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  1. I never said they did. They don’t have to announce one to have one.
  2. I’m quoting a PVP 75% for my November 7th Vista cruise.
  3. Very possible that they have reached the occupancy limits Carnival has set. My November 7th Vista cruise reached that mark last week and is no longer available to book. October Vista cruises were removed several weeks ago.
  4. I can tell you when I was on the magic last year it was port side in Fort Lauderdale, Cozumel, and Amber Cove. Star side in Grand Turk. I don’t know if they do it that way consistently or not. I remember in New Orleans they always parked ships one way, then they randomly started doing it the other way.
  5. I've been below the theatre and it was noisy during performances and practices. But never that early or late which was fine for me. Once i tried to take an afternoon nap and they were practicing.
  6. On embarkation day the best place to have a quiet sit down lunch is deck 11 aft above the buffet in Cucina Del Capitano. They have a pasta lunch. Most people don’t find that until later in the cruise. If you have a rainy sea day, try the thrill theater deck 4 aft. If you need to get from say the front of the promenade (deck 5) to the back of the promenade fast and beat the slow moving crowd. Step down to deck 4 where there’s pretty much nobody to quickly travel to the back of the ship. If a comedy show lets out and you need to use the bathroom but there’s a line, step down to deck 4. There are bathrooms right by the stairs nobody uses. Secret decks at the front of the ship are great for watching arriving at a port, sail away, sunrises and sun sets.
  7. Pretty much. This isn't exclusive to Carnival or cruising. The Saints are holding a lot of my money for games that may not be played...and if they are probably won't be played in front of fans.
  8. No. We didn’t have testing before like we will then. The days of quarantining an entire ship because of 1 person should be over when cruising resumes.
  9. Side note I really wish the admins would modify thread titles like this after they’ve been proven to be false.
  10. And I know the 7th was removed last week. A lot of people (myself Included) booked that one after having cruises canceled. The word from a carnival pvp was they cut it off at 75% capacity. The 14th is likely in the same boat.
  11. I have felt it was significantly more. On the one July cruise I did we had 1,000 kids. When I cruise now it’s 300-500 and I’m on bigger ships.
  12. Ehhh. I think they’re less full when you have fewer kids because you’d have fewer 3rd and 4th guests in rooms.
  13. I have cruised out of Galveston late feb-early March 3 of the last 4 years. I find prices are low that time of year. There’s potential for it to be cold in Galveston but you usually are getting spring weather at winter prices. The cruise weather will be great. The things to avoid that time of year are the time change and spring break and both of them are on the 15th so you’re good. The biggest worry will be fog. I’ve never done the late March one so I can’t speak on that other than it’s right after spring break for most of Texas.
  14. And actually I just got a text from fed ex. Sounds like my cheers/internet gift card refunds from my canceled cruise are on the way...more gift cards.
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