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  1. You are asking two questions. 1. the air system is interconnected as on a flight. 2. is the coronavirus-2019 communicable by air. So far every single case documented is by "contact" according to WHO and they recommend a 3 foot personal space to prevent contagion. They are drawing their conclusions from prior coronavirus outbreaks. Here is the WHO public information page regarding the 2019 virus https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
  2. I sailed an inside on the Koningsdam, it was one with the sideways configuration. It was cozy but comfortable. We were in port every day so we didn’t spend many waking hours in the room. I sailed once just above the theater, never again. I thought I wouldn’t be bothered because most shows are over by a reasonable hour what I failed to consider were rehearsals during my nap time (that cruise had more sea days).
  3. We sailed in a Lanai for the VOV on the Rotterdam. I do like the view and the promenade sociability. The rooms tend to be smaller and a bit more cramped than the average. The views are great!
  4. I consider myself web-savvy and I consider HAL not to be. Often I look it up on the website then call the phone number once I have my selections prepared.
  5. When you go to the HAL website first go to the deals page. All current promotions will be linked to that page with a few exceptions. They do run casino and other past guest sales occasionally but you would have to be qualified for those promotions.
  6. That one is nicer than the last one I had on the Koningsdam
  7. I doubt it. The rule of thumb is if it has a heating element or a surge protector it is not allowed. They remove it from your luggage and return it at the end of the cruise. Here is what the Know Before You Go document says Electrical Appliances: All staterooms are equipped with standard 110 AC and 220 AC outlets. Guests with pre- or post-cruise hotel packages may want to bring converters and/or adapters for their hotel stay. All staterooms are equipped with hair dryers. Electrical devices* such as small fans, power strips, multi plug box outlets/ adaptors, and extension cords without surge protectors are allowed onboard when used with proper caution. *If such devices are determined to pose a hazard, they will be removed and returned the last day of the cruise prior to debark. For safety reasons, travel irons, and electric water heaters/ kettles may not be used in your stateroom. You may order hot water from our complimentary In-Room Dining service 24 hours a day. Onboard self-service launderettes consisting of washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards are available on the Amsterdam and Maasdam. There is a charge for the use of the self-service launderettes and it is coin operated. Also, full laundry and valet services are available on all of our ships.
  8. Buy it through HAL, it is basically an insurance policy
  9. I would buy very good insurance for those flights.
  10. Priority tender boarding is given to HAL excursion participants and 4 and 5 star Mariners. I am an early riser and have usually gotten on to the 3rd or 4 tender with a minimal wait. I have been to Eidfjord and the tender ride is very short so the wait is very short unless there would be rough seas.
  11. I had not booked yet so I did not have to "cancel". I am not in the worried camp just disgusted by the Japanese response to the situation.
  12. Just my two cents: I was planning a fall Japanese cruise (different cruise line) and I have banished that thought. I am disgusted with the lack of humanitarian concern. I will spend my money somewhere else.
  13. Excellent. No one was delayed possibly causing disruptions to their career. HAL is taking care of the financials. So all is going to work out. And a big, heartfelt thanks to the Cambodians.
  14. I listened to a recent podcast by Essential Cruise Tips discussing disposal and purification issues. Remarkably much of trash and other disposal is self contained. Look it up, it was very interesting
  15. So if they are screening what is the temperature threshold? I have always run hot. Maybe I should bring a doctor’s note.
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