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  1. If you use Gmail be sure to check the tab for Promotions. You must also tell your email client to grab items from that folder to display on your client/app. Also check your spam folder, again if you have not told your client/app to grab spam messages you will need to review your spam on the Gmail website. I get all of my promotions from various travel outfits. HAL has been sending a concert series and cooking series.
  2. I will watch the videos later, just stopped by for a sec before work. I can't disagree with you that people are usually the problem😉. It certainly is not the guide dogs😃. I think the limiting of capacity will help. I think as some in the travel industry have done lifetime bans are in order along with immediate expulsion. I have seen people arrested on a cruise ship for disorderly behavior but that was a single individual. I was on a HAL ship that had major issues. Many of us recognized the issues and discussed them but we waited until our vacation was over until we embarked on the complaints to management. Maybe it is a reflection of the older people on HAL or the type of people HAL caters to but no one saw any reason to ruin a vacation.
  3. HAL has used staff served buffets for years. It works ok. In this podcast/video Princess cruise’s president says they are working on a concept of food delivered to any location on the ship. I imagine you would order through the app? Porthole interview
  4. You must have unsubscribed or the emails are going to spam. Though I have not received any mail, emails have been plenty.
  5. Adding: one could say all inclusive fares manage to accomplish the same end with slick marketing
  6. I have bought all of the excursions for our summer cruise. I have taken this cruise before and did strictly independent shore activities last time so the mandated excursions work for us. I think it is just another consideration when picking a cruise, that is, are the excursions acceptable?
  7. I think the start up phase is the question. We are only 6 months into this and it has been a rapidly evolving situation. I expect 6 months from now it will be unrecognizable from what people on this forum think - one way or the other
  8. I was just following the thread. I asked @LMaxwell for an example of a riot, his words, and you offered a substitute. I realize you didn't call it a riot.
  9. It is ok for you to make that decision for yourself, that is legitimate, just like you listen to your personal physician. It is different to make a decision for 330 million people. We cannot rely on a single individual to make that decision that is why we have a political system. To use Wikipedia's definition which is a peer review definition and likely acceptable by most academics: Politics is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status. The academic study of politics is referred to as political science. Society does not give physicians the same set of responsibilities. Their duties are to the individual patient
  10. Thanks for posting. It made me curious and in case anyone wants to know prior to the crisis CCL had 150,000 employees
  11. There are 9 people holding signs, far from a riot. Not good PR but not a riot either. I think all of us who are booking for 2021 are pretty aware of the options that may face us.
  12. I have never heard of a riot on a cruise ship, @LMaxwell Maybe you could provide a link to a news article.
  13. Good statesman should take advice from various professionals. Medical professionals do have huge differences of opinion on all topics. Please read the statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics where they urged an immediate return to school: AAP
  14. You do realize that much of Europe and Asia never closed their schools and many of those countries have year round schools.
  15. From what I have read the restaurants will operate much like restaurants at home. Tables distanced, sitting only with your personal traveling unit, masking until seated. Why would those same protocols not be sufficient for cruising. I still think that all of this will be behind is by late spring. And I think there are plenty of youthful and healthy people willing to fill ships to the new capacities.
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