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  1. A lot of changes made were likely a long time coming and the startup provided cover to make the changes. Of course some people are rattled by change so it is hard to rely on reviews anymore. The biggest issue I had was the unseasoned crew but that is working out as the new hires are gaining experience. The lines used the time also to try to redefine themselves. And that isn’t over. Finally the consumer is being a bit exuberant about travel. I think it is too early to say who is doing it well. For the consumer it is a good time to investigate other options outside of your normal favorites.
  2. Some cruise lines will provide you with one.
  3. Same here. I thought being two floors up was enough - it was not. I will only sail 5 and up on the Pinnacle class though I am trying one on 1 this fall which does not get noise complaints. Some one said a while back that noise on these ships travels up not down, I hope that is true
  4. I don’t know about your particular medication but for one prescription the doctors increased DH’s daily dosage from one pill to two so now when he gets his 90 day supply we get 180 pills
  5. I would think also, correct me if I am wrong, the Carnival demographic is younger attracting more families and even more grandparents with grandchildren. That means triple and quadruple occupancy which is more expensive and more available. I would not consider Oceania or Windstar suitable for a family with young children. Yes of course I know some of you do go on adult cruises with children but it is the exception and not comparable to Carnival and RCCL child passenger numbers
  6. That is a better experience for everyone
  7. The tour guides could also provide that info, they writ the description . Not all areas are on Alltrails (I am a big fan).
  8. Fares are always higher on new ships but what people are probably remarking about some of the upper “neighborhoods “. They have refined the tiered neighborhood concept.
  9. There are basically two models and they are very different. One is people seeking a resort at sea, a destination itself. Gamblers and family vacationers could be lumped into this group but some may also drift into the second group. The second group are travelers seeking a mode of transportation. There are different levels of experiences for each type though the resort at sea ships seem to have settled on one ship, different levels of experience.
  10. If it is going where I plan to travel it is on my list to consider. The only major consideration I have is financial solvency as I would like the ship I am on to have fuel and food. The major lines are all financially stable, perhaps in debt but stable and well financed.
  11. Then I have been places where there are so many walking tours in progress you can’t avoid being with one for part of the day.
  12. Thank you for the review. We will once again be on the Volendam in New England and the Maritimes in late July. I have sailed many places but the Boston to Montreal sailing is my absolute favorite. I could repeat it every year. I am so glad you and your mother had a delightful time, it is always good to hear your opinion.
  13. With Starlink it is a different , elevated experience but there will be spots that are a problem. We had some slowness but it never lasted very long.
  14. Thanks for all of your help. We had some family problems and then a tornado but we did finally book the Mardi Gras Friday. It’s over a year away and I have lots to learn. The other couple sailing with us is very excited also.
  15. I wouldn’t rule out parents leaving their children. Minor is 17 and that isn’t much different from 18 but legally they are oceans apart. There have been recent reports of people abandoning their children at home to cruise. But I wonder what the legal implications are. The ship couldn’t sail, would they turn over the child to local authorities or what?
  16. I was in 4061, obstructed view and there were nights when we could hear the thumping of bass from BBKings. When I was given the room I thought I was safe and turned down an upgrade. I should have taken the upgrade
  17. I recently read an astute observation that might explain a lot of the deals in this program. Quite simply most cruise lines pulled ships out of much of the eastern med and repositioned them to a North America due to the hostilities in the Middle East. There was an unexpected large increase of capacity.
  18. Legal eagles, what would have happened differently if the son was a minor? The ship couldn’t have left, could it? Transporting minors across international borders without parental permission is not legal. What would happen? Just curious
  19. Not all of Europe has the same customs. I agree with @VMax1700particularly in northern and Western Europe but the further south and east you go I have found tips more welcome. Nothing as lavish as Americans require but still small tokens of appreciation
  20. You can call😁. I do if I wasn’t all that thrilled with my own cabin selection. I have one right now that when I booked we were a threesome so I grabbed a family cabin. Now we are only two so I am watching carefully
  21. Is it a 24 day cruise or a B2B? If it is a 24 day cruise I wouldn’t be concerned about the 3/4 cabin bump. If you are solo the Pinnacle ships do have super efficient cabin designs and with only one I would think you would be comfortable. I like high and deck 7 has cabins above, below and on the sides which is great for quiet. I think you will be fine in there. If you are nervous about the bump for a larger cabin, take the J and wait for the upsell emails
  22. If you liked the K you will really like the two newer ships where all of the layout design flaws were fixed. I do not like the K but the NS is a favorite
  23. HAL is already testing alternative fuels in Norway https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/us/news/2024/May/news-050224-holland-america-line-begins-biofuel-tests
  24. Even though the music venues are two floors down if you are above them you will hear them some nights. Can you get one on 5
  25. Yes, each person gets 5 a month
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