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  1. The BLT I had was amazing. Huge with an obscene amount of bacon. Assembled in front of me.
  2. You can pre-order and select a delivery day to avoid any tax. You might even be able to avoid if you select deliver the first night. You can play around with ordering it and see what works for you before completing the purchase. By having a delivery fee on pre-ordering, the cost is the same as if your ordered on the ship. It used to be possible to order from the Fun Shops once on the ship and have it delivered, avoiding the service charge room service added. Carnival figured out that is what some cheap people were doing.
  3. Carnival was testing a dining package, but I don't know that it went anywhere. Most Carnival ships don't have multiple pay restaurants. Something about it here: https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-testing-new-dining-package/
  4. For the benefit of a few, why not scrap the obsolete act and write something more specific and tailored for whatever American cruising industry still exists? Keeping something ancient around, just in case, is silly. There will never be another American mass market cruise line. The market it would serve can't afford it. Yes, cruise ships have USCG inspections. I don't buy the "strictest safety standards" argument. It sounds more like a union talking point to me. While there are some vessels seriously lacking in safety (overloaded, leaking ferries in far off lands for example), there are plenty of ferries with adequate and perhaps equal safety. Examples would be ferries that go from England to Holland, or many ferries zipping all over the Med.
  5. First come, first served. No reservations possible. No charge.
  6. Never underestimate a VIP's ego.
  7. They wear them on the cruise and in PORT. Businesses and passengers from other cruise lines can see them. Who the heck carries keys on a cruise or while in port? The non-Platinum can stampede each other at the tee shirt sales and pay Carnival for a logo item. A win-win for Carnival.
  8. Sec 211 is the gibberish that grants NCL a monopoly on HI cruises via a waiver to PVSA https://www.congress.gov/108/plaws/publ7/PLAW-108publ7.pdf
  9. The original intent was to protect US maritime industry from foreign competition by penalizing the foreign competition. A 1000 years ago, the US was more competitive in ship building, but a killer today are US labor laws and the US labor market. Add to that required US majority ownership in today's global economy. The reality is that foreign flagged ships can do a round trip cruise with a stop in any foreign port or a one way voyage with a distant foreign port. If safety standards were truly the reason, why would they make it that easy to bypass?
  10. You would use a different menu (the door hanger continental breakfast menu) and yes, coffee and more are complimentary for the price of a tip.
  11. Do the math. Maybe 5000 $10 gifts vs 1,000,000 50 cent gifts. Where was the cost of the gifts cut? And that doesn't include the distribution costs to get the gifts to ships located all over, the cost of storing the gifts, the cost of onboard distribution, etc.
  12. Since the cruising industry didn't exist when the act was written, how could the law make provisions for cruise lines? Why would there be any exemptions to PVSA and allow something less than the strictest safety standards in the world to be in effect? As for unions, I imagine the same ones the GAO interviewed when trying to determine the impact of the exemption for NCL on related industries. But still, why not update the act to modern day reality. As it is, American based cruise lines went bankrupt because they couldn't afford to comply with the US laws, not because of foreign competition.
  13. Uh, yes there was. We've been around that bend, too. If the PVSA has nothing to do with cruise ships, then it needs to be updated to say so. If only for coastwise vessels, then why are there exemptions for transportation between the mainland and, for example, Puerto Rico?
  14. Why? For failing to follow simple directions? We never have the luck to be on any of the free cruises with future cruise credit. Carnival already provides far greater compensation for "victims" than any legal obligation they might have. But poop cruises have what to do with Suite Amenities?
  15. No, it isn't simply a gift. It is a Carnival logo item, marketing for Carnival, and bragging rights for those who think they were awarded something.
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