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  1. I had the same experience with Chrome on Windows 10 until I cleared Cache etc. for Last 4 Weeks, under the Advanced button - has been solid since. My prior clearing of Cache must only have been for most recent events. See if you browser settings allows you to clear for a longer period. Edit: I just tried again to make sure login etc. was fine but got Pricing Unavailable when trying a booking. Page Refresh brought prices up OK.
  2. On my Travel Summary it says at the top of that section 'Celebrations and Pre Paid Gratuities Shown Below'. Then it lists 2 Bottles of wine, OBC, PBP etc. all with their cost. Made me think they were not recorded as Paid, then I saw the comment at the top and that Perks from prior booking were all listed in the same way.
  3. Thanks never would have got that one !
  4. Our palettes are not sophisticated enough to appreciate such expensive wine 🙂 Rombauer is a stretch but OK if we can use voucher against it - maybe two bottles ! PBP takes care of everything else. Oh what does ETA mean ?
  5. Must say again, but for Cruise Critic I would not know about Add On to Prior booking and no need to re-fare. This is such a new feature for Princess, I wonder why they do not mention it in their BSE announcement. I would have re-fared and it would be a good option, however add on and keep prior perks is much better 🙂
  6. Actually, now that I think about it, DW likes Rombauer Chardonnay $55 on Vines list so might not need two vouchers - unless I am forgetting gratuity ???
  7. We have two $32 wine vouchers perk for upcoming cruise, we also have PBP so vouchers are only useful for a more expensive wine not covered by PBP. Can we use a voucher and pay the difference for a more expensive wine? Another poster mentioned applying both vouchers against one more expensive bottle of wine. Can this be done ?
  8. What browser are you using ? Initially I had problems with Chrome and Edge - Windows 10. Then on 11th when BSE was announced Edge always worked. Chrome was intermittent, I cleared cookies and it work then later would not work. A poster above told me to clear data for past 4 weeks and since then Chrome has been fine.
  9. Thanks for a great explanation - I do enjoy going through all the permutations and must develop a spreadsheet as you say.
  10. Great that fixed it, I went back 4 weeks. Did not realize that was an option. It took a loooong time to clear all that data :-)
  11. Sorry I can't find your original link and I had deleted some of what you said so I forget your original point 😞 I was strongly thinking of buying PBP for me at $700 and DW would spend $250 with Cocktail before dinner, one glass of wine with dinner and a bottle of water each day on 10 day cruise. So $600 for 2*PBP and 2*Grat is an easy decision. We booked under Anniversary before Cyber was added, but we have $150 OBC and 2*Specialty Dinner, which we kept via add ons. I do follow your math, but could you get a better deal by re-faring to BSE ?
  12. IMHO The list of prior cruises is just a quick reference for TA for a customer who asks TA "What option do I have". Makes it easier for TA to suggest perks not covered by prior booking. I believe the codes below can be applied to any prior booking - with limits.
  13. Yes but if he booked Basic Fare today and came back next week for add on, then that would be an existing booking 🙂 I am sure Princess means Prior to BES offer.
  14. Got it, thanks. Must admit I did a quick calculation of re-fare. Price went up and we lost $210 in prior perks. Question, if we re-fared would we have to redo EZ Air ? Because that also went up $200.
  15. What a great question - I think the answer is 'No', that add ons are only for prior booking. However are you saying, book basic fare and come back later with add on? That is intriguing.
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