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  1. Oh God, I want something that I don't have at home! Spag Bol 😞
  2. I suppose I meant that men tend to like meaty meals, but I shouldn't generalise. I could do without red meat completely. Just have chicken, fish, shellfish and veggies.
  3. LOL, as I said, we're all different. My husband usually likes the food. Might be a man/woman thing. For instance I hate steak and kidney pie/pudding. YUK.
  4. Yep, I get fed up with roasts, boring, can have that at home. Not big for red meat in general. We're all different. I just wish on the menu there was your choice and also mine. As well as an awful mahi mahi, I had Barramundi and it was grey and horrible. One night, I looked at Lemon Sole and thought, hmmm, but I had it and it was absolutely delicious. !
  5. I like rice particularly with curry, but they are really into pasta with fish, so not for me. Would like some different potatoes too. Maybe dauphinoise or similar with cheese. Sigh! The food is OK for me, but never anything to get excited about, apart from lobster and the occasional curry.
  6. Agree again. And why oh why do they put pasta with fish. For me it just doesn't go. I always ask for them to give me chips instead.
  7. Andy, agree, we had 2 on a 19 night cruise.
  8. Andy, yes agree, but I do find the choices very boring. I always go down at some time during the day to look at the menu and if there is nothing we fancy, we would go to one of the themed evenings. I know you can have the "always Available" but I can eat that at home. Salmon, chicken, steak. They do dress up the descriptions of the meals, but to me they are still fairly tasteless. I always look forward to the one night they put an Indian dish on in the MDR>
  9. Yes, we often go to the Tandoori, Thai or Italian buffets. The food is good, but there is no atmosphere. I would just like something different on the MDR menu. I also had a terrible Mahi Mahi dish. I have never seen those themed dinners available.
  10. I would have thought that a cruise ship would be the last place for it really. It is unlikely that anyone from China would be on there. Always possible, but unlikely. Apart from that, if it comes to the UK, you could catch it here. If China allows people to eat exotic meats, bats, foxes, snake etc, then just like the SARS outbreak, there will be trouble.
  11. How I wish they would do more themed evenings (not in the buffet). Would love it if they would put other things on than roast this and roast that. Lasagne would be nice, or veal marengo, or anything other than boring British food.
  12. Ha ha, I like to dress up too. Have my dresses for formal nights, but don't carry a bag. If I did, I would leave it somewhere. What do I need a bag for? I wear my jewellry, perfume, makeup.
  13. My husband has one very large case. That takes some of my shoes, but apart from that everything fits into my own case. He takes a carry on holder for his dinner jacket and blazer. But that's it. As I said, I still come home with stuff that I haven't worn. Handbags????? I take one. I don't bother with anything in the evenings.
  14. OK, understand some reasons. we never have more than one large case each for a 19 day cruise and I still bring back stuff I haven't worn. We also only had one case for a 30 day cruise.
  15. Not sure I understand the reason for sending your baggage 5 days early? Surely it would be so creased. Why not take it with you, or am I being silly?
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