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  1. Recently they have been offering a discounted package prior to embarkation. Daily is only bought on the ship look at the old threads since people post the picture of the packages offered onboard
  2. Nice slacks, collared shirt - minimum for dining room. My husband likes to wear a suit but the Caribbean is a bit more casual so he wears khakis and a sports coat, no tie.
  3. I would think if HAL would see a prevalence of people in one locale removing the tip they should change their pricing formula for those locations. As a business person that is what I would do. HSC has always been part of the crew's pay package, for good or for bad, that is what it is.
  4. I am pretty sure I know the answer but are people who's fare had free gratuities included with those who have not removed the gratuities?
  5. Very early. As I recall it started close to 7 am and most passengers are off by 8:45. That includes independent
  6. I haven’t read much of this thread but it comes to my mind that perhaps HAL should, instead of trying to be an all purpose cruise line, should do as P&O has done - designate certain ships as adult only. That seems to be a popular trend. Adult only cruises generally don’t require a lot of amusement infrastructure that HAL’s smaller ships don’t have. The newer bigger ships could be general audience and include features and programs for all members of the family including Club HAL. I take a lot of the longer itineraries which tend to be adult only and the Club HAL space seems wasted. This policy would have prevented the OP’s disappointment
  7. You would even have time for a shore excursion.
  8. HAL allows you to take advantage of any sales that come up between you booking and final payment date as long as you did not book a restricted fare. My TA keeps track and I sign up for alerts for my bookings right here on Cruise Critic. They tell me if there is a new sale/offering. Also if you book onboard the ship you get an OBC plus you can book a fully refundable fare and can transfer the deposit later if you change your mind. The deposit is refundable also. Many of us are also shareholder of Carnival Corporation, the parent company of HAL. They offer a shareholder benefit.
  9. If it is a card benefit have you called AMEX? HAL is always very clear with me that promos are generally not stackable. I am always re-faring my journeys.
  10. I book those special excursions early but usually wait on the others. Often once onboard there have been additions to popular, easily reproducible excursions. Usually it is a matter of timing. For instance on my last Caribbean cruise before the cruise only one (early morning) excursion was listed. Once onboard they had added a noon and perhaps even a late afternoon edition. I love to walk or run in the morning and prefer to come back and take that later excursion. The app lists the additional times.
  11. I download the navigator app and start clicking away. No lines, no fuss, immediate confirmation you can download the app beforehand and simply activate it as soon as you hit the deck
  12. Thanks for the reports. I am following you here and on the blog. John and I will be on the 2020 version.
  13. That is what I think is going on. They may want to reconsider their plans if one market is not performing as desired.
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