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  1. Cirque-du-soleil filed for bankruptcy. Not sure how it will effect MSC. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/29/business/cirque-du-soleil-bankruptcy/index.html
  2. This video was put out by cruiseadmiral. This is the same guy that bestowed the title "HEADWAY SHIP" to the Seaside and then proceeded to tout this prestigious award over several message boards when in truth, he made the title "Headway Ship" up entirely on his own as clickbait to his youtube channel. He presents as if he is some authority. Truth is most of us have way more experience cruising than he does. He may mean well, but I give this poster zero credibility. Reader beware.
  3. Everyone agrees on this point, which begs the question...... what other recommendations from the CDC are 'stupid'??
  4. I can totally relate to this. Last night I saw a 7 day bella balcony on MSC seaside selling for $199 pp January 10th. Last thing I want to do is deal with MSC customer service, but it's getting tempting to put down the $49 deposit and be ready to just write that off. If I thought ships would be sailing prior to final payment I'd do it, but I think all lines are playing the "final payment is due just before I cancel your cruise" game and I don't want money tied up in FCC as I believe those are going to start coming with lots of restrictions and I prefer as much freedom as possible.
  5. Just to be clear (or add more mud to the conversation), across the USA, not all covid patients were sent to nursing homes because the hospitals were overwhelmed. Unfortunately, Michigan sent many patients to nursing homes and we were never close to a 'threat of collapse'. In fact, we had 2,000 field hospital beds that stayed entirely empty. One field hospital was built for 1,100 patients and saw 16 patients. That's not a typo, 16 total patients. Our governor is still sending covid positive patients to nursing homes and paying nursing homes a bonus $5,000.00 to accept them. Families have not been allowed to visit since March 19th. BIL has had one google meet visit with his mom on mothers day. He said it likely won't be until late fall until he can see her in person. These are our most vulnerable population and they are being held with no advocacy. Even hospice care is prohibited from entry. It's absolutely criminal imo.
  6. This is factually incorrect. Not all cruise lines use the same operators. While it is true that most cruise lines offer similar excursions; example almost all cruise lines will offer a catamaran ride to snorkeling in St. Thomas; they will not be using the same boats and may/may not be using the same operator to run the boat.
  7. One of the things that MSC gets dinged on pretty consistently is lack of organization and communication. This carries into excursions. I would not recommend a ship excursion for the purpose of avoiding cattle-herding. I think you be more likely to experience this with a ship excursion.
  8. Rumor mill has some of the other mainstream players cancelling everything through December 1st also. IF (a big if) there are fall cruises, it's going to be a very few test runs IMO. I place our South America January cruise at a 5% chance of sailing. The question now is which lines have the resources to stay in cold lay up the longest 😞
  9. I can see it Dexddd. Fun video, thanks for sharing!
  10. Costa is looking at start up in Med also: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23090-costa-readying-two-ships-to-start-med-cruising.html
  11. Update June 14. Nothing has changed since I posted above. My credit card company still shows the dispute as pending. The amount of my cruise is still temporarily credited to my account. I think I am going to have to wait and see if the charge clears at the end of this billing cycle (July 4th) per the MSC message I posted above. This is a very odd way to handle a refund.
  12. And Hawaii is taking an even stronger stance. According to Hawaii's Department of Business, economics, and tourism, Hawaii won't allow cruise ships until late 2021. That isn't written in law yet, but just two weeks after that announcement several cruise lines cancelled sailings into Hawaii well into 2021. At this point Hawaii anyone entering Hawaii must self quarantine for 14 days. Much like the CDC, it doesn't seem Hawaii is even discussing cruise ship reentry yet. South America is really struggling also. We had a 47 day trip planned through South American for January with 20 on a HAL ship. HAL hasn't cancelled yet, but I suspect it will. This is a very informational article about the state of SA for those interested in a more global view: https://www.universalweather.com/blog/coronavirus-covid-19-impact-on-business-aviation-in-central-and-south-america/ It looks like Europe is going to be the first to open, but even then August 1st seems very optimistic to me, given what is happening globally. If Europe opens first, MSC will be very well positioned. Of course, the next question is, if Europe opens how are they going to handle American's flying in? Will American's have to 14 day quarantine or just show a negative Covid test. It's mid June and I'm still not allowed to get a haircut here in Michigan. Although they said they will open the barber shops next week. Get this, no blow drying allowed and if you are getting color they want you to leave and sit in your car while the color processes. We have lost our minds.
  13. I'm pretty sure you meant "I just hope that the "dirt cheap cruising" will NOT cause the cruise experience to be cheapened":). You must have ordered the same auto correction version as I have. I swear my auto correct changes entire sentences I write. If I could fire him I would. But in all seriousness, I do expect that the industry will change and expect that some of the experience will be cheapened. It's been the trend since I started cruising (1987), and these are unprecedentedly challenging times economically. I just read that even Hurtigruten Cruises needed to secure a hefty loan at high interest rates, and they are largely a working cruise line. All speculation of course, but I think cruising post Covid will prove to be much different than cruising was last February. Sure the public has a short memory, but finances will drive the decision making and the interest rates on some of the loans that cruise lines have secured are telling. I am also really skeptical about the CDC involvement in the cruising industry. It's one thing to let the market drive decision making. It's entirely different when the government gets involved :(.
  14. I agree. I would never accept a FCC from any cruise line. There are going to be lots of stipulations placed on those FCC's and I'm a proponent of having control over my finances. I asked for my refund back in cash (still waiting, although making progress) and will use that cash to pick up something last minute once the Girls get back in motion. I don't expect it will be soon 😞
  15. @MrMike45 For those that can book last minute, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. I fully expect last minute dirt cheap cruising will be had once ships start sailing.
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