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  1. Hey peeps im doing ok thanks for worrying about me. Just having a tough time with my illness and work, plus dog and then marital issues. Now the kids are off again. Just busy. Do keep popping on to see how everyone is. Glad everyone else is ok.
  2. yeah that made me cry. I used to love my kitchen and now I hate it because he’s not in it. it hurts and other things are also falling apart. I need to keep it together for the girls
  3. We have. It’s the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make and I am struggling with it. He’s been gone only two days.
  4. hi sue yes the girls are good at school. None have them have been off and they are trying the best to keep it normal for the kids we are all a bit down currently due to the dog
  5. I’ll have my fingers crossed then. Will have to decide soon as balance is due in april
  6. glad your feeling better and Pauline didn’t get it. Do miss all the good photos you’ve been posting in past
  7. Hoping everyone is well. I know last time I was on here graham and andy weren’t too good was hoping to book for 2022 but the prices seem to have shot up after the vaccine announcement was made. do we think July 2021 will still go ahead?
  8. not twins Harry. we have been talking about the cruise we went on last year. My eldest wrote this on the boat to send to her teacher. We tried to see where my youngest is at now since we presumed it was normal at that age but just looks like my eldest has always been a little ahead and least now I know what I need to work on with my youngest
  9. Trying to see how the kids compare in school so these were both written at 4yr10m strangely I think I must have taught my first born more than my second. youngest is definitely better at puzzles tho. flash cards on the Christmas list
  10. Considering putting a deposit down on summer 2022 but we have annual insurance now that runs out in January. Obviously that means I’m not gonna have insurance for when it goes. dunno what is safe etc in regards to deposits, insurance and all this covid stuff
  11. Anyone else thinking Ffs here we go again! hubby is going back to work tomorrow after being on furlough and leaked info looks like his work might be going very bad even though they have gotten ride off 9000k people already. literally sick of it all now
  12. aww bless her. Bet she had nothing to do either. I’ve got my phone but I’m losing battery faster than usual it would seem.
  13. Sat waiting for my appointment. Utterly bored and really hate this mask. they are doing temperature checks and questions. Which aren’t an issue. But my appointment was at 3.10 and I haven’t even had that done yet and I would really prefer to be at home on the sofa. wondering if they have missed me as others that came after have already gone in
  14. its a shame though that you work your whole life and we all contribute to the nhs yet you have to pay for private care. I would have probably done the same tbh. my hospital appointment today I wouldn’t even class as urgent so I was very surprised that it came through so quick but that could have been as I was waiting for a few months and it got cancelled due to Covid but still I wouldn’t say mine is urgent and if it wasn’t such a specific department then I would have suggested they prioritise others. The nhs I think needs better support than it gets. anyway I prob
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