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  1. If people are going to cancel if they cannot get half off wine for the duration then I hope Carnival does adhere to the what they intended. For the record, they would be “honoring” what they advertised. Can you expand on how the meal costs $200?
  2. There will be a large percentage of the ship that does self debarkation. You have a couple of hurdles to get over, getting off the ship getting to Alamo and getting to SeaWorld. The process for debark is Diamonds, plats FTTF and then by floor, not sure where are in that group. I def would not take a shuttle, but would Uber to Alamo. SeaWorld is less than an hour away. Good luck,
  3. Who was wondering this? Where did you see this site was losing members?
  4. it has never been the intent of the program.
  5. Either a free bottle of wine of there choice or 50% off of a wine of your choice.
  6. I have received two calls from mgt asking to pass along thanks for your approval. 😉
  7. I imagine working that job makes that hard to accomplish.
  8. Agree on the comparisons,, done the Steakhouse many times, in our view the best meal at sea, certainly on the ship. Done five CT’s, the menu is eclectic, and wOur describe it more of an evening experience. Op, if the experience is the decided path choose the CT, if you want a really good meal, choose the SH.
  9. Cancelling cruises because of a change in what soda brand is offered....obviously everyone’s choice, but amazing.
  10. Have seen it also, not bad....but pales in comparison.
  11. Regular pizza is cooked at a high temperature, hence the use of coal or wood based ovens.
  12. Not sure about that, but I can tell you they have a different billing system, it has an extra digit. I have been told it the THE most expensive in the country, good ole FPL is doing us jjjuuuusssttttt fine
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