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  1. One thing discussed in a webinar I watched yesterday for the cruise industry was each cabin having their own cleaning supplies. That would make sense so the cabin steward isn't using supplies from one cabin to the next. I will have to go back through my notes because they also discussed about how they used to clean when passengers were off the ship and out of the cabin.
  2. And that's why I've been spending so much time in Naples!! Luckily for you restaurant industry, they didn't do away with inside dining like they did here. Both yesterday and today there were protests by the restaurant industry. Today's was by the AA Arena.
  3. It’s been complicated here in Miami because the rules and guidelines have been so different depending on where you are located in the county. City of Miami has one set, Miami dade another, Miami Beach another etc. Various curfew times at different times. The city and beach had a curfew at different times when the county didn’t which is a mute point now since we have the same time across the board. Marinas were opened on the county but not the city. Our restaurants opened a bit more than a week after the county. Even the mask rules were different up until recently. I never know what the heck is going on when I cross into another area. 😂😂
  4. This area won’t look the same to many when cruises start back up. This was the nail in the coffin for many local restaurants and some are now closing for good. Many don’t have outside spaces. Perricones just finally opened in their new space after 1.4 years and are now closed again after only a couple of weeks. The new space has zero outdoor space. Mary Brickell village already has empty restaurant spaces and we will see more coming. Lawsuits have been filed to get rid of tenants at Bayside Market place for non payment of rent. Bubba Gump is one of them. There is a protest tomorrow by the AA arena in regards to the indoor Dining Closures since not all should be closed because some wouldn’t follow rules. I can say I saw the very big majority in the Brickell area totally adhering to the guidelines sets up but have seen many pictures of others not following it at all in other areas or Miami.
  5. glad to hear things are somewhat back to normal. We were starting to get back to somewhat normal here in the City of Miami with restaurants opening last Wednesday at 50% and our curfew was lifted. We also had major flooding here on Brickell that turned some areas into waterfront! Well..... that was until this weekend when all the protests and rioting started just down the street. We are back under curfew at 8 pm and hoping that tonight is quiet. It was extremely unsettling to have fires and whatnot going on within walking distance. I know many talk about Bayside when coming to Miami pre cruise. There was vandalism and looting done there Saturday. Thankfully last night was non violent here in Miami but not so much up in Fort Lauderdale. There was some damage done to storefronts along Las Olas. Some day life will fully return to normal and I just wait for that day.
  6. We have had a suite across from the lounge on the Regal and didn't find any additional noise. Actually no one was every in the lounge when we stepped in there so I guess there would be no way there could be additional noise!
  7. Yes they are. It will be another 12 days or more for them to reach Manila after that. it's been such a very long journey and hopefully our amazing crew members will be home at some point.
  8. The 10th street metro mover stop is within walking distance and yes, I would take it to Bayside Marketplace and I do all the time as I live here. When the metro mover is "moving" as it's supposed to, it's about a 15 minute ride Get off at the College Bayside stop.
  9. I can tell you by looking at my Uber app that there are no where near the cars around here as there were prior to this virus. Not sure what will happen when things pick up and open. Also FYI, Uber will now require masks for both drivers as well as all passengers starting May 18 and the front seat will no longer be allowed. Will change how many can fit into cars.
  10. Hyatt Centric in Brickell is bay facing and has balconies facing the port. You'd have to ask for a higher floor and something on the north east side would be the best.
  11. Florida governor has announced the state to reopen on Monday but not Miami Dade, broward or Palm beach counties. Parks and golf courses have opened in Miami Dade county but not in the City of Miami. No word from our city mayor as to whether or not our curfew has been lifted, however our stay at home order is still in effect.
  12. This is such good news for the crew members on their way home via the Crown and Island. http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/4/25/DFA-says-quarantined-overseas-filipinos-may-go-home.html?fbclid%3Ffbclid&fbclid=IwAR1sDh_WIe0435Jdc3FhvZF-h0tnRh_Ou1Dcdz7LgJ6Hre7wYKh86DFocOA
  13. The Renaissance on 17th also has a package where you can leave your car in the parking garage.
  14. Weather in Miami is hot, hot and hot! One day this week was record breaking temperatures with it reaching 97 degrees at MIA. Summer has arrived and way too early. Hard to really move when you are outside in this heat. We had some famous DJ, David Guetta play last week doing a fund raiser down the street at Icon/W Hotel. He managed to raise millions and it was very interesting to be able to hear everything while also watching it live stream. Interesting to note the slight lag time between what I actually heard and what live streamed.Of course some people proved to be absolute idiots and break the social distancing rules to have balcony parties. One guy got called out on it because the idiot put it all on social media. Between that and the beach pictures from Jacksonville, I would be lying if I didn't say that I worry about people's behavior when things do start to open. Lots of cruise ships still docked and hanging off shore. Without all the cruise ships and water traffic, the water is really beautiful in Biscayne Bay. Some days we can see Caribbean blue type colors. You can actually see down towards the bottom even from up high. The ocean looks amazing from the distance as well. I finally went down to our mailroom to get our mail tonight after 10 pm. Living in a high rise brings it's own issues and you have to get into the elevator and with the curfew I figured it was the perfect time to hopefully not be with other people. Miami is such a late city with things around here being open until 5 am, that it's hard to not find someone always coming and going usually. It's something to be able to go down 40 odd flights without stopping once. My ears actually popped! Please stay safe everyone.
  15. Without all the cruise ships and boats around, Biscayne Bay is extremely clear right now. You'll see a lot of marine life swimming around.
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