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  1. We're beginning to question our Halloween Cruise on October 30th.
  2. It's working as intended today. Anyone with cruises currently booked should take a look.
  3. From the opening page on the upper right you will see the name of the ship for your next cruise. To the right of that there is a small blue color down arrow. Click the blue down arrow and your other booked cruises appear. Click the one you want to open and then scroll down and click save and continue.
  4. Before our Panorama sailing last February we watched the videos on youtube explaining how to use the auto-elevators on the ship and were glad we did.
  5. Which is why I said: " Have fun."
  6. Did you hear about the guy that paid for his whole cruise using his metal detector at the beach? Neither did I. Have fun 🙂
  7. Are you keeping it? Curious to know if the lure of $100 OBC sways people is why I ask.
  8. It will be much different. This is one of John's FFS cruises where he hosts the specific events listed by member Saint Greg above for the members who sign up for his group. The cruise will have its regular full time CD and John will host his group for the 6 day cruise.
  9. Must have forgotten something, don't you hate that? 😉
  10. We stayed just forward of the cove cabins on the Panorama last February. What we noticed is the coves are near the Family Harbor Lounge where the kids hang and run there and back to their Family Harbor cabins. It was busy and noisy in that area every time we walked through on our way aft on Deck 2. YMMV.
  11. The point of my story was to demonstrate the proximity of the airport to the cruise pier 🙄
  12. Have you flown to San Diego to catch a cruise ship? I live in SD County and I've heard cab drivers who have waited in long lines for a fare grumble when their ride only wants to go to the cruise pier! It really is that close 😉
  13. Where there are gender segregated facilities I believe that women opt to wear a suit based on my wife's experience. I also believe that men do not wear a suit but they most always wear a towel.
  14. Yes and if you aren't familiar with the new Port Day Breakfast Menu here it is, excellent selections.
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