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  1. Not sure if this link has been posted yet.. https://beyondcruise.com/news/new-activities-revealed-ocean-cay-msc-marine-reserve?fbclid=IwAR0m3bsgf7Q0xyoxML9WqFp1B_Hpuj2DPI9ef2DHf8P_xjQ65gLXWy1jRho Pedalo rentals look interesting and I'd positively do the glow night time stand up paddle-boarding if Ocean Cay wasn't so close to Bimini. I'm not that great at paddle-boarding in fresh water lakes and add nightime/sharks/my lack of skill and I'll pass. Ceclo Luxury Electric Pedalo Rentals – Explore or simply slowly drift for hours in the tranquillity of the beautiful Bahamian waters on the newest invention on the market, the Ceclo – the luxury yacht of pedal boats, with electric assistance ready for all your adventures and made of recycled champagne cork, wood, and aluminium. Glow Night-time Stand-Up Paddle Boarding – Discover the marine life after dark and enjoy a calm evening paddle under a starry sky with a specially equipped stand-up paddleboard, fitted with LED illumination that allows guests to glide on a beam of light across the calm waters of The Bahamas.
  2. Condolences for your loss- glad to read MSc stepped up to the plate
  3. I totally agree- imo- msc is making some great decisions with ocean cay.
  4. Lovely video, thanks for sharing!!
  5. The article sounds fantastic! Of course we could all predict that the opening would be soft. Even if every single physical thing were ready, it's still a brand new island with brand new staff. This is exactly why I propose soft opening language out of the gate. Soft opening covers lots of basis and it's less deceptive. No one with any experience books a brand new ship without the expectation of a 'soft opening'. Same is true with an island. The problem is that lots of people with no experience could be blind sided.
  6. This is exactly why I think MSC should have said "soft opening November 9th" from the beginning and given the people fair warning that the island may not be 100% complete. I am always a fan of information for the consumer and error on that side. We own a company, and error on the side of giving the consumer too much information each and every time. Our customers appreciate our candor and our company reviews are significantly better than MSC's. ;-). Since opening an island will always have a brief period of 'figuring things out', stating soft opening from the beginning gives MSC infinite room for error and covers their bases. Of course, savvy travelers already knew to expect a soft opening, but certainly inexperienced travelers could have been informed in a more timely fashion so they can make the best personal decision.
  7. Me too!! I've been super interested in this island for several years!
  8. That is a miracle :). Let us know if it reverts back to the incorrect spelling. That was happening several years ago. Changes would be made and then the system would reboot to earlier version. Just letting you know to keep an eye out. Hopefully that issue has been resolved.
  9. I think MSC should have listed the opening as a 'soft opening' for the last few years BEFORE people booked, instead of adding it right now after people have paid in full, but I'm much harder on MSC as a corporation than you are :).
  10. If they just put the ticker up that is very positive news. Has everyone seen the interview with the Bahama Press? I believe it was done 4 days ago. MSC referred to the November date as a 'soft opening'. That is the first I've heard that term being used.
  11. That is a big change. I believe merg was using pier 88 in nyc. We used that pier for ncl Breakaway and it was a mess then too. The building isn’t big enough to hold the crowds and once the line wraps into Manhattan streets it gets ugly. Hopefully they will have worked out the kinks for next sailing. I’m sure beam and cf will let us know :).
  12. Thanks- i don’t remember seeing it. I’ll dig through your posts and try to find the article, but I rarely pay much attention to corporate speech.
  13. Yeah!!! I think you might get extremely fortunate and hit fall colors. They change later along the coast. I’m rooting for you!!
  14. Sorry for any confusion . I don’t mean on the balcony- I mean a tub in the bathroom instead of a shower.
  15. I’ve read some fantastical and Bella balcony cabins have tubs on seaside. How do I identify? Is there a key I’m missing somewhere?
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