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  1. Is it really gonna be that bad? I’m gonna expecting lots of kids but I really hope it isn’t going to be super ridiculous
  2. Yes see we need it in school holiday so perfect for us. I do feel for the people without kids as I’m assuming it will be full of us with little ones. Luckily mine this year were amazing and got a lot of compliments for their behaviour but if I was going off majority of their class mates behaviour all year then I’m already assuming I will hear more tantrums than I normally do per day. Kids club might be heaving too. Aww well. Least we gonna be in the sun
  3. We are going to be on Ventura over Easter. Will there be anything special for Easter? My kids really love easter bunny and we have never been away at Easter before, to be honest when I booked I didn’t even think about that this would be during Easter.
  4. Yes there are two adults and two young kids so we need the ones with the pull down beds. We had this on the azura this year and was ok for them with ladder etc. Its more to do with the noise and mid ship that I think will make the difference to us. Don’t want it to noisy as I doubt kids will be up later than 10
  5. Dont really have a preference. Only been on a cruise twice. Both were indoor. I have a funny feeling we were on P deck the first time. This year we were on D and it was the very first cabin. Didn’t like being right at the front. in the middle ish for me would be good. Going in april. Canaries. Never been so no idea what to expect. Only ever been on azura too. Not this Ventura.
  6. Its p241 that we are currently assigned
  7. As the title says really. We have currently been allocated P deck. Just not sure if that’s going to be a good room or not.
  8. We went to the beach house with the kids on azura in May. They had the normal kids menu. Wasn’t charged.
  9. Gonna be taking coffee and the areo press next year me thinks
  10. Mine were snotty. Hate snotty eggs makes me feel sick. Hubby’s were perfect the time before though
  11. Think that was the time we were originally trying for. Two toilet breaks and coffee on way down took it to 2. They might not let you on the boat early but I’d rather be there early sitting and waiting than worrying about not getting there and missing it.
  12. Not sure if it’s enforced but as far as I know it’s for staggered boarding so that the immigration bit isn’t too crowded. We set off early to make sure we had a bit of extra time in case of traffic. We were given a letter and asked to sit and wait to be called. Luckily for us it was no more than 10mins sat waiting then did the passport and the body scan etc and away we went. I don’t think I would get there lots in advance. We got to Southampton by 2. Took till 2.30 to get the car taken by cps (very busy) then we were on boat by 3.10.
  13. I don’t actually think the comment were that bad. This board though has to be taken with a pinch of salt and thick skin as there is a lot of bitchiness and arguments. I don’t ever think anyone should stop posting or stop saying their opinions and I’m sorry you felt hurt with those comments. The alcoholic bit could have been worded better but as I said it’s about 7 cocktails per day for the package which I don’t know from nhs but would say that’s a lot whether it be alcohol or coffee or even coke really. Dont let comments put you off though. There is good knowledge on this board.
  14. I always thought I drunk lots of coke. It’s annoys my hubby no end but I’d have had to have 10 cokes to make the £20. I definitely don’t drink that many.
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