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  1. We have a pair of connecting Family Oceanview rooms on deck 5 forward on a 24 hour hold. We got a pretty good deal, I think. I just can’t decide if it will be worth it? We can’t swing this on a yearly basis, so this is a big deal. Our kids are 15, 13, 11, 9, and 7. We don’t need all the bells and whistles, but will there be enough to do to keep them occupied and happy? How are the kids clubs? Teen clubs? General activities? Will we regret spending the money?
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We board Bliss in 5 days. Reviews like yours make me even more excited than I already was, and that's hard to do!
  3. I told my hubby we need to do Wal Mart in PV, just to say we’ve done it! I’ve been to Wal Mart in China too, so this will make country number 3. It’s always an interesting experience!
  4. Okay, seasoned cruisers. The hubby and I will be leaving on Friday for our 10/13 Bliss sailing out of LA. We can’t wait! Here’s what we’ve done so far: - Dinner reservations are made (need to change up times a bit once on board.) - Jersey boys reservation is made. - e-docs and bag tags printed, passports ready to go - We’ve got a loose schedule of what/when we’d like to book onboard, like comedy, go-karts, and laser tag. - Shore excursions are reserved. (Holy cow, cannot WAIT a for our Vallarta Eats tour in PV!) - Clothing and shoes have been decided on and washed. Wrinkle spray is packed. What else? What is something you’d never want to live without? What is your best cruise tip to share? What is something you’d want new cruisers to know in order to make the list cruise awesome? I’d love your input!
  5. I’m enjoying your updates! Thank you! When you get time, please keep them coming. :cool:
  6. I’m a non drinker at the moment as well. I’m looking forward to all of the mojitos from Sugarcanes, but in virgin form! I’m also looking for recommendations for other virgin drinks to try!
  7. 10 days left until our 15th anniversary cruise, and I want to get even more excited than I already am! Tell me about your favorite cruise tradition. How did it start? My first (and only other cruise so far) Cruise was with my 12 year old son. Our favorite thing was getting little sandwiches from the Cafe Promenade (on Allure) and going back to our balcony to play dice and cards until late at night. It was just lovely listening to the ocean go by, nibbling yummy sandwiches, and spending quality one-on-one time with my boy. I’m sure it’ll be a bit different, but I’m looking forward to doing the same thing with my hubby- simply chilling on the balcony, having treats, and watching the ocean go by. Can’t wait!!! I can’t wait to hear what each of you loves and has made into a tradition!
  8. Have fun! Take good care of Bliss- we will be boarding on the 13th! Save me some pretzel rolls! ;p
  9. Thanks, Bird Travels. You are a wealth of great info. I appreciate it!
  10. Does anyone know if they offer a behind the scenes tour on Bliss? If so, how and when can this be booked? I’m a huge nerd and love things like this- hopefully something exists!
  11. Good morning all. It’s a gray and rainy day here, and I need some fresh reading material about all things cruise-y! Who can help a girl out with links to past trip reports? Pretty please?
  12. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Hubby and I are headed to Mexico on Bliss in October. It’s our 15th anniversary and his first cruise, and we are super excited! I’m gobbling up anything and everything Bliss related right now! :cool:
  13. We’ve been offered a $25pp minimum bid to upgrade to a mini suite on Bliss as well. We are quite happy with the location of our balcony room, and don’t want to risk getting a mini in a bad location. If you are the gambling type, go for it! If you like your current location, I’d stay put.
  14. We are booked on the upcoming 10/13 Bliss sailing and have been assigned a midship balcony on Deck 11. (We booked a GTY) It seems like a nice location, and we like that it’s sandwiched between decks of cabins. After doing some reading, I started to get a little jealous of folks being assigned rooms that are higher up and closer to the Observation Lounge and pool deck. I’m thinking we might be much happier on 11 though, especially since we are hoping to use the stairs as much as possible on this sailing. It seems to sort of split the difference between public areas nicely. I’m wondering- what is YOUR preference for cabin location? Why?
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