or on their seat and Interpol prisoners etc are segregated to the side etc etc.and new Flight Crews start arriving to replace the original ones. Then the 'No-fly' Quarantine hit. Our checked luggage and original airplane vanished to God-knows where. I had our Passports, money-belt $Cash$, phone and Credit cards, documents, onward tickets and a ditty bag on my waist...many did not. Terminal M was cordoned off and we 5000 were ushered in, slept on the floor Nite 1. On day 2 cots and food and Embassy people were brought in. Theoretically, you could have left the Airport, but the Gate would then be closed behind you and some would legally have been persons without a country. Armed guards enforced order, and escorted us 100 at a time for exercise out near a Warehouse. The deceased and critically ill were somehow attended to. (Remember the TOM HANKS movie..'The Terminal'?? That was our predicament, all 5000 of us. Since that we NEVER let our documents etc. off our actual body when travelling; even in Hotels. This Corona Virus thing has all the makings for a somewhat similar fiasco. Hmm.
  12. Yep. I'm thinkin' my Saturday K-dam departure just went from 'Maybe' to 'Probably Not...'
  13. Because Air Travel was banned, ie Quarantined account airborne Ash particles would seize Jet engines. So.. those of us 'In Transit' thru Schipol were all housed in Terminal M with no luggage for 5/days account Main Airport CLOSED. Some had no Passport, money, etc. etc. Dutch Red Cross found us thousands of cots and lotsa cheese sandwiches and Coffee. T'was surreal indeed. Changed MY idea of how to travel forevermore, Passport, US Dollars, paper Air tickets, Credit & Debit cards, soap, tooth brush, Meds and a good jacket always on my person now. This looks like a repeat, IMHO.
  14. Agreed, pointless to speculate. HOWEVER, in April of 2010 we were locked down for 5/days in Terminal M at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam after the Iceland Volcano event. 5,000 of us. With no luggage. Let out outside to exercise for a few minutes each day. Dutch Red Cross fed us. Just sayin'.....
  15. I'm the Original Poster. A 48-day lap 'round South America with nearly NO ports is not what anyone Paid for. But it IS possible I suppose... Hmm. ps I just now got a heck of an Upgrade to a VQ from HAL.
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