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  1. Agreed. People are thinking their agents are making a fortune. It really isn’t that much. I always tackle it from perks. It costs the cruise line nothing to give you a dinner at the Pinnacle Grill but it costs money to get discounts.
  2. Not all agencies provide the HAL confirmation letter. They simply provide their invoice
  3. Any business needs to always be mindful of irritating loyal customers. If the crow’s nest was truly commandeered for the length of the cruise that would be called irritating the loyal base. Sure HAL could do this on a 7 day mass market cruise, it may not create any new loyal customers but their dedicated base maybe wouldn’t be there. Hal is a mass market cruise on the 7 day voyage to many locales and they will do everything that CCL, RCCL and NCL do
  4. Also remember you can pay with AARP gift cards for a 10% discount.
  5. No nor after, only while on voyage. You can also give commendations and kudos. Currently the crew is eager to receive a special mention through the app
  6. I so agree. Being in the southwest we used them often buy tWyndham let them run down to the point where they are a hard pass for us.
  7. My last onboard booking had to be redone but I caught the errors while still on ship and was able to make the corrections. I agree keep a careful eye on things especially when an error can lose a significant OBC
  8. There should be an automatic transfer unless you the customer spectates you don’t want it transferred. Have you had an agent not want the onboard booking.?
  9. Did you ever talk to La Quinta? You do get a second bite at the apple, so if you can work it out with them you still have a chance to overturn the charge. If Barclays treated you badly stay away from all of their credit cards. HAL doesn’t administer the card ,the bank does. I had a similar problem with another bank, I closed the account once it was straightened out and never used that bank again.
  10. As to discounts there truly are no discounts. Learning a cruise lines in and outs is the best way to get a good deal. Know your Mariner benefits. Be keen to snap up an early booking bonus, many only agencies snap those up and offer them later to clients giving the appearance that they are giving you a big OBC. You could have had that same OBC if you had booked early. Always get a refundable deposit so you can refare if prices drop. Your agent should have access to software that tracks changes and that software is more robust than what consumers have available. so my advice is find someone who is attentive and you like and who likes you and let the prices fall in place. Make sure that person has good cruise experience and that they regularly keep up their training. Don’t focus on price
  11. I have sailed HaL for years and I have never seen any special group use the crow’s nest for more than 2 hours - ONCE, or twice during a very long sailing. It is not a daily occurrence. The Crow’s Nest has gone to any iterations but it has always been probably the most popular venue on HAL. The original post has been called into question as to the complete facts, that I accept is a greater possibility than HAL using the Crow’s Nest as a reserved venue for special groups.
  12. HAL went quite a few years without auctions, it is disheartening to see their reappearance. They had instead an untyped art gallery. you make a good point however one could get quite an art education on the ship just by downloading their art guide and walking around the ship and see the many incredible works of art which adorn the walls of the ship
  13. Yes, that is right. I have stayed with HaL a number of times in various locations. A little known part of booking with them is early checkin even extremely early plus breakfast and transfers are included. Transfers are from airport and to cruise ship. If you arrive early enough for breakfast on the first day that is included too. If the hotel has quit serving breakfast then of course there would not be breakfast.
  14. Well truth be told I have never met anyone on Cruise Critic defend Park West so fervently. You do them a great service. Now back to why you think it is ok for a contractor to commandeer a popular space for the entire length of a cruise. I don’t think anyone would complain about a single evening but not for the entire cruise. PS 30+ day cruises are fairly normal for HAL
  15. On my35 day voyage they were set up on the first floor for several events, their studio was next to photography on the 3 and one special event for one evening in the Rock room
  16. All of the cruise lines ALL, regardless how big or small provide any agency with marketing materials. This includes mailings, website “brochures” , etc…. Each agency then decides who they want to work with and that will be based more on who their customer base is than on other variables
  17. For example on Holland’s notoriously bad website all last week many people using different operating systems could not get past the first step of booking. One could not even get a price. The website is cluttered with links that result in an error message dead end.
  18. Now I have a face to the name! also it should be mentioned geologically they are two different type of glaciers. Actually more as in glacier bay there are at least two kinds😉
  19. Here is the dry dock schedule. Usually ships are dry docked every 2 years but that doesn’t mean they will be completely refurbished. HAL is pretty f good about continuous maintenance
  20. All fares are a total of perks and base rates plus taxes and fees. If you change a good agent will give a bullet point chart of what you gain and what you lose.
  21. That is a well known clause and the only thing that keeps them in check is the power of the purse. For a most recent example go to the Oceania boards when they tried just such a cruise when the Middle East conflict began. There are many examples. For the people on the initial cruise it is a terrible event but going forward the line starts losing business as people do become very vocal. I just warned someone away from NCL because of news articles published about this same topic. Turns out publicly shaming does work
  22. I simply hit cancel and voila turns out I am still logged in. I am on Apple
  23. Make sure you select the refundable deposit. There are two published fares, the base rate and the with Have It all. Most often HIA comes with refundable deposits. There is a third non published fare call Advantage fare. It is slightly higher than the base fare but it is refundable. One gotcha that occurs sometimes. If you pay for the cruise in full that could be considered final payment and penalties begin even if it is before the overall cruise final payment date. if your TA is familiar with Princess they probably know Holland very well too
  24. Actually this is not even a situation about complaining, it is commentary on how to properly execute a change of policy especially when it is a very longstanding policy
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