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  1. I just had to reset my password as well. Just used the old one and now I can get in
  2. If it's very good Italian you want, you have some great and highly rates restaurants are a short uber right away. Il Gabbiano, Toscana Divino, Soya & Pomodoro, and Fratelli Milano are all fantastic. Can't count how many amazing meals I've had at Toscana. All locally owned and not chains. River Oyster is a great seafood restaurant, locally owned. They moved into their new location and it's really nice. Trulucks is an amazing restaurant, though it is a chain but really good. In the Wynwood area, Beaker & Gray and Kyu are great. I
  3. It’s not Ultra as that starts on the 22nd of March in 2022. It can just be since it’s early, the prices are showing as high. Not sure what you consider really high, but it’s the middle of season so prices will be higher. A new Hotel Indigo opened in the Brickell area and may be having some specials since they are new.
  4. In order to take the metro rail, you would have to get the orange line and take it to government center. From there you would jump on the free metromover Inner Loop and get off at the College-Bayside Stop. From that stop it’s a short walk to Bayside. Cheap way to go as it’s only a bit over $2 per person for the metro rail one way but it will take quite some time to do all of it. It’s not something I would recommend doing late at night. Honestly if you don’t mind uber, depending on where your hotel is the price is reasonable. Should be around $18 to $22 each way.
  5. Listen to Diver2014, you do not want to be anywhere in the downtown area during Ultra weekend. It will be downtown again as they aren’t going to do Key Biscayne again. I would stay in either Fort Lauderdale or in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove if you want to be in the Miami area.
  6. A very gentle reminder that the thread is about vaccines being required to cruise so let’s steer the thread back to the topic of the vaccine as it pertains to cruising! And let’s hope we get some positive news & guidance soon from the CDC so we can all start talking about the things we all love, actually cruising!
  7. I don’t think Princess or any other line has set up test cruises here in the US since they don’t have the go ahead to start sailing yet. Like you, I’m fully vaccinated and live close to the port and would be happy to test out the waters as they say. It will be interesting to see if the test cruises are actually required to start sailing ans how the lines pick the passengers who can sail.
  8. That’s a great idea. Princess is selling side by side on the cruise I booked a few weeks back for January 2022.
  9. The cabins may be side to side, however all they need to do to keep the ship at 50% capacity is to limit the amount of cabins in the inventory to be sold and the amount of guests on board.
  10. Must say that I’m loving this thread! Love learning why everyone picked their names and having a very upbeat thread. We moved from LI to Naples, Fl in 1999 with our 3 young kids and were in the DMV registering the cars. We were both doing a personalized license plate when the kids said “what about us”?! So we did our initials plus kids....CJSKIDS!
  11. Not only that but the Mayor of Miami is working to set up an onsite covid testing lab at Port Miami so other ports may follow suit.
  12. Yes but in a true emergency, the way you got to your muster station may change anyway depending on where you are when it happens or what the emergency is. They had crew members guiding us every step of the way during the emergency on the Star Princess.
  13. Did quite a few cruises on the Regal which is one of my favorite ships and was on the Sky as well. Totally missed Crooners on the Sky and while I still loved the Sanctuary I didnt care for the fact that there was a lot less sun up there. What I did love was Princess live because I really dislike what they did to it on the Regal. I also really enjoyed the French Restaurant on the Sky. Honestly, I would do either ship in a heartbeat.
  14. I’m with you on this one. We really missed Crooners
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