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  1. I just got off the Sky on the 7th and they were not installed. And as said, Colo Cruiser just got off a long sailing and didn’t see them. often times, the real answer is found on here and totally contradicts what princess tells you on the phone. That’s why I get the majority of my real time answers from cruise critic members.
  2. What can I tell you, Miami reporting at it's finest!! LOL
  3. They actually shattering records. OP if you find something decently priced, grab it. https://www.thenextmiami.com/miami-hotel-room-rates-will-be-the-highest-in-history-during-super-bowl-weekend-shattering-san-francisco-record/
  4. Alexander Yepremian. I really liked him, very active and lots of fun.
  5. Here is another picture showing the hot tub. There will eventually be some more chairs up there.
  6. You got upgraded. You went from a category BF to a BB.
  7. They were still on the ship which is why we couldn't get a zero count and get cleared according to the agents in the waiting area of the terminal. They finally came off.
  8. Just ate there this past week. My father asked about the sauces and they offered Peppercorn or Bernaise and brought it on the side. They still have all the salts. All steaks now come with one shallot and bone marrow crushed potato. Nice new dessert menu.
  9. They didn't show up for what 1.5 hours??? I still don't know who they couldn't just go get them if they had the medallion. Isn't the idea that they could find us always?
  10. Since they are able to find you at all times with the medallion, I was at a loss on how they didn't know exactly where they were to go get them.
  11. My good friends will be on two sailings starting January 4 so I will have her text me some more pictures.
  12. Personally I feel that if they are having a ton of travel agents as well as media on board to "sell the ship", then it shouldn't be sold for the rest of us to get on. Asking passengers to leave Good Spirits at Sea to close for a couple of hours for a private event while you already have other bar areas closed off, I'm not a fan of that. They did not have the PES that night as well because they had a private event in there. Tough to have 3 venues closed off when it's only a 3 night sailing. As voljeep stated, there were stragglers that did not get off for a long time doing the b2b. This held us up so much that we boarded at the same time as they began boarding the elite/suite people that were joining us 12/4. One of the things that is so cool is being on the ship when it's empty and we unfortunately didn't get that experience. It blows my mind that people were so inconsiderate that we had to sit for 1 1/2 hours plus waiting.
  13. They are more cabanas and a lot less sun. Not all the chairs had been delivered to the ship and Jandri was waiting on a delivery of quite a few more. Between the addition of the cabanas as well as the addition of a jacuzzi up front, lounge chair areas were certainly sacrificed.The entire front area on the Regal which has all those lounge chairs and a common are with seats where you could eat lunch are gone. I really prefer the Sanctuary on the Regal over the Sky. Service was absolutely exceptional in the Sanctuary still and Jandri does a heck of a job. Jandri goes out of her way to make sure you are happy. She brought over some of the stewards from the Regal so it really was a great way to spend the day. If Galberto is one of your stewards, you will enjoy your day. He is a funny guy!
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