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  1. So jealous!! I'll have to live vicariously through you! Not a lot of boats out on Biscayne since they closed the marinas and boat ramps. It just adds to the the strangeness of seeing all these cruise ships docked and anchored off shore!
  2. Thanks for adding such a great review to the boards. The Regal is one of our favorite ships. It's great that you had such a wonderful time.
  3. Love it! Not a fair battle since Sky has the love boat theme. Thanks @CineGraphic for posting it. And I love the comment @CC Rider 69 about boys will be boys.
  4. Many of the cruise lines are sending these kind of letters as well as many office buildings and condo buildings. It's for information as well as to cover themselves. Everyone has to be proactive. Because symptoms can show in as little as 2 days and as long as 14 days, the person on the Crown could have gotten covid-19 from anywhere in the last few weeks and possibly was not ill with it on your sailing. There has been nothing on our local news in regards to the Crown Princess and our news is covering this all the time as many cruise ships have loaded ill people off at the ports. Even yesterday they were taking ill crew members off two Costa ships here in Miami. Unfortunately there is simply no way to know where or when the person was exposed or became ill. Hopefully you will not have any issues at all and will continue to stay healthy.
  5. It's no different than purchasing a bottle of wine at Publix or a bottle at the liquor store, it's meant to be consumed at home. Restaurants are doing everything they can to keep going during these difficult times. Liquor has the highest mark up for restaurants so this is actually very helpful to them.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to write up your review. Really looking forward to the reading the rest!
  7. Instacart is a great service you can use as well as shipt to have groceries delivered to you. My parents live on the Eastern end of Long Island and this is what I'm now having them do. You can even have them knock and leave it at the door so you don't have to see them if you prefer. Hope you and your family stay healthy and that this is over sooner rather than later for us all.
  8. thank you for checking in from New Zealand! I'm sorry that you won't make your first sailing on Princess and the Sky Princess and hope you can reschedule soon. You'll love the crew on Sky Princess, some of my favorites. Please let us know how you are making out in your lockdown.
  9. Thanks for the update. I hope the rest of the day goes well for you and that you make it where you need to. Enjoy that beer!! Cheers
  10. I realize you don't want them in FTL and would rather have them here in Miami but Princess uses Fort Lauderdale as their terminal and FLL is open. Princess has their terminal and their contract in Fort Lauderdale. MIA is the airport where international flights can land coming into this country currently down here. since there is so little traffic right now, the terminal in Fort Lauderdale should be a 30 minute drive so it's nothing. We have had many ships get off here in Miami and they need a place to go. Port Miami is packed with ships right now and I can see another anchored off shore at the moment. The one side also has cargo ships here. I don't see a spot open! Those on the Coral deserve to come back into the US and head home. By the time they get here, they will be the safest people to be around!!
  11. thank you to everyone who is contributing to this thread. So wonderful to keep connected and share what is ongoing in everyone's life.
  12. Cruise ships are coming in and out of the ports. I can see 7 ships here in Port Miami and that's just the areas that I can visually see. Haven't checked the webcam. There hasn't been an empty spot and the ships are changing. At times there have been some anchored off shore. Virgin was here for about a week and they finally left and someone else took their spot. Wish princess came into Port Miami as I would love to see one of "our" ships here.
  13. Enjoy the Tea and scones! Would love to see pictures!
  14. Well thanks to the selfish people here in Miami, marinas and boat ramps are now closed, with the exception of commercial fishermen More people out of work and something that so many can do to get out and about. https://wsvn.com/news/local/miami-dade-mayor-closes-boat-ramps-marinas-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/
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