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  1. and it's persisting down here in Weston Super Mare. Well it was only a quick stopover on the way to Worcester and we did Dunster Castle yesterday and the Helicopter Museum today. The hotel is fine. Very interesting, we booked a meal last evening in the Captains Cabin. When we got there, I thought we might have made a big mistake. The music was a bit loud but hey ho, we had walked there, so we stayed and the dog was under the table. We had a bottle of very nice wine and then they brought the menu. Other half had crabcakes to start and they were absolutely wonderful. Both our mains courses were to die for, so we are going back tonight!! Only bad thing we did was to let the dog off the lead on the beach. Yes you guessed it, he ran and ran and then headed out to find the sea, next thing I see is him struggling in the mud. I called very loudly and he managed to struggle out. We spent the next half hour at a sort of sea lake getting the mud off. Just glad he managed to get out. Afterwards we met someone who said oh yes the mud is dangerous. Nightmare and our own fault.
  2. With the numbers absolutely skyrocketing in Spain, France and Italy, not to mention us, I can't see cruising being anything but Cruise to Nowhere. The numbers today are quite terrifying.
  3. I looked on the BBC virus map just now and it seems to be creeping south. More areas in yellow and orange. It's awful.
  4. Sunny and windy down here. Big breaking waves over the Bar in Salcombe and lumpy sea in the estuary.
  5. Also, 2 of the vaccine producers in the States have stopped due to one problem or another.
  6. I emigrated to Canada when I was 20 on the Cunard Sylvania, about 14000 tons. I suppose I wouldn't call it a cruise. I came back 3 years later on the QEII. Not sure either of those got me into cruising.
  7. I had a really sore arm, although I didn't even feel the injection. My husband didn't even get a sore arm.
  8. Worcester looks interesting. We;'ve never been and there are a couple of National Trust houses open. The dog will love it too!
  9. How dare you suggest such a thing!😇 Actually the first time we cancelled Wales was because of the dog. He hurt himself. Now Wales has cancelled me 😞
  10. and now Wales has gone into Lockdown so that's our trip there this Friday cancelled. OK, so we will go to Worcester instead 🙂
  11. Yes, just realized we would be on our way to the Med now 😞 So I've got an FCC for this cruise sitting on my account, so just waiting for prices to see if we will book one for 2022. Nothing else to do with the FCC so might as well.
  12. yes, I am sure they always have some cabins free anyway in case of emergency.
  13. Hi Andy, have to say we do not buy bottled water. We boil the kettle in our cabin and refill our water bottles when it has cooled. I absolutely refuse to buy bottled water anywhere. We have an inline filter at home and our water is lovely. We don't book speciality restaurants either. We used to go to Sorrento when it was still on board, but now the Beach Hut doesn't serve stuff that we like and quite happy with MDr food mainly. We don't drink in our cabin though!! So our bill is usually about £500. I suppose when we started cruising there were no other restaurants and on Fred there aren't any, so never even consider them.
  14. I have read that guidance about 3 times and I can't see anywhere that it says there will be reduced numbers?
  15. How do you work that out? Our friend who travels solo pays 80% of the double occupancy.
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