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  1. this is the 4th time this has happened. I am ready to throw toys out of the pram! We sail with our single friend. She always has an inside twin for single use and we have a twin next door. Today I logged in to see what excursions were available. I couldn't get in, but I could log in as my husband. when I got in, my details were actually my single friends! Her address, her date of birth,, but my passport details. Logged in as her and sure enough, I am in there with the same passport details. It is the same for all 4 cruises we have booked. Have been on to my TA who will sort it, but this is the 4thtime. TA tells me this is an ongoing problem and happens with other people too.
  2. Just looked at cruises on Celebrity from southampton and even in 2020 they are way more expensive than P&O. also, they do not have the longer cruises, like 19 nights that we enjoy. I believe drinks are far more expensive too?
  3. Have not cruised with Celebrity, but price would be the main thing for me. Also they don't sail anywhere much from Southampton.
  4. jeanlyon

    Tables for 2 on Britannia

    Not sure which cruise you are on, but for lunch in the buffet, we usually get a table outside if the weather is nice. Then go and get your food and eat outside.
  5. jeanlyon

    Sea Screen on Azura

    No, I didn't know when I booked the ship that it would be blaring out all day. And as for going to sit somewhere else, the next pool had loud music playing all day. The Adult Only pool at the stern was out of order because the kids club had allowed little kids in it and someone had poo'ed in it!! We found the ship very crowded, getting on and off was lengthy. Now since we sailed, they may have toned it down.
  6. jeanlyon

    Sea Screen on Azura

    On my cruise it was on all day and it was extremely loud, as I said could be heard over the music of the pool next door.
  7. jeanlyon

    Disembarkation in Southampton

    Yes, can understand that John. Quite honestly after 19 nights which is our usual cruise, I am quite keen to get off!
  8. jeanlyon

    Loyalty Status

    yes, doesn't matter if you qualify on Day 2 of your cruise, you won't get the benefits until the next cruise.
  9. Ha ha Andrew. I think I once bought some cough mixture - does that count? I find most things in the shops are either very naff or ridiculously expensive!
  10. jeanlyon

    Disembarkation in Southampton

    funny innit! I hate the ship on the last day. Thousands of folk sitting around everywhere. I want to get off at the earliest. We go for b'fast at about 0745 and then off the ship by 0830.
  11. jeanlyon

    Disembarkation in Southampton

    We always self-disembark. I always find it so much easier. No trying to find your suitcases. We only have one case each on wheels, so it's really easy. That's for a 19 nighter as well!
  12. jeanlyon

    Sea Screen on Azura

    Not rocket science in this day and age surely!
  13. jeanlyon

    Sea Screen on Azura

    I have never been able to understand, having sailed on Azura once and disliked her, why they do not give out headsets for the Seascreen, then you don't ruin a whole area for people who don't want to hear it. It was so loud, you could hear it from the other pool where they were playing other music!!
  14. jeanlyon


    Correct, exchange rates on the ship are really bad. I have Nationwide and Halifax is the same.
  15. jeanlyon


    Personally I would take your credit/debit card, and draw a few Kroner out of an ATM. Pay other things with a card.