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  1. Beautiful photos, as always! It's so fun to relive my time in London through your eyes.... err, I mean through your lens 📸 Keep it coming!
  2. That's how I handled the "signature situation" and it seems to be working well. I still think it's very annoying that we are so restricted in our signatures as there are many of us who like to keep the links to our old reviews accessible and conveniently located, but such is life!
  3. Norris!! I've been looking forward to this review,!! You're already off to such a great start with beautiful photos (as always!). I just finished posting my Paris/London trip report so now I have lots of free time to focus on reading your review. Can't wait to read the rest!!
  4. So glad you found this review helpful for your planning. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Maybe you will come back to write a review of your own? 😄
  5. Hope you have a wonderful time in London and Paris! Let me know if you have any questions about the planning 🙂
  6. Oh wow, how sad about Norwegian Airlines! Just last night, DH was reminiscing about how that was his all-time favorite flying experience and how he would love to fly with them again if possible. I hope they pull through!! Thanks again for reading and for all of your comments along the way 🙂
  7. Thanks for reading! As of right now, we have no further vacations planned. Whenever we do take our next cruise, I promise to come back here to write up another long review!!
  8. I hope you have a wonderful time in England!! Wishing you sunny skies and safe travels 😎
  9. I fully support that suggestion and would be happy to review any cruise funded by my loyal readers 😉
  10. Thank you! Now it's your turn... I'm looking forward to your upcoming Greek Isles cruise review!!
  11. Thanks for posting your review! I'm really enjoying it so far and can't wait to see what happens when Dorian strolls into the equation! We docked in Costa Maya in March and took a similar trip to Chacchoben with a different company called Island Marketing. On the way back to the port, our driver stopped at that pineapple stand and gave each couple a bag of cut up pineapple for a snack! It was very sweet and definitely the best pineapple I've ever had... even better than in French Polynesia where they are known worldwide for growing pineapples! What a shame that your driver didn't stop for you to try it!
  12. Our flight was making great time and the pilot announced that we would be landing 30 minutes early. This made for a beautiful approach into New York and JFK Airport with the sun setting over the city. If you look closely at the horizon, you can see the Manhattan skyline! I should have known not to be excited that we were landing early. Sure enough, a minute after we landed, the pilot announced that we were too early and there was still a plane in our gate. The details of what happened next are a bit fuzzy, partly because it happened several months ago, but mostly because it was now after midnight London time and I was too tired to follow the specifics. I think there was a problem with the plane in our original gate, so they had us taxi out to some distant point in the airport to wait for a new gate. It took over an hour before we finally did get a gate assigned to us. Meanwhile, I had called my parents to let them know we landed and they should pick us up, then I had to call back to say never mind, we don’t have a gate and don’t know when we can get off the plane. At some point, my phone stopped working! Several people in seats near us had the same problem and we realized it must be something to do with the metal construction of the airplane and it was blocking our signals, so I had no way to communicate with my parents! The pilot kept coming on the PA system to say he was not happy with how JFK airport was handling this situation and he apologized many times that we were being held captive on this plane. The one positive, at least for DH and myself, was we were sitting comfortably in our premium seats during this whole ordeal. When the flight attendants came around to collect the blankets 20 minutes before landing, I asked if I could hold onto mine until it was time to get off the plane because I was cold and it was so comfy to snuggle up underneath the blanket, so I was very happy to still have that blanket for this extra hour on the plane. When we finally did get a gate, it was complete mayhem with everyone pushing to get off the plane ASAP. The flight attendants held back the people sitting in coach so the people in the premium seats could exit first, so of course, the people in coach were upset about that and started yelling at the flight attendants. After exiting the plane, we went through immigration using the computer kiosks, then spoke with an agent inside the booth for all of 10 seconds so he could stamp our passports, and we were on our way to collect our luggage. The downside to getting off the plane first is that JFK is a huge airport so we got to the luggage carrousel long before our luggage did! I called my parents while DH waited for our bags. I thought another perk of the premium seats was that our luggage would be first off the plane, but that did not happen. It is possible that that was not a perk, I’m not sure. Our bags came out in the third batch of bags, and we met my dad outside. By the time we got back to my parents house, it was close to 3am London time and we were completely exhausted! After a quick hello to my mom, we went straight upstairs to the guestroom and fell asleep moments later. I won’t go into the details of my time in New York since that has nothing to do with this review. We celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, we went to the beach, and on Wednesday night, we went to Citifield with DH’s cousins for a Subway Series game of the Mets vs. Yankees. That was one of my arguments against seeing the London Series… knowing we would see the Yankees play 3 days later in New York! On Sunday, we packed everything up, my parents took us to the airport, and we flew back to San Jose on JetBlue. That concludes my review of our trip to Paris and London. Overall, we had a wonderful time and really made the most of our limited days in each city. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading! Fitbit Daily Summary for Tuesday 7/2/19… Steps: 13,900, Miles: 6.72, Flights of Stairs: 13 (not too shabby considering we spent a third of the day on an airplane!)
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