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  1. Have not seen you in a while either....I would be worried if I had to be in the last lifeboat
  2. The plat diamond gift was always about something with Carnival logo on it that be be seen other places, never about reducing costs to the cruiser. Some are better than others, the Lanyard will prob not go down in history as one of the best but there have been other bombs as well. These are changed a few times a year, we will probably be discussing the next one in the fall.
  3. We have never sailed Celebrity but most reports from CC said they are dead later in the evening.
  4. I was quoting another poster. I cannot argue with smoke smell in Carnival casinos
  5. Did I imply you were not stating what you liked and disliked? Other than the few things you mentioned, you seem to have a good cruise. I was having issues why you would see those as reasons not to cruise Carnival again. If you prefer other cruise lines, then sail them. You felt there was more night life on a Celebrity cruise than the Sunrise? That I would question.... All in all, where you cruise and what you like and dislike are of course up to you. You are correct on the bathroom smell, all were new 2 months ago, makes me wonder what is up with that. Happy cruising
  6. So a typical NY embarkation, an hour late embarking, you getting lost parking, coming back late on board and food items closed. A “funky” smelling shower curtain and the topper of a Smokey casino (which is pretty much every Carnival ship) and a layout like all other Carnival ships are the reasons you will not sail CArnival again? Oh wait, I forgot the Candy store being to small...how big was the candy store on Disney, Royal, Celebrity?
  7. Really, you think they are celebrating 11 people who have dies there recently?
  8. Not implying anything, you make good quality posts and well informed, so worth the price. 2.5 is not a bad pay...
  9. ....and here I thought you got much more than then for a minute....😀
  10. All the recent incidents in the DR (and there has been enough to cause concern) have been on land based trips, none on a cruise. (At least from my memory). Until that changes there is no reason for Carnival to post anything. In the past, when it was warranted, they did so in regards to travel to Mazatlan, and for a brief time Puerto Vallarta. Obviously cruisers can make choices on where they want to travel.
  11. Form your own opinion, we found the Sunshine no more crowded than she was as the Destiny and no more than Conquest class ships. When we toured the Sunrise (two separate occasions) I saw nothing that gave me cause for concern. We will be sailing on her with a group in July 22.
  12. I do not think I have seen a comparison of any cruise lines buffet lines before, an. Interesting point but subjective for sure. Like you, we almost always look for lunch alternatives, either time or different places to eat. Lunch is our lightest meal as well. In regards to what you book, which is of course your choice, then you will NEVER book a remodeled Carnival ship, new hips BTW will have more cabins also.......so......
  13. I find this hard to believe but we agree....at least on the last point.
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