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  1. I'm moving to the florida boards so you can get some better answers. check and confirm that you indeed going to be at Terminal 2. If you download the app for port everglades you can actually see which terminal the ships will be using 30 days prior. I believe the entrance on 17th to the Port is still open so there should be no reason why you still can't walk and just go through that entrance. Hopefully someone local or has cruised very recently can confirm that.
  2. What kind of food are you thinking of for dinner? We have so many great choices here in Brickell! Also lots of fantastic happy hours.
  3. Okay, as long as the unit at Icon is located in The W Tower, it is allowed. Just checked with one of the past board members.
  4. The Conrad condos are in the same building as the Conrad hotel and share amenities. They are owned and do rent out. I know at one point the hotels was renting those owned units but now with AirBNB, they are probably allowing it. You could always call the Conrad and inquire. Luxe Icon4011 is Unit 4011 and I believe in the W Hotel tower of the Icon Towers. The Icon Towers are on the River at the end of Brickell Ave and one of the towers is also. The only reviews you will find are on the actual AirBNB page. The reason they are new is that particular unit just sold in April 2019. Obviously the owner is now renting it out as an AirBNB. The Icon has a quite a few issues over the last few years, including the pool being closed for over a year so some of the owners may do AirBNB since the rental market isn't as hot in that building currently. Just confirm with the owner that it is indeed in the W tower.
  5. Conrad is a hotel, however there are owned Condos in the Conrad that range from 1 to 3 bedrooms. It's just like the Four Seasons which has a condo side as well as the hotel!
  6. That would be Sergio's probably. Though right near by we have Latin Cafe 2000 which is on the back of the 1050 Brickell Ave building. They are more of a restaurant than Sergio's with a very nice bar and great happy hour.
  7. Caoba is actually the first of the condo buildings to open in the Miami World Center which is in downtown Miami, not Brickell. It'a It's right by the Brightline/Virgin train stop. It's a lease only building I believe, meaning there is not Condo board and the leasing office has obviously decided to lease out some units as a hotel style unit. It's close to the tri-rail stop and the Wilkie D Ferguson Metromover stop there as well as the Virgin train station in Miami. Miami world Center is going to be amazing when it's finished. It's a little quiet in the area at night so just be very aware of your surroundings. We did the bright line a few months back coming home at 11;30 PM and walked over to the Metro mover stop mentioned to get back to Brickell. Next time I will get an Uber.
  8. Fortune House is another condo/hotel here in Brickell. OB suites is located in the One Broadway Building. People bought up a bunch of condos and rent them out as hotel rooms. Or AirBnB. It's a condo building where some units are rented out by various companies, not actually a hotel. Depending on who you rent from will depend how the furniture is and the state of the condo. Personally, this would not be a place that I would stay at.
  9. One of the buildings at the Hilton Garden Inn is brand new, it used to be a smaller privately held hotel that Hilton bought. Here is the trolley information and maps. It's free and a great way to get around. https://www.miamigov.com/Services/Transportation/Get-Trolley-Information-Schedules-and-Maps What dates are you looking at in February?
  10. Unfortunately, there is not a free service that connects the beach area of Miami to downtown. There are county buses which you can take. Otherwise Uber or Lyft are very reasonable.
  11. Congrats on the upsell! That's an amazing deal.
  12. Be extremely careful here in Brickell with AirBnB as the majority of condos in high rises do not allow this. We have had instances of people getting caught and turned away without a roof over their head As a matter of fact, there is now a plaque at our lobby desks highlighting just this. Fobs are turned off, fines are given and if it's a tenant and not an owner that is doing the AirBnB the lease is terminated. If you want to give me the name of the building you are in, I can probably tell you if it's a "legal" listing. There are a couple of buildings where the documents were not drafted properly and they have issues with this exact thing.
  13. As Flymia stated, there are so many options within a short walking distance that's is hard to write them down without knowing if you want casual, fancy, Italian, sushi etc. You will have lots of options but quick service tacos, to pizza to Italian/steakhouse/fish, chain restaurants, sushi, cuban, ramen, expensive and cheap. Happy to make suggestions as I live here and eat out frequently.
  14. The Hilton Garden in is at the very end of Brickell and is quite a walk. It's actually on the corner of Brickell Ave and Rickenbacker Causeway. There is a free trolley stop right near it otherwise it's just shy of a mile walk to the first of the restaurants in Brickell. The hotel is also 1 mile to the Brickell Financial district stop of the metro mover which is the end of the Brickell line. The metro mover is the main metro mover. Are you talking about the metro rail? That's the paid rail line. There is a metro mover stop (Brickell stop) that is located at the same place as the Brickell Stop on the Metro Rail.
  15. I just renewed both mine and my husband's global entry in 2019 and they sent new cards after I requested them and without charge. OP, Terminal 2 has a global entry lane. You just have to show your card and they let you through.
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