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  1. I fear the Westerdam situation will be made a movie one day. Let me see if I can recap: 1. Westerdam made a stop Hong Kong late January. Because of this, they were refused entry to Vietnam, Japan, Guam (few others) 2. The cruise ended up being an extended cruise to no where as no countries would allow debarkation. 3.During this cruise to no-where time, there was NO quarantine on the ship. Everyone went about their business as usual. 4. No one reported any sickness on Westerdam 5. Eventually, Cambodia accepted the Westerdam passengers. They were bused to near airport where Malaysia Air was chartered to transport them to Malaysia to get on connecting flights home. 6. A passenger left Westerdam, boarded the bus, boarded the plane to Malaysia and THEN tested positive. Meaning, it is likely she was positive during her time on WEsterdam without quarantine. 7. Malaysia air immediately halted all charters of passengers leaving 5-6 busloads of Westerdam guests stranded in Cambodia airport. 8. HAL moved the passengers in the Cambodia airport to a hotel where they could spend the night while waiting for confirmation that the sick lady in #6 was in fact NCoV. 9. The lady in #6 test has been confirmed. She does have NCov 10. Those in the hotel in Cambodia are being asked to remain in their rooms until they can be tested. In the meantime, a few hundred guests remain on the Westerdam (didn't have time to remove them before the sick patient stopped the debarkation process). Those first off Westerdam were able to make their connections out of Malaysia. Some are in the Netherlands. (and who knows where else). Some passengers are stuck in Malaysia. Some in Cambodia, and some still on the ship. In theory, everyone on the ship has been exposed.
  2. The TA doesn't surprise me at all, those are low demand, rarely full, and heavily discounted. But the 15+5 on a holiday sailing, now that is something!
  3. CruisinCrow: The above is my understanding as well. In the case of the Anthem, the tests needed to be run in Atlanta, so transporting from NJ to Atlanta is the reason it took so long. With that said, there is a lot of conflicting reports and I do not think that reporters are being cautious enough with the words they choose. Example: Some reporters said that passengers from Westerdam were screened before departing (to me this means thermal scan). Other reporters are saying Westerdam passengers were tested (to me this means actually tested for NCoV). It's confusing for me. Others might understand the difference between testing and screening perfectly well.
  4. Exactly! But ours was in a plastic box. It was dark chocolate that had white spots, like chocolate gets when it's old. This was on Divina and not one of the ships with Venchi, so it is likely those chocolate ships are better quality. Ours was, well, yucky :(. Sid: the 5+15% is an excellent perk. I had no idea they would offer 5+15% for a holiday sailing. The ship must not have been selling well. Do you recall if that was just for Aurora? I can see where MSC would need to discount Aurura more now that they have have watered down the Aurora benefits. Maybe I should ring MSC..... but the though actually makes my head hurt lol
  5. The way I'm understanding this (and someone please chime in if I have it wrong)..... The test for NCoV is not accurate and there is an extended dormant period. So, someone could have the virus, but test negative day 1, 2, 3.....14 and then test positive on day 15. I've also read some are hypothesizing that the incubation period may be as much as 21 days. Alan (a table mate of David Abels), tested positive (no symptoms) and was removed from Diamond Princess and put in a Japanese hospital. He then tested negative (twice). The third test came back positive again. This has been going on for 10 days or so (don't quote me on exact timing). He is still without symptoms. The American woman removed from Westerdam tested 'negative' in Cambodia (although I'm not sure if it was an actual test for CoV or just a thermal scan), got on the plane, flew from Cambodia to Malaysia and then tested positive. Since the westerdam has not been under quarantine, no one knows the ramifications just yet. One might suspect they are far reaching.
  6. Just catching up a bit: Diamond Princess numbers are over 200. US is sending planes to gather the US passengers. Flying to Texas where passengers will begin another 14 day quarantine. They aren't happy about the extended quarantine. David Abel has been tested, awaiting results. Is reaching out the Virgin Air's Richard Branson for assistance. Westerdam: Not good. Finally docked in Cambodia. Were given the clear. Unloaded passengers and took them directly to airport where Passengers were being flown by Malaysia air out of Cambodia. Apparently one US woman tested positive once in Malaysia. eMalaysia air stopped all operations for the Westerdam guests, many are still in Cambodia airport. Sorry this paragraph is vague, news is still breaking. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/malaysia-says-american-from-cruise-ship-docked-in-cambodia-tests-positive-for Many more cancellations across most cruise lines are being reported NCL was trying to make the Jade's trek back across the pond revenue generating but eventually cancelled. Ironically, cruise lines are cancelling entire itineraries due to a single stop in Singapore, but according to Cruisingfox27 (above), MSC is still calling at Singapore. Today's numbers are 66,000+ with 218 'others'. The others are those on Diamond Princess. Rumor has it these stats are not up to date as 234 is being reported. I think it gets updated in the AM for the Chinese time zone which puts it half a day behing here. PS: I have LOST flashbacks everytime I post about the 'others'.
  7. I've never understood the hype for msc status match/voyager club. MSC took away my points, and my status match, and I'm not even attempting to get either fixed for my next cruise in April. Not worth the headache of dealing with customer service. The only benefit I would find appealing is the 5% and MSC is kind enough to give me 10% for being a civil servant, so that has no value to me personally. The 5% plus 10% cruises seem to be those less desirable so I'm not likely to ever use that perk. The OBC would be nice if I sailed MSC enough to build to the higher levels. I could care a less about a fruit basket. The welcome back cocktail wasn't to my liking (champaign and fruit juice?). The chocolate ship was disgusting (old, white, powdered). I'm not much for a tasting menu. I received a robe my very first msc cruise (fantastica) just by asking. The priority line for embarkation was much longer than the no status line. What am I missing? Convince me to call MSC to get this sorted out :)
  8. Does anyone know why the huge jump in numbers last night? I've been swamped and haven't been able to keep up with verifying sources in the news.
  9. Does anyone know why the huge jump in numbers last night? I've been swamped and haven't been able to keep up with verifying sources in the news.
  10. Thank you so much!! I hate it when I don't share accurate information and appreciate you :). Looks like I am going to have a lot of reading to do tonight, I haven't even watched David's facebook from yesterday!! Getting ready to officially retire is a lot of work today hahaha
  11. I did a quick search for today's stats. The "OTHER" category is everyone on Diamond Princess. It looks like yesterday's update has it at 135, but this site gets updated at weird times, so I"m not sure if that is yesterday's stats (yesterday in Japan).
  12. @Cruisincrow @Bobal: I haven't had time to catch up on today's events, but Westerdam plus 6 ships were at sea over the weekend. I believe Seabourn had two but don't quote me. Also, World Cruises, etc... I think that World Dream (that is a ship) was given the go to debark yesterday, but I don't remember where, I'm behind in today's news especially because things happen in the Asian time zone. Not positive on the 200 number, like I said, haven't had time yet today. How about you two put those thumbs to work and update us here please, I won't be able to catch up until late tonight šŸ™‚
  13. No issues with food or fuel for any of the ships involved as countries are more than willing to sell fuel and food to the ships. They are allowed to dock, refuel, re-food, just no one can debark. šŸ™‚ BTW: Westerdam (and several others that are floating without a debarkation port) is not in quarantine so those passengers are free to use the ship as normal. Just a whole bunch of sea days. The only ship in quarantine is Diamond Princess and last I heard the numbers of those who have been confirmed with coronavirus is over 200 šŸ˜ž
  14. @EMc&DrSI think you will very much enjoy the Divina. I am curious if you enjoy her more than Meraviglia. Certainly the reviews for Divina are much more consistent. We loved Divina YC and thought one pool was worth the price of admission. Thank you for looking up Ocean Cay Spa for me! Any information is most greatly appreciated šŸ™‚
  15. @MJCThank you so much! This is a great start. None of us mind walking and the island isn't that big (we just did an 8 mile loop on Friday night as part of my hiking club). It's nice to have the option of a tram though, because I do not like walking/carrying a bunch of stuff in the stifling heat. @EMc&DrS looks like you will be there before us. We are a group of 8 ladies. I suspect we will hang out most entirely on the adult beach. At least we will start there. I love open air massages too! I'm counting on you to get some great pictures and share your opinion because we don't arrive until April šŸ™‚
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