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  1. I can not imagine that MSC won't offer a cheap wine with the easy package. I believe currently there is one white and one red offered (and perhaps a blush?). The package covers up to $6.00, so if you can find any wines listed on current drink menus priced at $6 or below it will be covered. Note that if the wine is above $6 (if only by 50 cents) at say, $6.50, you will pay the entire $6.50. There is no pro-rating.
  2. These are wonderful photos! I dismissed mera because her passenger/space ratio is so poor, but these photos have encouraged me to take another look. The one pool area with all the shade looks perfect for me. In some ways, this YC area looks better designed than some of the other builds. Thank you for sharing.
  3. I think you are a great candidate to sail MSC again. Keeping expectations aligned with price paid is key to enjoying this cruise line. You may need to try a few different dishes to find something you like, but that's something easy to do. One thing you may want to note is how limiting the easy package is when compared to other drink packages. Think basic beer, wine, rum/coke, vodka/tonic, with a few mixes tossed in. The easy package works for me, but doesn't work for some of my friends. I've seen prices for February as low as $299 pp on both Seaside and Mera. That's hard to beat in prime the winter sailing months. Enjoy!
  4. Boundforsea: These have been really great contributions!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do them. I hope this message finds you safely back in Miami. Thanks again :)
  5. That's another great point. Compared to other cruise islands it could certainly classified as over-the-top (my reference point was to caribbean resorts so I do stand corrected).
  6. $449 for YC if pre-booked, not sure how much if you book on the island. I've seen two prices posted for non-yc. $349 and $379. I'm not sure if those prices are pre-booking vs post booking or an error. The umbrella's are $10 pre booked and $12 on the island. Of course, all subject to change at this point.
  7. I believe chairs are complementary everywhere, but Umbrella's are charged everywhere. More info forthcoming.
  8. Thanks, I have the map, but I'm having difficulty getting an accurate perspective. Thanks for all the photos!!!
  9. And Armonia tomorrow if I'm not mistaken. In just a few weeks we should have all the video we can handle.
  10. I suppose it's just a difference of perspective. Ocean House does look lovely inside.
  11. I was referring to "trustmenurse' because she was currently on the ship (with you), in the YC area (with you). So, technically I was listening to passengers currently on the ship :). But I'll 'pull up the reigns' šŸ˜‰
  12. I'm trying to get my bearings. Is the red circle the YC area?
  13. The junkaroo parade videos look super fun and the dancing on the beach party looked a hoot. We've stayed several times at the the Rui Palace in PC and they have a parade every Thursday that is almost identical theme. Super fun!! This island has lots of potential for certain!
  14. There is a great video of the inside posted on FB but those links won't play here and I can't find it on youtube just yet. Here is a still from one of the video's posted. It's lovely inside for sure. PS: I just noticed you got on Allure the day we disembarked. Small world.
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