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  1. As others have mentioned you can go whenever you get there. I don’t think if your flight lands at :GA you will get to pier by 11 but that was not the question....
  2. Well this def answers the op’s question...
  3. Great start TO YOUR REVIEW and love the pics.Keep it coming, this is a Journey cruise I would love to do.
  4. Treehugger seems like an objective source based on the name, I will pass on the reading and take your word for it.
  5. To answer your question, yes. We have done it many times and always at our table the following night, including the first night in the Steakhouse and the next in the MDR.
  6. In any event, there is no need or in fact a good idea to deliver responses publicly prior to the June meet.
  7. The loyalty program (especially for Diamonds) is in need of an overhaul.
  8. I would contact the diamond desk online and they can assist.
  9. There is only one bar that is open to both inside and outside...
  10. I think the retired cost guard admiral thought the same thing. Did I tell you I went to school with the just retired commandant of the Coast Guard? Has nothing to do with anything. Back to the job it could be short time.... I have some contacts.
  11. Their jaded view os that both would satisfy the client, I do love the name tho.
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