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  1. No, but there are conditions under which it thrives, and other conditions which retard it until it can be controlled.
  2. True, but it doesn't mean it isn't the goal. All the other numbers can be misinterpreted any way a denier wants to.
  3. All Numbers Matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When they get to ZERO, that will be news, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Breeze isn't cruising before Spring, so I don't see that.
  5. One only has to look at New Zealand (a member of W.H.O.) and their success where the US has failed time and again. New Zealand used science instead of lockdowns, and didn't suffer from a leadership vacuum. They have offered to help the US and I hope President Biden listens.
  6. Do you think Carnival would bring the ship into US waters if it wasn't going to pass? It's a done deal - time to look beyond.
  7. I think it is fair to say the average Princess cruise is longer than an average Carnival cruise and the average Princess cruiser is older and more at risk than the average Carnival cruiser.
  8. All part of Carnival's plan, IMO. People have stayed in the game this long and cruising restarting is in the foreseeable future. People will rebook at higher prices and Carnival doesn't have to bribe as many people with $600 OBC. A Win-Win for Carnival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That's still a milestone and cruising is getting closer.
  10. Note it says sailings through Nov 1, 2020. That Radiance note was added when Carnival changed the homeport from Galveston to Long Beach and canceled the longer cruises from Galveston that made no sense from Long Beach. I had a couple of those booked. As with the other cruises, the virus controls the schedule. More cruises could be canceled, or not.
  11. If you clicked on the links it would tell you. https://www.cruisemapper.com/cruise-lines/Carnival-Cruise-Line-9
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