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  1. remember that in NYC, being on th ship as a kid for bon voyage. Said cannot wait for that for me.
  2. We are all sitting and waiting, when that will be only gets more precise by eliminating the time that has passed. 48 weeks since our last cruise, certainly the longest break in over 15 years.
  3. I heard you were sailing with him again soon, not true?😄
  4. why so? He is public figure that has the largest filled travel blog out there (actually FB, but the point is still valid). He draws attention to himself (purposefully) and is the brand ambassador for the largest cruise line in the world. He has both fans and haters, but that comes with the turf. Usually the haters also hate Carnival -go figure.
  5. I do not disagree, that said, they WILL NOT stop the virus from going where it wants, it will end when it is over.
  6. The virus will end when it is over, nobody has answers.
  7. The ones “they” should listen to is the scientists and doctors who tell you it is the answer. The rest are fools.
  8. Regardless of unknown “potential” long term vaccine issues, based on everything we know, it IS the answer.
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