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  1. No I was meaning on the ship. It's £3 per minute for a call, but only 50p for a text. I believe they are thinking about being in different parts of the ship? By the way I am O2 Classic PAYG. 3p for a call, 2p for a text - per minute. I swapped from Vodafone at 20p per minute!!
  2. So if you both have mobiles, you could text each other. It's only 50p for a text.
  3. We don't do shore excursions any more if we can help it, but when we did, we either did not tip or just gave a couple of Euros if they were any good.
  4. We have met many younger cruisers on Oriana on all 5 of our cruises on her. Yes of course the main age group is older. We do mainly longer cruises in April and October, so there wouldn't be youngsters on board anyway. We spent a couple of lunches chatting to a group of much younger cruisers. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and I think they did ours.
  5. I enjoy the formal nights, but don't bother with the themes. On Black & White night, I wear black, as i don't have anything Black and White. Some formal nights I wear long, some I wear short. Don't let it bother you. Wear what you like.
  6. LeLets face it, so far it is not an improvement!!
  7. Yep nothing US on that lot. Looks lovely!
  8. Well having read on here that Edge was working, I tried it and I now have Manage Account & Loyalty. I deleted cookies and cache in Firefox and now it works.
  9. Ha ha, now that's interesting, clicked on your link and now at the top there is a buitton for My account and Loyalty!!
  10. It has now crashed. Now I wonder why. Bet they took it down. And now it's back and if I click on Log Out, nothing happens at all.
  11. Cleared out my cookies and cache. Logged in again. - it's not there. I give up.
  12. Ah ha, Now I have a button called Manage Account & Loyalty. Honestly their IT department is useless.
  13. OK I've logged in again and there is nowhere to see my Account at all. What am I missing? when you say Log In twice, what do you mean?
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