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  1. Two questions: 1. Does FCD always give a discount on cruise fare or only on long cruises. I thought it was just Reduced Deposit and OBC. 2. Regarding segmenting a cruise. Does this only work if Princess shows the segments as separate cruises ? e.g. 18 day Sydney to SFO with a stop in Hawaii. Can I book the segment from Sydney to Hawaii even though that is not shown as a cruise ? Similarly this cruise is also shown as 23 Day from Auckland, if Princess does not have a Sydney to Auckland, then could that be segmented ?
  2. What is the reason for this ? Does it relate to BSE ?
  3. I saw an article that said survivors of Spanish flu showed T Cells 90 years later.
  4. When Could the United States Reach Herd Immunity? It’s Complicated. - The New York Times (nytimes.com) NYT article summarizing possibilities, current trend and also if we ramp up vaccinations to 3 million per day. The latter could see Herd Immunity by April / May. They also mention the curve ball of mutations.
  5. In a hotel, ship or someone's home for an overnight I always sleep closest to the door. DW on the other side - I am the Protector 🙂 Now I sometimes have trouble when we cross a street, to make sure my Sword Arm is free !
  6. Got it, thanks. I think my previous instance might have been a promo. I thought it was standard procedure.
  7. Yes I signed in and also put Captains Club number in. Did not appreciate it was a promotion. Often Princess has a discount for past passengers. Thanks for info.
  8. I have a related question. We have only cruised once on X but on a test booking some months ago I did see a discount when I entered Captain's Circle number. Yesterday there was no discount when I did a test booking. Is this discount dependent on which cruise / date ? Separate question, a Poster from Southampton UK mentioned Military Discount - is this just US Military ? Princess recognizes UK military as well
  9. Also note, sometimes a browser completes an address with address used previously and that address can link to an incorrect page. The extended portion is shown in Blue. If you press Delete the suggested extension is removed.
  10. OK thanks, but previously I thought O was 1800 or so, similar to some of HAL smaller ships, when people refer to 'Small Ship'.
  11. Thank you all, it did not occur to me that there are classes within Verandah etc. I thought Verandah was a class. Interesting too that Website prices are different from Brochure prices. Brochure is lower for President's Day. I must confess I only just realized how small these ships are 640 passengers !
  12. Have never sailed O but get a brochure almost everyday. Interested in a Sep 2021 NY - NY cruise, academic now since Canada will not open up. But two questions for future consideration, please. Brochure says '4 Category Upgrade' but brochure only shows Verandah and Oceanview. Verandah has Concierge and Verandah at Sale price Verandah is $1150 more than Verandah - what is the difference ? BTW 'Was' price shows Concierge at just $200 more.
  13. We have been looking at Sydney to SFO and Sydney to LA - April 2022 - they are shown on Princess website ????
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