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  1. The chai tea in the Tamarind is really good
  2. A grand usually has specialized menus featuring regional cuisine, an enhanced enrichment program, better entertainment and much of it featuring artists from the region even having movies produced or about the region visiting. They usually pick experienced crew who have demonstrated a superior service level. There are usually special gifts multiple times during the cruise. There are usually special cultural ambassadors onboard teaching about the region. Some of the features do not live up to what they should be including lecturers who have no special knowledge and are merely plagiarizing. Also often the regional food is not all that great. I personally would only choose the grand if it were the only availability for a voyage. I do find the new legendary series which are only slightly higher per diem worth paying for as they do have some special enrichment, entertainment and food. Either grand or legendary you do get the chocolates more often, so there is that . I can afford my own chocolate 😉
  3. That’s ok. I assumed it might be the source of his confusion so I mentioned it as a possible option he might enjoy
  4. But the OP is on a Pinnacle class ship and club orange may be the source of his confusion
  5. I agree, my home blend has a lot of nuts - also hard to find on ship and perfect for hiking but you do need to check Import restrictions . Some countries ban their import even if in a sealed package
  6. Hi @sparks1093 I appreciate your review. I have not sailed Carnival for 20 years but am getting ready to book a transatlantic on the Mardi Gras. Is there a “Welcome to Carnival” thread on these boards. I read through the Carnival FAQs on their web page it was hoping to read through a simple newbie thread. Any suggestions? Or should I just start my own thread - seems redundant
  7. There is also Club Orange which if purchased has a separate dining room and a few specialty menu items.
  8. One of our forum regulars recommended them under skirts for flights since they have pockets - I like that idea. I think they would be fine , I would compare it to a shape underwear rather than as a slip.
  9. Surge protectors. A coffee pot or other heat plate. A fan - the cruise ship likely has some by request. Check your destinations for prohibited items and prohibited drugs. Toilet paper - cruise ships need special toilet paper. Flushable wipes - they aren’t flushable anywhere. I do bring snacks after an 8 hour flight where food was expected yet never arrived. Lesson learned. I also bring my own trail mix for hiking.
  10. I think the loyal fans need to exercise a little wisdom and figure this out. I will not abandon HAL’s long exotic itineraries but I look elsewhere for short getaways (not always a cruise) and common mass market sailings (not that common for me). I sail with two people who are HAL all the time and often I think we could do better for the location and itinerary. I finally convinced my cohorts to accompany me on a special sailing of a mega ship.
  11. PS if you fill out the form you will be presented with a menu for the next evening’s meal and can choose your courses ethics will then be prepared accordingly
  12. Have your TA call and request a table for two with either early or late fixed dining. If you had no TA you can call and set this up. Also be sure to fill out the special needs form. HAL is very good dealing with dietary needs if they are informed
  13. @Mum2Mercurythat is a lot of work as my with Hazel toner cloths are as cheap as baby wipes😉 and don’t have any moisturizing residue that you might have with baby wipes.
  14. If you wait until the very last minute to pay for a cruise you alleviate all of these issues. I do not pay a bill until it is due. I assume 60 days out I have visibility and I am willing to lose a little money. I live differently than most people so I would not expect others to do as I do. Hey, I went 30 years with no health insurance and sleep well every night.
  15. That is what I do. The. I pay with Aarp gift cards to a comfortable level. All other spending is AARP gift cards. That’s what you do when money is inflating, find ways to save and pay as late as possible because dollars are less valuable with each passing day. Buy with the cheapest dollars you can
  16. Hey are paying down as fast as they can and good for them, they could behave like Washington and buy more junk instead but that doesn’t alter the terms of the debt as to you buying big deposits we keep telling you to buy FCDs then you never have a large sums of money with the cruise line. I never pay more than $600 deposit for both of us
  17. https://x.com/TPWDnews/status/1791476191137783861
  18. I think they have locked in their rates.
  19. I hope everyone is ok and I am sorry you needed to cancel. I hope things ease up and you are able to fulfill your travel desires.
  20. Exactly, the letter indicated the problem originated in Seattle. The problem is it should have been caught , it was after all a 50+ day cruise. There should have been abundant time to contact Seattle and discuss the options and let the passengers know.
  21. It was clear that prices were going to go up everywhere so we bought cruises for 2 years out to lock in the old rates. Now I have a twofold strategy, I either buy when it is first published to take advantage of the early booking bonus and the early Mariner bonus or I wait until it is close to sailing and try to get a last minute deal. Worse than the cruise fares are the international airfares.
  22. Thank you so much. My DH tried the Ruben twice and said never again. He also tried the pretzel (New Jersey guy) he said never again but I agree with your other food choices though I think the Canaletto has gone down. My new favorite is the Pinnacle lunch. I was happy to see your comments about your room 1146, we chose room 1154 just 3 or 4 doors down. We were originally 3 but dear sis cannot make it. We have a habit of picking long cruises with few rooms housing more than 2 so HAL said we can keep the family room (so far) One overlooked aspect in our online discussions of HAL is their commitment to religious services. I am glad you detailed that aspect.
  23. We will have to compare notes. I loved the NStatendam, I still don’t like the K and I will be sailing the R in September. On my K journey we did have a classical music trio performing often and I found these musicians far superior to the run of the mill LCS musicians. We also had a fantastic concert pianist on stage. He was the very first performer I have ever made a point of thanking heartily for his performance. He was old school, loved sailing and came direct to HAL by his own efforts not through a talent agency.
  24. For most countries and certainly for domestic problem it is not an issue but there are countries who are very particular. As travelers we find it simpler to follow the strictest guidelines instead of not and finding out the hard way. And yes, I review our few medications periodically to be sure they are not on some country’s not allowed list.
  25. I so agree @maggiev the small luxuries are so worth it. Unless I have a favorite hotel in a town I click that button on my Manage my cruise page. My TA has gotten wise and now books it when she books the cruise and asks me later😉. Of course I can cancel later
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