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  1. It seems to be ship dependent.Some ships ask, some don’t , twice is always available . This started back in 2019. I prefer once a day but I get twice no matter how I respond.
  2. @TheMichael I understand your POV but I think HAL has set a bifurcated course. If you sail their grands or new “legendary voyages” which do cost more per diem you will get much of the old standards of food, service and entertainment . Their other sailings with a few exceptions (Antartica journey spring to mind) you are going to get very main stream mass market. Why not? In popular markets they are charging the same as Carnival or Norwegian on their 7-10 day sailings. The only differentiation are the slight cultural differences you see between mass markets. They can use that market to pay the bills and expand their reach. When I was in business I had 3 streams of revenue and each was treated differently according to service needs and profit. It was the profitable method, it allows quick nimble moves as when the market changes. The business is already playing in different fields and doesn’t need to invent a program for each new trend. PS. The savvy consumer figures out where to buy.
  3. @TheMichael I absolutely agree that discerning travelers are waiting. We have done most of my husband’s list which we bought at great rates months if not years ago. Besides our hot weather getaways we are watching and waiting. Road travel has already slowed down and that is our direction while we wait it out.
  4. Knowing it is May does clarify. The traditional inside passage season does start in late April.
  5. It is not clear to me when this occurrence took place but I agree it is not currents but sea ice could be an issue(?)
  6. I was wondering if HAL was proposing to build a Starship Rotterdam 😉
  7. Same on the Koningsdam but the instructions were not clear. The cruise director never did announce nor publish the second location and only those who got the message by word of mouth used the priority system. Some spent a lot of time in line only to be sent to the “special area”
  8. Maybe the guide did not follow the rules It is a fairly recent rule and I can understand the confusion. I wonder if this was ever noted in port talks or daily programs
  9. 🤷‍♀️ but is spans the entire bow
  10. Call Holland your self but don’t expect results at a late date. What I would do is tell the TA to book either (both nice hotels and very close to port) then have the TA gift you a professional airport transport. She owes you The Pan PAC provides luggage service with reservation and likely the Fairmont does also
  11. 5 is quieter. 4 is above all of the venues even the venues 2 floors down can be heard (muffled). I looked at your position on 4 and it looks fairly quiet. Last week I had my niece move up to 5 to insure a quiet ride. I have stayed on 5 also - extremely quiet. In your case I would still go for the largest room and if balcony is important then consider that also. I only take the balcony on the pinnacles because I don’t like the first floor and the insides are extremely tiny (with a few exceptions)
  12. 24 hours though beverage service, shore excursions have hours. I often stay on the 10th floor (same floor) and from experience: on scenic cruising days it starts to fill around 7:30 and is usually full thereafter until either sunset or scenic cruising is completed. On other days it ebbs and flows all day
  13. @leerathje when I look at cabins and there is no noise issue I always pick the one with the largest size in its category rather than moving to another category. On the a pinnacle class ship larger is better. I was in an obstructed view on the Koningsdam and had to look over the lifeboat but could still see a full panorama even seated
  14. I guess they want you in bed early😂
  15. People forget some of those ports are National Parks ; as much as Yellowstone and Yosemite are tourist traps I guess the ports are too.
  16. We still enjoy our outings or excursions but used to be first off, last on the ship. Now we set a more leisurely pace. I realize now it is not a once in a lifetime opportunity and that I can come back and stay a while if I like it. He recently made me take a beach type cruise and I was back on the ship for lunch most days only leaving the ship for an evening stroll prior to sail away
  17. A scarf is nice too. We rarely wear coats at home and quite often get down into the Fahrenheit teens. The only caveat is rain and it does rain in Alaska.
  18. Then that is incredibly early. Most cruises early HH is at or after trivia. Where are you sailing
  19. What problem did they have that they couldn’t resolve.
  20. Well you must also pick a US airline to get the coverage. If not and you fly overseas you are on your own. But again what were they trying to accomplish.
  21. Does it coincide with Trivia?
  22. I have seen a lot of different happy hour pricing schemes recently like they are testing the waters. I am still a big fan of BOGO even though I only drink Diet Coke.
  23. Those canned productions bore me to tears but they have avid supporters. People tell me they love 💗 them 🤷‍♀️. I don’t get it, I could watch a YouTube video or read a book. I like the lectures of old where people had hands on experience and special knowledge
  24. I understand about upgrades and optional tasks but if a flight is substantially changed or cancelled on a booked ticket you have the same consumer rights as anyone else. You go to the counter and get rerouted on their dime. Or you accept or decline the change, if you decline you are then given options At No Additional Cost.
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