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  1. We booked Virgin premium economy Newark - Heathrow last October through Cunard. The Cunard agent was able to reserve seats at the time of original booking, She gave me the Virgin booking code and I was able to look up and verify the booking on the Virgin website as well as check in online in the normal manner. I'm assuming much of this must be dependent on the individual airline, not Cunard policy.
  2. Bermuda with the ability to dock in Hamilton and or St. George's would be an ideal deployment, but the season is wrong.
  3. Thanks for the time and effort posting this fabulous travelogue. We will be sailing 14 days around the Horn next February on Coral Princess and your photos and notes have given us lots of insight and much to look forward to.
  4. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to market a couple ships as adult only, P&O does this successfully. Also I believe the amount and location of kid facilities on ships routinely running longer exotic itineraries and therefore few if any children could be repurposed to better use.
  5. I observed far more open seats on KONINGSDAM in the Lido at normal mealtimes than on most other ships. Also more plentiful and available outdoor seating on both levels overlooking the midship pool which is where we ate most breakfasts and lunches.
  6. To answer the question - the jurisdiction would be the flag state - the Netherlands - hardly a flag of convenience like Liberia or Vanuatu.
  7. I’m in the business and never felt I was getting a particularly weak drink, frequently just the opposite as some have stated. Keep in mind that watering down bottles or putting cheap liquor in a high end bottle is not only unethical but highly illegal in most jurisdictions. Not worth taking the risk.
  8. We were on the October 18th Westbound last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Something unique in passenger ship entertainment. Take the opportunity if you can.
  9. Hank - try KONINGSDAM or NS with Rolling Stone and a lively Billboard. Join in the sea of white haired old rockers having a fabulous time SRO for the 11:30pm show. Yes, HAL has taken the entertainment in a new direction and it was extremely well received from what I observed a couple weeks ago by a mixed 45-75 age demographic.
  10. Any speculation on a release date or what ship(s) may be doing the cruises around Cape Horn for 2021?
  11. Other than the private YC area, are any amenities included on the island specifically for YC passengers?
  12. What is the food menu and how is service handled? Thanks for any info.
  13. I greatly prefer the varied and talented options of Music Walk to yet another tired “Salute to Broadway” or similar that I enjoyed forty years ago but have endured for the last twenty.
  14. Unfortunately compensation is usually minimal. Princess offered me a whopping $15 when a 2020 Europe cruise I was booked on was cancelled!
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