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  1. GOOGLE up LondonToolKit., a tourist E-Guide site. Look for motorcoach from National Express. Maybe they have one that suits you. We are using them in May of 2019.
  2. I am suggesting that a simple Phone call to the Cruise line would assist, if in fact you want to truly KNOW if a certain Cabin is available
  3. I like it. ie HEATHROW to SOUTHHAMPTON's DOCK COPENHAGEN Airport to CRUISE DOCK etc. LocoLoco1 TOM
  4. I drove that route many years ago, and no problems. I found I enjoyed taking a Local Tour better and cheaper than Rent a Cars. Our hotel had a great many brochures and its so nice to hear the driver's commentary etc. and HE did the driving and I could have a few local beers. We will be back late April 2019, and no Rent a Car for me. LocoLoco1 TOM
  5. That's a good way to describe it. We sail in 2 days. They offered a great TransAtlantic $Upgrade$ offer for only $129p/p. I had the DECK plan in hand so I simply asked, "Are any of these following Cabins, ABCD or E, Avail.?" Answer: "YES, B and C". Bam. Done.
  6. WHAT will differentiate between, say, Carnival and Holland-America and Cunard if this, sadly, is the trend?? Book the Queen's Suite and bring your own Piano Player? I think mathematicians call this 'The Lowest Common Denominator'. H-mm.
  7. Bam!! You folks answered my Questions. I noted KINDLE ads talk of 'International Model' and USA models, and it got me wondering if MY model will be able to actually download books etc. when abroad. Thanks.
  8. We too will be crossing Roundtrip. First, April 7-20 Eastbound. We, however, LOVE the rollicking Seas if they come. Thence to snoop in Ireland independently and QueenMary2 back to NYC early May. Captains can and do deviate course if need be. Ship stabilizers can make cruising Atlantic quite nice, IMHO. LocoLoco1 TOM
  9. Kindle Oasis with 3G and Wi-Fi will be my first E-reader ever. Q: Can I download a US daily newspaper or Magazine AFTER I depart a Florida Port...say from an Azores or Spanish Port-o-Call? Are Kindle's sensitive to TSA Airport scanners or Voltage variances when charging aboard ship via a 220/110/V convertor? LocoLoco1 TOM
  10. Thank-you everyone. Very helpful Info. LocoLoco1 TOM
  11. First QM2 Transatlantic for us in April. Is use of Gym and Exercise Equip. Free? How about a Sauna?? Ice cream?? LocoLoco1 TOM
  12. HORTA, I would NOT rent a car at this teensie-Weensie stop, I would stroll the Yacht Harbor for an hour or two. Praia da VITORIA, much the same unless you REALLY want to see this island's interior for some reason. PONTA DELGADA. The 'Bucket List' island stop of all the Azores.. a beautiful must see. Either tour Left (West) to the 2Volcanic Craters, or Right (East) to Furnas area to see the more forested greenery and volcanic hot springs etc. I suggest a local Tour in a Van/Car, a rent-a-car would be exhausting...the roads are so-ooo twisty-turny and local knowledge is crucial, and I am a Motorcyclist. A tour in a big motorcoach limits your 'snooping options'. We used Gary Travassos at Azoreantours each time. His drivers knew exactly what we wanted to see, Volcanos, crashing surf, Greenery, Waterfalls, and a nice lunch with wine. Go to TripAdvisor web-site for good info and reviews. LocoLoco1
  13. Clarifying HOW to get from one's Cruiseship to the Train Station in Civitavecchia and thence onward to the rest of Italy by train is easier DONE than SAID. 1.Your Cruiseship takes you and luggage (No $Charge$) in a Bus from the Gangway to a 'Gathering Point' about 1/2Mile from the Gangway. 2. From that 'Gathering Point' You can hop on a dedicated 'Port Shuttle Bus' to the Train Station yet another 1/2Mile or so away for about 2Euros p/p. 3. Once in Civitavecchia's Train Station you can board a variety of Trains, including an occasional ExpressTrain...(Yes, with 1 transfer at Trastavere Sta. you can get to the Airport.) 4. If one wants to lug lotsa luggage, do so at ones own peril during Morning Rush Hour..as these Trains are the local's method of getting into Rome. Onward High-speed Trains usually depart from downtown Rome's huge TERMINI Train Station, about 70/minutes (45/miles) from Civitavecchia. I travel with little or no luggage so it's easy. I would NEVER do it if I had 3 large suitcases and a shoulder bag. LocoLoco1 TOM
  14. Answers: Yes, it's worth it. No, divers aren't destroying 'The Wall' like they are messing with the Florida Keys and Polynesia. No, reputable Dive Shops don't necessarily work only with Cruise line Day tours. Enjoy.
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