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  1. We also have a new Uber category which is Uber Comfort. It will be a newer car and guaranteed to be a bit larger. I came back from Chicago last week and it was offered and the price for an uberx to Brickell Ave was $17.76 and Uber Comfort was $21.50.
  2. Thanks for the fantastic review. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Our great friends were on this sailing and they really enjoyed themselves.
  3. And since a crocodile (not an alligator) has been spotting swimming around there lately, you wouldn't want to go into the water!!! OP, it's a great hotel and wonderful setting. It's also nice and quiet over there. As others have said, it's a short walk into Brickell plus the free trolley stops there and you can take it right to Mary Brickell village.
  4. Be very careful with airbnbs that are in high rises here in Miami as most building do not allow them and they are considered "illegal rentals". My building will turn off the fobs and not allow access. Fortune House is one place you may want to look at in Brickell. It's a hotel/condo building that has good reviews and I know someone who rents there and likes it. Not sure how big the units are though.
  5. Every Elite member was not elite as some point... I don't think the huge majority would have made elite and kept cruising on Princess to get to the level if they felt they weren't being treated well nor that Princess was pandering to the elite passengers. I know that I wouldn't have kept coming back to reach the Elite. What got me to this level was because the crew and Princess always treated me so well, both the first 15 cruises and all the cruises since then.
  6. I stayed at the Dalmar which is attached in May prior to our cruise. The hotels are in a fantastic location and it's very nice building. You are within walking distance to restaurants, Whole Foods Market and it's walkable to Las Olas. The Restaurant and bar inside the Dalmar which is attached is fantastic. Many of the locals eat here. The lobby bar was great and has a nice happy hour. We spoke to someone next to us who had moved over to The Element and he actually preferred it over the Dalmar. I wouldn't hesitate to stay in this area again at all. It was a short ride to the port the next day. Some of the hotels on 17th, especially the Embassy Suites badly need to have the rooms renovated and furniture replaced. Both of these hotels are brand new and much nicer. I'm going to move this over to the Florida boards and leave a link.
  7. My girlfriend did who happens to actually be on the Caribbean Princess right now! She did it while on the Regal a few months back and sent me pictures. Really enjoyed it.
  8. Thank you for coming back and sharing the video and the rest of your story with us. I like so many think of you often and were wondering how you were. Yours is a love story to envy and Judy's was a life very well led. Truly an inspiration to all of us. I wish you peace throughout the rest of your life journey. Be well my friend.
  9. Coconut Grove has changed a lot over the years. Since you are discussing Hooters, when was the last time that you were in Coconut Grove? It's been closed for maybe 7 years now!
  10. First, the area will be very safe for you to walk around and go to dinner. Do not bother with Burger and Beer joint, unfortunately both the service and the food has gotten to be absolutely terrible over the last few years. Read the reviews on Yelp. Bubba Gump is a chain restaurant and the food is just okay and it's all sysco type food. Kush is fantastic but is very small. Lokal in Coconut Grove is bigger and since you would have to uber to both, I would go there. Trulucks is fantastic but it's not cheap. La Sandwicherie is just a sandwich place but their sandwiches are very good. River Oyster is great, a locally owned restaurant. Toscana Divino is fantastic. Another totally locally owned place. Flemings on Brickell Ave is a chain but if you are looking for a burger, their happy hour is a fantastic place to grab one! $10 or $12 depending on which you chose. The bar is great for happy hour. As Blue Herons said, Batch and American Social are both great choices for something reasonable. Both also have great happy hours. American Social does get very busy .
  11. Pam, you look beautiful! Looks like the perfect outfit.
  12. It's not just the Brickell bridge that will give noise, the Aston Martin Residences (72 story condo building) is being built right next door. They just did a huge concrete pour and vertical construction is just beginning.
  13. They placed 4 cabanas in the area underneath. Two on each side squashed up front. Really takes away from how many loungers there are. I honestly can’t remember if they left both of the massage tents.
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