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  1. Although older and with less bells and whistles, the Gem class is much better suited (actually designed for, along with Dawn) for winter service out of NYC due to higher speed and greater stability to deal with heavy weather.
  2. I have taken these in the past and they are a good way to spend the day if you have a late flight. That said, getting off the ship in PEV and going to MIA you will need to be sure your flight is sufficiently late within their drop off parameters vs FLL. A FLL drop may also give you more time on the actual tour. I prefer FLL as it’s smaller and less complex than MIA.
  3. Columbus, under the temporary name Colus, was beached in Alang earlier this week, the end to a long and varied career and the last link to the illustrious Sitmar.
  4. I’m interested in Infinity for Antarctica in 2023, fine if they eventually substitute another ship but wouldn’t want to lose the itinerary.
  5. Celestyal Olympia will now resume operations alongside Crystal as a result of strong bookings. I understand they want to start out with smaller ships but still seems a bit odd to leave their “new” acquisition Experience remain in layup.
  6. Here is a photo my late father took of President Roosevelt getting ready to sail from Pt. Everglades on one of these World Cruises. The Australis ex-America is in the background also calling on a RTW itinerary. We were visiting the old Queen Elizabeth that was briefly a tourist attraction there. The start of my interest in ocean liners and cruising.
  7. Agree with cruisestitch, no guests regardless of fee has been a long standing prohibition in Blu.
  8. What do you suppose “contact free” service in the MDR consists of?
  9. Enjoyed a Bermuda cruise from New York in the late 80’s.
  10. Celestyal’s official reasoning for returning Crystal to service is that they wanted to start out with a smaller ship. They say to test their protocols, etc. but I’m sure they also want to tailor the capacity and operating costs to less demand initially.
  11. Considering the warped metal and so forth seen in the closeups, I wonder if MSC will opt to repair the ship or send her to Aliaga instead? Under normal conditions undoubtedly would be salvageable but with COVID the thought process might be different.
  12. I would be interested, for the scenery, lighthouses and such, but sadly as an American am not welcome at this time.
  13. Nice ship, sailed on it twice. You will not notice the slight increase in passengers compared say to Equinox unless you are in Aqua Class. Blu is more crowded with deuces only inches apart and sometimes longer waits.
  14. As you state, not looking good. Sadly this was the inevitable outcome, a bit too old to find a trading buyer, some, but not enough balcony cabins to be marketable, and her newer ex-sisters have already been sold for scrap. Hopefully Seajets will use the profits to maintain the rest of their second hand fleet until an operating plan be developed.
  15. The majority of minis on Coral Princess are covered, not at all like Grand class where very few are.
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