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  1. Priscilla is a great show with a great cast. Although I've saw the show in 2016 on the Epic it was just as entertaining seeing it a second time.
  2. No USB ports and only two 110v outlets. The refurb must have been public areas because I don't think they upgraded the cabins since our bed had body impressions in them.
  3. This looks like a very fancy version of wearing a lampshade on your head at a party. Probably after drinking too much Blue Curacao. Your cave pictures were awesome. I took a tour of Harrison's Cave in Barbados and it too was very warm. I was actually sweating by the end of the tour and we didn't have to do any walking, we were seating in a tram for the tour. Our tour guide explained why it was so warm but I don't remember what she said. Caves in my home state of Missouri are in the 55 to 65F degree range.
  4. So I must have missed something, is NCL checking passengers temperature before they board? I don't recall having anyone check my temperature before boarding.
  5. I would think that it's the Panama Canal that is the draw for that cruise.
  6. You can't call it a yacht if it doesn't have a helicopter on the rear deck.
  7. My guess would be the price is low because it's just 30 days until the cruise and the ship is not close to being sold out. I also think the port of embarkation has something to do with that low price too. It's also possible the fear of the corona virus has people thinking twice about any cruise. One thing is for sure, it's a great price.
  8. I'm really enjoying your trip report and all the great photos. Thanks for sharing.
  9. One of the nights on our 11 day Epic cruise scallops were offered on the appetizer side of the menu. Everyone at our table laughed when four dime-size scallops were served. I've never seen such small scallops in all my travels.
  10. My favorite fish is Walleye so naturally I ordered it. Boy was I disappointed, it was dry and had no taste at all. I'm not convinced it was even Walleye. The MDR menu on our 11 day cruise on the Epic was very disappointing. Another dish that surprised me was the Idaho Potato Pot Pie. When served it was a plate of stew with an empty bake phyllo dough setting on top. NCL has really gone downhill. I cruised with Holland for the first time last June and I was surprised one night when surf and turf was on the menu in the MDR. It was a filet mignon and lobster tail. I'm cruising with Holland again this May.
  11. Thanks for doing your trip report and the photos on the Eurodam, I will be on her May 23rd out of Seattle.
  12. I'm following your report. I think O'sheehan's has the best food served on NCL ships. My favorites are the chicken wings, shepherd's pie, reuben sandwich and the spinach artichoke dip.
  13. I was surprised to see the Joy in what appears to be some type of drydock when we were in Aruba. And who knew it was such a small ship.
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