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  1. Mine were snotty. Hate snotty eggs makes me feel sick. Hubby’s were perfect the time before though
  2. Think that was the time we were originally trying for. Two toilet breaks and coffee on way down took it to 2. They might not let you on the boat early but I’d rather be there early sitting and waiting than worrying about not getting there and missing it.
  3. Not sure if it’s enforced but as far as I know it’s for staggered boarding so that the immigration bit isn’t too crowded. We set off early to make sure we had a bit of extra time in case of traffic. We were given a letter and asked to sit and wait to be called. Luckily for us it was no more than 10mins sat waiting then did the passport and the body scan etc and away we went. I don’t think I would get there lots in advance. We got to Southampton by 2. Took till 2.30 to get the car taken by cps (very busy) then we were on boat by 3.10.
  4. I don’t actually think the comment were that bad. This board though has to be taken with a pinch of salt and thick skin as there is a lot of bitchiness and arguments. I don’t ever think anyone should stop posting or stop saying their opinions and I’m sorry you felt hurt with those comments. The alcoholic bit could have been worded better but as I said it’s about 7 cocktails per day for the package which I don’t know from nhs but would say that’s a lot whether it be alcohol or coffee or even coke really. Dont let comments put you off though. There is good knowledge on this board.
  5. I always thought I drunk lots of coke. It’s annoys my hubby no end but I’d have had to have 10 cokes to make the £20. I definitely don’t drink that many.
  6. With the drinks package I also think it’s not worth the money. For us I only occasionally drink maybe once in a while so to be forced buy the alcohol one cos hubby is make me cross. Also the package is £40 a day for the full one. If we drank wine at £4.75 then I would need 9 that day. Most expensive drink I had was g&t at £5.60 or cocktail at £6.25. Still I would have to have 7 cocktails for this to be cheaper. Latte from costa was £2.95. I’ve read 5/6 coffees per day on one post. So that’s £17.60. On the non alcoholic version you’d still need either one more coffee, mock tail or two cokes to make that worth it. If you had the full alcohol one then it’s still 4 full cocktails over the coffees. For people looking at the drinks package they need to look at what drinks they will buy and do the maths on what they normally drink. We spent £260 as a family of 4 (kids are both under 5) including twice at sindu and once at beach house. So definitely wasn’t worth it for us at all and we didn’t go ashore much. The weather is what would have made us spend more.
  7. Never have good experiences with the bay of Biscay. Sea sickness tablets for me next year. Im assuming most of these with be days at the beach type places. Especially as I have two young kids. Anyone have any insight on the ports would be great
  8. Going to these ports tenerife lanzarote cadiz lisbon gran canaria la palma madeira Also any idea if the ship will go through bay of Biscay?
  9. Tax was only added to ours when we were sat in the port before sailing again. Definitely didn’t get charged when actually on the water (out at sea etc) even between ports as I have the records of what I paid tax on and I paid it between 12-5 on the two days we were at Spanish ports but not during the evenings.
  10. 😂 nope mine is bald with glasses
  11. Haha. Wouldn’t think he would dress in shorts in sindu tho so think that theory is out
  12. Thank you guys. Only just come back on here. We got back from Disney yesterday morning so haven’t even really thought about cruises. While in florida hubby upgraded Disney tickets so we are going back there. It was so amazing in Orlando the kids loved it but Georgia my youngest was a nightmare. The behaviour she had there at dinner tables versus the boat were completely different. Not sure if she is going through a phase or not but I wouldn’t have liked to go out every meal with her on a boat like that. It’s strange though she wasn’t bad like this before so I’m hoping it’s just a thing. Squish I get why your late to read too. It’s cos Disney gets so much in our heads that it’s difficult to get round it. I seriously don’t know how you take that many photos. Read all your report. Still see the “picture whale” 🐳 in my head every time. We are going to the canaries. Hubby has always wanted to go Tenerife but I don’t wanna go for a whole week. Don’t like having nothing to do that’s why I think it’s always been Disney or cruise for long holidays- every day is different. Looking forward to yours in September cos your doing the itinerary I had to cancel, might re book then. You planned your next Disney yet? The teacher was very proud of her writing. She turns 5 in August I was just amazed at how she knew how to spell dolphin, her teacher says she showed her how to spell it a few months back but I didn’t even know she knew. Got her school report today though and she’s got outstanding, top of the class. She didn’t write much at Florida. Too busy in the pool. Even though we have booked Disney again we have kept one cruise. Still want to go exploring and I think cruise is best way to go for that but it can’t beat the Disney magic for a 3 & 4 year old. They both loved the boat too though. Then again I think they just like being on holiday. Didnt take that that long to write. Usually did it when those lot were sleeping. Long sleeps on the boat for them. Will still be around especially for next years cruise but hopefully won’t have as many questions. Just like to keep updated. Thanks guys.
  13. Try very hard not to. Usually when my phone is out with the kids it cos I’m taking pictures of them which unfortunately I’m not very good at either. I wanted to take more pictures of the dining room and my food whist on the boat but felt awful for doing it. Managed to sneak a few when it’s quiet. Everyone has to take calls but I try not to be clued to my phone when out or at dinner table. I do find I am awful for picking my phone up inside the house though. But the kids are currently ignoring me as I am apparently too big to fit in their den down the side of the sofa so instead I am making my Disney itinerary whist they are occupied and getting along as this peace won’t last. An shockingly in two weeks I will be living in trainers and t-shirts. There won’t be a suit dress or even proper shoes in my suitcase.
  14. Dressing up nice never really bothered me. It’s for me the photos on the p&o website that’s for a different generation so doesn’t give me a good idea of what do wear and I hate dresses cos don’t look good in them would probably think differently if I did. But it was fun dressing up. We never do it and it’s was nice. We looked good. We got dressed pretty early sometimes though so looked like right planks walking the lido deck to get some grub for the kids before shows etc but it never really bothered me. Just didn’t wanna be stuck out like a sore thumb and there were lots of people more dressed down than me so I felt ok with my choices. I know we are all judgmental of some things. I don’t agree with iPads at tables for the kids etc. I tried very hard to have a iPad free week as much as I could. Surprisingly they only watched it a few times in the room. When we were getting ready or when I was poorly etc and I do judge that one family that I saw had the kid on the iPad all dinner. I can even understand the iPad the waiting bit before but not during the actual meal. But clothes and drinks in certain glasses. I don’t get all that it’s not something worth getting bothered for. I think if people are behaving, manners and respectful then that’s good. Unfortunately in real life I find far too many people not behaving nicely so to me those are of far more importance than old world cruise views.
  15. Oh my. This just seems to get worse every time I look at this thread. A pint glass ? Really I dress up as per requirements manage somehow to control my young kids and they do there table manners as well as they can really but shock horror I had a COKE with my dinner which is probably bad but I don’t do wine or beer I only stretch to cocktail sometimes and wait I had it in a PINT GLASS for goodness sakes people can’t win. Dressing up fair enough that’s a requirement in certain places and it clearly states. No where does it say anything about what you drink. Sorry but I now find that ridiculous and to be honest pretentious
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