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  1. I never prepay gratuities or have never purchased cruise cash prior, as it is typically the same as cash and not refundable. We booked the cruise the end of April, and I received an email for 20% off cruise cash about a week later, so I bought $200 for $160. I don't expect but $160 back. But I read that it is non refundable, so I wasn't sure if that meant that just the left over amount was non refundable or if it is nonrefundable canceling before the cruise also.
  2. I was getting 20% off, if it wasn't for that, I would have never purchased it. I had NO intentions of canceling the cruise, but half of our party wouldn't be able to work for two weeks afterwards. Their jobs were making them quarantine after we return... just a big mess.
  3. I purchased cruise cash for our October cruise, which we ended up canceling the cruise. (very sad). With that being said, does anyone know if the cruise cash is refundable since I canceled the cruise?
  4. We felt slight engine vibration all week. But when we pulled into port, it felt like a legit earthquake. We had a upper deck and one of the middle two rooms. The room was slightly larger than the typical ocean view rooms on the fantasy class.
  5. Norweign just announced they have suspended through the end of October now. We have an October 15th booked (our rescheduled cruise that got canceled in March). We were about to cancel due to some of the group going with us concerned about work when returning. Our final payment date is Saturday. Now I am wanting to wait so we don't loose 2/3's of our refund and OBC. But I am hoping that it comes sooner than later. But the sad part is that when we booked, we were given $500 obc + $300obc for moving the balance from our prior cruise to this one. Now I am sad that the $500 will be gone if they cancel!
  6. Our March cruise was canceled. We opted for the OBC, and applied our deposit to our October cruise, which isn't looking to promising now... if our October cruise gets canceled also, and we opt to apply it to another cruise too, will we get $300 more in OBC giving us a total of $600, for not getting a refund for either cruise? Our final payment date is August 1, so we are just trying to figure out all of our options. Thanks!
  7. Hopefully NONE of the Fantasy class ships, as we prefer these smaller ships over the larger ones!
  8. My offers now are meh. In April and May, I scored some great deals. 4 days for $795 for three of us in a OV, $500 OBC with the offer, $300 OBC for now getting a refund from our canceled cruise and applying it, and free drinks in the casino for me! And I scored some cruise cash at 25% off! When we looked at booking this same cruise before the corona nonsense, it was $1,200 for the same room same cruise and NO OBC. Now I just hope that we get to go in October!
  9. I was just curious. We never have removed our gratuities. But we normally tip extra to our cabin steward and wait staff when having set dining.
  10. Is this people REMOVING gratuities or not paying any ADDITIONAL tips?
  11. We booked a 4 day out of Jacksonville for October a little over a month ago. We were planning on booking and some friends going for their first cruise. Once rates dropped, we booked putting three in a cabin for $265, free DOU for two of us, $500 OBC for the offer plus $300 added from our cruise that got canceled in May. The OBC equals what we paid, so are cruising for FREE! I am hoping and praying that they are sailing by then!
  12. Our March cruise got canceled, so we rebooked for October and scored $1,600 OBC between the two cabins! I hope that we cruise!
  13. If it doesn't happen, then we can kiss cruising goodbye, because it will be a thing of the past... We have a cruise booked for October. If the ship is sailing, I will be on it!
  14. We are cruising in October (fingers crossed that it is still a go) and Carnival is giving us $500OBC per cabin. We have three in the cabin, but the OBC is split between passenger 1 and 2. When we board or if I call, does anyone know if they will divide it between the three of us? Just curious. Thanks!
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