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  1. Out of interest, does the package come out of your OBC? We've got quite a lot of OBC for our next trip and it will probably cover our drinks bill for 19 days - nearly!
  2. Things must have changed drastically since April/May then. We had a 19 night cruise and it was nothing like you describe. The food was better than I have experienced before. No rushing in the MDR and we found loads of things to eat in the buffet. Also enjoyed the poolside pizza at lunchtime. Looking forward to boarding on October 1st.
  3. Hang on, we are talking about the steward cleaning the cabin before you board. Then the only thing he doesn't do after you have gone for dinner is turn down the bed? Germs? For goodness sake. Do you change your towels after you have a bath/shower at home? If we stopped using antibacterial this and that, there would less illness because your immune system would work properly. We are talking here about someone not turning down your bed on the first night!!!
  4. OK, we don't do soft drinks, drink water during the day, have the occasional coffee. £20 a day each on soft drinks? So they are about £2.50? 4 each a day? oh well. I think the other main problem for us is that it doesn't included bottles of wine at dinner. Ordering by the glass is a pain.
  5. I would think that Pay As You Go would be better unless you really think you can drink £39.00 per day per person. We can't get anywhere near that.
  6. Definitely caused by the aircon. Saline spray should help.
  7. Actually washing your hands will do nothing against a cold. The infection is airborne not by touch.
  8. Well if you have a shower before dinner and hang the towels up, they would be dry by the next morning anyway. What a fuss about nothing!
  9. Agree, I have a cross body bag, but carry only a small amount of cash. Husband has a hidden cash bag which attaches to his belt but hidden in his trousers. There was lots of building work going on from the port but we found it an easy walk in.
  10. It's quite a few years ago, about 9 from memory, but our Oli's Trolleys tour was great and the walk was quite short. Enjoy.
  11. Interesting. We have no motorway until the last bit on the M27 and there are other routes. However we have always been able to stop for coffee and still get there for 1300.
  12. We have a 3 hour drive or just under. Usually there by 1300 because we take it fairly slowly. Where was their 5 hour holdup. Would love to know.
  13. I like Aurora better now. Interesting.
  14. What a ridiculous name??!! I have had many cruises on her. Lovely ship.
  15. If the ship is moving, then air will blow into the cabin. Can't see it blowing out at all. Have to say, never had a cough on any of my cruises. Caught a cold once, but that was it. We have an inside cabin.
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