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  1. It's amazing observing what luggage some passengers use - including old school hard-sided suitcases with just the one handle (the kind of suitcase you would get for a graduation gift in the 1970's). Once I saw an old steamer trunk being used. One little kid (part of an Asian tour group) had a completely clear carry-on sized suitcase. Folks use all kinds of luggage!
  2. I sent in my final payment for our Alaska cruise a few days ago - so looking forward to the cruise!
  3. At least on the Solstice, Cafe Bacio was at one end of the cafe space, and the Gelato station was at the other end (about 30 feet away maybe). The seating area with tables and chairs were in-between. (Hoping to give you a visual idea of the layout).
  4. These posts have inspired me to try Murano at least once on our up coming cruise. Might go for the first night and see what happens from there. Thanks so much for sharing all these amazing dining experiences.
  5. I can speak for Seattle Pier 91 - you could get off the ship, but do be aware that you will have to go thru the security screening again on your return to the terminal.
  6. Remember, if you are flying in Vancouver BC, you will both need passports.
  7. Seattle hotels are expensive, especially in the summer months. 1) You should be prepared to spend $$$ for a downtown location. Seattle has two cruise ship terminals Pier 66 NCL, and Pier 91 HAL, PCL, RCI, Celebrity and Carnival 2)As for hotels that offer a shuttle to the port, they are virtually non-existent. Plan on using a 'shared ride' service like Uber/Lyft or taxi to arrive at the port. 3)Hotels tend to be well maintained, but you do get what you pay for 4) Only hotels located near the airport offer shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. 5)As for your debarkation day, the ship usually start allowing passengers off by 7 - 7:15 am for those passengers who are willing to carry off their own bags. If you have a flight home leaving after 11:00 am (11:30 ideally) it shouldn't be a problem to arrive in time for your flight home.
  8. Honestly, it doesn't sound like much of a vacation for your wife. The group consists of your parents and your two brothers (31 & 35). Your 2 yr old daughter is too young for the child care / camp option. And you are concerned about night life and entertainment. Does this mean that your wife will be in the cabin after dinner with your two year old while you are out at the shows or bars with your family? Alaska cruises are very port intensive, meaning that you are up early and spending a lot of time off the ship exploring the towns. It gets tiring spending hours off ship. Does your daughter still nap in the afternoon? Will she easily fall asleep in a room when the sun is still in the sky at 9 pm? Hopefully if you decide to do this cruise, you will all work together to share/alleviate the needed childcare. I just hope it doesn't all fall to your wife (or even the grand mother).
  9. Ferry_Watcher


    Thanks ashstaff - you rock for sharing this sale info!!!!!
  10. Just a quick reminder that when you are purchasing your Amtrak ticket that you should make sure that you are purchasing the train ticket to Vancouver, BC and not Vancouver WA. Folks who don't live in the PNW, may not beware that Amtrak serves two cities named Vancouver - one in Washington State, and the other in British Columbia, Canada. It is easy to confuse them, and their departure schedule (at least in the morning) is only about 20 minutes apart. Question, looks like your train leaves King Station at 7:45 AM, why are you walking to the train station at 5 AM?
  11. I also booked Glacier Wind out of ISP. Small group Whale & Wildlife Excursion. ISP also has the world largest Zip-Line ride. I know that my Celebrity Solstice excursion options offers a Whale Watching & Zip-Line package. If Glacier Wind is sold out, you might consider the Celebrity excursion. For a day trip out of Seattle, consider visiting Mount Rainier. It is the tallest mountain in the continental US. https://www.nps.gov/mora/index.htm
  12. Ah, my Canadian friend, passports are the gold standard. I actually would be interested in knowing if Canadians can travel on a 'closed loop' cruise (VAN-VAN) with just their Canadian birth certificate and gov't issued ID. Obviously, any Canadian taking a cruise from Seattle has their Canadian Passport (or a Canadian permanent resident card). FYI, for US citizens on a 'closed loop' cruise (Seattle-Seattle), the bare minimum is a birth certificate along with a driver's license (kids 16 and under are exempt from the photo ID requirement). I do believe that you will still need the passports if you plan on taking the train excursion - check the train website. Once the travel documents are checked in your embarking port (Vancouver), with the exception of the optional train excursion, you shouldn't need your passports (or whatever travel documents Canadians need on a 'closed loop' cruise), until you return to Vancouver. One story that I will share with you: At the end of a cruise season we had a Carnival ship whose itinerary was Seattle - Alaska - and ending in Vancouver, BC. Most of the passengers were American, and we had to ask every American passenger traveling without a passport how they planned to return to the US. If they planned to take a train or bus, there was no problem. For those who had plane tickets to fly out of Vancouver, BC, we had to explain to them that without a passport they could not fly internationally (Canada - US). And there were passengers traveling without passports who planned on flying back to the US. The good news was having this information at the start of their cruise, gave these passengers time while still in Seattle to book an Amtrak ticket, or bus ticket, as well as change their flight from Vancouver to SeaTac. Again, thanks for indulging me. I hope you, your sister, parents and the grand kids have an amazing family cruise!
  13. Hi Carolinadavy, thanks for the update. If you could just indulge me for a minute, it would give me some peace of mind, (since a third party is making group's travel arrangements) to offer some advice. I will share with you that I work at Seattle's Pier 91 and have seen all sorts situations involving passengers arriving for their cruise. Most importantly, since you are cruising out of Vancouver, BC (and assuming that you are a US Citizen), if you are flying into Canada, please make sure that all members of your family have valid passports which the expiration date is 6 months after the date your trip ends. It is possible that if this passport expiration requirement isn't met, the passport holder could be denied boarding their international flight at your hometown airport Everyone in your group should be looking at their passports today to make sure everything is in order. Really! (FYI, if you plan on going on the train ride excursion in Skagway, passports are needed). If you are traveling with minor children and their father is not joining you on the cruise, please have a signed note from the Dad indicating that he is aware of the trip and that he has given his permission for the kids to travel. You could be asked for this letter by the Canadian border control officers, and also possibly at Check-in at Canada Place (Pier). As I mentioned in a previous post, do make sure you do your on-line registration, and I think 90 days out you can do the on-line check-in. It will make your embarkation day easy and hassle free. As for the guarantee staterooms, don't worry about it, just enjoy the cruise with your family members. Thanks for much for listening!
  14. Carolinadavy, did it all work out for you and your family?
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