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  1. I'm new to this (repositioning cruises). Is the way to find about them to make a new posting? Or is there a way to do an actual search of those that fit thec riteria I mentioned in the title of this post? I understand one has to book quite early, even up to 2 years in advance!
  2. I'm surely Sydney wouldn't be bad at all; I was probably exaggerating my lack of interest. At least it would be similar enough to N. America so that I would have an easy time of "navigating" in and from the airport, etc. You're certainly in my neck of the woods (Lynnwood, can't be closer than that to Seattle), and it's clear to you as well as me now that you can't really get from Seattle to anywhere but Alaska on a cruise line. The ones you're doing aren't repositioning cruises, are they?
  3. Thanks, shipgeeks. I didn't know there was such a section! I wanted to join the Coast guard when I was 25. 'Maybe now at 66 I can make up for all the time I wanted to spend near or on the seas.
  4. Thanks again for sharing this information. I didn't realize one needed to book so far in advance and that prices could skyrocket in such a short period of time. I'm going shortly to Europe in a couple of weeks, so I will leave this one on the back burner until I return.
  5. >> Royal Caribbean Ovation of the seas does 2 a year, April and September and it has solo cabins. 10 nights Vancouver to Honolulu, 2nd leg 18 nights Honolulu to Sydney, does the reverse trip in April. Thanks for the information. It's not that easy finding information as one can lost in Google searches and/or assume one has come to a dead end when one really hasn't. I'm just going to wrap my head around going up to Vancouver, which I haven't been to in probably at least 40 years. Also winding up in Sydney, which I really don't have much interest in seeing. Actually
  6. I live in Seattle but all the cruises leave for Alaska. I would like to do a trans-Pacific Ocean cruise. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on cruises lines that leave from San Francisco and go to a place like Singapore or Bangkok, etc.?
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