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  1. So why is the term 'retirement' used so often do you suppose? It's not like they're getting a proverbial gold watch for their 4 years of service with Carnival and living in Florida at the Villages.
  2. Diamond members will receive a booster coupon that can be redeemed at any number of locations throughout the ship and avoid the lines at the infirmary.
  3. We were looking forward to sailing with Matt. Question: when did resigning from a job become known as retirement? He looks like he has a few good years left in him to be working.
  4. Googling it brought up 6 photos but they are old and show the doors that used to open. Now there is one large window where the doors used to be but the view is the same 😉
  5. If they do give masks as gifts we'll have no trouble picking out who's Platinum.
  6. Actually the Big U as she was known is the SS United States and not USS as you have it 😉 Single use paper place mats with the menu printed on them could be one option until there is a proven vaccine. Many of us remember those place mats from our childhood.
  7. I thought Shaq's situation went without saying 😉
  8. John Heald is not an executive. John is happy to be a contract employee like the waiters and stewards and has said as much many times. John may well be on board for an inaugural sailing when cruising begins but in his role of brand ambassador only.
  9. Almost. A first class hotel will request you phone room service to have your tray or table picked up. Placing the items in the hallway is not the job of a guest in a first class hotel. Some guests may prefer to do this, e.g. they're ready to go to bed and don't wish to wait.
  10. People find it hard to believe but it is the room service department staff's duty to go back after peak service times and roam the hallways retrieving the crockery, glasses, cutlery and trays that they delivered. We always cover and place the trays in the hallway as per Carnival's request.
  11. The press release announcing the ship said the naming was to honor the previous vessel in their early fleet and in recognition of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the line. They could have satisfied the tradition of naming the first ship after the class too with the name Mardi Gras Excel 😉
  12. This has been stated several times in this short thread.
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