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  1. funny how different we all are. If I never had another dessert, wouldn't miss it. We hardly ever have them at home. Just don't have a sweet tooth, apart from a piece of chocolate now and then.
  2. Well I hope they have somewhere to anchor it, as it won't be going anywhere any time soon!
  3. Graham, just back from visiting the friend we cruise with in London. None of us are even interested in getting on a ship. We have also just cancelled our drive to Scotland. Aberdeen has just had a breakout and we said to each other, Why are we going? The answer was we didn't have an answer, so we are just not going.
  4. We had two shows booked at Theatre Royal Plymouth, so I have taken vouchers for both and booked 9 to 5 for February, so I hope it's better by then.
  5. With 2 more cruise ships finding Covid cases, don't think it will be anytime soon. Today Viking Star and Sea Dream have found cases. Its on another thread.
  6. Yes I was just about to put on the link. This is not going to help the cruise industry at all I'm afraid.
  7. No, not really, but there was all the money laundering stuff to read to us, then she had to wait for a senior member of staff to OK it as it was a sizeable sum.
  8. Went into Plymouth today with my husband and I have to say, the majority of people were wearing masks. We had something to do in the bank and had to stand for over an hour while this girl went through making a Chaps payment. Now wouldn't you think we could have sat down somewhere? Open plan banking is ridiculous. I think it's the first time either of us has been in a bank for about 4 years!
  9. Presto, don't be sorry. There are 'orrible types from all over. I can honestly say we have some lovely customers mostly, only spoilt by either the nouveau rich rude ones and the 'orrible ones. you only remember the 'orrible ones! About a month ago, one of our customers was curt with me for the second time this year. He sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers with a card that said it was unforgiveable of him to be curt with me twice! Ha ha.
  10. They are not allowed to pay harbour dues without insurance, so that is something at least.
  11. Yes same here. Most of the guys I work with are on the Lifeboat in Salcombe. They never mind, but there are a few comments sometimes 🙂
  12. The problem with the normal types is usually on the water. For instance, 2 kids, aged 10 and 12 alone in a rib with a 10hp engine. That rib can go on the plane quite fast. Neither child had Powerboat Level 2 and were speeding. So dangerous. Parents have no idea. But the same parent caught the following day doing 20 knots in the harbour where the speed limit is 6!!. Grrr.
  13. Harry, no didn't hear it, but it's absolutely right. We have never had behaviour like this. It's crowds of youngsters usually at night, throwing glass around. The public toilets on the quay are a disaster area by the morning and usually again covered in bottles, broken glass and - err - sick. We don't usually get this. For all my comments about the second home owners, it's not them, it is a new visitor type, maybe the ones who usually go to certain places in Spain.
  14. Exactly what I was going to say. A deposit is just that - forfeitable if you don't pay the balance. Nothing further to pay.
  15. Out of interest, I have taken an FCC for our October 18th cruise. I still can't see the FCC. So if they now cancel the 18th October cruise, can I then have a refund instead of the Fcc?
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