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  1. Not that I care, but just out of pure interest, I have checked the main page of the FCO Advice and also on a couple of countries and I do not see the word indefinite anywhere? I see this COVID-19 Exceptional Travel Advisory Notice As countries respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including travel and border restrictions, the FCO advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. Any country or area may restrict travel without notice. If you live in the UK and are currently travelling abroad, you are strongly advised to return now, where and while there are still commercial routes available. Many airlines are suspending flights and many airports are closing, preventing flights from leaving.
  2. It doesn't say indefinitely? It has said the same for weeks.
  3. Yes agree. I will have wasted £276 this year for our annual policy as won't be going on either cruise. We have some medical conditions, and I imagine it will be at least double next time, that is we are even covered for this virus without which we would not go at all.
  4. I don't think anyone over 70 or with medical conditions should consider cruising or indeed travelling anywhere before there is a vaccine against this virus. I am not even sure when they will know if it's safe to reopen the country for work etc. It only takes a few with the virus to pass it on again and there will be another lockdown or loads more deaths.
  5. I think we would go back to our driving holidays. Driving to South of France or Spain. We always did that and it's pretty easy and very enjoyable. that's when Europe opens of course!
  6. Interesting. If there is nobody on board, why would they have grey water? Looking at AIS it's unbelievable not to see any yachts out, either in the Solent or down here off Devon. Eerie. As a Coastwatch volunteer, it's odd not going up there either.
  7. I wonder what Ventura is doing. She is travelling West below the Isle of Wight. Her departure is Southampton 0910 today and her arrival is Southampton 0630 tomorrow? Odd. Engine check perhaps.
  8. Exactly my point. A - it will cost money - B - I don't believe they will do it.
  9. AIS shows them going north past Namibia, so they are well past the Cape.
  10. I don't think so. I think that over 70 bit might stay. We will see.
  11. and the latest from Celebrity and Carnival say that if you are over 70, you need a letter from your doctor to say you are fit to cruise! Now what doctor is going to do that?
  12. Exactly, they are only going to say someone is NOT fit to travel, they certainly won't sign a letter saying they are! That's what so odd.
  13. Yes, but I am sure it will stay after cruising starts again. I am awaiting my refund, it's 13 days, but I don't expect it for another 30.
  14. This is on this site - stumbled on it while searching "Carnival will deny boarding to all guests 70 years of age or older unless they have a letter from their physician confirming they are fit to sail. Additionally, all guests will be asked if they have been hospitalized in the past two months for or if they have a history of chronic or severe medical conditions. The CDC defines chronic conditions as an illness persisting for a long time or constantly recurring, such as diabetes, heart, kidney or lung disease. Additional severe medical conditions include: suppressed immunity (active cancer, taking steroids) or if the person requires oxygen for any reason. Guests with chronic or severe medical conditions will not be allowed to sail.
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