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  1. The current benefit only extends to July 30, 2020 The benefit is applicable on sailings through July 31, 2020 aboard the brands listed below. Certain restrictions apply. Applications to receive these benefits should be made at least three weeks prior to cruise departure date.
  2. It has to be in the fiscal year that the OBC is granted. CCL renews it at the beginning of their fiscal year just like the dividend. It is renewed for that period. I think the fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.
  3. Maybe we are talking about different types of cruises. I like a long planning/reading time for my "epic" voyages of 30 days or more. I usually grab last minute deals or Cyber Monday deals on shorter durations. Edited: sure I could plan/read before booking but my brain doesn't work that way😀
  4. Judging by the frequency of Alaska cruises showing up on the top ten deals and bargain websites it seems the Alaska market is perhaps flooded as is the Caribbean. I am not surprised that they are reconsidering their offerings. where are the Europe cruises! Is my question. I keep checking.
  5. 32 day cruise. Traded for free premium internet (a necessity in the location), free dinner, $300 more OBC per person,$700 price drop per person and now have free gratuities
  6. One more comment on the card pre-pay issue. I do use autopay, I am an early adopter of technology, I am not a neophyte. I have had bank accounts frozen by no fault of my own I am often in locales that do not have internet. So all bills go to a credit card issued by one bank and are paid by another bank. The likelihood of all accounts being frozen in two banks is remote, granted but I have chosen, by advanced experience, to prepay my credit card. I do not want my electricity turned off when I am away. Do not be so hasty to diss another person’s knowledge based on your own experience
  7. I sailed RCL once and it was a pleasant experience but it was not a mega ship. They do have some monsters but some people love those as they have lots of amusement venues. Not for me.
  8. 1985, Princess to Alaska. Hubby says $4000 a person - he says every single meal was superb. he doesn’t recall if that included airfare
  9. There is a trend in all public buildings to keep them cool to cut down on germs, reportedly. I would bring at least the same cover you use on a chilly airplane ride. Also evenings at sea can be cool.
  10. As DINKs we have been quite contented to sail HAL since our 40s. We like their itineraries. I find their entertainment middle of the road but their enrichment lectures can be excellent .
  11. I received it ($1800 value in my case) last April. At the time there was a special offer. I later traded it in for a different set of perks as I am not much of a drinker.
  12. Does the credit card you used to pay have insurance? My chase card does. anyway, after final payment day it is unlikely to receive a change in fare. You may want to notify the cruise line once you know so you may be forgiven the second person’s gratuities.
  13. Does he have insurance? I would first refer to that policy. At this late of date you likely will not be able to switch to single supplement but you could invite a friend in his place
  14. That’s fine. I am just paraphrasing what I heard.
  15. You are right of course. I visit them both quite often and it became a blur. Halfacts comes have the dining room PDFs at least for the ships I have looked at
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