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  1. all hands on deck cheese board Disney dream. this cheese board any better than P&O for the price?
  2. I haven’t got a problem with it being budget. It’s allowed me to go on holiday twice this year and next (And probably in 2021 if I convince hubby) so I’m happy. The only problem I have is with the liver and just would like different menu in the mdr but that’s just me. I did see a Marco Pierre White menu at a hotel my hubby went to for business and that menu looks awesome. Wish that was on the ship. ive had a few niggles with p&o but least they have tried to fix the issues. we’ve paid between £142-£200 per night for 2 adults and two kids. So it’s all good. unfortunately I do think I will have to try other ships eventually but I worry that they won’t be comparable compared to the price. If I am going to pay double the p&o price then I will expect double in terms of entertainment and food etc on the other lines. I really wanna do a Disney cruise but it was £2400ish for 4nights in mid May this year. I’ve only paid £2900 for 14 night easter holidays. they says you get what you pay for and it’s the magic etc but I can’t justify £600per night. It’s more than 3x p&o. And in fact three weeks in Florida at Disney world costs less per day than the cruise. but I do think p&o is budget. It must be at those prices. I cannot find another line at the moment with better prices than p&o. I have a soft spot for p&o. It got me to like cruising when I thought it was old fashioned before. feel as though I should try most of their ships now.
  3. I would say that p&o are budget. If they weren’t we wouldn’t be going on them. I had some cheese on the cruise in May. It was Hard cheese yellowish orange Tasted nice. No idea what it was tho. im not big on cheese. Do like Wensleydale with cranberry at Christmas tho. Has to be on digestive biscuit type ones.
  4. will have to buy a lot of clothes then probably. even stuff they says can go in dryer sometimes don’t turn out good
  5. And if your a peasant with no balcony?
  6. I don’t sit on big tables. Just on a 4 with my hubby and two young kids. would never take photos of other people’s food. Think that goes a bit far. this was originally posted on an English p&o board. It’s was on that ship I felt a bit weird taking photos because I was using a phone not a camera
  7. How’d you dry the stuff that can’t go in the dryer?
  8. I’m a Yorkshire lass. I think it’s polite to open door for others like you do if going through etc. Would never occur to me gender specific. That’s what I didn’t get and no I would never say I can hold my own door cos someone is doing something nice for you. Can’t please some though
  9. does taking pictures of your food with your phone count as rude?
  10. yes I can understand that but I would probably be better off eating in the toilets with how I can’t stop coughing. I haven’t been ill like this on a ship before tho so it’s never really been an issue, it’s only cos I’m ill now I even thought of it. no definitely wouldn’t want to pass it on intentionally and try not to but it’s same as I’m sure I will be passing it on at work. I can’t have off cos of a cold and I will be touching keyboards etc. So never really stops. Just some like my husband who don’t seem to get it. I always cop for it.
  11. kinda doesn’t work when your having pie and chips with the peas. We don’t do much mash.
  12. cant really moan that that. my only complaint is being misinformed. I only saved £50 but still better in my pocket
  13. don’t get yards can’t never work it out. How many minutes you think it will take?
  14. I have a cold at the moment and have done for nearly two weeks. Just wondering but what are we supposed to do? Sit in the cabin all day cos we have to blow nose. I agree with you about the open door. I get annoyed when they waltz through without a thank you. What I find worse is (not on a cruise tho) when I was opening the door for my two kids to go through a door before me as I prefer them in front where I can see them and some woman just goes through in front of them, try not to be confrontational but she nearly knocked over my youngest. the chewing and talking I get but people always ask you questions when your eating and sometimes takes a while to finish your mouth full it’s annoying, usually the waiter picks that time when your month is full and asks you if everything ok and you have to just grin and nod like an idiot. no issues with how people hold forks. I try to teach my kids but it is painful watching her chase peas around sometimes.
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