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  1. Host CJSKIDS

    ALL things Regal, now that she is back in the Caribbean

    Keith, could you please ask while on board if this is indeed going away in November. Let us know how you made out with your pre-purchase and refund if you get to have one.
  2. GKGKeri, thanks so much for posting all of the wine and cocktail menus.
  3. Sure enough, they did up the price of the Silverado Cab to $16 per glass. voljeep that is a big BOO!
  4. Host CJSKIDS

    ALL things Regal, now that she is back in the Caribbean

    I have read that there are almost no wines by the glass at any bar currently on the Regal, Lynzchat can you verify that?
  5. Host CJSKIDS

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    Thank you floridalover5623 for the update!
  6. Thanks for sharing. Not happy with the choice of red wine by the glass.
  7. Sounds like an amazing cruise. Thanks for sharing it all.
  8. Host CJSKIDS

    What is cruise Night Coupon Books

    That’s why I would change it, we had the Amex dinner and then suite dinner. I haven’t gotten the BOGO dinner in a coupon book yet. Has anyone seen the coupon book lately with the BOGO dinner? I wonder if they will continue that coupon for 2019 sailings.
  9. Host CJSKIDS

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I sure hope so, it’s the way it should have always been.
  10. Host CJSKIDS

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    Were the addresses changed prior to booking cruises? I’m wondering if changing the address in the Captain’s circle is enough if the address on the booking is the same.
  11. Host CJSKIDS

    ALL things Regal, now that she is back in the Caribbean

    I have emailed customer relations twice on this subject because I didn’t know if I should purchase the special prior to boarding and can’t get an answer.
  12. Host CJSKIDS

    What is cruise Night Coupon Books

    You can always ask if they will move your free suite dinner to another night, can’t hurt to ask. Once we were told no and one time they moved it for us because we didn’t want to dine out the first night.
  13. I've never seen the Doubletree so can't offer any personal information on their pool area. As for other places to potentially look, Hyatt Centric is a great new hotel in the area and they have nice pool. East Hotel has a wonderful pool and bar and restaurant with the added bonus of being directly in Brickell Citi Centre. Not sure if you have looked at the Intercontinental but they have a great pool area. They are actually often are priceline.
  14. Host CJSKIDS

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    Same with us! As you said, it was in the travel summary section.
  15. Host CJSKIDS

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    Anytime dining would work better if they wouldn’t allow MDR customers to eat in there ever and they wouldn’t take reservations. Pick one of the other but if they are going to continue to allow MDR to pick and choose what they want each night and cut crew for the anytime dining room, the problem is only going to get worse. Guess the answer will be to start picking set dining and then pick and choose what one wants.