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  1. Ahhh had forgotten the “when you wish ”. Disney at its finest
  2. did not even see the storm blow in, but boy is that snow deep.
  3. Love it, thanks for the reality check.
  4. That is not what the spokesperson said. All that said, the point is moot until it begins.
  5. The step beyond quoting oneself is arguing with oneself. You can call them hurdles,just more steps,simply doing what was required and submitting to the judge.
  6. He says it best. Logic is not the answer, the vaccine is. It is a testament to humankind. It will not be conquered by mandates, or masks, or politics. The vaccine and in the herd immunity. We owe THAT to science. That is what will have us sailing at the right time.
  7. There is the topic of the Mardi Gras and when she sails on her first cruise.
  8. Yes they do. Self rationalization seems to be the new in fad.
  9. Politicians have no answers here....they regularly show their limitations.
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