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  1. Thanks! This is what I have with potential for additions after NFL schedules come out. February 29th 2020 – Carnival Panorama – 7 days Long Beach Cabo San Lucas Mazatlan Puerto Vallarta August 29th 2020 – Carnival Magic – 8 days Miami Half Moon Cay Grand Turk Aruba Bonaire TBD February 28, 2021 – Carnival Breeze – 8 days Fort Lauderdale St. Maarten St. Kitts San Juan Grand Turk August 28, 2021 – Carnival Mardi Gras – 7 days Port Canaveral San Juan Amber Cove Grand Turk
  2. Actually it doesn't. He posted a picture. It says your time dining and tells you where your time dining check-in is (java blue cafe).
  3. I wouldn’t switch from that one. It’s going to be a lot easier to find another panorama cruise than it is a partial PC cruise that fits your schedule. That one is high on my list.
  4. Thanks @heffy2. Three days wasn’t enough.
  5. yeah that’s what I’m talking about on that top pic. In a skybox all three big screens would be behind the bar. In this case the bar is only big enough for two of the big screens then the third is over by tables. I guess it’s a better setup for table people but it does cut out about half of the bar from skybox.
  6. saw a little video clip of the drones...pretty cool. I heard when the drones aren’t performing they’re filming people on their balconies.
  7. @heffy2 isn’t a fan of the landscape photo.
  8. I don't think I had a drink in there. I think I just drank the water that I thought was a candle.
  9. Looks like it would be good if you had a kid. I wouldn't be getting in that thing though.
  10. See I would do JiJi over Cucina because Cucina is on so many other ships. You have to be on a newer one for JiJis. I also did like the duck and kung POW! chicken.
  11. @heffy2 I saw someone somewhere else say they were excited to see the permanent seating in the main lounge. But I just saw a pic posted that looks like the same removable seating they have on Vista. Have you been in there yet?
  12. Interested in this as well. I think there are more tables that he didn't get pictures of. I think they made the bar smaller but put in more tables. Slowly but surely trying to weed out us bar dwellers.
  13. Is this basically the where the Sports bar was on Vista? Deck 4 between the casino and limelight?
  14. Or get a low tag number. They actually called deck 6 on the later end of that timeframe....10:25 with the delays they had.
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