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  1. I get bad in bay or biscay but love the cruises so hits put up with it. had ginger ale to settle me but it took a few hours. I had obviously forgotten that I needed to take something with me. definitely take some tablets just in case you need them.
  2. Had some good news for a change. Hubby’s job is save till January when they will reassess. No job losses at his building. Took a 21.8% pay cut but that will be fine. he’s furloughed for the next 6 weeks so gonna drive me and kids crazy. But it’s all good. It’s been raining last few days so no bike rides but we did go to some crags and was interesting with Woolley rhinos found there. Feels like a long time for holiday countdown now. my 88 year old gran wants to see us but not sure about it.
  3. Flights look like they are taking off from 20th July. cruise ships seem to be far behind then if they are stopped an extra 3 months!
  4. keep trying that but they stop peddling! I don’t think they know how to balance. we just keep trying a little bit every day. Sure they will get there soon. Then apparently I have to get a bike, not been on one of those for at least 15years so that will be interesting
  5. apparently not “I’m just horrid” my sister used to say. This is cos mine make their beds in a morning, i don’t tidy up their toys they do that, they have dressed themselves since they were two, they even do chores bless them like they put their own clothes away in their wardrobe drawers and they set the table. It’s perhaps why I don’t get along with the rest of my family as they are so different to me with these things. My problem is that I wrap them up in Cotton wool too much in that I don’t like them to ride their bikes too far or that I will worry when we have a balcony cabin next year. There’s some really good deals on p&o at the moment and I am dying to book another one but daren’t until everything is ok but I really want a good family holiday. on another note, how do you teach a child to ride without stabilisers? I’m having a nightmare with my two
  6. I’m surprised they aren’t taught that. Thought that was just like parenting 101 then again I’ve been told that I am strict with mine. This is from co workers not the kids. Then again we are different from most other millennials it seems. Mine have always had to do things for themselves and they are completely different to their cousin. We had apples the other day and still look a bag for the cores to take home. Plus wet wipes and hand gel for sticky hands
  7. I think it’s different places for different things. Skegness has more for the kids. I like the tat shops to nosy and there is a bar near the pier and the sea sanctuary (expensive now) havent been scarbough or Whitby in years even though they are good. More stick to Bridlington and Filey. Prefer the beaches there and the harbour etc but not the little rides for the kids. might be only holidays we are gonna get this year! sunny here today. Parents in law are coming round tonight. Not sure how that’s gonna go with The kids keeping distance. I’m poorly so no school work today. stupid Asda order won’t work either.
  8. loved bamburgh and seahouses. Went with school as a kids was awesome. my kids will only get to go about 15 miles up the road from their school when they do their residential week.
  9. I like p&o but got nothing to compare it against really. like the looks of Iona but feel it’s going to be massive. Im just not used to not having holidays booked and we were spoilt last year with the good holidays and now we haven’t got any this year i don’t like it. Want to book another cruise but daren’t due to Not knowing what insurance will cover and kinda holding out hope that we can go Disney next year. I just like to have some plans in the works. I do think it will be a good age for your little boy and if your mums struggling then cruises are the way to go.
  10. it’s not many people when you have a household of 4 already.
  11. Wish we wouldn’t argue. brian that looks good but you’ve got something really wrong on your pizza
  12. would depend on the restrictions for us. I don’t think I’m worried about the virus as such. If the kids could go back to school same as it was in February they would be back. Only reason I don’t want to send them is it looks like little boot camps and I’d rather them not have to sit at a desk on their own when they are so little not being able to do painting or play doh with their classmates. same with pubs. If there are ridiculous restrictions then we won’t go. We wouldn’t wear a mask to go there etc. We’ve gotten some just in case it becomes compulsory but we would just stick to takeaways. holidays again would have no issues going as long as the restrictions are not ridiculous. And we are covered by insurance
  13. I haven’t found the cabins noisy. It’s the sea when it’s rough the front was awful. im one of those that worries the kids are being loud. In reality I bet you could hear me more telling them to be quiet than them. don’t spend a lot of time in the cabin but I think that’s cos we had inside one.
  14. I do get why people pay for a location. The ones I was looking at have always been over £300 difference. I do agree that I wouldn’t want to do club dining. With kids that will have no benefit to us at all. Not sure why anyone likes club dining but I know a lot do. Maybe they aren’t as antisocial as me. I never know which cabin to pick when I get a choice. Only remember being the very first cabin and I didn’t like that. But it was only 1 night that was bad.
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