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  1. The food on here has been really good and varied. I couldn't believe the boring choices on Aurora last October. Roast, roast and more roast. Certainly no rack of lamb, and definitely no fish like halibut and tiger prawns.
  2. Only smelled smoke once on stern of deck 8 outside.
  3. The best food we've had on a cruise in a long while. Halibut, prawns, rack of lamb etc
  4. We are in an inside cabin. Paid about £150 pppn for a grade one up from the basic. 13 night cruise. Yes more than we usually pay but did get 400 obc. Still on board and Azores tomorrow
  5. On board Bolette at the moment and enjoying the ship. For those interested the following are the differences I notice Evening turn down Captains drinks party with canapes Nibbles with drinks Very much better menu much more varied and many more Always Available We have OBC but still get our discount as well We have 2 more booked with P&O but this is definitely better quality.
  6. Agree this is not the Med, but weather on the Atlantic could be wonderful, or not!
  7. Quite honestly, all those ports are perfectly easy to DIY. Just do some planning on Google.
  8. I have never had to queue for a drink, but then I only sail on Aurora or Arcadia. Waiters around both inside and out on deck! As for veggie bashing, I quite like veggie dishes normally but not the ones on P&O. I just wish there was more variety in the food. Roast, roast, roast and veggie.
  9. We booked on board for this coming October. An inside cabin and got £520 OBC and free parking. The offer now is £140 OBC OR parking.
  10. Thank you for your help. will wait until we are on board. Interesting.
  11. Tring, it's Southampton. The Eclipse and the Azores. April 4th.
  12. Thanks Tring. Makes sense. Although I have just looked at my predicted disembarkation time and it's 10.00 am?
  13. We do on P&O, but on Fred, do you really have to be off by 7.15. What would happen if you were later?
  14. Another question, can you self-disembark with Fred?
  15. I wouldn't know what to do with one. don't need all that hassle!
  16. Yep thought so. We used to sail our own boat and I am also a Watchkeeper for National Coastwatch, so usually know these things.
  17. She is now underway and not "restricted" and turning for SOU. My guess is a helicopter. She will make her way into the shipping lane.
  18. I wouldn't have thought so, because she could just reduced speed if too early.
  19. yes the wind is West NorthWest, so that may be why she is steaming in that direction.
  20. It could mean a few things. So for instance if a helicopter is over her (maybe) and she has to take a certain course, then she is restricted in her ability to manoevre. It warns other ships. Also, if it was a helicopter evacuation then the ship would have to steam into wind for the chopper. I'm guessing here, but have seen this before.
  21. Strange direction as she should be heading to Southampton.
  22. Could easily be emergency evacuation. Ah, just noticed she is "restricted in manoevrability". So something has happened.
  23. Quite happy to be in the terminal with a coffee and wait - or as you say, board early 🙂
  24. Thanks. Even on Aurora, although we had priority boarding and were fine, there was a huge queue outside of quite fed up people!!
  25. Just got our embarkation time and luggage labels for Bolette. It's 1400. Can anyone tell me what happens if we are an hour early Can you sit in the terminal, or do they make you wait outside like P&O do?
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