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  1. Feeling a bit mixed emotions today. we should have been driving down to the iona for the fjords this morning but obviously thanks to covid we are not. at the same time my nephew turns 1 today and since he had a terrible birth and we really worried about him then that’s a blessing. on the bright side only 482 to go for iona and I am counting down.
  2. Iona looks lovely. im just hoping all the restrictions will be different in 18months so I can enjoy it fully.
  3. Hey peeps. How’s it all going. only over 500 days till my next cruise😳
  4. Well I have woken up extremely sore. rode my new motorbike yesterday after not doing any riding for 8 years. Have forgotten most of how to ride, took a corner too tight and came straight off broke the indicator. with all this Portugal talk everywhere does make me wonder what the point in the vaccines when most other countries are getting on with it. P*** up in a brewery comes to mind.
  5. Morning peeps sunny today and 6 days off yay! hubby has gone to look at an ER5 for me to ride. Not sure I will remember how. Just in the process of planning our holiday. Doing the NC500 in Scotland. Think we are a little crazy but we need a holiday and I couldn’t do a cruise or Disney this year. we’ve both had our first jabs. Didn’t like it it made me feel awful but hubby was more or less ok. hope everyone is keeping ok
  6. I like how light it looks rather than just one floor. thought the roof was retractable for some reason only another 18 months to wait now
  7. i don’t like menus on my phone. ive just been to local pub and had to do that and actually didn’t like it. but I would be happy for the free wifi for whole and also if we could have the menu more in advance than before.
  8. oh what itinerary are you doing. Are you going to blog your days on here as well?
  9. i agree. Wouldn’t have one overlooking the middle of the ship. Lack of privacy would annoy me. I have a habit of being starkers
  10. With p&o “you get what you pay for” springs to mind. I am 33. I am the clientele that p&o probably want but usually don’t get. For us if there were other cruise lines that went out of U.K. that were comparable in price and itinerary then we would try those. I think that the decor isn’t as modern as it could be. Same with the food etc but I think p&o are trying to balance the new younger generation that they want with the older generation who like what they like who have been repeat customers. think it’s probably hard for them to do this. Either way I couldn’t give a monkeys about the decor so long as it’s clean comfortable with decent food going to ports I want to at a price I am willing to pay then I will be on it.
  11. only one I’ve seen is a few seconds of the sky deck and the atrium.
  12. Yeah that wasn’t for me. 30 mins of my life I’ll never get back. I was watching it for a tour of the ship really as naming and the bottle thing etc doesn’t really interest me but I wanted to see inside. suppose gotta wait another 12 weeks for someone to go on her.
  13. This iona thing better be good. In bed with it on tv. How rock and roll at my age 😂
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