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  1. what is it? im gonna cook properly this week. salmon and dauphinois tomorrow also attempting cinnamon buns and pretzels
  2. John has fibre kalos. Fttc means fibre to the cabinet which is the little greeen box at end of your road. If Bt were to replace it all with fttp which is fibre to the premise then John would have to move to Bt or another small local provider for that. Sky don’t currently do that one as it costs a hell of a lot to put it. They will however jump on the bandwagon as soon as they can do it cheap enough just like they did when fibre was first in the U.K.
  3. depending on how expensive it is you might be on the wrong package. massive companies don’t go through everyone’s accounts. The emails most send are auto renewals for the same package and same price etc but if you have been there ages when broadband used to be really high prices and not as common as it is today then you could be on a really old expensive package. on renewal with every company I am with I tell them that someone can beat their price and try to get them lower. Usually works or tell them that new customers get it for xxx for same package. only difference is now most packages you have to add the call package on top as most people don’t use the landline to make calls.
  4. I don’t think many will survive. just on a cruising note I’m starting to get nervous about my iona one in July. I thought it might be all good by then but if it’s all masks and stuff I won’t want to go and I have no idea if we would lose the deposit.
  5. If you find one that works you stick to it. Talk talk in general is not good quality looking on comment sites but everyone has had a problem with at least one company in their time and I think along the saying “if it ent broken why fix it” like I wouldn’t touch John Lewis with a barge pole but some like that store and have had brilliant service.
  6. gonna guess your both with bt? you do tend to get what you pay for. Just make sure your getting the best deals when you renew and kalos copper is going to be going soon so you will be put into fibre in the next few years anyway. You can upgrade even if it’s in contract and you might find they will do it for the same price etc as copper is becoming obsolete. I’m on fibre to the premises and don’t have any issues but mines a new build.
  7. without knowing her postcode it’s difficult but there isn’t a lot of people on copper now. Most are on fibre to the cabinet. im didn’t think that your village had copper only left anymore as my gran runs off the exchange in your village and she gets fibre and she’s quite a bit out. If you google Bt openreach where and when it gives you what is in your area and when the next update is coming
  8. As far as I am aware if you get fibre direct to your home then sky wouldn’t be Able to provide it to you. There is only a handful of companies that do fttp.
  9. Is it plusnet? 11mbs speed is quite low for round here to be honest. She should check when fttp might come in. 11mbs isn’t brilliant for gaming for a start.
  10. most provides now will have the same landline and broadband as it will be a bundle package. If you don’t you will pay ridiculous rates to have your landline with one and broadband with another. I am bias so can’t say but there is always bad and good reviews for any of the companies. Sometimes it will depend on your area as to where is best.
  11. hi graham im always pottering about. I get about 100 emails a day from this but don’t always have much to comment. have been poorly last few weeks and hubby has been gardening so just chillin
  12. Do they not offer a speed guarantee? Or anything like that. If it’s intermittent she should get it looked at. or they could be throttling her if she is using those as gamers and Netflix are best off on high speed broadband
  13. depending on what mobile device you have you could do 4g calling that’s linked to your bt broadband using the WiFi. some people are better off on a sim if they are in a slow speed area but most people for usage now need fibre broadband. Not a lot need a landline though Funny enough the top broadband package I used to sell 12 years ago was 10gb of data! And some had 2mg speed. How times have changed. I wouldn’t go onto mobile broadband. We used about 500-800gb a month usage as we don’t have live tv.
  14. not sure if I’m older than your grandkids but some of those thing you’ve mentioned I definitely would not eat. my gran still does the oxo cube thing 🤢 I remember being given a sugar lump by my great gran once which I thought was super weird. and for books, I do love reading but I like vampire/fantasy books but I don’t buy too many at £10 each and only lasting a few days I wait for them to go down in price a little but they are all on kindle cos once I get stuck in I find it hard to put it down. Only proper books are the kids ones. Will be starting roald Dahl collection soon with Scarlett
  15. that’s one of the sights I miss most now I don’t live their anymore. kids used to love it best when Santa brought presents on a boat 😂
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