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  1. That is not true for Chase. I did my research, everyone should do their own research and make a comfortable decision.
  2. Transportation is transportation, as long as at the end of the line is business or at least in part substantially business. I often used cruises as they can cost less than airfare.
  3. I have had last minute upgrades on a few cruise lines and I know to go to the old assigned room to find my luggage or let my stewards know the old room number. Mr he world is not perfect, some things we have to think about.😉
  4. I just looked it up yesterday - October 2024 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/3010197-june-2024-update-hal-dry-docks-charters-groups-onboard/#comment-67424175
  5. I am sorry that happened. Throw the lifejackets in the useless tub
  6. Right, they are not in surf. I often forget about surf as I only buy HIA elite at early booking
  7. Not testing apps but simply texting
  8. I would definitely recommend Steve.
  9. Many insurance policies top out at 90 days no matter where you get them. Be sure to seek advice on coverages for longer cruises. And all policies have upper payout limits. Both Chase and Amex are comparable to a basic policy you would buy from the big travel insurance companies.
  10. Instead of losing money try moving the cruise. I recently had a husband in the hospital and a death in the family and was no way ready to take a cruise from the mental and emotional exhaustion. I called HAL, a sister company to Carnival and asked if I could move to a similar cruise later in the year. They readily agreed and I was even able to keep all of my perks intact.
  11. They are permitted but why carry one if the cruise line will supply one
  12. Yes, you can buy OBC with the gift cards on the website on the manage your cruise page
  13. I would select the tour that has most of the features you want or as you said do the land portion on your own. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/us/find-a-cruise?destinationIds:(A)&cruiseType:(LAND_FIRST OR SEA_FIRST)&sort=duration asc,departDate asc&group.sort=duration asc,departDate asc Fairbanks to Denali is a relatively short commute. There are some excursions available from Fairbanks and some of those are included in some tours.
  14. In the details of this link https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/us/plan-a-cruise/pre-post-travel-cruise/cancellation-protection-plan it says you will see it on the cruise fare The CPP Standard Plan is available for purchase prior to the date on which cancellation fees begin to accrue. Payment is due at time of purchase. The cost of CPP Standard is non-refundable once cancel fees begin to accrue. The per person, per cruise cost is listed with the cruise fares. I checked on one of my cruises, manage my cruise, flights and planning, cruise protection plan, there is a button to add the plan. I did not click that final button but perhaps if clicked it would display costs
  15. The lower city is an easy walk from the ship. Is that your meet up point, if so they usually meet you a block or so away from the port area. Most tours meet there then take the funicular to the upper city.
  16. And that would be satisfactory for me. Once they miss getting you there it is on the airline to get you there. Be sure if you are running late on the first flight you inform the flight crew you have a tight connection because of the delay. I have seen airlines get connecting passengers off first
  17. If I am recalling correctly Apple now supports texting to Android over WiFi https://www.androidpolice.com/what-iphone-getting-rcs-means-for-android/ you could do a test at home. Simply turn off the cellular data, get everyone on WiFi and try it
  18. You are right, he is wrong - another dear wife married to a man who “it only takes 5 minutes” to get anywhere on earth.😉 seriously though, I always consider if I am on the final flight of the day for either the initial flight or the connecting flight. If you are on the first flight you will likely be fine. Can you not switch to an earlier flight on that same day even if it is a few bucks more? for the second flight Alaska is a few time zones over so you need to think in terms of their time not yours
  19. I don’t eat lobster or scallops unless I am up north. Down south we eat shrimp, oysters and fish. I like my seafood fresh
  20. HAL has tried to reduce the hyper competitiveness that can occur with trivia. On my last cruise they had self grading and no prizes except for small give aways which were given freely, first to the team who claimed to have won then if left overs to anyone who wanted one.
  21. Did you call them? How did you discover this? I agree with @Vmax that people will be disappointed not being able to use the HIA
  22. For me it is not about being pragmatic or fit or how much luggage I want to bring it is my extravagance that I would do regardless of those various criteria. Just like others like shows, drinking, eating fine meals, this is mine.
  23. Completely understand but it never takes 2 hours to get from the airport to the hotel unless I request a city overview tour to get my bearings.
  24. People have different desires. None of this is a need nor is any of cruising an exercise in frugal behaviors. I only object to items when they impose a hindrance to me. And that is why I like the fee for service or menu of options - those that others want they can pay for and though my fare may subsidize their choices I am not forced to pay for it in full. As examples: One I object to is the “included shore excursions “. I have taken those and they are generally 2 hour bus tours of little value except as a shuttle, Uber would have been cheaper. Another example is included alcohol, if you don’t drink that has no value yet it is included in the fare. On the other hand I do pay for a few extravagances like private transfers, I would never haul my luggage through a train station yet others find adventure in that and even brag about it. 🤷‍♀️
  25. I am Mrs. Digital and he is Mr. Analog. I checked out the video and my next flight is Delta so I will be signing up. Thanks for the info
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