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  1. I’m in Maui right now (staying here until April). I can’t see Hawaii opening up to cruises Until long after Florida gets sailing. The restrictions here are five times what they are in Florida. Not to mention, Each island has different requirements for entry. Kauai is still requiring 14 day quarantine and Maui just tightened up requirement to enter to Inclide a mandatory tracking app, no gathering more than 5, stores at 30% max, all restaurants close by 10, etc...I anticipate a very long wait for those wanting to cruise Hawaii. I hope I’m wrong, but I also hate to see people get their hopes up
  2. Sorry: Grandeur and Rhapsody are in BVI not USVI
  3. ME TOO! I will admit openly that I have zero brand loyalty. Each brand brings something to the table. The promenade on the Breakaway (and +) category is a spectacular use of space. And then there is the brew house for hubby. I've sailed YC and regular balcony on MSC and find them to be the absolute best value in the industry. RCL Quantum class offers really unique entertainment options (I could I fly all day) and 270 is my favorite venue space at sea. PS: Since Quantum and Anthem are the same class of ship, I believe you might have meant to say you enjoy Quantum and Oasis class? I
  4. Just for clarification: I don't believe MSC has any ships sailing in the Europe at this time. They had to cancel all the Magnifica and Grandiosa sailings several weeks ago. I think the Grandiosa is scheduled to restart again at the end of January, but as we all know, that is never a given when it comes to Government. On a side note: There was also very low customer demand for those Europe sailings and I think low customer demand will be what ultimately sink the ships (ridiculously stupid pun). Of course, I hope I didn't imply that the brand would be elimina
  5. It's just a matter of time folks. Writing has been on the wall since May. The fun speculation now is who will acquire/merge? My money is on RCL, but MSC is not to be ignored. They do operate the largest shipping company in the world and since they aren't publicly traded who truly knows how much cash is in the cow. I know this is a forum filled with NCL fans and I'm not dissin on NCL, as this is just basic economics. They are the smallest fish in the pond. The music stopped and and it is highly unlikely there are enough chairs to go around. Like everything, time will tell.
  6. I would second this suggestion as the one thing everyone does together!! SUPER easy to do (you literally dock right next to the train station). It's a beautiful trip and I think everyone will like it (except maybe small kids, bring some things for them like you would on a plane). With that size group you can take over an entire car! Also, not sure how ambitious you are, but with that size group I would think you would be able to put together something truly unique for your group in any of the ports. Best to you, sounds like an amazing family/friend adventure!
  7. You and me both. Wait until some of these cruise lines file for bankruptcy protection and the FCC's become worthless (a scenario, which, to me has always seemed inevitable). This forum will be on fire. To the OP, I am sorry for your loss. It's a tough lesson learned. I do hope you wonderful travels whenever they may resume.
  8. I don't think it's stupid at all!! I commend you. There really isn't anything to lose financially and I think many people cherish family time much more then they did pre-covid. I would want to know what would happen if I found a better promo between now and final payment? We both know that 3rd and 4th isn't really 'free' so if they offered a promo that doesn't include 3/4, but benefited me financially, I'd want to be able to cancel him then and reprice. It seems to me you should be able to, but I'd personally want to double check. My mother and I traveled extensively
  9. I did this tour in 2010 and if it hasn't changed at all since then I would say it is 'worth it' IF you book direct. Ketchikan is such a tourist trap, but it is a fun stop none-the-less. We did a walk down creek street and then onto the park in the morning and did the Crab fishing in the afternoon. A Highlight for us was not the crab but the Eagles. They stopped the boat and fed the eagles. They were catching the fish thrown mid-air. I have some amazing photos. My 'only' issue is that feeding eagles isn't exactly 'natural' and I have a suspicion that the actual 'catch' is staged (they start w
  10. How wonderful!!! Our Africa cruise is scheduled to end in Dubai and we are staying on 3 nights. Anything you highly recommend? Soak up every ray you can. Safe travels :)
  11. I just want to point out that HAL, Princess, and and Carnival are all the same company operate under CCL umbrella. CCL also owns costa, seabourn, aida, P&O, and cunard. So CCL, Hal, and Princess cancelling is one company desicion. You probably already knew all this, but just for clarification :)
  12. Amen to that! I hope you are feeling better Happy :(*.
  13. You are asking for opinions so I'll share mine. I believe it will the fall of 2021 before cruising resumes in the USA with any degree of regularity. They may get the test cruises sailing before then, but we have a long way to go yet. The CDC 'return to sail' order should have been renamed "you aren't sailing anytime soon' order. I hope I'm wrong, but I'd have a back up for a May trip.
  14. Excellent news Beam! We should start to get an idea of how the vaccine will play into cruising by the end of September when you need to make a decision. @DCGuy64 hope you and your wife are doing well!
  15. I disagree. I believe that Hawaii will be the last to open in the USA. In addition, You are only partially correct about entry requirements. While it is true that you only need a negative test w/in 72 hours to land in Oahu (which most cruise passengers would be doing), each island has different requirements and limitations once on the island. Example, you must quarantine for 10 days to enter Kauai OR stay at a newly approved resort bubble for 3 days until you can take a second negative test (in addition to the test you took to enter the islands). On Maui, you currently
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