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  1. Certainly a step in the right direction. Now just put a classical duo on each ship and we’ll be good to go…
  2. Where I live in New Jersey there were passing clouds but I think they added some interest to the photos. Maximum coverage here was 85%. Looking forward to clear skies and totality in Iceland for 2026.
  3. We were on this cruise January 20th aboard C. Eclipse and it was full. These itineraries are very popular due to the very short season which is dictated by weather in the Antarctic region as well as penguins in Falklands and Argentina returning to sea by March. Highly recommend this itinerary if you get a chance to go.
  4. That’s what I was afraid of, will keep closely monitoring reports before I make final payment decisions on these. Thanks.
  5. So in the current scheme of things, would Rotterdam 12 nights Panama and 13 nights Westerdam transpacific to Tokyo be considered worthy of upgraded food or entertainment offerings? Or not of sufficient duration to get anything beyond the 7 day base level described here?
  6. I think the talking issue is best determined if the performance is truly designed to be background music such as in an atrium vs whether it is intended to be a show in a dedicated lounge. The difficulty with Explorers Lounge is the proximity of the open corridor leading to the MDR.
  7. Take a 15 minute cab from Curacao port to Blue Bay. Beautiful beach with small entry fee that includes chairs and umbrella. Food and bar onsite. Ask the driver to take a three minute diversion to see the nearby pond loaded with flamingoes. Arrange your pickup time with the same cab.
  8. Yes that was the cruise, 3 nights to Nassau. Here is Leonardo dockside in the Bahamas.
  9. It’s not just Alaska but frequently Europe as well. If you watch the fares closely it’s possible to get a comparable cabin on Cunard for considerably less than Princess, Celebrity, and Holland America. To me that’s an opportunity not to be missed.
  10. It makes no sense that Cunard discontinued mailing out luggage tags when they continue to print and send a personalized booklet a few weeks before sailing. It’s somewhat useless and is quickly looked over and thrown away whereas the tags would be quite helpful.
  11. QM2 will be overnighting in Reykjavik on her eclipse itinerary so I expect Cunard may offer tailored experiences both aboard and ashore. In Iceland totality will be considerably earlier at 5:45 (1745) in the afternoon.
  12. I think picking the right ship and itinerary on Carnival will yield a more traditional result, not the rough clientele and drunken party experience that some of their shorter cruises are infamous for. Thanks for the report and glad you enjoyed.
  13. I truly don’t understand how or why having some sort of classical music is that difficult for HAL to provide. Celebrity, Princess, and Cunard all offer it, if it was cost prohibitive they would not.
  14. I believe it will be some time before Cunard release any more specific details of these eclipse sailings. It appears the intent currently is to be tied up in the respective ports during the event. I would expect some eclipse related programming and speakers, distribution of eclipse viewing cardboard glasses to those who need them, possibly a themed event of some sort. They may also tailor some excursions specific for the eclipse and optimal viewing. Beyond any of that not sure what else could be offered, the primary thing is that they are taking you as close as possible to totality.
  15. Victoria you are correct, I meant the latter with its iconic steeple.
  16. I think a great photo op location would be at the ancient lighthouse there. Unobstructed for close ups of the eclipse and some very interesting wider views working the tower into the shot. I’m going to try something similar with the Reykjavik cathedral.
  17. I hope this can be expanded to include most, if not all, itineraries. Or that at least HAL will make clear exactly what sailings will include classical music up front, not keep your fingers crossed and wait till you get onboard…..
  18. We sailed T/A in Deck 13 Club cabin in 2018 and had no movement issues of concern even when the outer decks were closed off for a while in rough seas.
  19. Agreed John, I thought that complimentary lunch and dinner for a fee was always the Golden Lion plan.
  20. I think whipsnade is correct, these films come from an outside service much the same as background music played in hotels on endlessly repeating tracks.
  21. Yes I showed the check in agent, no issues other than using the temporary terminal in Buenos Aires, and we were still aboard and completed safety check in prior to the lunch opening.
  22. Several ports in California are legislating against cruise visits. Most of last years Eclipse sailings out of CA were selling at $400 base fare for 7 days. Most other departure ports can command significantly higher fares. I’m sure these were some of the factors Celebrity considered.
  23. For Eclipse sailing on January 20th we had a 12:30 boarding time. A couple days before sailing we received an email stating that we were invited to arrive anytime after 10:30 in order to be able to enjoy the Concierge lunch. We did so and were aboard well ahead of the dining room opening.
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