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  1. That's where we met you Andrew, in Tiffanys with George on the piano and what an evening it was with our Shirley in top voice!!
  2. My previous cruises have disappeared as well. Odd.
  3. Yes you might be right about Andersons. We normlly go to the Crows Nest.
  4. Goodness I have never found the bars to be crowded on Aurora or Arcadia.
  5. Agree, having re-read my own post, totally confusing. As always.
  6. According to the news it's 4th October. " How are the green and amber lists changing? From 0400 BST on Monday 4 October, the amber and green lists will be merged into one list. Anyone who's fully vaccinated will no longer have to take a PCR test before travelling back to England from one of these countries. That includes all of Europe and many other popular destinations. They will still have to take a PCR test two days after arrival, but this will be replaced by a cheaper and simpler lateral flow test later in October.
  7. Totally agree. I was rather pleased to see that the so called Pastor in an American church who spent months telling his congregation not to be vaccinated died a nasty death on a ventilator in hospital. I presume he would say it was god's will and he was going to become a sunbeam!
  8. Yes absolutely right. That's also why I never register for a cruise. Just give the Ta the cruise number. He knows which cabins and what deck we like. Simples. His problems in contacting them were during this pandemic and he has a special number to call which still gave problems.
  9. I am still not clear. If you do a lateral flow test, you do it at home, wait 30 mins and it tells you neg or pos. What's the difference with the ones you have to buy? You still do it at home and report the result.
  10. So what lat flo test IS accepted and how do they know you have done it.
  11. OK, so if you buy a lateral flow test from somewhere, do you have to send it away? I thought the result only lasted 30 minutes.
  12. I've been doing lateral flow tests for my office. They give me a box and we do 2 a week. So what's the difference between that and the one you need for the ship.
  13. Why are those free tests not acceptable. I am not understanding that?
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