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  1. I guess I won't be asking for butter on our cruise next week.
  2. The problem was that everyone wanted to board as early as possible. This caused a huge bottleneck. People starting their wonderful cruise grumpy from fighting the crowds. The new staggered boarding times works so well. You accused Carnival of being disorganized for not allowing 4000+ people boarding at once. I applaud them for being proactive and organized.
  3. I don't know about the non-spa suites or any suite, we've never stayed in either. We're staying in a balcony spa cabin. Not suite. I apologize for the confusion.
  4. They are Elemis products. They are a relatively high end product. We sell them at Macy's. I hardly ever get a sales pitch because I tell them I work for Macy's and I get them at a discount.
  5. We have our first spa cabin next week. I am looking forward to the special toiletries. It's not the reason we booked a spa cabin, but it's a nice extra.
  6. I don't normally use the cabin dryer so I cannot speak about the size. However, I have 3 dryers in two different sizes and my silicone defuser fits them. It's very "stretchy ".
  7. Magic is my favorite ship so far. We sailed her last year and if there were any signs of wear and tear we either didn't notice or it immediately left my mind. A little wear and tear is not an issue for us. Dirt and filth are. I can say there was none. THAT we would remember.
  8. You can order a collapsible silicon defuser from Amazon. They fit most hair dryers and are great for traveling be cause they collapse. Do a search on Amazon and several will come up.
  9. Though I haven't cruised on a mega ship, they don't appeal to me.
  10. Gottcha. I really don't have a dog in this fight. I use what is ever on the table which is not much. That being said, the hubs likes the pink salt. Don't think it's for "medicinal" purposes, he just likes it.
  11. No, we have not been able to purchase the pass on the ship. Yes, they take cash at the beach.
  12. I don't know about studies, but my BIL just had open heart surgery and the doctor told him the only salt he can use is the pink sea salt. My son also has high blood pressure and his doctor told him the same thing.
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