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  1. I have no life. Nothing to do but stay at home and clean my guns and watch birds eat the seed I put out and then fly off to where ever they want to and not even think about social distancing (sigh).
  2. It will be a long time before I cruise again. Once this Covid-19 is behind us I will stick with all-inclusive land vacations for a couple of years.
  3. Week 2 of being "sheltered in place." I'm getting bored! What to do? I know, I'll clean and lube my small piece of history. This pistol is a Makarov that was made in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in 1961. This was the sidearm for the East German Military Police. East Germany was a hotbed of Cold War tensions for most of my life so for me, I consider this pistol to be a true piece of history. Every time I hold this piece I think of the images of East Germans trying to cross the barbed wire and later the wall into West Germany. TIP: If you haven't seen the movie Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks then rent this movie and watch it while you're sheltered in place. I think this movie portrays the Cold War tensions better than any other. The movie received the Academy Award nomination (didn't win) for Best Picture.
  4. Hopefully they will still be in business since the cruise industry isn't included in the Stimulus Package.
  5. Oh yeah, the President is without a doubt an infectious disease specialist. You can always take his word as gospel.
  6. LOL, yes taking a picture under a bare incandescent light bulb isn't ideal for great photos. The finish on the pistol reflects light like crazy.
  7. Since we are currently "sheltered in place" we have been cleaning the house and other items with our spare time. It had been awhile since I cleaned my favorite gun so Saturday I dusted it off and lubricated it. It's a nickel finished 380 caliber FN Browning 1910/55 and quite beautiful.
  8. Before anyone buys stock in the cruise industry right now they need to consider the risk. Google what happened to owners of GM stock when it went belly-up in 2009 and then was bailed out by the government. The risk vs. reward is very interesting right now but you must educate yourself before buying any stock and only invest money that you can afford to lose.
  9. I always loved it when you would have a room steward with a sense of humor and an imagination.
  10. Nope sorry, I don't play that game. I take a long position. KISS, buy low, sell high.
  11. Looking at the positive, this is a great time for the long term investor to buy stock in the cruise industry.
  12. Nothing exotic or even that interesting. Just a Purple Finch on the feeder this morning.
  13. We are always are onboard before the cabins are ready so we head to O'Sheehan's for lunch and a couple of beers.
  14. That was an excellent trip report and I'm glad you got your kitty back.
  15. O'Sheehan's serves great food without all the fancy.
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