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  1. maybe but how often do we speak of Zika, West Nile, MERS and so on. As the DH loves to quote "it depends on whose ox is being gored". On CC we are likely more obsessed with this topic and vaccine than a Facebook group composed of under 30s and they are next up to rule the world. I think it is actually a benefit of human psyche that we move on otherwise we really would go crazy.
  2. I agree with your sentiment but truthfully no one has asked me to show my current MMR vaccination papers ever, well at least since I was in grade school and MMR can be far more devastating than any coronavirus. I am sorry to be such a cynic but in 3 years the world will have moved on to a new worry and this will be forgotten.
  3. The only issue I have with the Qantas policy being used in the US is instead of saying international it should designate a time limit to fly without a vaccine. I certainly can be in Cancun faster than I can be in Anchorage. i would cruise now with stringent enforcement of the guidelines but it definitely would be smoother sailing if all are vaccinated.
  4. My cruise luggage is big. My husband encourages me to bring anything I could possibly want because the porters handle it at the airport and dock and the crew handles it on board. He says it is better than listening to me whine about not having something😉. When I travel on land I end up handling the bags myself or with his assistance and I try to keep it light.
  5. That sounds awful and down right rude to be asked to give up a seat. Though we enjoy our evening meal alone we certainly enjoy chatting with others during our other meals. I will try to be more attentive of solo cruisers my next time out
  6. They removed the VOV which was to follow your cruise and would have tied up the Zaandam for a month. Boo-hoo for me but good news for you
  7. I think the rational decision may be to leave the US for a while. I thought it was a bit of lunacy to suggest to move embarkation port to the Caribbean and Mexico but that is looking like a solid strategy right now. I don't know, maybe Canada would be less fickle than what is going on in the US with the CDC. It is becoming clear to me that the CDC wants to say you can't cruise until there is a vaccine but they know that they cannot legally create a strategy based on an unknown so they will continue to persist with obstacles. That is a difficult environment to run a business.
  8. I think the suspension of sales was sufficient as a stop gap method. They should have let that play out. I understand cancelling first quarter but the remainder of the year is a bit troublesome. This is beyond the timeframe they predicted solvency. I guess the handful of 7 day cruises will sustain them
  9. I agree. HAL needs to make some solid, rational decisions and quit flitting around putting out fires.
  10. They have nice warm veranda blankets.
  11. Nothing wrong with bundling up with a hot toddy as the icebergs slip by. Near the glaciers it is always a bit cold and foggy but being outside is rewarded with wonderful views. Everywhere else will simply depend if you have sun shine. I have sailed in May and had wonderful weather
  12. I think that is exactly what caused the change to VOV. HAL, likely, was not able to get commitments from tours, towns and ports
  13. I did not look for you particular situation but there is now a filter in search for inactive. If you select inactive you are able to see quite a few cruises that are not being sold currently
  14. Were you also able to look at other cruises besides Alaska?
  15. I don't know if this has been covered, does anyone have an answer? I used a FCC issued from a canceled cruise to book the VOV in 2021 with the Cruise with Confidence Guarantee in place. That has now been moved to Summer 2022 with no details and outside of the Cruise with Confidence Guarantee window which ends April 2022. Can I now cancel this cruise immediately and receive a FCC under the terms of the Cruise with Confidence program? Thank you
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