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  1. We stayed in Kingsland, GA last time we cruised out of Jax. It is right inside of GA about 45 minutes from port. Plus, the price that we paid plus parking was the same that we would have paid at a park and cruise hotel, and it didn't involve waiting for a shuttle coming or going. We stayed at a County Inn and Suits right at the interstate.
  2. Worst case, they ask for it and boarding is denied.... best case, they don't and you are "smooth sailing". That is like asking can you speed while driving and will you get pulled... sure you can speed and you odds are to likely of getting pulled, but expect a ticket if you are caught...
  3. They are ALWAYS painting the ships, port day and sea days. Salt and metal doesn't mix well.
  4. Um, out TV remote didn't work one time... we called guest services, and we had new a new remote shortly after. It was horrific!
  5. I never have any problem... people can be 5 deep at "our" bar, and a simple nod to "our" bartender typically does the trick! 😏
  6. Does anyone know of Jerry Yuzon still performs on Carnival? We had the honor of listening to him a few years ago on the Glory. He is a Canadian Asian that could pretty much play and replicate any country song. He was amazing! Fingers cross that he will be on the Sunshine when we sail in a few weeks.
  7. Supply and Demand being a new ship. Once they reach a certain capacity for more 3-5 people cabins than two people cabins, then they sale at "capacity" but with rooms still available. They set their profit for each sailing, and then adjust prices and offer sales and rate increases along the way to make sure than number is reached...
  8. Yeah, it is possible. But if the ship or debarkation is delayed, then I hope you have a plan B.
  9. We booked a casino offer for May of next year, and have a little price drop. Does anyone know if I can request the change online, or do I have to call? If I can do it online, where?
  10. I hope not. I like the Fantasy class ships way better than the new and improved ships.
  11. So members still get discounted cards? If so, I am signing my dad up.
  12. Lol. She was the star of the ship the rest of the cruise. She enjoyed herself for sure. But the crowd surely wasn't expecting the show!
  13. On the same Freedom trip mentioned above, someone was on the long deck outside of guest services leaning all over the railing taking pictures of the ships spray coming up. The wooden rail came loose and the person was almost a goner. I don't know how he caught himself, but he did. He ran and told guest services that he almost fell over. They went running and roped the area off for the cruise.
  14. Talk about timing of it ending yesterday. I would have stayed up last night taking quizzes! haha
  15. I agree! They are defiantly missed over the house bands they have today. We sailed three different times when Music Degree happened to be on board. Those guys jammed out to anything and everything every night!
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