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  1. We did one day on our own - very easy. We did one day with a small group (12) tour we hired. What was great about the tour was the guide knew those out of the way off the beaten track places to visit. We saw the biggies but spent the rest of the day in quiet, peaceful areas. Those areas are hard to find on a 1 or 2 day first visit. The next time I go I will hire a private car with a specialist-guide. The private tours are very affordable considering the cost of transportation and distances
  2. Good Morning and thanks for the report. I will be sure to pat the cat extra today. For some reason I have never been to Glasgow, would love to go. Meal of the day here is: DH's choice - his day to cook. Comfort and hope to those who are suffering, kudos to those who keep us safe.
  3. I rarely watch the Sunday morning news but yesterday did to catch the all important weather update. I was very surprised to hear the newscaster report that "The US may have Covid under control by the end of March". Yep, I don't know if the tide has turned but the narrative sure has. The vaccination process, at least here, is going quite well even considering the week we lost statewide to the winter weather. I predict by the middle of April there will be advertising/ PSAs on TV, internet and radio to get your vaccine, just like they do in flu season. That would reflect a lack of demand for
  4. Thank you guys for the updates. Love the idea of Port of the Day. I have been to Georgetown a couple of times with the sisters - I need to take DH there, he would love it. Yum peanut butter - that is a food group in this house. Root vegetable stew is also a favorite, done in a pressure cooker it is especially delicious. Peace and comfort to those who are struggling, Thankfulness for those who make our lives easier.
  5. I don't think it is clutching at straws. The new media mantra that started this morning is "The US may be getting covid under control". Just watch, the Ides of March, just watch. Rumor is Texas is about to lift all restrictions. Why not the federal government is about to release 25000 untested immigrants at the Texas border.
  6. You are actually making my argument. The conversation had gone off to the ADA (American Disability Act)creating an issue for banning the lines from creating a vaccine “mandate to cruise policy.”
  7. I have heard that HAL has many of their experienced workers to either retirement or they have left for other careers. The leisure industry is truly struggling and many highly qualified people are seeking other careers. It is a sad result of the lockdowns.
  8. I don’t think the mega lines who rely on family and younger cruisers want to follow the lead of the few smaller lines who cater to a different demographic now if the CDC said you can cruise with 100% they would quickly join
  9. Write, don't talk. I just find the phone service a bit sketchy sometimes. They are all working from home and don't have the ability to ask the coworker. With email they have time to respond after they have done their research
  10. I was hoping for a new slate of perks. I used to love the days of $50 deposits, I even had a group of Princess cruises held for a $1 deposit. Currently they have only my FCD converted to an FCC but since I am approaching retirement I sure would like to reserve a few more sailings basically risk free.
  11. It doesn't matter if it is in "our best interest", there is no law for that. However you are right the courts have given entities the right to limit access to their activities/locations by requiring a vaccine. I do believe you still need a TB test to engage in certain employment. This is different than mandating a vaccine for the entire population. I am still in the camp that the lines don't want to make the call, they want some higher authority to do so
  12. If the ADA banned any activity that people with one disability or another could participate in we would have to close every roller coaster, sky diving operation, vehicle licensing - and driving while we are at it. Yep, the blind cannot drive so we need to ban driving. Let's stick with feasibilities.
  13. There is not yet any definitive results on that research, we just don't know. I think we likely will know by summer
  14. Yesterday's hike was to the duck pond at the large city park. One of our favorite ducks, "Old Broken Wing", was no where to be seen. We are hoping he made it through the storm. We will keep you updated on his reappearance. That duck just loves DH and the goodies in DH's pocket
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