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  1. Boxed lunches sounds like an ameliorating measure at best. We don't want to feel like refugees on our cruises so we're hopeful for better times soon for all.
  2. The Carnival colored gummy worms would get gummed up in the dispenser shoot 🙂
  3. And people not putting their phones away during the drill. The crew instruct us to turn off phones but I've never seen any enforcement of this. I see people texting and posing for photos and selfies throughout muster. I'm convinced it will be the same during an actual emergency.
  4. Didn't the crew announce this is where you are to report in an emergency when the alarm sounds?
  5. Actually they are not powdered. They are liquid pasteurized eggs. Regardless, I don't care for eggs that have been sitting out on a steam table.
  6. Yes, it was changed almost a year ago.
  7. We loved going to the automat in NYC as kids and young adults. Perhaps the saying "Everything Old is New Again " will apply on Carnival soon.
  8. Good idea, certainly easier than guests having to dress like this for a self-serve buffet. Seriously.
  9. Actually they serve gelato which we prefer and the flavors vary most days with two to choose from. We'll have no problem enjoying these again because the gelato has always been served to us by the staff.
  10. On elegant nights cruisers who forgot their mask can use a corner of the tablecloth in between bites. 😉
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