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  1. I’m posting from an iPhone so I don’t know if that makes a difference. I can email it if you want to leave your email address which I can then quickly delete from here.
  2. Let me know if this works! 9696BC72-4E31-4835-AB1E-CA8377FDA992.MOV
  3. Difference between sanctuary chairs! I would say the new ones are about 1.5 to 2 inches thick and very firm where they used to be about 10-12 inches and soft
  4. I am glad that you are enjoying the new Sanctuary chairs. Hopefully you had a nice sunny day this afternoon on there! I just found that the very large difference in the padding made the chairs not as comfortable for sitting in for a long day. They are now about 1.5 to 2 inches thick and very firm, the same size as the ones used for Mutts where they used to be about 10-12 inches thick and much softer and much more comfortable. They definitely have a more updated look! Hope you and the OP enjoy the rest of your cruise and have amazing weather the rest of the time.
  5. It was billed as officer lip sync battle however ended up being guest lip sync with one done by crew. Then of course we had our host. It was a very fun night and we saw some great lip syncing. They didn't have a large turnout and it was hard to get people to sign up so I think we only saw 5 acts. I asked why the online stated it would be officer and it wasn't and they said the one downfall of the Ocean Now apps and having the patters on line is that it has to be changed 3 days prior so there wasn't time to make a correction.
  6. Yes, I had corrected that. I was told repeatedly by customer relations that there was no main dining room open and for the first time it was listed in the patter like it normally is. I did find it by walking around and had a wonderful lunch!
  7. As others have said, Niagara is currently the brand on the Caribbean Princess. It was also the brand on The Regal in January.
  8. We were very disappointed in the Sanctuary and the changes. The two sides that are out in the sun have only a few of those chairs, no tables and all planters gone. Just not an inviting area. For anyone who has spent a lot of time in the Sanctuary, you may be very disappointed in the changes.
  9. Bon Voyage! Hope you enjoy your cruise as much as we did.
  10. This was the only time we had breakfast in the MDR so we decided to enjoy the last morning. There was almost no one in there and as you said, the ship was empty. I have never found my luggage so quickly or literally walked off and cruised through immigration/customs without anyone in front of me at the 9 am time frame.
  11. As Mapu said, some cabins did not have AC others there were no issues. It was forward cabins starting on deck 5 and ended on deck 11 I believe. Some people were without for 2 days, some for the day we were in Mexico. It was finally fixed and by late at night on Thursday, they all had AC back. I met quite a few people at Crooners who didn't have it and even more on line with passengers services voicing their frustration. I think many were more annoyed at how the entire thing was being handled. By last night, all issues seemed to be fixed.
  12. Breakfast in the MDR is a slow morning. Ordered about 30 minutes ago
  13. It was hysterical. Then at one point the wig flew off as well as other things. Matt the cruise director did a spoof of the song from Dirty Dancing along with another crew member. Everyone was howling with laughter.
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