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  1. I know there are stickies covering these topics, but they are very long and it is hard to pore through them and get concise answers. Furthermore some posts are very old and so it is not clear what the current situation is. I see comments about multiple apps referring to Ocean Ready, Medallion and Medallion Internet. Who's on First - What's on Second. Would be nice to see a single post addressing these topics and current status.
  2. We were recently on an Alaska cruise and stopped at Tutshi Suspension bridge in Yukon - we paid in cash and received US$ in change - cashier adjusted change to match currency offered.
  3. We upgraded to iPhones - the only problem is, they sit on the kitchen counter 95% of the time πŸ™‚
  4. Thank you - we are now looking at a 3:49 departure from Laguardia - Princess suggests 1:00 as earliest time for return flight. Seems like a long time with 7:00 arrival. However they also suggest 1.15 Hours as drive time to LGA, so I suppose by the time we clear the ship, collect luggage, and allow time for TSA at airport we will not have much time to spare.
  5. Thanks for replies, if there was somewhere to store our luggage we could do some sightseeing and take a nonstop from EWR at 7:00 in the evening.
  6. Strange - maybe I am confusing posts and thought this was mine Edit - Yes, I clicked on the wrong post😞
  7. Just to clarify - I am asking about flight from Red Hook not from SFO
  8. We will fly home, to West Coast, from New York on Oct 5 after New England / Canada cruise after arriving at Redhook at 7:00 am . What is the earliest flight we could take and does it make a difference if we choose Laguardia or Newark ?
  9. We used ACT Alaska Cruise Transfer Big Red Bus - it was great. $45 direct transfer, $58 with stop at Wildlife Reserve. https://alaskacruisetransfer.com/rates/
  10. Do you recommend a car service from LGA to downtown Marriott versus the cab rank at airport ? I guess car service is a fixed price regardless of traffic etc. and driver would meet us at baggage location.
  11. Thanks for checking, and you are right - clearly the best option, I was just fascinated with the idea of the ferry πŸ™‚
  12. Lots of good input, thanks, two remaining questions. (1) If we were to us the ferry would we have a problem getting a cab from downtown Marriott to pier 11 ? Short ride. (2) we will stay in Manhattan for two days after cruise - any problem getting cab from terminal to midtown Manhattan ? BTW we would use the ferry for convenience, not to save money. It does seem a car and driver for four of us plus luggage is the best deal - I just thought the ferry could be easy and attractive.
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