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  1. Very nice well balanced review. Glad you enjoyed. Your kids are fortunate to be able to travel :).
  2. Bret- I wonder if you have any insider comment about MSC giving themselves wiggle room for the Nov 9th opening date? “I think there is a lot of excitement,” Muskat said. “We’re very anxious to see the finished product. No different from building a house or a ship. We’re cautious of the timeline and opening on November 9th” Full article here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lonelyplanet.com/amp/news/2019/07/15/msc-cruises-eco-friendly-marine-reserve/
  3. Thank you for our reply. The Westerdam Itinerary spends 4 days scenic cruising in Antarctica which I believe is the same as last January's Zandam itinerary so we should be similar.
  4. I'm confused with the changes to guest lecturers on HAL. I'm also curious about the entertainment on the longer Antarctica cruise. We realize things change, but based on your experience, what is your best guess? 1) Are we likely to have specific guest lecturer(s) on the 20 day Antarctica itinerary? 2) Will HAL staff the full music entertainment? There are more 'scenic cruising' days on this itinerary than we have ever experienced (I believe 8 days). As such, we are likely going to want full entertainment normally staffed on Westerdam: BB King/Dueling Pianos/Etc... Is it likely they will staff this itinerary with the same entertainment they would a shorter cruise? TIA :)
  5. Nice price~! For those of us from the US that equates to approximately $53 pp/pd. Should note that the November 3 Mergviglia is a 5 night cruise (I'm not sure if Jossie is quoting the 5 night trip). From the US, the 5 nighter is still showing as $649 rack (plus tax and minus discounts from MSC and TA). I suspect that will drop. Armonia is still dropping for this fall. 7 night inside is now $259 plus tax inside. An Armonia balcony is $499 pp plus tax. Remember, these are standard rack rates. You can expect another 5-10% discount from MSC if you have voyager, etc..; plus 10% rebate of cruise cost from most agencies, plus agency loyalties, etc... Cheaper than eating at home! Even Seaside is reducing nicely for fall fairs. Looks like 7 nights various dates in October and November can be had for (plus tax and minus any discounts you negotiate): $359 inside $499 oceanview $599 balcony One of the things I most look forward to in retirement is being able to take advantage of these shoulder season rates.
  6. It is in the link I provided just below Sidari.
  7. Here is a link to the full article where MSC has added some caution around opening on the November 9th date. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/07/15/msc-cruises-eco-friendly-marine-reserve/
  8. By "booked" do you mean you have paid a non-refundable deposit already?
  9. The good news is that it has been suggested many times (to those who follow this forum) that everyone should be cautious about a November 9th opening. If it happens, bonus. But no one can say they were completely blindsided if the island is postponed once again.
  10. I should have been more specific. My apologies. We are considering a 'cruise by' with HAL Westerdam or the Coral Princess. We realize it's only a drive by, but that is all we are willing to spend at this time. Both are the same itinerary westbound or eastbound and both include 4 days 'scenic' cruising in Antarctica. Hal adds a few more ports in Chili and it appears they add more in terms of Chili Glaciers. We would add 4-5 days pre cruise and post cruise in both Santiago and Buenos Aries regardless of direction. HAL: 20 days: (Same Eastbound and Westbound). Coral Princess 16 Days: (Same eastbound and westbound) Thank you for any input.
  11. What's 'best' and what we are willing to pay are two entirely different things ;-). My question remains: Is there a preferred direction for Antarctica cruises? Buenos Aries to Santiago or Santiago to Buenos Aries? Why?
  12. Something tells me that will go over like a lead balloon.
  13. For what it’s worth, I came down with the cruise crud June 20th On Allure of the seas. No fever, just terrible cough. I just went to dr (24 days later) because i was stubborn and wanted to let my body heal itself. You were smart to seek attention immediately which is what I’ll do next time. 30 plus cruises and that’s my first bout. Ps- I was taking E-emergency religiously, not sure if air born would have been better. Dr said this years “crud” is tough.
  14. Is there a preferred direction for Antarctica cruises? Buenos Aries to Santiago or Santiago to Buenos Aries? Why? My thinking is Eastbound ~Santiago to Buenos Aries because the 'best' is at the end of the trip (Antarctica and Stanley). However; the timing is better for westbound Buenos Aries to Santiago. Wondering if I'm missing something. What is your preferred direction?
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