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  1. I really would like to do a Disney cruise or royal Caribbean. just tight and don’t want to pay for them though. Might go have a nosy at prices now.
  2. see I think I’m a lot like Harry in that if I get bad service I will moan about it and probably quite loudly too. But with p&o even though there have been issues for me with them the good far outweighs the bad hence I keep coming back. we all get that he’s had bad service and you can definitely make use of that to help you decide on cruise lines but it’s been 9months? Maybe more. I might be getting too much into my Disney planning but “let it go” so terrible at jokes. what I’d like to know if is Harry will go on another p&o cruise?
  3. Gotta love this board. Go away for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. you are a feisty lot to answer OP who may or may not return (or be long time members in disguise) p&o is good value for money. You get what you pay for. I do not like the food. I’m sure everyone on here knows this from me. It’s too much Old world British my grandpa grew up with pate and liver 🤢 but they do nice salmon and chicken. I find the good far outweighs the bad. And all the staff are lovely to us. Mainly the kids they dote on and make sure they are happy which is obviously what I want from the staff. I don’t find that many faults. Always a few and I will alway tell the company by thoughts but I still will come back. I haven’t been on any other lines though. Unfortunately we are priced out of many of them and so we stick to p&o. im also glad I have to sign my kids out. Their safety is high priority for me and I would not like the thought of anyone but us being able to go get them. It would put me off leaving them there altogether. really excited for my cruise. 40 days and 14ish hours to go! plus I’m gonna blog this one like another poster and probably drive some of you love people nuts with my over planning and dislike of foods. Gotta day these boards are really awesome 😎
  4. we never had wine or cocktail over £6.95 but then again we only tried a few
  5. I can understand why bottles aren’t included as they would probably go against the one drink in 15mins rule I suppose but why aren’t cocktails included.
  6. See this is where I come unstuck. I thought cocktails were included. “What’s included: • An incredible array of beers, single-measure spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to £6.95 as listed on our menus • Unlimited draught soft drinks, mocktails, and small bottled water (500ml only)” Confused 😐
  7. yes unfortunately I cannot just have one biscuits. Hence the reason I am not having any biscuits now
  8. pete if it works for you and your family then that’s ok. Not everyone is the same. We couldn’t possibly have that many drinks, hubby could probably have the alcohol but as I rarely drink it would be a waste for us.
  9. Wish you’d lot would stop talking about biscuits. I could kill for some with a cuppa right now
  10. is that per person? also what is digesif? the package only works for couples who are big drinkers. It could have worked if I did alcohol but I don’t and as you have to have the same in the cabin it makes it difficult. I also cannot consume that much liquid I’d just not manage.
  11. That’s really awesome. That’s how I believe it should be because it’s damn hard to be in a working household and juggling childcare. I already know when mine have kids I will make damn sure I am there for any childcare. I suppose I am jaded on this though as our children went to grandparents twice last year to be babysat. They unfortunately never offer to have them, my family is out the picture and my hubby will ask his parents if we have to which is usually so we can see a concert once a year. Otherwise we are on our own. we don’t live near them anymore but even when we did it was the same. My grandparents used to look after me and same for hubby but that all seems to have changed in recent years. for me childcare and in our case spending time with the grandkids usually helps our far more than inheritance will do.
  12. I agree with you. Every generation has their struggles they are just seen differently. when I get to the point of retiring then I will still want holidays and too right we have earnt the holidays but I’ll still make sure the kids are sorted too. Just the way me and hubby are but then again we might just be weird anyway we had a mortgage at 19 and married at 20. There’s not a lot especially out of our school year that was the same and indeed now 12years later some still aren’t on the property ladder. we are just fortunate that hubby has a good career and we made sure that we got a house as soon as we could and even though we’ve lost thousands not knowing what we were doing we have eventually got where we want. btw no one offends me I just like to put across the other side.
  13. Harry and John I agree with you both. And you seem to have the balance just right. and that’s just how we want to be when we are your age because I don’t think you ever want to stop making life easier for your children. At least that’s how me and my husband feel. for us personally as we are both the eldest of our siblings we haven’t had much help from parents. And that’s lead to many really costly mistakes for us that we are hoping won’t befall ours when they have to start standing on their own. I think most of us do the best we can with the situation we are in. If we could only do caravans then that’s what you do and make the best of it. Memories can be made anywhere and never need to be the most expensive but to make sure you have everything in place, food, roof clothes etc are invaluable and I do think families should help where they can no matter the generation. things are changing though and not for the better at all. I dont see my family but we do see my in laws. But this isn’t as often as I feel it should. Unfortunately it’s more like once a month to see the children and don’t hardy even call anymore. Everything changes it’s all swings and roundabouts but as long as I’m sat there in my rocking chair when I’m old looking back I know I can say we did everything we could to make sure our kids had the best life they could then that’s alright with me
  14. Wow is it bash millennials time? You guys definitely have some view and it’s kinda stereotypical. I think it’s difficult but Harry it should be a bit of both. I still think at your age you should be going and enjoying holidays but definitely should be helping kids too. It’s a balance. it is difficult to get on the housing ladder. It’s also difficult when your brought up knowing nothing of mortgages, banking, budgeting, debts etc. We come straight out of school and are expected to just roll with it. I think that’s schools should teach this but also parents should. (Ours didn’t not!) I kinda agree about some of this generation that it’s made a little too easy for them, usually by their parents but it’s not easy. You see so many go to university then still end up with a basic job rather than career. also family dynamics have changed. It’s now both parents who have to work and don’t get much help in terms of childcare so lots of things do change. my kids are 4&5 so not sure what generation they are called but we already know that it will be harder for them to get a house than us and at that time we will help them. But in the mean time whilst we are able we are also going to try and live a little. We’ve done the scraping by,caravan holidays,2up2down etc and luckily we don’t have to anymore. We want to go on good holidays while the kids are little. We won’t drive bangers anymore as then actually ended up costing us more fixing them. Yes we have the latest on phone etc but only because we now can. if things were different and we lived at home we would have been loaded because we would have saved hard and not had the latest things. my siblings we always opposite where they think nothing of living at home and going on holidays, going to cafes every day or buying lots of clothes. but not all millennials are the same. im sure each of these generation blocks have their good and bad points. And I’ll bet my gran would blame gen x just like millennials are getting it now and god knows who I’ll be blaming. but to answer Harry. Balance. That’s the answer. (Also you know if your kids deserve a hand out or not)
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