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  1. Best of luck to you, however, I would not be too unhappy with the new location. For me the Oceanview is to have daylight versus an inside cabin. I don't think you will spend much time with the 'View'. Especially in Alaska, viewing is best done on deck.
  2. @TheMichael are you suggesting that a person can see available dining times via the App and so should have no need to walk up? I don't think the App is accurate enough to allow that. Often there is little selection at certain times but no-shows and other diners finishing early means there are empty tables. I also think you would need to scroll through ding rooms separately, which is a pain. I have seen Host suggesting another dining room that has availability, easier than scrolling through App for Tiem and Dining room.
  3. Thanks for your question and all the answers. I was wondering about this, have not done a river cruise yet, Funny that you mention flying economy. I am always tempted but Business class is significantly more than Economy and I feel I can handle the latter.
  4. We used Overlord and joined other couples for a Private tour, this might be an option of regularly scheduled tours are full.
  5. There are posts on both sides of this discussion, though the majority feel it is too loud. I would say that if you are in the Theater, you should not expect to be able to converse; Crooners is borderline and I accept that the piano player is there to entertain, but you should be able to converse in a bar; other areas in the Piazza, unrelated to the event, Alfredo's, Sushi restaurant etc. should NOT be drowned out by other events!
  6. And, if you have a Wi Fi plan, you can enable Wi Fi calling in Airplane Mode and still make calls without charge.
  7. We did a private tour of Highlands with Avril's Travels, out of Invergordon, nice small company. Avrils Travels | Highlands.
  8. On the Regal they had Draft Heineken in the Crown Grill bar,
  9. I have noticed several times that the map is different to the itinerary, always go with the latter. There is a current California Coastal from LA, first stop is Santa Barbara, map shows San DIego.
  10. Interesting that no one has mentioned hurricanes. That was always a concern for me because cruises are during hurricane season. Most cruisers say the ships can avoid them and so we went Oct 2022. Hurricane Fiona hugged the coast, we missed Bar Harbor, soaked in Boston, Halifax limited by downed trees, missed St John - an OK cruise but disappointing.
  11. Agree with you, I was disappointed not to get a buzzer, hence my comment.
  12. Once we went to buy FCD on last day and the rep pointed out we could do this using the app and showed us how. The transaction did not go through, and I did not notice until after we were home. Chatted to princes but no way to make the purchase after the cruise, they did give us OBC as a courtesy. So all ended well.
  13. Sneaky, thanks, I was looking over near International Cafe wher I think it is on Royal & Regal.
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