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  1. Thanks for all replies, Our TA is obliging and did the cancellation but does not understand the claim process. Also once Princess sees there is a TA involved they wash their hands of it. Our friends will call the plan administrator number shown in the brochure you refer to.
  2. My primary question is do our companions, canceling for a non covered reason, have to deal with AON.
  3. We recently had to cancel a trip for medical reasons and I am pursuing a claim with AON, so far so good. Our travelling companions cancelled too, rather than travel alone. Since they also have Princess Platinum insurance I assume they will get full credit towards a future cruise. So my question, how do they initiate this claim ? Do they have to go through AON or directly to Princess. Incidentally, since we used a travel agent Princess does not want to be involved. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. I finally added up what we have paid minus Princess automatic Credit and that equals the 'Total Cancellation Fee' on Princess Notification. So I am making a claim for the latter amount. I think I got wrapped around the axle trying to figure out what Princess was crediting ?; was there an EZ Air cancellation fee ?; should I get an airline refund for the difference ? Thanks again for all help.
  5. THanks again - I'll keep checking for refund to credit card.
  6. Astro was Airfare involved ? Princess statement to shows 'Air Add ons' which I now take to be airline cancellation fee and so I wonder if the airfare ia refunded automatically. Wonder if EZ Air affects this. I see a couple of 800 numbers so will make further enquiries on Monday.
  7. OK Thanks, I just see a Future Cruise Credit, so nothing regarding the cancelled cruise. As mentioned before I am assembling insurance claim, but wondered if Princess might initiate CFAR.
  8. Where on Princess site can I check the status of any credit applied to my account ? I am just gathering paperwork, Dr. agreement etc to file a claim, but as someone said, our fellow travellers CAF should automatically trigger a credit to their account. Busy week with Dr visits etc and so I am just getting organized. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the inputs - time for paper, pen and calculator for me 🙂
  10. We are two couples scheduled on R/T New York Sep 28 - Oct 5. We all have Princess Platinum Insurance. I have developed a problem with kidney stone; surgery to insert stent to drain kidney ; 7 Days infusion of antibiotic, then surgery Oct 1 to remove stone. Both couples cancelled the cruise on Sep 16.We have begun paperwork for insurance claim. We received Cancellation Notice from Princess forwarded by TA. which shows, per person: Fare Information Cancellation Fees I am confused by 'Air Fare' in first column and 'Air Add-on' in second column. I assume my claim should be for $2,683.61 per person. Princess automatically credited my Visa with $14.95 which was excess over OBC for excursion and $664.88 I assume is for Taxes, Fees for DW and self. I called Princess 800 but it was not very helpful. Separate but related, our companions decided not to travel without us and opted for Cancel for Any Reason. I believe they get credit to another cruise for two years. What do they do to initiate this process.
  11. No I hope things will be quiet at that time and trust that Princess would cancel or divert if there were problems. Just wonder how the Caribbean is faring.
  12. TORONTO (AP) — Dorian arrived on Canada's Atlantic coast Saturday with heavy rain and powerful winds, toppling a construction crane in Halifax and knocking out power for more than 300,000 people a day after the storm wreaked havoc on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Residents of Nova Scotia braced for heavy rainfall and potential flooding along the coast, as officials in Halifax urged people to secure heavy objects that might become projectiles. Businesses were encouraged to close early.
  13. Excellent - just what I wondered about, thank you !
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