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  1. I called right at 8am EST and got thru - however, after the initial pickup, there was a message that said something to due to amount of calls, call back, but then muzak came on and I went into "the que" and waited just a few minutes. I was crying as I cancelled the trip I was soooo looking forward to.
  2. Reporting my experience today - cancelled May 15 cruise with Delta flights thru flight ease - I got our cruise fare minus $300 but was charged about $400 for the air cancellation BUT that was added to my amount for a FCC with the cruise line so no "hanging" monies with Delta. I'm fine with $700 FCC.
  3. Sadly we are now considering cancelling our cruise - just wondering about getting a representative on the phone. Those of you that have called, did you have to wait long? Thanks!
  4. Our cruise is in mid-May - so if I want the FCC and some $$$ - I have to cancel before March 31st? I can't wait until closer to departure time?
  5. Well we live in Atl so we fly Delta - last summer we cancelled a flight from Atl to Zurich and were charged $300pp change / cancellation fee and given a voucher for a future flight to be taken with in a year for the rest of the cost - I believe it was noted a "non-refundable" ticket. So we got no $$$ back but did use the voucher for a different destination later that fall. But in this time of chaos, you might have better luck.
  6. It might depend on where you booked to, what type of ticket, thru the airline or Flight Ease?
  7. Yes I booked with HAL directly - maybe will show up later - not going to try to call them at this point!🤣
  8. We booked our May cruise long ago and plan / hope to go. It is my understanding that if we sail, we will get an additional OBC? I viewed my payment tab and saw only an earlier OBC noted - anyone seeing their amount adjusted to reflect the current "stay on board" incentive or am I misunderstanding that older booking would also be getting an additonal credit?
  9. The refunded monies include the Flight Ease $$$$ too?
  10. uh-oh.....so if HAL does embark in Venice which is in the Level 4 Do not Travel region? but maybe not in the "lockdown" area, would my travel health insurance then be void? That's not working for me.😔
  11. Isn't Venice in the Veneto region? Thank you so much for posting the link! Oh maybe the key phrase is "lockdown areas within" - I guess only some cities / areas in Lombardy and Veneto are locked down?
  12. We are booked on a cruise (and hope to go) that embarks in Venice mid May. However HAL has a notice (sorry, I can't link) that cruisers cannot board (thru May 31st) if they have traveled (or been in contact with individuals) from China, South Korea, Iran, Lombardy and Veneto within the 14 previous days. At least that is how I read it. So how can we fly into Venice and board our ship????? Am I mis-understanding something? Maybe someone could post a link to the notice for me, I'll try but my computer skills are sad. But I think I am correct in reasoning that it would seem no way the ship can sail fom Venice / embark passengers there? Thoughts?
  13. I find the email confusing - we are past final payment about 60 days until departure - so would we get some $$$$ and some FCC if we cancel?
  14. OK trying to digest this - are REFUNDS being offered? or the opportunity to move the date of your cruise / FCC? Skimmed both the Princess and Carnival information and it did not seem to indicate that monies would be returned. We are past final payment on our May 15th cruise.
  15. Yes, we did use Flight Ease and do assume at some point they will be in contact but again, it would seem to me, if at this point I will not be flying into Venice, they would let me know where I will, or might! be going. I am booked at this point to arrive two days early, so I'll have to change my hotel plans.
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