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  1. We're just down the road in Oceanside and this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow the weather will be rain and more rain. You're getting out of Dodge just in time. Have fun, she's a beautiful ship. We were aboard the first week of this month and are booked for Halloween.
  2. Market Summary > Carnival Corp NYSE: CCL Follow 31.02 USD −2.12 (6.40%) Feb 27, 10:18 AM EST
  3. You didn't say what you paid but it's now down over 5% today and sinking like the Titanic. Market Summary > Carnival Corp NYSE: CCL Follow 35.80 USD −1.96 (5.19%) Feb 25, 2:02 PM EST
  4. So far it's down another 3.1% today. Market Summary > Carnival Corp NYSE: CCL Follow 36.56 USD −1.20 (3.18%)
  5. They're $7.50 now per Carnival's price list.
  6. From the Carnival FAQS page. You may inquire of guest services or your cabin steward for press only pricing. Valet Service Price List Items Wash And Press Wet/Dry Cleaning Available on select ships Bras $2.00 USD $3.50 USD Formal Shirts / Blouses $5.00 USD $6.00 USD Handkerchiefs $2.00 USD -- Jumpsuits $7.00 USD -- Night Gowns / Pajamas $5.00 USD -- Polo Shirts / T-Shirts $2.00 USD $3.50 USD Shirts / Blouses $4.00 USD -- Shorts $4.00 USD $4.50 USD Slips $2.00 USD -- Socks (pair) $2.00 USD -- Sweat Suits $7.00 USD -- Trousers / Pants / Slacks / Skirts $5.00 USD $6.50 USD Undershirts / SInglets / White T-Shirts $2.00 USD -- Underwear / Panties $2.00 USD -- Coats -- $7.00 USD Dresses $7.50 USD $8.50 USD Evening Dress -- $10.50 USD Jackets -- $5.00 USD Suit 2-Pieces -- $8.00 USD Sweaters -- $5.00 USD Ties -- $3.00 USD Vests / Waist Coats -- $3.00 USD
  7. No, Guy's burgers will only look pink in the middle when they open a Guy's on the Splendor.
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic. There are employees of Carnival who are members of Cruise Critic and they do post on this forum at times.
  9. Be careful what you wish for. Many of us who had been gold for several years were demoted to red the last time the program was overhauled.
  10. No, there is not a complimentary steam room. There's a sauna in the locker room but no steam room.
  11. We asked at Guy's on February 2nd on the Panorama and were advised by the cooks to go inside to the deli.
  12. The sisters of Miracle, Pride and Spirit, have had dive in movie theaters added during dry dock so perhaps Miracle will as well.
  13. The only (short) line we waited on at the lido buffet was for the gelato station and it was well worth the wait 🙂
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