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  1. They weren’t there yesterday. I’ve been checking frequently because I have a friend that wants to book. All of November was grayed out for Galveston all day yesterday.
  2. Maybe wait like an hour next time. Everyone is dying to be the one to break news that cruises are canceled. Carnival will let us know.
  3. Under the circumstances it could depend on if your cruise is at max limited capacity. I tried to add someone to my room next month and even though I'm the only one in the room, it wouldn't allow me to add them because the cruise is at the maximum limited capacity.
  4. My August Magic cruise showed up for a long time after it was canceled.
  5. New Orleans will allow high school sports to start with 'strict' protocols, city officials announce High school football games in New Orleans will have smaller crowds than usual, and they’ll be quieter. The city on Monday gave a go-ahead for games to be played amid the coronavirus pandemic, but with a crowd-size limit of 250 spectators that may cause some schools to limit the presence of their marching bands to halftime or after the game ends. The city also permitted the start of full-contact practices leading into the opening weekend of games in less than two weeks, Oct. 1-3. https://www.nola.com/news/coronavirus/article_921611ee-fc28-11ea-92b1-6f65dcb508ba.html
  6. The kneejerk reactions on this board are crazy.
  7. I could see that. One of their covid-19 protocols could be doing smaller paper menus they throw away for people who won't use the app. I've seen that at restaurants.
  8. It seems like that would be a lot of additional work when they start back up getting everyone to learn new menus. I would be surprised if they make major changes.
  9. Some people aren't of age to join AARP. But also allstate works and is free. But AARP was a nice backup when anyone could do it.
  10. A lot of people have because I'm seeing this all over the place.
  11. I think that's how it works. Basically a new booking with the $600 and FCC.
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