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  1. Hate Freeport and no interest in going to Cuba.
  2. Does anyone know if you are eligible for a casino rate, if you call your PVP to book, does the PVP still get the "points" or commission?
  3. I used to clean hotel rooms. Twice a day is not that difficult. They have it down to a science really, and are in and out in no time. I gather towels & toss them in the shower, gather dishes & trash & straighten up a bit to make things easier. I make sure the floor is picked up. I'll always chose 2 times per day, with ice 2 times per day. On the last cruise, the steward came by twice a day without even asking us to make a choice. It's not easy work, but it's not that hard either.
  4. Lovely. Not too hot, not too cold. Not sure about the water. I have been there November thru April for a beach day and it’s always been warm or hot.
  5. The Melia should have a less expensive price. We paid $45 pp in Nov. for the non-inclusive. The $140 pp price is the all-inclusive price. Double-check by sending an email to : melia.nassau.beach@melia dot com I think they try to push that $140 price.
  6. 2 days with water "everywhere" ? Yeah. This is where I'd say, "I see that you've not had time to get me a longer shower curtain. No worries; I'll just run mine down to Guest Services and ask for one that works." 🙂 I'm hoping to sail the Sunshine at the end of this year... Also hoping internet connection is better by the time I do...
  7. I don’t think any interior cabins have couches. I am fine with that. What I was not fine with was paying for an upgrade to a balcony room that did not have a couch and the walking around area was smaller than my interior cabin. That is to be expected on a fantasy class ship which had balconies added I guess. I was not aware of that but I am now. Won’t get a balcony on a fantasy class ship. Not worth it.
  8. Yes. They did this. I’d never seen this before and it was GREAT fun. The band was excellent.
  9. I’m with you, Bo. With the addition of Guys Burgers and BlueIguana Cantina, I was very excited to board the Ecstasy. I’m okay with Fantasy class ships, however, I will never sail on Ecstasy again. The last time was in December 2017 and our room smelled AWFUL the moment we walked in. I told Guest Services and they sent a guy up immediately. He was in our room from 3pm to 10 pm, when it was finally fixed. We were comped a bottle of wine and lobster so that was nice. However, the rest of the ship was falling apart like no other. Some restroom doors didn’t close or lock. An elevator was not even working the entire time. The furniture in the dining room and common areas seemed dingy. The entire ship was just so worn. So glad that it moving out of Charleston.
  10. We went to the Rendezvous a few weeks ago, our 3rd time there. Cost is a little over $100 pp and includes all drinks, lunch at 12:30, cushioned loungers, and a palapa. This time, they came around with fruit trays snacks before lunch. We took a taxi to & from for $10+tip each way. We asked if we could come by from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 or so, rather than the regular times which are 12-6 (?) or something, and they were fine with it. We should have brought many $1 bills for drink tips, b/c when my husband went to the office to get change, they gave us eastern Caribbean dollars. We also brought Chex mix to hold us over until lunch. Reservations must be made ahead by phone or email.
  11. Really? I don’t think I have had one of those. Which ship has a nice one?
  12. I use a special expensive pillow at home as I have neck issues. I am buying some carnival king size pillows for myself for Christmas. We must have have had some brand new ones in the suite we had. They were king size and were great. I’ve always thought carnival pillows were nice but these were exceptionally nice.
  13. You should make sure the balcony cabin is a good change. I got a phone call to upgrade from an inside to a balcony for $200 and i took it. Boy was that a mistake. I should have stayed with my inside room because the balcony cabin had smaller floor space and cramped because of the two pull down beds that we weren’t even using. It didn’t even have a couch.
  14. We feel it’s gotten worse. A few years ago was our last cruise to Mexico. My travel money is not going anywhere near Mexico until they get their act together. If they ever do.
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