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  1. Probably need to continue with the cost of a cruise in 1990 and the same cabin class on Mardi Gras in 2021. The same with onboard spend in 1990 vs 2021.
  2. That is debatable. But not to pick only on airlines, Carnival also did numerous buybacks which helped lead to some of their financial difficulties. But then Carnival hasn't gone bankrupt and also isn't begging for a bailout.
  3. I don't consider spending tens of billions of dollars on stock buybacks responsible management. AFAIK, airlines are still not prohibited from stock buybacks. It just isn't responsible management when operating on "razor thin margins".
  4. Likely only because of cabotage laws - airlines are limited to 25% foreign ownership. I'm of the opinion fool me once, no more bailouts. And no stock buybacks allowed.
  5. How much revenue does Panama receive from cruise lines compared to how much the US receive in jobs, taxes, and trickle down effects? The better question is why should the US bailout mismanaged US corporations - specifically airlines that still haven't learned their lesson?
  6. Beyond Burger or Incredible Burger?
  7. I think you may have answered your own question - "controlled". Likely the same with private islands, too.
  8. I would assume you have to take a shopping excursion that only visits specific stores. If you decide to ditch the tour, I would expect them to deny you boarding, or at least be confined to a quarantine cabin for the rest of the cruise.
  9. Cruise lines didn't receive bailouts like airlines and others have (multiple times over the years).
  10. Patronizing businesses that don't enforce the rules is tacit approval of rule breakers and is a big part of the problem. Masks are primarily to protect others and not the mask wearer. I prefer to patronize businesses that protect my health.
  11. Doubtful. Anymore than cruise lines don't provide visas or immunizations needed for cruises to more exotic places. This never has been the cruise line's problem, unless you booked the flights through them.
  12. Pretty much. Not all antibodies are the same. It does not necessarily mean that you are immune.
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