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  1. Just decided to L&S our 11/15 Oasis cruise to next year. New sail date will be 11/7/21. So incredibly bummed, but also want to make it a special experience, as it’s a mother/son cruise for me and my youngest boy. The plus side is that he will be old enough for the teen club, and tall enough to ride stand up on the Flowrider by next year. (He’s a short fellow at present.).
  2. We would love to keep our 3/15 sailing on Joy, but our school district is implementing a policy that will not allow certain students to return to school if they have traveled during spring break. We are waiting to hear exact what that policy entails before we make our final decision, but our drop dead date is tomorrow to cancel. There is no way we can travel and then keep kids home for a 2-week self imposed quarantine. If that’s what the policy ends up stating, we will have no choice but to cancel.
  3. I’m sitting at the Comfort Suites in Miami right now, and will depart on NCL Sky for a B2B tomorrow. While this is perfectly serviceable for a pre-cruise night, I know I don’t want to come back after the cruise. If very much like to be somewhere that has lots of dining options nearby and perhaps is close to the beach. I’m a solo 39yo woman, and while I can handle myself, I’d like to stay somewhere that feels safe for a day of exploration and hanging out after I get off the ship. What would you recommend? An airport shuttle would be a big bonus, but isn’t required!
  4. I’m sitting in my room at the Comfort Suites right now. While it is a perfectly passable hotel for a pre-cruise overnight, no way would I leave a car parked here. Not in a million years.
  5. I’ll be on Sky next week for a B2B. Can anyone let me know what to expect from turnaround day in Mimi? I will be changing cabins, so I know I’ll need to pack up everything to be moved. What should I expect as far as clearing customs, needing to leave the ship and reboard, etc? I’ve never done a B2B before, and it’s super exciting!
  6. I wonder if they would make a small exception for our family? Our 7yo is legally blind, and I was hoping to tie a bright ribbon to the door handle or place a single brightly colored magnet on our foot at her viewing level. The room numbers are too high for her to be able to read, and I’d love to give her the confidence to find our room on her own. (Not that she will EVER be left solo at any point during the cruise. It’s just an independence thing...)
  7. That’s true- we are paying $199 for our 3 youngest kids. Thanks for the link- I’ll give them a call.
  8. ***I’ll preface this with the disclaimer that I have searched the boards and read the other threads about this topic.*** Our family (2 parents, 5 kids) just booked a sailing on Joy for spring break next year. Free air was an offer, and we took it. It is truly free if we fly out of Albuquerque, which is 3 hours from us. What I can’t decide is whether we want to gamble on everything working out if we fly out the same day as the ship leaves. I understand that we can pay a $25 deviation fee and opt to fly out the day before sailing? Is this true? If so, how do we set that up? I’d lean towards flying out the day before sailing, simply because weather can be quite touch and go at that time of year, even though it is generally very nice and should be easy for traveling. We should have enough CC points to completely cover plane tickets if we want to purchase them separately, so that could be an option too. Or or we could drive 15 hours to the port. What would you do? Why? (This is our first cruise as an entire family, and I so badly want it to go well!!) Thanks in advance for all of your input!
  9. Having cruised both an Oasis class RCI ship, and one of the largest NCL ships (Bliss), I would have to say that I prefer NCL. It’s not by a huge margin, and we’ve got a cruise booked with both lines again in 2020. For me, the biggest draw on NCL is the Waterfront. There is so much lovely outdoor space to enjoy and just watch the ocean go by. It was easy to feel more connected to the sea on NCL. The mojito bar being just steps away also was a plus... Of course YMMV, but I can’t wait to be on the Waterfront again! We have 5 kiddos, and I’m confident that they will find plenty to do to keep themselves entertained on Joy when we go next spring break.
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