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  1. 3pm, heading to room to relax and to get cleaned up for the evening activities.
  2. With our FCC, MC promo, ship swapping credit, gift card and booking credit, we'll be cruising with 1,1050 OBC. We'll be living large on the ship.
  3. I'm not holding my breath getting the promo back. We are actually really making out with the OBC. We are getting 600 for a canceled cruise, 200 because they changed our ship from Radiance to Breeze and 50 for booking. Also, we were upgraded from Veranda balcony to Spa balcony, no charge.
  4. Yeah, not exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm going to call in the morning and fight the good fight.
  5. We used our Carnival MC to book our August cruise. They had a promo at the time of 200.00 OBC. Since this cruise was canceled, we used FCC to book another cruise. I'm hoping this OBC will be applied to our February cruise. Which by the way our ship was changed from Radiance to the Breeze. Has anyone else had this 200.00 Carnival MC promo applied to a rebooked cruise?
  6. Beer....it's just not for breakfast anymore. 🍻🍺🍳🥚
  7. I'm simple, eggs, bacon, cheese. Maybe a touch of salsa.
  8. Who knows?? We have one scheduled, but that doesn't mean anything.
  9. We just got ours and we are soooooo happy! We went from at on veranda to a spa balcony!! We always books a spa balcony when we can. Happy dancing here!
  10. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-fantasy-reportedly-sold-heading-to-scrapyard/ It seems the rumors are true. Rhia article talks about the Fantasy leaving Curacao and heading for Turkey.
  11. If you l leave the cabinet door open, air circulates better and keeps the fridge colder.
  12. I'm sure they dont want things any more complicated than needed. I was a manager with a major corporation and a lot of the decisions we had to make did not make sense to the rank and file. Sometimes what seemed the most obvious answer simply wasn't viable. Carnival was dealt a hand they weren't expecting and things had to be resolved in the easiest , most cost effective way to satisfy as many of their customers they can. I dont want to hear that Carnival or any other company doesn't care about their customers. Return customers are the milk and bread of any corporation.
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