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  1. If you need more gift cards open another member account. As I recall I was offered a buy one get one when I bought my membership. My spouse’s account cost nothing more
  2. I think you could do a solo Djupivogur walking tour on you own😉
  3. If it is with it 60 days of booking and prior to final payment you can transfer it to a TA if you have one. There is a form for that. Otherwise put up with the consultant one more time and cancel.
  4. I have done independent in the morning and an excursion in the afternoon. I have always noted the time of the afternoon departure and just shown up with time to buy it on the pier (or wherever you can find a Shorex person). HAL is usually pretty good about the times posted but things happen
  5. I didn’t say this was working. Typical of their software solutions it is ridiculously bug ridden.
  6. They certainly are using something. Maybe someone onboard now could ask for you
  7. The only time I booked two years out was 2020-2021. It was clear to me that inflation was going to be an issue so I locked in as many cruises as I could as far out as I could. Now unless it is a special itinerary which I buy when it is published, I purchase at my convenience or wait until I receive a truly discounted offer
  8. It is as stated above based on one’s skills and fitness. They could state more information such as grade, surface and steps, it really isn’t that hard since they rely on the tour operators for write ups. I can walk for many miles up elevations so strenuous is usually a cake walk for me but I am not skilled on bikes so a moderate bike ride might be difficult. Again, they should require more info from the guide services
  9. We will see what happens to Viking's model once they go public and have Wall Street bankers to please
  10. Unless solo I would never sail in a Pinnacle class tiny inside again. There are two or three handicapped insides that are larger but if you are not handicapped you may be unceremoniously bumped
  11. According to news reports other cruise lines are having similar overbooking issues. I have to wonder if it is not some new piece of slick software created by the geniuses of the cruise line IT departments causing the issues. You know, because they are so on top of technology 😁
  12. I have shared my HAL confirmation on this forum to demonstrate some nuance. However I am careful to redact personal information. It is not always bragging but I think in this case it likely was.
  13. If you book through a TA you must go through the TA to cancel and that TA might have special procedures. If you book through the line you can easily cancel.
  14. I like HAL because my personal preference is to very quiet spaces. However I think Princess would be a more similar experience to RCL. Both Princess and HAL have long experience in Alaska, both own lodges (Princess has more) and both HAL and Princess have more passes to Glacier Bay than most other cruise lines, yes cruise lines must have a park pass to sail into Glacier Bay. For a once in a lifetime experience I would do the Cruisetour option
  15. Y’all must be cold blooded. I always ask for extra blankets to add to the layers , they always accommodate.
  16. Definitely so. Redact any info before posting a document. Obviously someone wanted her cabin!
  17. The difference being is the realtor knows they likely will never do business with you again. A good TA knows she will see you again and may be able to groom you to accept higher costs for better amenities. My TA gifted me a private driver for transfers 15 years ago and now we are hooked. She did a few other things that enhanced her commission and also enhanced our experience. One person might call it devilish yet another person might call it educating the consumer.
  18. They mentioned Mariner perks as a possible incentive
  19. Likewise there is no reason to belittle those who click and go. I often buy packages with the cruise line that others are dismissive about. Hey, I am retired, saved a tidy nest egg and just plain lazy - it works for me.
  20. I tried to use two PCCs assigned to me and never received a single response. Not even a peep. On a casino deal the man taking my order said he could be my contact but he was not knowledgeable. I will hang on to my agent until she fully retires then book on my own.
  21. I only use a travel agent because it is my sister’s agency and I have an exceptional agent but I only use them for leisure travel with cruises and tours. I booked my own business travel for 30 years by phone first then the internet. I was exceedingly picky about my business travel. I continue to manage all of my road trips
  22. I replied that the website is appalling and difficult. They had questions as to what would entice a person to consider booking on their own. Of the multiple selections given I said better website, being able to more easily pay, advanced bundling and incentives. Incentives were one of the survey allowed responses. Importantly the question was about willingness to book on the website without any assistance during the booking process. It was most definitely not about using their PCC option
  23. I quote myself only because almost immediately after I wrote this I received a new survey from HAL. It seems HAL is asking this very question and quite a few questions about how to make it easier for me to book my cruises directly on the website with no assistance
  24. One important thing to note is you will usually be best served by booking onboard and booking early then you get the booking early for the Mariner bonus, getting the refundable deposit and the extra OBC and getting the experience about the ships. Then you can send it where you want - TA or PCC
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