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  1. I do disinfect the entire room. I can’t do the entire ship unfortunately.
  2. All at once later in the cruise. Feels like night 5 of a 7 day cruise is when I see the line build at guest services.
  3. Here are the numbers for what it would be right now..may be more on embarkation day. But you can see why I use Lyft over Uber. Lyft is always applying some promo code for me. Right now it’s giving me 50% off up to $6. I’ve heard of a promo code “carnival” that you can use for Lyft port rides but I haven’t tried it myself. amtrak-homewood Uber: 6.50-10.50 (depending on vehicle size) Lyft: 4.00-4.50 homewood-port uber: 9.00-12.00 lyft: 4.50-6.50 port-hampton uber: 9.50-13.25 lyft: 5.75-6.50
  4. Couldn’t do it. I would be sleeping in the closet since I figure that wasn’t used.
  5. Haven’t been on Horizon yet but If I did I would try the Teppanyaki for sure. I’ve heard it sells out.
  6. This is nothing new around here. They removed the espn channels from the rooms a couple years ago. That one is pretty simple. They want you in the bars spending money while watching sports. The other changes were last year. They seem to be moving in the direction of worse TV but better internet. On Vista I was able to stream my YouTube TV package. The ship cams were so good on vista I just left that on in the room.
  7. Should mention I always get premium
  8. I was on the Dream for two weeks last year. No problems with basic browsing and iMessage. I probably had one day each cruise where uploading photos was slow. Nassau was definitely one of them. But I could do it all 14 days. It wasn’t like freedom where I couldn’t upload a photo for three days.
  9. Yep. All I have on that cruise is my deposit.
  10. They accepted mine through email this past Saturday.
  11. I'm doing the second one next year. The first wasn't an option for the dates I was looking at. I haven't been to any of those ports yet. If I had the choice I'd go with the full ABC on the newer ship. It seems easier to get a cruise to HMC than it is Curacao.
  12. I've sent and received mine for as far out as August 2020. I emailed them on Saturday and received responses on Sunday.
  13. Is it bad if you paid it off early but haven't bought insurance yet? I have one in December where I haven't booked my hotel or flight yet so I don't know the full insurance amount...but I've paid the cruise off even though final payment isn't until September.
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